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  1. I can't believe this, especially after what I've written today, but I'm taking the "softer side" on this. Not on the call - even if shocked, you should have just given what you had. And it led to the SH*#storm that followed. But - again, opinion of HokieUmp, LLC only - the partner was a dick about it. Kind of massively. Sure, it was a bad look on the call, and it led to an EJ. But gunning the batter on strike one later was HIS cock-up, even if events got him distracted. More importantly, I'm not a fan of the switching out AND the follow-up dickishness via text. If you're man enough to text someone to call names, and run down the person's level, be man enough to say it to them AT THE TIME. Better still, help a brother out by walking him through the issue. (Unless, of course, you're one of those that believes keeping others down helps you get better ball OR that the umpire world is just SO chockers with people, that we don't need all the guys working we can get.) Dude's a dick. I'm not even sure I can get behind the "apologize to him" camp, unless he's a 'big dog' and might screw up your schedule. My return text might be: "sorry for the mistake and the problems it caused. but don't worry about us working together from this end." With an optional* "go F*#K yourself." (*May not be optional.)
  2. HokieUmp

    First one

    "Okay, here's your warning - don't be so stupid next game. Bye."
  3. I forgot to reply to this last week, but my preferred answer would be: "you DON'T score it, since it's a dumb rule that shouldn't exist in the first place."
  4. How would I react? Poorly. How might you ask? Not at all. I'm not just being snarky with that - although I won't lie, it's in my wheelhouse, so that element's gonna be there, anyway. Since I'm the first one here for this, I speak only for HokieUmp, LLC on this. But my thought is: I'm not gonna play "Gotcha!" right before the game about rules - either at the plate meeting, or somewhere beforehand. Because I've been in enough conversations with coaches to know either they're trying to get over OR they're looking to trip me up OR they misunderstand or misinterpret what I've said, then get mad at *me* OR they end up *so* insistent they're right that they don't want to hear my response. So I would likely shut the convo down before it got too far, and say some form of "make the play on the field, and we'll see where it goes from there."
  5. HokieUmp

    Caught ball?

    Then you need me to work your games, routinely or otherwise. I say "That's a catch" on EVERY fly ball that's in my jurisdiction and is caught. I don't give a signal, or a weak one, if it 's a can o' corn, but I say it, so my partner knows, for sure. If it's not caught, and it's a tight play, I'm yelling "NO CATCH!!". If it's a more "obvious" play - like a dropped ball, or the OF didn't get it, and I'm calling it as plate guy, I'm at least calling out "It's down! It's down!" at least loud enough for my partner, so he knows the situation. And I'm pretty sure most partners I have are like that, so it's getting verbalized. (I can't be 100% here, since this is my first year in Texas, but it's pretty consistent here, too.)
  6. I *feel* like this is starting to take an ugly (uglier?) turn......
  7. HokieUmp

    Base Running

    I'm gonna disagree. (I'm not sure if this is The/A Hill I Choose To Die On, but still.) Not about the path he took, but just deciding abandonment. For *me*, at least, him not knowing he's out doesn't make him out on the abandonment, especially if he's still somewhere in the middle of the infield. Again, from the description, it doesn't sound like he gets too far before realized "I've made a huge mistake," and cuts his losses and touches the plate. He hasn't passed a point of no-return for me.
  8. Color me untrained, then. I wear my fitbit on the left wrist. On the right, I wear a wrist-band that came with my medi-port, and a lime-green lymphoma awareness band. The medi-port won't come off until the surgeon takes it out, and I will be buried with the awareness band. None of that is coming off for anything on my schedule. (I suppose the fitbit could go, if a muckety muck, or Jennifer Garner, asked. Not the bands, though.)
  9. HokieUmp

    Base Running

    I don't like this, but: I'm gonna disagree with you on this, @maven. I'm gonna be on Team-Not-"Holler-SCORE-THAT-RUN" here. Because I don't think the situation here calls for it. This was a zero out start, turning into just one out at the end of the playing action. It's not a time play, so there's no announce to make. I mean, when a bases-loaded double is hit, you're not giving "SCORE THREE RUNS" in a less-than-two-outs deal, so you wouldn't say anything here, either. I realize, you're saying that in the context of having to figure abandonment versus not, and also in the interest of not having scorebooks match up three innings later. But I guess that ALSO means I'm not on Team-Abandonment, either. Of course, this is a word exercise, but the description of the OP doesn't lead me anywhere to an abandonment situation. So I wouldn't want to lead the defense to what to do by giving that call.
  10. It is maligned as a crutch for umpires, but I'm thinking 9.01c comes in here, or if it's renumbered, whatever it is. No note physically present, as in the OP, means I wouldn't even need to explicitly invoke it. If the note appeared? Tough. I'm not letting a clearly convalescing player part-time it, when there's still a risk. (My own "[real-name] 3:16" says "Don't get sued because other people are damn fools!" So there's that, too. And I'm sure there are some eye-rolls out there, over mentioning being sued. But we've all heard actual stories of people/groups being sued for one thing or another, and those person-injury lawyers I see on "tha tee-vee" probably paid for those ads with someone else's cash, so there you go.)
  11. You're not gonna like this very much, I'm thinking, but that right there is Bad Partner Talk. I clearly don't know you, and have never worked with you, but even if I *sucked* at a game, if I found out you did that, damn right you'd never work with me again. As has been pointed out, that convo should have never reached the point of those comments, because you don't let a coach talk SH*# about your partner. EDITED TO ADD SOME MORE: That ended up harsher than I kinda intended, since, to me, you've seemed to have a history of knowing what you're doing. But man oh MAN, that's really throwing a partner under the bus. Certainly tell him after the game that it was a bad effort, or terrible, or whatever you want to say. But to give The Rat ammo? Not a good look to me. Easy for me to say, as any evals I got in Virginia were from Evaluators from within the association, and here in Texas, I'm aware there are coach evals and/or scratches, but have no idea if we EVER get to see 'em. So, I guess I just don't care what the coaches think.
  12. Agree with that. But let's face it: we're talking about a field of young men that have, by and large, gone through life playing a game for a living. So the "childish route" doesn't seem all that surprising when it's chosen.
  13. beer, I've struggled a little with this thread, and I probably shouldn't ask, but I just can't seem to help myself. We clashed on "words from the dugout" not that long ago; I ask this because I'm legit curious, but: if one isn't supposed to be listening to goings-on in the dugout, how are we now reconciling jumping on stuff like this? For the record, I don't disagree that the kinds of examples you give should be addressed - I just see what looks like some contradictory thoughts. Unless you're talking more about "hear it all, but filter and deal with only what you need,' then, okay.
  14. I am SO drunk right now.... And I'm at work.
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