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  1. I spray mine with a Febreeze/Alcohol combo as I dislike the propelled Lysol smells . Biggest thing has been to air dry everything. No issues with stinky gear ever.
  2. Awful. I ordered some last year. Package came, invoice inside and no bracelets. Emailed and they apologized and stated the packaging was faulty on a few shipments. Was told they would send replacements....Never saw them nor a refund and stopped returning emails.
  3. Because it is like a separate bank account. I never transfer money from my Paypal account because I figure I will want or need something down the road and I can use that money without tapping my actual bank account. I also have the Paypal debit card so if there is a purchase I don't want my wife to know about (Valentines present) I can use that.
  4. Always my biggest question. What does everyone do for a living? How can you have a full time job with a full D1 schedule and mid week games thrown in on a Tuesday at 2pm? I have a pretty forgiving workplace, but I think it will still prohibit me from ever seriously getting into college baseball.
  5. oops, you're right. I forgot to change that.
  6. All items worn 2 seasons except mask pads, never worn. West Vest Gold size L/XL *****SOLD Platinum shin guards size 17". $50 Dynalite with new Wilson doe skins. No harness *****SOLD New Balance NB450. Size 11 4E. $30
  7. I've been popped with the Wilson several times so far. Just fine. Coming from stiff leather wraparound pads these are a definite improvement. The TW pad is as stiff as my Wilson wraparounds, which I did "feel" more so than the memory foam. On a side note, I would like to feel the new Wilson leather pads. If they have the same foam along with leather I may switch to those because I, like @Majordave, like the feel of leather on my face.
  8. They do not grab my stubble at all. They are soft but not to the point where I feel unprotected. They wick moisture well and dry extremely fast. Overall a great mask pad.
  9. I'd like to know which ones they are. I have a few that I wear (non umpiring) and kind of like the middle swoosh better
  10. Exactly what happened. However, I don't know how it could be any different. 4 stitch cap. nothing abnormal. front edge of bill "wrinkled" by upper u shaped bar where it connects to top horizontal bar of wilson titanium frame.
  11. Took a direct shot square off the forehead today. Ball went right back to pitcher. The force was enough to indent the bill of my hat and it did shake me up for a minute but otherwise the pads seem solid. Very nice moisture wicking fabric. Temp 91 with 85% humidity.
  12. Over the phone you can order them. Item# A3817-MEM-BK $29.99
  13. Honigs navy long sleeve shirt size L. Never worn during a game but has been washed and hanging in closet since then. No use for it. $20 shipped
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