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  1. Wait, what? "Shall" be navy? Here in South Tejas, I've been in two different chapters in '19 and (sort of) '20, and we were black in both, except as it gets hot(ter), where we do some light blue shade. Am I missing something now?
  2. You STILL on about the Navy blue thing??? You won, man - not only is navy gone, but - God give me strength - light blue (color of softball) is up, too.
  3. The sentence-fragment in red is the key to this whole play. Both umpires have their responsibilities, and if one guy makes a ruling, it's been covered. If your partner has ruled "that's nothing" and you try the "if you see something, say something" deal, a) you're going to have an on-field SH*# storm, and b) you're a Bad Partner. I say the latter, because you're stepping on his .... well ..... groin. AND because, depending on how savvy the coach is, he's gonna KNOW it was your partner's call, and he's be All Over him. On the other hand, if he HADN'T ruled something, then by all means, get it.
  4. To be overly pompous, since I'm bored ..... I concur. @SeeingEyeDog, I get what you're saying - we're not showing them up so much. And it to me, it's not even a matter of who brought what up first. But remember how I phased it: "because we don't let THEM do it, WE shouldn't do it, either." If they do it - they get run, or at least have started the journey. But then it would be pretty dickish of me to pull a "do as I say, not as I do" thing on them, so that's why that's taught.
  5. I might be the only one that will nitpick this, but: I wouldn't point at marks or anything. I was taught not to let coaches "demonstrate" or otherwise point stuff out - they're just showing you up, playing to the crowd (which may just be the other participants). And because we don't let THEM do it, WE shouldn't do it, either. "Missed the plate, Skip" is all I'd say.
  6. Bench minor. 2 min penalty. Possibly misconduct penalties, too. Were I on my FB page, I would then try to convince you and others that you should love hockey. But I've just given up. I might umpire, and I played baseball, and have followed the Os since I was a kid, and I can STILL visualize walking through the portal to get to our seats at my first ever MLB game [mumble] years ago. But I LOVE hockey, and believe it's the best sport.
  7. Don't forget - the other sports have *other* penalties/punishments that fall short of ejection. Baseball doesn't.
  8. All I can say is: I wish more coaches in that age bracket would then be like you and Rich, if you guys really do like you say online. Because even if I'm not supposed to "rabbit ears" when I'm out there, I'm not deaf, either, and I can hear what "coaches" tell their players. The things/positions I'm talking about are not uncommon out here in the wild.
  9. I did play the game, yes. Were YOU ever ten years old, or did you just emerge, crusty and obstinate, from the spring waters of upstate New York? Kids have plenty of time to turn into dicks. Don't speed up the process.
  10. Whatever you need to get through the day, man. My second paragraph stands as written.
  11. So, just to be clear: there's a not-insignificant set of us here okay with teaching nine year olds to throw baseballs at other kids? I mean, we've all seen 10U ball before, right? Where half the players *might* know what the F*#K they're doing HALF the time, and there's a general sense of obliviousness in the air? Take my question however you like, and how you feel about the issue is up to you. I'm just stripping it down to what it is, without the "well, that's on the runner" or "I got hurt by A Bad Person once, so imma hurt back" or whatever else got thrown in there.
  12. HokieUmp

    Ejection worthy?

    I'd disagree, but to the extent of saying "it depends." The kid heading for the mound changes this from "hissy-fit" to a physical threat, and need to get shut-down/punished quick-smart. It just seems like there's not a big window for a coach to do something to insert himself into it. With just a written description, of course, it's hard to say with complete conviction, but that's how I'm approaching it.
  13. Maybe it's semantics, then. I mean, I've told the occasional coach "sight and sound, skip," when they've dis-invited themselves from the game. And if they had happened to refuse, then I'd tell the teams we're done. More than likely, that would spur someone to chase the idiot away, and we'd stay. If not, I'd kill it. On the other hand, I wouldn't call it a forfeit - at least, if it's a game that has some kind of sanctioning body. I'd write an incident report, and send it to my assigner, and let him and the league decide. If it's one of these rolling circuses that make up travel ball, it'd be as good as a forfeit to me, since no one's gonna do anything, anyway, but I'd just call it 'suspended,' if nothing else.
  14. Maybe, but does it then follow you gotta take a shot?
  15. Caution: Red ass about to reply. The above excerpt is where the entire tale probably started to go south. THIS is the point where the AC gets launched into the Sun. It's true in EVERY place that the only guy you listen to is the HC, and NO ONE gets to just charge out of the dugout at you. I've seen others say - people whose opinion I respect - to say something to this guy as he's coming, to give him a chance. But for my money, based on your description, I'd toss him, and sleep like a baby that night. For all we know when the HC made his comment, he may have been telling you a *different* message - what you had to learn was to toss when needed.
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