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  1. Hey @NorthTexasUmp, I finally opened the TASO email that drove you to post this in the first place. "Self," I says, "I GOT this one! We just spent a few days talking about this on U-E!" Not realizing it was a fellow Texan that had posted it here. And then I got it wrong, per what Kyle wrote. Put it this way: if I'm unfortunate enough to have this happen, and for a SECOND time in Texas, have to invoke the "purposes of a confrontation" clause - and fighting, from this example - I guess I'm gonna get overturned by either TASO or the UIL on the inevitable protest. Because I'm Te
  2. FWIW, I actually did a "Moderator" thing - not bad, one time in roughly 13 (or whatever) years - and got rid of your extras.
  3. In response to @Biscuit .....
  4. I'm assuming this discussion is again aimed more at the mobile version than the browser one? Because I use the Adblock Plus add-on with Firefox (v 83.0), and the only ad I've seen lately is the one Aging used as an example.
  5. Thank you for the specific cite. I should probably remember that notation, as a partner and I invoked it in '19 to eject around 30 players total, as documented elsewhere on this forum. 3-3-1p should actually be burned into my memory, if not the basis for a future tattoo. (Sorry, I don't save my rulebooks, year-on-year - they keep printing new ones, and I keep taking 'em. This years might be in the trunk of my car; might not.) I did finally go back, and re-read all the words thrown down on this thread. My personal take for MC v fighting is that MC is used/invoked for things that are
  6. Maybe I didn't read everything through in each post (but that hasn't stopped me before from speaking up, so.....) Why in God's name is malicious contact coming up so much as I scroll down the screen? There's already a rule that covers tossing both players for what they're doing. I don't know the number, and I'm not getting up to find my stupid book now, but both players are leaving their "position" for the purpose of a confrontation. Turns out, THIS confrontation involves throwing hands. So ..... boom. EJ both. Did they get the smack-talker out? No. Then no out is called.
  7. I know this is already an "old" post, but in the interest of full disclosure - and to narc myself out - I will say that I ended up violating my own edict. Two Sundays ago, there was a guy that ran his mouth the whole time. I really didn't care, because it just washed over me, and it was entertaining - mostly talking up players on one team, giving fake stats, etc. But about three innings in, in the middle of a throw to first off a squibber, an air horn blasted out. And I already get cheese about players that like to yell things at those "opportune" moments - I don't say anything, or san
  8. I did, what feels like a lifetime ago. Went to the Evans school in '08. Came back to my job, and just working for different umpire orgs since. No college yet, although I haven't really put in the hard yards for it.
  9. Years ago, in a Pony game, I did just this. (it was little dudes, like Mustang level.) A kid had already tossed the back to the backstop once, and then made me hop over it as it flew by, when I was clearing the plate after a batted ball. Both times, I'd spoken to the coach, and said that he HAD to get control of that bat. Finally, on his third at-bat, he bounced it off the F2s shinguards, and I decided that was enough. I restricted him to the dugout. The other coach wanted an out - "Can we get an out there?"; having always been a natural smart-ass, I said "Did you get him out at fir
  10. Are you talking mobile version, or web page? If you're old-fashioned like me, and get on the site via computer, you can just click the circle with the talk balloons next to the subject in question, and it marks everything as read. And that still works after UIC said he rolled things out.
  11. Personally, I'd wait for between innings. You can pretend to be looking at a lineup change, or some other bullcrap reason. But even if there's not subterfuge, it's at least a more discreet moment. Part of the whole kabuki we do is "don't show me up" - in both directions. To me, if you go in the middle of all that, you're kind of "calling him out" for everyone to know. Which then lets the magpies on the wire chirp more. (Also, if you do it in the middle, the team/coach getting crushed has their pride further insulted, and they bizarrely take it out on *you*. I know, that sounds weird, bu
  12. What you do differently: Don't talk to the fence. If there's an issue - and I'm not completely convinced there's one here - you'd talk to the coaches. To the home coach: you *might* say something about "how about calling off the dogs, skip?", but you could certainly say "hey skip, you're starting to raise a lot of bad feelings here, and it might lead to some on-field issues." To the away coach: "you need to get your fans under some kind of control here." But talking to the fans directly is just gonna lead to more bad things than good, in general.
  13. Seriously, are we not doing "phrasing" any more??
  14. I've been asked that question exactly once, that I can remember, over the years. And it was a coach at a plate meeting in a rec-ball or travel-ball game, or something along that level. It was along the lines of "what's your zone like?" A) Not wanting to have that conversation, so it could get shoved up my ass during the game by either dugout, and B) being a wise-ass as a general rule, my reply: "Well, we'll all find out in about five minutes, won't we?"
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