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  1. WV Gold. Small/medium used but in great shape cleaned and disinfected no harness $37 shipped
  2. I have the Cobalt and a TW west vest. I do not consider the Cobalt low profile. It fits great and is a rock solid cp, great customization. I switched to it on a whim after using the TW WV for several seasons. After a full season in the Cobalt I think I will probably switch back. I cannot get used to it. In your situation, since the Gold cannot be retrofitted anymore the Cobalt would be a good choice imo
  3. I will take them. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Are these the light tan newer version?
  5. Yeah, I do prefer it. I have a plastic one with balls on top but its thicker and doesn’t fit the hand as nice. I tried switching to the All Star heavyweight one but couldn’t get used to it so it went back.
  6. Looking for a replacement Diamond metal indicator. BALLS ON TOP. 3-2-2 or a way to repair my current one. The pins holding it together came out and I cannot seem to get them to lock into place
  7. Been using the Cobalt for a while now. Thinking of going back to my WV Gold Team Wendy. I really like it but I dont LOVE it like I did my TW Gold. anyone with similar thoughts?
  8. LUC pads on Wilson Aluminum Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. It runs true to size. It is just a bit tight on me. Some of my hats are 7 3/8 and some 7 1/2. I’m kind of in between. The XL fit great but was a tad loose. Figured once sweating it would loosen up a bit more so sent back for the L. Ideal for me, would be a mix of inserts XL and L
  10. Just purchased a Cobalt....may put my WVG TW up for sale. I LOVE my cp (wings removed) so we will see if this new All Star can make me switch. It is dense but with UL harness fits amazingly well. The TW padding is still just as good as the day I got it done.
  11. I spray mine with a Febreeze/Alcohol combo as I dislike the propelled Lysol smells . Biggest thing has been to air dry everything. No issues with stinky gear ever.
  12. Awful. I ordered some last year. Package came, invoice inside and no bracelets. Emailed and they apologized and stated the packaging was faulty on a few shipments. Was told they would send replacements....Never saw them nor a refund and stopped returning emails.
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