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  1. Just spoke to Stan from All-Star, he said the visor should be available for purchase in late summer/early fall 2021.
  2. Contact All-Star and let them know. The paint chipped on my black Mag and they replaced it free of charge.
  3. Looking for a set of Black Mag Pads if anyone has any laying around collecting dust.
  4. Remove the inner pad and move it up a bit above the top cap, problem solved for me anyaways.
  5. I’m probably going to send the one with the chip to Tony.
  6. I’ve got to give a 5 star rating to the staff at All-Star. I’ve had the black frame AS 4000Mag since they were made available. It happened to take a shot and slightly chipped the paint (see pics below). It was hardly noticeable and I’d been using a sharpie to touch up the missing paint. I decided to reach out to AS to see what type of warranty they carry on them. I included the picture of the cage and they asked me to send in a proof of purchase. A couple of days later I was notified that they would be shipping me out a new frame, which arrived via UPS today. Again, I just wanted to plug All-Star for great customer service and standing by their products. (And also a humble brag that I now have two black MAG frames)
  7. @wolfe_man, I too am also sending Tony another All-Star Mag4000 to have it done gunmetal. A guy at a camp this weekend had a fit over my 4000 that Tony did a few months back. He said, “let me buy this one from you and you can order a new one.” I called Tony yesterday to make sure he was okay with me getting the order sent directly to him. He said, “send it on.” Tony is such a great guy to do business with!!!
  8. I received my skull yesterday and had not trouble removing my mask without removing the skull from my head. (The skull didn’t move at all) I posted in another thread also, but I didn’t have to adjust my mask harness at all moving from a normal hat to the skull either. I think we’re over thinking this....I know I did because I ordered new harnesses that I didn’t need. Can’t help with the color issue, but the on and off function of the mask doesn’t move my skull cap at all. Hope this helps.
  9. Same on/off function for me as a normal cap. My skull never moves when removing my mask or adjusting it for that matter. Also I saw some folk asking about sunglasses. I have several styles of Oakleys and all of them fit “better to me” with the skull. I’m a really really BIG fan of the skull. It’s really lightweight and from my standpoint it doesn’t feel much differently from a normal wool hat. I’m actually hoping it’ll be cooler because it gets quite steamy down here in the Deep South.
  10. @Thunderheads 1.yes that is Ray’s harness on there 2. I erred on the side of my harness straps not being long enough to accommodate the new skull, so I ordered three new harnesses. Much to my surprise, the harness I currently have fits over the skull the same as my normal hat. Although it may not be that way for everyone, but I’ve got three extra harnesses laying around now.
  11. I’ll have to say (not to go off rails of the powder coating topic) but I got the AS Cobalt SC and it’s pretty sexy paired with my powder coated Gunmetal 4000MAG
  12. @SeeingEyeDog Allstar FM4000 Allstar FM4000 MAG Allstar MAG Allstar catcher mask .....got to do some digging but it’s paid off for me more than a few times. ....I’ve stumbled/lucked up on a few Nike Ti’s also. One for $40 (listed as a Wilson Ti) and one new with tags (royal pads) for $150 buy it now
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