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  1. Split the difference. One hand on a hip, the other behind your back. For bonus points, stick the "off hip" out as you stand there.
  2. I'm gonna take a different tack here. Instead of joining in the discussion of whether it should be called or not, and SH*#ty-end-of-the-stick, etc, my question is this: Why in God's name does the LL Rulebook even have such a stupid-ss rule, written in such a stupid-ss manner, in the first place?!? To elaborate: signs and signals have been part of the game of baseball, if not from the beginning, then from a LOT longer than any of us here have been part of the game. Why does LL have some full-of-itself, upholder-of-morals rule written in? Is the stealing of signs considered the "gateway drug" of criminal behavior? Has there been a direct connection made between relaying pitch selection and meth use? Am I missing something here? Three actual baseball points: 1) Knowing what pitch is coming, and/or where it might be, doesn't translate into the ability to actually hit it well. Still gotta have skill. 2) That's why catcher signals to the pitcher are a little more complicated than just giving one number. 3) Where's the clause in the LL Rulebook about stealing the 3B coaches signs and relaying them to the rest of the defense? Sorry, this is a non-issue to me.
  3. Why? Because [redacted] him, that's why. And I'd love it if that sentence made it into the ejection report. Because MLB umpires are better people than I, that sadly won't happen. (I say that as an umpire, because of all the Yankees bull[redacted] this year, but more importantly, I say that as a massive Yankee hater.)
  4. HokieUmp


