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  1. I’ve got to brag on my man Tony! I just sent him my Allstar 4000MAG and had it powder coated gunmetal. Not only did he do a great job, but he’s also just a great guy and takes a lot of pride in his work. As soon as he finished my mask (he received it on Monday and finished it in less than 24 hours) he sent me pictures to make sure I was happy. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using him for any face mask needs.
  2. Here is my communications with All-Star..... looks like it’s in the works.
  3. Man has this topic derailed!! thought this topic was about the All-Star Cobalt CP? If I wanted to read poor-mouthing about companies and individuals I’d get on Facebook. Can some of the admins clean this crap up? Thanks!
  4. I’ve been trying to locate 2 myself.....any help would be greatly appreciated?
  5. @Thunderheads can you lock this up please. Just got a buyer. Thanks!
  6. Selling an extra Nike Ti. New with Tags w/o harness. $450 US Shipped
  7. Hey @MadMax was you ever able to run down one of those junior visors? I haven’t had any luck finding such.
  8. $100 & free shipping is quite the steal if you’re looking to upgrade your gear bag. I’ve been using Ebags for years and customer service is always top shelf!!! Promo Code: EMBL062820 https://www.ebags.com/product/ebags/mother-lode-tls-29-wheeled-duffel/125549?productid=10126284
  9. Wasn’t sure if this was an older model or a TW retrofit? I’ve never seen one with black pads.... Any ideas?
  10. Great customer service for me! If any issues come up they’ve always replaced my bag free of charge.
  11. Is there a sun visor on the market that fits this mask?
  12. $47.69 with tax..... they didn’t charge me shipping.
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