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  1. HokieUmp


    Believe me, I don't disagree with principles. But let me tell you the reality - or rather, the reality as I've seen it from two states now. There are NO "younger umpires." Not in the high school chapters, not in the rec leagues. I heard a statistic - no idea of its veracity - that said the average age of an umpire runs about 55 years old. I'm 8 months from that number myself. When I look around, the "young folk" seem to dudes who are in their 40s; I suck at guessing ages, so there may be a lot of guys in they're 30s, but my point is: these young teen umpires to which you refer, lined up in a parade, could all ride on the backs of unicorns, since both groups have similar commonality. If I wanted little-dude work, I'd have more than I could stand, more than likely. My choice not to is for me and keeping MY game at its best, not to help bring along younger umpires. I would, but as I said, they just aren't around. I would love for it to be otherwise.
  2. It's more terrifying than that..... Skynet is finally becoming sentient.
  3. HokieUmp

    Fresh Meat

    I figured he'd find that out pretty quick. I was going to mention my own role as comic relief, or other titles, but some of those are already claimed. But I have longevity on the site.
  4. HokieUmp

    Fresh Meat

    Welcome to the site! There's a lot of good information available here. It's gotten slow as the seasons are ending, but I think people still lurk quite a bit. As a warning, the "love" levels from some people are set more on "tough" than anything else. But there IS a certain amount of thick skin one needs, anyway, so jump in. As long as you're making NEW mistakes, and not repeating OLD ones, that's probably better. Bringing the overall numbers down is another good goal to have. Again, welcome!
  5. <sad-trombone.mp3> goes here.....
  6. HokieUmp


    What's interesting about the scenario that I was describing is they don't really NEED me at those younger games. I literally DID have a choice. For reasons that I can't quite wrap my head around, the littles have more than enough dudes to cover. As it played out, there WERE 14U games on that Saturday. So I ended up violating a DIFFERENT rule of mine - the "don't work too many F*#King games in one day" rule. We've talked about it before here, but I've NEVER been an advocate of working a ton in a day - there's Just. No. Way. you're that good by games six/seven or so. But there were some ridiculously short time limits, so I agreed to work two, take two off, then do three to end the day. Things changed about 214 times that day, and I ended up going two, taking one off, and working the last four. (Weirdly, I felt decent at the end, physically. But my legs were getting heavy, and I was sick-to-death of bad baseball and some of the participants, too.) But I was only there because they were doing an older group. But for the littles, and the softball games? Plenty of guys. Now - in line with the other topic, where I objected to the tone because of the "SH*# don't stink" thing - I WILL say that I had a bit of a 'tude about some of these guys. My SH*# didn't stink, in my mind, when I matched up with a lot of them. My partner that day for my six was a lovely guy; but he was a terrible umpire. At least, he did a lot of things a "trained" guy wouldn't do. So I fought a lot of mixed emotions during the day. (I don't know what this part means, in any big picture way - I'm trying to avoid doing any work, so I just started typing away.)
  7. That's a little more GIF-y than emoji-y. But I'll allow it.
  8. HokieUmp

    Dead ball

    This is my 3rd attempt to write something, and it gets off-track or I start to get snarky, so I'll leave it at this: You actually had salient points to make in your post. But I don't much like the general tone of that sentence right there. That clanged off my ears, as in "SOME of these guys think their SH*# don't stink." I don't work anything near that level, and I'm sure I DO make mistakes. But if there are people that are gonna pay me to do it? Yeah, I'm going to try and act like a professional when I'm out there.
  9. Admit it - you miss working with me, and once I left, you found you couldn't find the strength to carry on.... [All the emojis we have in the software, and NONE are barf ones??!?] Congrats and best wishes to your son, and a belated "well done" to your daughter.
  10. HokieUmp


    If you haven't heard of it, there's a subreddit called "Am I The A--hole? I have one of those situations involving umpiring, and we need content, so why not? So I like working games, and I'm generally not all that fussed over the level of ball. I think I'm pretty good at what I do, but I'm content to top-out at HS ball for the most part. But I'm starting to narrow my range a bit, because I get tired of the little dudes. THEY'RE okay, actually, but just the lack of skill, the coaches (who ALSO sometimes could use a skill infusion), and the parents, frustrate me. Things are winding down, and there's some tournament this weekend. The person trying to get guys tells me it's mostly gonna be in the 4(!) to 8 range. There might be some 12s Saturday, but he's not sure, and some softball - but I would umpire that with baseball rules, so I've already ruled that out. So I've turned him down, even though I know they need guys. I'm just at a point where I've said I don't want to go lower than 12. I'll work 10s (in the Pony world, I think that's Mustang), but that's more to help someone out than to actually WANT to do that. It means a dead weekend if I don't, but I think I'm okay with that. Am I The A--hole for doing that? Is it okay that I'm setting a "age/level" standard for myself now? Does the fact they're in need change that answer?
  11. It's really very simple. This is slow-pitch, so the only acceptable to answer to any rulebook question is "Open another beer, Poindexter, and STFU."
  12. HokieUmp

    $500 Fine!

    Neither of those thing have happened yet - the suspension or the fine. The only source for those statements are Torrey Smith. In fact, the Fox article - and this is an outlet that doesn't tend to like journalism or journalists much - even went to trouble of saying "a Pennsylvania youth football league that allegedly fined and suspended a coach" [emphasis mine]. When the coach in question himself gives the age range that he gives (at least one five-year-old was playing), and then says "players that never play," he's a worse example than some alleged "wussification of America." If you're not leveling playing time in that age group, you're an awful human being. So maybe the fine is the universe's way of "gettin' that ass." Might be for the wrong official reason, but it works out karmically, either way.
  13. HokieUmp

    Game 4, NLDS

    Is that a serious statement - that this is arguing? Do you not go to the rest of the Internet? Even as a biased fan, I was legitimately unsure of why this played out the way it did, based on my (admittedly FAR lower-level) experience. It was discussed, and answered. I'd still handle it differently in my games, and that's okay. Maybe my REAL question should have been: in a sport that has comically large amounts of money to spend, why on Earth would that situation exist? Where, especially in a place built for that specific sport only, there would be a gap left for a common element of that game to be stuck?
  14. HokieUmp

    Game 4, NLDS

    I'm a Nats fan, so I'm not gonna try and be unbiased. But I gotta ask - did they blow it with that Trea Turner hit, here in the 6th inning? I know I'm an amateur-level umpire, and will work no fields as nice as those, so I don't know their groundrules. But when I run my plate meetings, part of it goes something like: "if a ball gets stuck somewhere like the fence, have 'em put their hands up, and we'll go look. Otherwise, if they reach to play it, it's all they can get." So Bellinger reaches and THEN puts his hands up, after he realizes there's a negative chance of getting Turner at three. I'm guessing "it's different in The Show," but does anyone have a cite or other information on that? (Looking at you, @Senor Azul!!)
  15. I thought the way ballplayers think, and The Unwritten Rules and all that, it was: "Fool me once, and I'm sticking one in the next guy's ear."
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