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  1. I ignore them, and make my call. Sometimes, I'm ALSO making the safe sign; sometimes, I'm banging an out. I don't have an issue being a red-ass, or at least internalizing some anger over dipSH*# behaviour by coaches, but this doesn't even make me bat an eye. Should I be getting more pissed off about it? Seems like if I do, I'm just unnecessarily starting something. Besides, MY call's the one that matters.
  2. I can't speak to leagues. But it seems like tournaments are a whole different thing. I just worked some games this weekend - haven't been paid yet, since the guy that "hires" me pays by Zelle later. But talking to some coaches, they get guaranteed four games out of it. Let's say they get two more in the knock-out stage, for the "Championship Of The World, *This* Weekend's Edition." So, six games. I get something like $50-$60 per game - call it $60 - so a team might pay $360 for umpires. Maybe it's just quibbling, since it's likely pretty close, but I'm fairly certain the tournament entr
  3. I'm not gonna lie ..... Gary's makes the best gavel in the biz. They've got the right heft, and produce the best sounds of any in the game.
  4. WHAT??!?!? That is something up with which we shall not put!
  5. For the blue part: I'll *still* holler "Coaches!" because that gets me two dudes up to the plate. Are they coaches? Are they managers? Are they babysitters? Who gives a SH*#? For MY time and money, they're two dudes who can speak to the few issues we need to talk about at a plate meeting - time/innings, ruleset, paying my ass, ground rules. Speaking of that plate meeting, for the green part: I hate, hate, HATE that part of a plate meeting - and it only happens if a partner decides to give that speech, 'cause *I* won't. They should know; if they DON'T know, they'll find out in a h
  6. Which is pretty much what I do. Right or wrong, I have trained myself and/or evolved to say "No catch!" when it happens. At the SAME time, I have also trained myself AND/OR evolved, at the 2-strike point, to re-check the situation and be prepared. So if the ball is uncaught, I STILL say "No catch!" and then loudly and repeatedly call the batter out. I get what some are saying - hollering out loud causes 13yos to panic. But there are things that I file away as Not My Problem. I HAD two 13 yos of my own, that didn't listen to what I said/yelled. So I did my time, and I'm over it.
  7. Kicked in a couple places. I don't have a BIG issue with PU saying "No catch" initially, but he should *immediately* have verbalized "He's out!," or similar, several times, to try and keep the ensuing clusterF*#K from occurring. (I mean, after all - it WAS a "No catch." The call wasn't incorrect.) And for the secondary call? It's still on the players to know the game situation, so if F2 'decides' to airmail a throw into RF, by all means - let him. DON'T put the runners back for the defense not knowing what they're doing. The offensive manager took that surprisingly well, especia
  8. HokieUmp

    Called Game

    I'm still umpiring games from 2006, based on the kind of ridiculous line of reasoning this thread has shown..... Which is why I don't linger on the field - if they can't find you, they can't appeal to/argue with you.
  9. HokieUmp


    When you started writing this post, I bet you thought you'd be supported and lauded for your alleged restraint and sense of Right And Wrong. ...... how'd that work out for ya? If you're serving as the official scorekeeper, then you're supposed to be a neutral observer and recorder of events. And as that neutral party, then STFU in general, and don't criticize the umpire's calls, period. If that's just too much to ask - for you to quell your outrage, don't take the scorekeeping gig. (And stay off YouTube.)
  10. This may not be new to some of you. I apologize if I'm bringing up "old news." I was at a regional PONY tournament last night. I've done PONY for a number of years, off and on, both in Texas and Virginia, and I think I generally prefer it to LL. But since I'm mostly as "have gun, will travel" kind of umpire, I move from gig to gig, crushing dreams wherever I roam, so I don't really pay attention a lot of times to the post-season of the different orgs. So I'm there this week, working mostly the Pony (14u) and Bronco (12u) divisions, with the odd Mustang (10u) game. We had section
  11. I couldn't 'heart' this post but once on the screen, but just know that i 'heart' it a whole bunch in real life. ....... except for the part about this "groundcrew" to which you refer. Most of those kinds of gig that *I* have, the next groundcrew I see will be the first in a long time I've seen.
  12. HokieUmp

    Call reversal

    Comment Segment Of The Year contender, right there. Actually, LRZ for [Baseball] President. Maybe not the guys *here*, but we as a collective need to learn to say no to fishing expeditions. Don't have to be mean about it (although I'm not *against* that, necessarily), but we don't have to give in to it. Yes, coach/player, you're disappointed. Sad, even. It's life. Go get 'em next time, tiger.
  13. HokieUmp

    Fielding circles

    Cricket fan, but not an expert on ANY of it, even stretching the definition of "expert" to its breaking point. By rule, if square leg didn't see the violation, I don't see how he can possibly call no-ball. About the ONLY argument that might work - and it's a long-shot - would be appealing to the "gentlemanly nature" of the sport, and seeing if the other side concedes the issue. But having been around club-level sports most of my life, well ..... I'm not optimistic.
  14. It is no small irony to me that a rule designed to "speed up play" led to delays to the point the time-clock was turned off and the tournament director was hunted down. Holy crap, coaches - is a 60' basepath REALLY gonna create that much of a difference between CRs?
  15. 102?!? I want to work YOUR games, G. (I mean, I agree with everything you said. But getting 102 in most of MY games means about 1.25 pitchers throwing the ball.)
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