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  1. Added a set of navy MAG pads to my Wilson aluminum. Powdercoated by Maskit
  2. Bought these from @wolfe_manbut haven’t worn them. Size 11 2E width. great condition. $70 shipped. Venmo/ pay/ PayPal F&F
  3. Like new All Star Cobalt cp. Worn only a handful of games. Comes with new umplife harness. $165 shipped
  4. What makes the mag pads not fit well? I have them in a Wilson Aluminum now…
  5. I don’t think I have seen these before. Anyone know what model?
  6. WV Gold. Small/medium used but in great shape cleaned and disinfected no harness $37 shipped
  7. I have the Cobalt and a TW west vest. I do not consider the Cobalt low profile. It fits great and is a rock solid cp, great customization. I switched to it on a whim after using the TW WV for several seasons. After a full season in the Cobalt I think I will probably switch back. I cannot get used to it. In your situation, since the Gold cannot be retrofitted anymore the Cobalt would be a good choice imo
  8. I will take them. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Yeah, I do prefer it. I have a plastic one with balls on top but its thicker and doesn’t fit the hand as nice. I tried switching to the All Star heavyweight one but couldn’t get used to it so it went back.
  10. Looking for a replacement Diamond metal indicator. BALLS ON TOP. 3-2-2 or a way to repair my current one. The pins holding it together came out and I cannot seem to get them to lock into place
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