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  1. Mechanically, you should not be making both calls. If you're the BU, you have the ball in the air into "the gap", as the OP states, for catch/no catch and probably grabbed a pretty obvious OBS call. But, you shouldn't have the play into 3rd base as the PU should be rotating over to take the play in the cutout. That's a problem here. Even 4-man, somebody is calling the OBS and an other umpire is making the call at third base on the clean hit to the gap. Furthermore, mechanically on the play at third, you have 3 choices - 1) OUT, 2) SAFE, or 3) TIME! Regardless, a call has to be made on the play bearing in mind OBS has already been called.
  2. First, I plucked this off a board on facebook. Responses were all over the place, so wanted to see how it does on here. FED rules......So, it's given that the OBS is a delayed dead ball. The primary debate is when to kill the baseball. Runner on first base. Batter hits one in the gap. As R1 crossed second he is obstructed by the short stop. A play is made on R1 and he is called out at third base. The B/R overruns second base, the third base man throws to second but throws the ball into right field. The B/R goes to third and is safe at home. When the ball became dead at the end of playing action the base umpire called time and awarded R1 home because of the obstruction. He told the coach that R1 needed to come out of the dugout and touch third then touch home. Did the umpire do right as per the obstruction rule? If defense appealed would R1 be out because he touched home after a preceding runner?
  3. Here is a link to one of the places....worth the read. As far as being shut down, it appears they're still up and running. https://www.bigdawgbatrolling.com/bat-shaving.htm?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4eaJBhDMARIsANhrQAByVIsR2Z9nt8WewMnbQBbOz4zTf5Xy908TREuVHhl-gJquVYeQKegaAv6IEALw_wcB
  4. There was a company in Arizona about a decade ago that you could send a bat to. They would pop the end cap and shave the inside of the barrel, decreasing the weight by as much as an ounce, which dramatically increased the trampoline effect, and thus performance, of the bat. I think they got shut down though. Those guys were good from what I heard, little to no evidence of tampering.
  5. New price - $75 with shipping included.
  6. I guess it depends who you pregame that with, but I would agree, the open wing (if available should get a better look). My mind still thinks instinctively towards 2-person mechanics.
  7. I was at this game and saw Rehak get hit and make the safe mechanic. Crowd was puzzled all around, especially when LaRussa came back out. It definitely looked like the P was asking for a new ball after the conference, so I can understand how Rehak killed the ball not expecting the appeal.
  8. The verbal "NO CATCH" with a safe mechanic has never gone sour for me. A quick glance to a partner (middle if 3 or 4 person) to check if they have closed or open fist (always pregame it), then sell the crap out of it one way or the other.
  9. On an enforcement note, FPSR is an immediate dead ball at the time of the interference in FED, correct? I believe it is delayed in NCAA and OBR.......maybe
  10. At first, I thought they called "passing" on Bohm, the BR. But it turned out they called the out at first on the batter runner because they stepped on the bag, retiring the BR, prior to tagging R1. The mechanics were hard to read because of the point on the putout of the BR. The timing of the point is what led me to believe he called "passing" while R1 remained on first. Great case play.
  11. Just curious how many guys wear the throat protector on their masks. I just picked up a Wilson titanium and am considering one since the angle of the built-in guard is steeper than my old aluminum (which I did not have one attached). Do you prefer the 4" or 6" guard? Any recommendations on brand/model? Thanks to all.
  12. I know they make the compression shirts NOCSAE approved over the heart in youth sizes, but I've never seen adult versions. And........I submitted - C was wrong answer.
  13. Question from a state FED test: The catcher shall wear a body/chest protector that meets NOCSAE standard at the time of manufacture. The body/chest protector options are: A. Traditional chest protector w/ NOCSAE approve pad attached. B. A compression shirt that has a NOCSAE approved cardiac cavity. C. A newly manufactured traditional chest protector that meets NOCSAE standard. (my answer) D. All of the above I don't see anything in the rule book other than it has to be marked with NOCSAE logo and approved, but I don't have anything newer than a 2019 case book either. Just making sure I'm not missing something on compression shirts.
  14. Selling my old All Star System 7 CP. Wore it for 4 seasons. It's the shorter 13" model. In great condition with S7 harness and protection value is as good as it comes. Asking $85 + shipping. PM me with questions or private offers.
  15. Update: Took the first direct hit yesterday in a JUCO game. P was mid to upper 80's. Foul ball caught me square in the right shoulder extension. Big plastic "whack" ........ Did not feel a thing! Loving this thing more every time I wear it.
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