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  1. HokieUmp

    Game 4, NLDS

    Is that a serious statement - that this is arguing? Do you not go to the rest of the Internet? Even as a biased fan, I was legitimately unsure of why this played out the way it did, based on my (admittedly FAR lower-level) experience. It was discussed, and answered. I'd still handle it differently in my games, and that's okay. Maybe my REAL question should have been: in a sport that has comically large amounts of money to spend, why on Earth would that situation exist? Where, especially in a place built for that specific sport only, there would be a gap left for a common element of that game to be stuck?
  2. HokieUmp

    Game 4, NLDS

    I'm a Nats fan, so I'm not gonna try and be unbiased. But I gotta ask - did they blow it with that Trea Turner hit, here in the 6th inning? I know I'm an amateur-level umpire, and will work no fields as nice as those, so I don't know their groundrules. But when I run my plate meetings, part of it goes something like: "if a ball gets stuck somewhere like the fence, have 'em put their hands up, and we'll go look. Otherwise, if they reach to play it, it's all they can get." So Bellinger reaches and THEN puts his hands up, after he realizes there's a negative chance of getting Turner at three. I'm guessing "it's different in The Show," but does anyone have a cite or other information on that? (Looking at you, @Senor Azul!!)
  3. I thought the way ballplayers think, and The Unwritten Rules and all that, it was: "Fool me once, and I'm sticking one in the next guy's ear."
  4. Hey hey hey ..... get your own set of clouds, man. There's plenty of them for everybody.
  5. I'm not going to offer my own thoughts, but just say: I'm not sure The Commish would agree with you on that, in that there's all the "speed up" emphasis going on these days.
  6. I actually had to get up and walk away from my computer, after I saw this. (To be fair, I also had to use the restroom, but still.) It's like you went into a lab to create The Perfect Post that would make me head right into "Yelling At Clouds" mode. I realize the professional game has bags of money to burn, but in what way would this help the game as played? Fair/foul has eyes on it, the rule is straight-forward; for batter being hit in/out of the box, or hitting WHILE in/out of the box, there are already interpretations and guides for that. Don't get me wrong - my entire working career has been in IT, so it's not like I ride to games on my penny farthing and whatnot. But FAR too often, people want to throw solutions at stuff, without first coming to grips with the rhetorical question "What problem does this solution solve? DOES it solve anything?" To me, it's not clear the game suffers enough to add more scenarios. If people think the game is too damn long now, wait until we expand the reviewable stuff AND let Joe Madden be one of the managers in a game. (I feel like Joe is either subversive enough, or a jackass enough, to push the limits of all this.) I'm watching college and pro football turn every play into the possibility of going to the booth. Is the game better? I'd say no. ...... and get off my lawn, with your hair and your clothes!
  7. "Grumpy Old Man"-take coming.... THIS thread alone is why I can't stand replay, even in this version. I would prefer it be limited to fair/foul at the poles, and for maybe "HR or not?" situations where stadiums have a nook/cranny deal. Put it this way: when I woke up this morning and decided to catch up at U-E today, I didn't think I'd read about a dozen posts on the esoterics of gloves and laces and "was that guy tagged" - when it's one of those "I know it when I see it" plays - and yet here we are.
  8. HokieUmp

