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  1. Bottom line. Great play to learn from. Pregame it with all partners all and stay fundamental. 1) Get set on a trouble ball/close play - take the picture in focus 2) Get as many eyes as possible on trouble balls threatening a boundary (2 umpires = 4 eyes on ball, 3 umpires = 6 eyes, 4 umpires = 8 eyes). U2 probably had the best look of anyone on this and U1 probably better than the PU. Some may not like it, but touches are always secondary. Stay set! Process what you just saw. Take your time and make a call. Get together if needed.
  2. Iowa has had the double base for 20+ years. Every HS field uses it as a state mandated adoption, not option. IMOP, in 20+ years being around it as a coach and umpire, it causes more confusion and train wrecks at 1st base than not having one. 1B man routinely cross over to the orange trying to hold the bag to field a throw as the runner arrives and BOOM! Dropped 3rd strikes are a nightmare to officiate as there is no clarification on what bag the fielder has a right to after his initial set-up (batted ball is much more clear)- it just states they can use either bag to retire the runner in this situation. All this, plus it mathematically puts RH batters at even more disadvantage to run through the orange, which they don't.
  3. I'm trying a battery heated vest for under the thermal coat this year. It's pretty low profile. A hanfdul of others have tried with positive feedback. We'll see. I recommend the Nike thermal base layers over the Under Armour.
  4. Thinking outside the box a bit, compare this to football for a second and a free kick out of bounds which the players feet are out of bounds, but the ball is in. It is still a foul for free kick out of bounds. In the baseball OP, we would have the opposite ruling. Touching (on a batted ball) with Ball in & Player out = PLAYER IN, resulting in interference and an out. Just helps me think through it. Sorry if it's way off in RF.
  5. Fresh off my college season concluding this past weekend, I strolled out for my 1st HS game of the year. I knew the pace would be much slower. As an "experiment" I brought my timer out on the bases with me, curious to see how many potential violations of the 20-second protocol from the OP we would have. In one 7-inning game, we had 16 violations that would have met college standards, most of which were going over the 20-second time limit. At the same time, only 1 batter would have been dinged for a violation not being alert at the 10-second mark. I notated all violations with a tally on my visits/conferences card (Yes, I keep one in HS ball, too). Pace of play is a major issue now at the HS level - something needs to be done. I think I will continue to do this a few more games and cross-check data.
  6. Where in the OP was the game delayed? That is the most important part of the spirit of the batter's box rule. If a coach could protest, they would win this one. The batter's action did not delay the P from delivering a legal pitch or any of the runner's progression on the 3-2-2 count.
  7. Appreciate the correction. Had mine a couple years without it. That makes an already great base pant better.
  8. The Gerry Davis pro poly spandex do NOT have an expander waistband.
  9. Never used one before in my life. I worked 3 innings with it on this night before going back to my Cobalt. Had a lot of trouble signaling count and partners.
  10. Pics just posted in the Photography section. Here is a teaser though. It is my favorite.....
  11. I had the honor of working the 1st ever college game played at the Field of Dreams movie site. Here are some of my favorites for this once in a lifetime opportunity.
  12. I had the honor of working the plate on this game. Everything said on the video is correct. In our pregame as a crew and at the plate meeting, anything that would hit the corn in the air would be judged a HR regardless of height.
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