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  1. I hate to break it to you, but that's kinda a pipe dream. Today, the WH gave a new, more optimistic model of US-deaths, revising it down to 60,000 from 80,000. Still pretty horrific, but better. Here's the problem: the model that came up with that number assumes that social distancing, etc, be maintained through August. That would preclude normal (or perhaps "post-apocalyptic" would be better) life in June or July. New York *might* be on a plateau, but it's not on a downward cycle at all. And Michigan, Georgia, the DC/MD/VA area, etc, are all just getting started. We're pushing 2K dead/day right now. Let's not get too far over our skis.
  2. They've closed Texas schools through at least 4 May, but for the life of me, I can't imagine why they'd bother trying after that (can't remember how deep into the year they usually go). So I'm trying to just reconcile myself with losing the rest of the year. At least I got a dozen or so in before the hammer dropped, and I seemed to be making a name for myself - a good one, I mean! - with my new group, so maybe something to build on, post-dystopia.
  3. Counterpoint? "They give you that stick for a reason, son"
  4. I know I said I'd only post that one post. Looks like I lied. As of tonight, the Washington Post "scoreboard" for this SH*#show - https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/mapping-spread-new-coronavirus/?itid=hp_hp-banner-main_virus-resource-box-v3%3Ahomepage%2Fstory-ans if following the end of the world fascinates you like it does me - shows more than 46,000 cases with 610 dead. Unfortunately, I didn't write specific stats in that last post, which, just to underscore the horror-show nature of it all - was only *five* days ago. And I guaran-damn-tee those numbers I just quoted are AT LEAST double of what they were on Wednesday. And today, as I recall from the news, marks the first day we lost 100 dead in a single 24-hour period. And the Surgeon General says this week is going to be bad. (He may have said next week will be worse, but I didn't see his interview, so I'm not 100% on that.) So imma say it again - this SH*# is, and has been, and is going to CONTINUE to be - worse than the flu. Maybe WAY worse. And if you're one of those "Freedom, F*#K yeah!" guys/gals, insisting on going to the beaches of the nation, playing basketball in the park over by my house (okay, that one's a little specific), or otherwise blowing a big old raspberry at the numerous doctors, epidemiologists, mathematicians, and other people WAY smarter than you or I - or you don't really think there's even a problem other than the media, or it's a political conspiracy to being down the Administration, or you're some millennial thinking you're gonna live forever - I'm BEGGING you: take it seriously. Save my life by being smart. Save your parents, if you're lucky enough to still have them here. Save people that are compromised in some way or another. Maybe I'm largely preaching to the choir here, and most of you are down with what I'm saying. But I'm really, REALLY frustrated with my fellow "human beings" out there right now, so I'm venting a bit. And bear in mind, I'm a natural and enthusiastic cynic, yet Americans are REALLY exceeding my expectations in a lot of ways right now. Don't wait for your governor, or the federal government, to tell you, or force you (best they can) to do the right and smart thing. Make better choices.
  5. If you were to see what I write on FB, you would know that I'm a couple things: 1) highly opinionated, and 2) a political animal. (You can't really grow up in the DC area, and not be the second of those, I wouldn't think.) And I know that even clicking the "Quote" button to START a reply - with *me* typing - has the potential to turn this thread into to an utter SH*#show. So I don't want to get too nutty (edit: I wrote like another 6-7 paragraphs, so I may not have hit that target). But even the other day when I first read this paragraph, it ..... gave me pause. I really, really, REALLY disagree with, well, pretty much all of it. This is not "no different" than any of those. It's killing people. And at a rate that is frightening - around 30x what regular flu does. Just now, I took the numbers from the Washington Post, which got them from places like the WHO, the CDC, Johns Hopkins (just to stave off any "yeah, buts") - and the world-wide death rate is around 4.1% right now - that's INSANELY higher than regular flu, or some of the other flus. (For laughs, since our US testing situation is a joke, and it could arguably lower our current death rate by showing how widespread this virus REALLY is, I took out the US numbers, and it was still