    I know it's probably not true, but I WANT to believe that's Quebecois for "how ya' like THEM apples??!?"
  5. Gonna be "that guy." This is Korean baseball.
  6. Disagree, a little. Let me try and sound it out, and see if I'm just full of sh*# or not. For one thing, I don't think it's "you only regret the EJ you don't get." Not ONLY - yeah, you definitely regret ones you don't get, because you've let some nosepicker leave a game, thinking that way - whatever it was - is the way he can, and should, act on a ballfield. AND you've left that mess for some OTHER guy to deal with, who will ALSO get a side order of "I've never been ejected for [X] before!!" But even when you eject, there's sometimes a feeling of regret, because you may well have been able to otherwise deflect the situation to something less volatile. But you SHOULD work on ejections, because sometimes that's what's needed, and it's really the only solution to the problem. For me, at least, drawing a line with the bat is a punched ticket. It's only happened to me once, and there was no real precursor to it. Dude didn't like a pitch, and fussed a little. I told him it was a good pitch, and I think I added something about getting back in the box. He then takes the bat and draws a line past the outside of the plate. Whoosh - gone. There was no real "reaching that point" - we arrived right ON "that point." It's nearly 11:30pm local, so I'm a little rambly. But I just was struck by the way that was phrased, and I don't quite agree with it. But I WILL say that, in 11 years I've been on this site, I would love to have a dollar for every time the community was asked "Should I have ejected when ....?" And I've love to have ANOTHER dollar for the number of times the collective answer was "yeah."
  7. Point 0, made already, but I'll say it again: never work solo. I realize that's not intentional, and it can't always be helped, but if the team is booing you, then certainly impress upon them getting two guys. And yes, there were plenty of ejectable moments earlier in your post. Honestly, the biggest failing was not getting SOMEbody. LRZ is spot-on: while you might regret having to GET to the point of an ejection (and might be able to find where "it all went wrong"), you won't actually regret the ejection itself. You regret the EJs you know you SHOULD have made, but didn't. Besides, if they had a coaching staff like a football team, no one's gonna miss the outside-linebacker-coach when you gun him. One head on a pike makes things a LOT quieter.
  8. What the absolute [redacted]??!?
  9. As a former pro-rasslin' fan, that's easy. Double count-out - happens all the time!
  10. You absolutely can. I just turned 54, and I'm certainly not on edge of the age-graph in my group here!
  11. For the basic question - for HokieUmp, LLC only - my only advancement is to the college ranks. And for the "why is it hard" question, it's several things, but mostly, the answer would be "*I'm* the problem." The first time I was in Virginia, there was still some "old boy" hindrances, in that the commish and others seemed to feel they had to vouch for you, or otherwise "sign off" on those that wanted to go the college route. And they held pretty firm to dues-paying - but in my opinion, sometimes overly so; if someone's good enough, they should get that look, regardless of tenure. @Umpire in Chief could speak to that, if he wants - we were in the same group a number of years, and he was one of my first partners in EOA. That seemed to change in my second run - they weren't as concerned. In fact, the attitude seemed to change to "if you want to do college, do it - it makes us look better!" And that's when I thought about it, but chose not to. Why? Well, at least in Virginia, it seemed, the college games were controlled by a couple guys. And they all wanted you to attend their clinics. Smart or hard-headed, I chose not to attend yet more clinics, and spend more money, for a "firm maybe" of anything coming of it. This will never be my living, but something I want to enjoy. And doing what I just mentioned was going to push more of the joy out of it. Do I lack ambition? Probably, based on that and my "real" job. Can I still get games? Yeah - and not just because of a shortage of umpires, but because my assignors know they can send me about anywhere, and there likely won't be a SH*#storm nor a series of phone calls about "THAT F*#King guy!" (I *am* now a cowboy, though, per my War Story.) And moving doesn't help, since one "restarts" every time one moves. Since I started in 2003, I've lived in Australia (03-06), Virginia (07-11), Japan (11-14), Virginia (14-18), and Texas (-present). And health can stop people, too. But for me, I guess I allowed it to be harder, and was unwilling to do the things needed to work with a totally different group.
  12. After living here for about a year in my second stint in Texas, I became a cowboy this weekend! And on my birthday, no less! Did a pair on Saturday, as part of the "Five Tools" tournament in our area. (And insert your own joke about 'five tools' here.) I was base guy for the first one, and the head coach for one team had something to say about a called-third by my partner from the 3B box. Then he called time for an "offensive conference" - which was really just an excuse to give him more crap. I mean, he wasn't even pretending to talk to the player, and got all point-y. So not long after, my partner says "Get off my field!" Problem is, I spent a blank moment or two, thinking how much I dislike that phrase before realizing "Oh SH*#! I gotta go DO something now!" and head down to the dirt circle, where they're still 'chatting.' I had to kind-of step over their legs to get in-between them, so my partner can peel off. That gets me thisclose to the coach at that point, which was awkward - the first thing he said was something like "Give us some space!" But then he says "What're YOU doing here, cowboy?" [I MADE IT, Ma!] "I'm here to rodeo, coach." <-- I said that more than once - I said it before he mentioned cowboy, when we were talking over each other, but then I said it again. He got irritated (more, anyway), and said something like "you don't use that terminology!" after saying something else I never really heard. I told my wife the story that night, and we were both a little confused about that, but I have theory today: I almost think, that with my distinctly East Coast voice, and my use of rodeo - thankfully, I didn't use the phrase "rodeo clown", like WE all use - may have made him think I was mocking him, as he was VERY Texas. But he left, and I didn't have to walk him all the way to the dugout. I'm not even sure how righteous the EJ was, or if it was early or late, or what. I just know that I got called 'cowboy.' Happy Birthday to me, indeed.
  13. I can't believe this, especially after what I've written today, but I'm taking the "softer side" on this. Not on the call - even if shocked, you should have just given what you had. And it led to the SH*#storm that followed. But - again, opinion of HokieUmp, LLC only - the partner was a dick about it. Kind of massively. Sure, it was a bad look on the call, and it led to an EJ. But gunning the batter on strike one later was HIS cock-up, even if events got him distracted. More importantly, I'm not a fan of the switching out AND the follow-up dickishness via text. If you're man enough to text someone to call names, and run down the person's level, be man enough to say it to them AT THE TIME. Better still, help a brother out by walking him through the issue. (Unless, of course, you're one of those that believes keeping others down helps you get better ball OR that the umpire world is just SO chockers with people, that we don't need all the guys working we can get.) Dude's a dick. I'm not even sure I can get behind the "apologize to him" camp, unless he's a 'big dog' and might screw up your schedule. My return text might be: "sorry for the mistake and the problems it caused. but don't worry about us working together from this end." With an optional* "go F*#K yourself." (*May not be optional.)
  14. HokieUmp

    First one

    "Okay, here's your warning - don't be so stupid next game. Bye."
  15. I forgot to reply to this last week, but my preferred answer would be: "you DON'T score it, since it's a dumb rule that shouldn't exist in the first place."
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