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  1. Question for discussion. Would the ORDER of appeal have any bearing? In other words, if F5 picked up the ball and touched 3B declaring he was appealing that the R3 left early, then the 4th out situation is irrelevant. Correct?
  2. Its not the pitchers you have to worry about at the lower levels as much as it is the catchers. All it takes is one stray pitch/foul ball and you have a broken toe and you are out of commission for several weeks. That results in lost games--> lost game fees -> hampers your ability to spring for the plate shoes you really want. Just like any "workout," the more you work games in the plate shoes, the easier it will become. If you go from a 9U (sneakers) to a 13/14U (plate shoes) the plate shoes will feel that much heavier. My $0.02? Don't stop wearing them. Your muscles will adapt.
  3. Another example of the importance of getting in the slot!! Looked like his nose was closer to the point of the plate. Hoping that he has a speedy recovery. Just a handy reminder for some of our newer folks....
  4. I am always more tired after a plate game. Its the non-stop concentration that wears you down more than any physical exertion.
  5. I did see this real time along with replays from multiple angles and there was contact between Marte and Varsho. Looked pretty clear case to me. To maven's point 2), this seems to be a "classic" rule that would be hard to squash. Impedance is usually obvious and gives one side a clear advantage. Looking for some of these other views.
  6. Apologies for the long video, but I have a question on the play at the 1:52 mark. Personally I had BI on Marte and the runner out as a result. The play was allowed to stand. Thoughts?
  7. Terrific!! Is there a version for the Platinum being considered?
  8. Human nature being what it is, it may or may not work. But if it doesn't prevent any actions, at least you have the hammer to drop as a result of reciting it at the plate meeting.
  9. Just had to enforce this today. The chirping was getting a little too personal.
  10. Great source of summer jobs for kids. Spent a summer pumping gas and my favorite customer was Bill White the former 1B for Cardinals and Phillies.
  11. It is an annual Point of Emphasis here for PIAA. The text is included in every preseason bulletin. It is to be read "verbatim" at the plate meeting.
  12. Tommy has a few out there... https://youtu.be/zx7-8w4QD64
  13. 1. NJ born and bred, but calling games over here in PA (PIAA.) 2. We are allowed powder blue in warmer weather. 3. Got that pledge memorized! No cue cards here baby!!!
  14. Second edit - absolutely agree with. First edit, I will move my feet and pivot. Kind of calibration exercise so my eyes find the bag quickly and I am "warmed up" before the first throw that counts.
  15. One last item. Infield warm ups in the first inning are an excellent opportunity to work on your footwork and tracking. While standing in deep infield between F3 and F4, follow the ball as F3 throws it to various infielders and track the ball back to first base. You do not have to just stand there waiting for the game to start. Work on your craft!!!
  16. All good ideas above. I used to track the throw all the way, but more recent training videos are emphasizing after the release, focus on the bag and let F3 tell you if it is a true throw and listen for the sounds. One last suggestion. Slow down your timing. Calling it too quick can present its own set of problems. Make sure you are certain you applying proper use of your eyes as well. Check firm and secure possession and voluntary release. As you are doing this, replay it in your head and make your call.
  17. Those are not CALLED strikes.
  18. Please accept my condolences.
  19. I did not say I didn't like the rule (I do) and fully recognize its intent. My question was geared more toward is it FPSR or garden variety interference by a retired runner?
  20. This is a tricky scenario. Let's modify the scenario proposed by @Richvee A bit of a hypothetical and I am not trying to play "gotcha." Ground ball to F6, flips to F4 who steps back (toward RF) to complete the throw to F3. R1 is coming directly into the base, but standing. F4's throwing motion causes the ball to hit R1. Do you enforce FPSR? Or is this a "regular" interference by a retired runner?
  21. Gee @MadMax you shouldn't repress your feelings. Its not good for the heart....
  22. πŸ‘†πŸ‘† THIS πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
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