right about 4.1%.) This SH*# is serious, and should be treated as such. Look, I had the flu this year, too. Mine was about mid-January. I think the swab revealed it was Influenza-B. If you had it in November, I would argue that while you may have had a rough go, it wasn't COVID-19. Even now, AZ doesn't have but 21 cases out of the 7800+ in the US right now, and that's even since it started the exponential increase. You know why the person that resides in the White House finally started taking this a little more seriously? A British scientific group, using data on this specific virus and being experts in disease, its spread and the modeling thereof projected that if the current "la la lal i'm-not-listening-i'm-not-listening" tone of the WH was maintained, the death toll on this could reach 2.2 MILLION. That number starts to approach 1% of the total US population, to state the obvious. Even finally starting to get more ambitious, that effort might only knock the toll in half, to 1.1 million. Now, I hope they're wrong, and wrong to a major scale, but I'm not so sure they are, since it still seems people aren't reeeeeeally taking this fully seriously. As a high risk candidate - not REAL old yet, but I have diabetes, my thyroid has been impacted for years by an autoimmune thing (controlled by taking hormones), and I had the cancer and chemo thing a year and a half ago - I'm taking this seriously. A week ago, I didn't WANT to, just because I still wanted the season to keep going. But the more information that's out there - not the breathless manner in which it's portrayed, but the actual WORDS AND DATA that are said - means this still can go terribly pear-shaped. So please don't say the word crisis in quotes, or otherwise make this sound like it's designed to remove the current occupant of the WH, or cow the population, or lead us to that One World Order, or whatever. This is a problem. And got the potential to go from problem to A Real Problem. We'll get past it as a species - inexplicably, we always seem to - but this could be a rough go. This is all I'll write. But evidently, that had been pent up.
  6. Welcome. But dude, your timing is BRUTAL. Private schools in Texas went down Friday, and they're out through 12 April, and then publics went down that evening, until at least 29 March. And we were already about two weeks into it. Hope you find the site useful!
  7. About 1 1/2 hours ago, it was announced that all public interscholastic events in Texas are done through 29 March.
  8. We're just coming out of spring break here, but TASO just announced that the private school league/conglomerate/association in Texas has killed all spring sports until 12 April. And don't go so rough on this being a "media thing," gang. The people hoarding TP are enormous [bad redacted word] [less bad redacted word]s, with NO help from outside sources. It's been happening in other countries, and despite everyone laughing at all the memes, that say VERY explicitly that TP's not a need or requirement in relation to this, Americans are showing that we can be just as stupid as EVERYbody else, when we set our minds to it.
  9. Look, we can get this done - we're ALL gonna have a lot of free time on our hands soon, the way this is playing out. @beerguy55, I'll take south-central Texas, and just door-knock - always remaining 6' away from everyone I talk to, of course. Let's get a sign-up sheet going, fellas!
  10. I'm assuming it would be dickish of me to say that I worked games 31-33 of my year yesterday? Imma say it anyway.
  11. Wait. Didn't we have someone - possibly in this very thread - quote some NFHS-approved write-up, where a kid was the player/DH, and was pitching, and was taken out more than once (I don't know how that would work in real life, either), but still stayed in as DH? And the 'logic' was that being the DH kept him tied into the game? I thought it was nonsense at the time, and now this latest couple would confirm my instincts were right. (I will search, but just wanted to throw this post out here.) Again: will be spending a lot of time yelling at clouds this year.
  12. HokieUmp

    Pitchers Glove

    Actual game footage:
  13. Seriously, are we not doing "phrasing" any more??
  14. HokieUmp

    Tag-up questions

    Oh, Dave. I'm so sorry for you. Two things I would suggest: 1) Keep your head down and work hard this season - once that rule "gets passed around," a lot of guys are going to remember "hey, isn't that the thing Guest Dave was talking about?? Well, [redacted] THAT guy!" 2) If there's another association you can join, consider it. Not so much because of #1, but because it sounds like they're ..... not good?
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