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  1. Is there a sun visor on the market that fits this mask?
  2. $47.69 with tax..... they didn’t charge me shipping.
  3. Thanks @Thunderheads, @AtlUmp...... I posted this after I called them last week and they said they were not available. I contacted them through Instagram and they told me to call back because they were available. After a lot of confusion on their end, I was able to order a set this morning.
  4. Anyone have any idea if these will be available for purchase as “replacement pads”?
  5. I just got the Davis Pro pants in the mail today. I concur that the cut is better and they seem to be an upgrade to the Smitty’s. I don’t have an issue with paying more for a better product. I’ll be test driving them over the next several weeks and will report back.
  6. What @wolfe_man said ☝️☝️☝️
  7. @Thunderheads lock it up please sir. Thanks!
  8. Bumped..... Price $120 or taking offers
  9. I’m not a Team Wendy’s guy. I sort of like the pads that came with it. If those don’t work, I’d probably swap out to the Diamond FM-RP Quick Dry Pads.
  10. It’s Baseball Express, Team Express, Sotball Express any of them will get you to the right spot. That was my address I marked out.
  11. I’m guessing so, but they’re not getting it back lol....
  12. Baseball Express...... $179 Shipped
  13. Mail came today and my Mag showed up BLACK. No need for the powder coat now lol.
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