    How to award bases

    I see your side of the argument, but I just won't agree with it. Here's the problem, Arch - if I can use your "first name" - as I see it: you strike me as a guy that likes people. Sometimes, this is a lot easier gig if you don't. That sounds glib, and I'm not gonna lie when I say I'm using it for comedic effect. But I tend to go out on the field not looking to make it a good time or a good day for the players and coaches. I'm not looking to make it a bad day, either - I'm out there to call the game according to the rules. If I want it to sound noble, I could say I'm out there for the game itself. Sometimes, it DOES end up being just a good time for everyone involved. Most of the time, it's a "neutral time" - everyone gets, or doesn't get, what the day gives them. But my EJ totals are pretty tiny for the number of games I've done - other than the 30-dudes-at-once game I wrote about back in April or so - and I tend not to have too heated a time with participants in general. I try to be READY for it, if it happens, but it seems rare. I'm not sure why, but I've learned to ride that luck. But to get away from my freshman philosophy discussion, fact is, ERR'BODY knows it's two bases on a ball thrown out of play. So it's simple: dude's on second? Show him the way home. Otherwise, you've "coached" him if you say otherwise. And/or you're coaching the defense that "..... hey, something's kinda funny here!" So don't do that.
  9. I'm not sure how I feel about a lot of this debate. I've already umpired for about three times longer than I ever played the game, and didn't live around enough kids for the "sandlot" variety. So I probably don't have the same perspective on this as other people. What struck ME the most about this post..... Max (or do I use "Mad" instead?), I'm a decade OLDER than you, and yet that was about the most get-off-my-lawny post I've read in some time. Arguably heading towards "yelling at clouds." Which surprises me a little, because - and this is on me, sure - I have a certain "image" of everyone on here, and that's not fitting the M-O. Maybe it's your libertine fashion choices that cloud my judgment - I'll wear that. Let's face it, guys: times change, and will keep changing. The "go away 'til dinner" life disappear a long time ago. Between people doing horrible things to kids, and the paving of America (looking at YOU, San Antonio and Bexar County!), the unattended gang of kids just playing won't happen. So it's gonna be organized ball. And yeah, people don't like to lose, and parents don't want their kids to 'lose.' It is, as they say, what it is. The country and the planet will continue on - or, at least, it will continue on until we kill it off ourselves, but "everyone gets a trophy" AIN'T gonna be the murder weapon of human life. Is that overly philosophic, or otherwise over-thinking it? Yeah, probably. But with a hurricane bearing down towards my future retirement home - where we just spent 8-9 months and a BIG bag of cash repairing our house from Florence LAST September - I could use something to keep from refreshing the Weather Channel radar page every 15 seconds or so.
  10. It's weird, right? You go on an umpire site - one where people actually DO care about the craft of umpiring - to rip a dude, and then enlist us in how to make him look like a [redacted] at a future game with some grandstanding protest (when the game hasn't started, ergo, nothing to protest yet). And when the not-unsurprising feedback comes out, it's OUR fault. (By the way, if you asked coaches 'are you better than the average coach,' 90% would say they are, so ..... yeah.) Huh. That IS weird. (Not gonna lie - I REALLY hope you're with a program somewhere here in Texas.)
  11. The quote: "I can accept a half ball out of the zone, but when you start calling a ball out, a ball in, a ball up and a ball down, you've expanded the strike zone 60-70%. To say "I have a wide zone" is a cop out, because you've made the zone subjective." Bolded emphasis yours, as I just cut-and-pasted. Maybe it's a terminology disconnect, but that quote equates a ball in every direction equates to a wide zone - at least in the "out" direction. That ball that grazes the zone is a ball out, to me, at least, and from what I'm seeing here, I ain't alone. To be more conciliatory than is my wont, I will say we might be talking at cross-purposes here. But for a less conciliatory part, see the part I marked in green. My response: GFY. Period. I say that for several reasons: 1) as I mentioned before, MiLB guys - pretty current ones - are saying that grown-ass, PAID players, have an expectation of 2 balls off the plate. If you, your combination Spartans/SEAL Team Sixers, or your spy behind the plate (from like 25 posts ago) can't hang with that on the outside, when those dudes can, then yeah, that's problematic. 2) By your criteria, I'm a bad umpire. Except for one problem: I'm good at what I do. Really pretty good, actually. If you knew me or my life, you would know that I'm not exactly the biggest braggart about my success, my life, my job, or my career in a broader sense, but I allow myself a decent measure of ego when it comes to umpiring. I'm not gonna flash my resume or background, because I know there are guys that could match or beat it handily here, but I can do this gig, and I KNOW there's nothing your kids would show me that would make me back down One. Step. So I'll leave the the nicer responses to the nicer people on the board, like the boss (Umpire In Chief) and Biscuit, since they're generally nicer than me. But you got what you got - people have said it: "you got proof? take it to someone" or "go to other tournaments, if you can avoid this guy/others" (if it's a wider issue). That's what you can do, and that's mostly it. Take what you need from it.
  12. Oh, [redacted], now you've done it, @yawetag. You've just crushed a dude.
  13. I"m just pointing out that, if you want to just squeak by, getting the story complete before, say, THE ENTIRE WORLD spoils it for you, you might .... speed up the process a touch. Just saying. (And besides, considering movie effects of the mid-50s, it's not that bad!)
  14. The movie is 63 years old, for [redacted's] sake!! You got enough internet to get here, doncha??
  15. Green part: Keep working hard, and let it remain a mystery. Red part: They don't. Don't talk to/deal with the fence.
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