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  1. Look, man. Players get the money, the women, the fame, the drugs. Throw us a frickin' bone, here.
  2. It's all gonna depend on the partner. Some guys don't want to know, or be told. If I'm not "feeling it" for some reason, I'll outright ask my base guy if I'm killing the pitcher or the batter, depending on my gut tells me. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they say it looks good for the level. I don't ask all that often, but it DOES happen. I've had partners say something unsolicited, too. THAT'S not a good feeling, but I personally would want to know. My opinion? It's good partner behaviour. But you'd have to know your partner well enough to know how he'd take it.
  3. But that's the point @Richvee's making - you ARE NEVER outside. Even with that modified definition of "outside" you just mentioned. You don't start out there; you don't end up out there. It's not "don't stay outside," it's "don't be outside."
  4. I was confused on the number of umpires, until that later exchange. 1. If this was a 90' diamond, you don't go outside the baseline. *I* back up to the edge of the grass. In my experience - and it might not be universal - that allows the players to make/attempt plays in the infield without getting in their way, AND I can get to where I need to make a call. 2. You'd NEVER go out on a fly ball, so you'd just have to do the best you can to get the angle, and be able to check R2 for his tag-up.
  5. *I'd* show up, but I'll have been long gone from central/south Texas by the time they get done. (Working here the last three years has redefined the phrase "real hot" for me. I'll probably wear a parka, my first games in North Carolina.)
  6. Cardinals-Cubs, late in the game, lead run at the plate? Imma go with "no one's lungs are strong enough to get heard" in that situation. I had 2 IFFs this weekend with 14ish year olds, and a smattering of parents, with no other fields around. No one heard, or paid attention, to me, either. At some point, one has to also look at players - who've been playing the game for 15, 20 or more years at this point - and say "you're a nitwit, and you F*#Ked up."
  7. I get all that; I do. I was just answering the question Jimurray asked, based on what I saw on the different camera angles. The out call at 2B led to the ensuing cluster, but an IF is an IF is an IF. (One of Shakespeare's lesser known quotes)
  8. This story shows me the different "head spaces" we occupy. MY initial thoughts were along the lines of how [excrement] somehow hit the fan during the course of the game - either because he blows a call, or someone raises hell because he's related to a player. I even had my in-my-head response ready: "THIS is why you don't talk to the fence." And then it was about the background check thing - something I wasn't remotely thinking about.
  9. Right. Thus my response. You asked "Did Morales wait to signal," I responded that he did not, as he'd had his arm up well before the ball came down. I can't speak to MLB/MiLB proper technique, but MY teaching has been what you described - point and say "infield fly," adding "if fair" if there might be some doubt to the ball's status.
  10. He did not - he was signaling well before the ball landed.
  11. Is that under a separate interpretation? Because the text of the rule says: "If a play is being made on the obstructed runner ... the ball is dead ... (and then talks about awarding runners where they'd be in umpire judgement). But that wording doesn't break down a difference between a safe/out call.
  12. In OBR, the play would be killed on the tag attempt of R1 at 3rd. 6.01(h)(1). So while the subsequent throw into RF might happen - and would be extremely entertaining - it would be irrelevant.
  13. [Two replies deleted - answering strictly from OBR, and then I realized/remembered this was under the FED part of the site.]
  14. I'll offer MY Tale of Woe: When we lived in Australia, we were in a little town called Alice Springs. (Zoom in a touch, then look right in the middle of the continent.) The local baseball league is of a decent size, but not nearly as popular as the various games that all call themselves "football." So none of the different age groups were large, and there just weren't that many qualified umpires. So I ended up calling my younger daughter's games more than once. Until the day I gunned her on a 3rd-strike pitch. The daggers she shot me were astounding. I'm not saying her resulting juvenile delinquency, and later, the relatively early-age pregnancy resulting in my first grandchild (whom I love like no other) was a direct consequence of that 3rd-strike call, but I'm not NOT saying it, either. I sometimes have spotty memories of things in my life, but there is an alarming clarity of that moment in time, even something like 16ish years later. We get along much better, again, now.
  15. Good God, Max! Are you INSANE??!? By 10 years old, all the good PAC-10 and SEC scholarships are gone!! Do you really want MadMaxJr going to a ...... <shudder> Sun Belt Conference school??!??
  16. Throw at his head, repeatedly, just to be on the safe side. ........ Yes, even if it's slowpitch.
  17. HokieUmp


    I think the phrase is .... "Swing the bat, meat."
  19. Entire leagues AND umpires turn a reddish-colour? I don't think I like THAT at all! Ball-busting aside, that's why I'd never get that far down the road to Williamsport. (Aside from the sheer numbers of 'competitors,' and my own limitations as an umpire, that is.) Umpiring will never be more than a part-time side-gig for me, from a financial standpoint, but given the time, energy, and mileage I spend doing it, I will NEVER do it for free. LL can rich off of everyone else.
  20. I don't doubt your reasoning. MY solace is that I'm not going to rise to a level when I'll be in Nike gear. I *might* end up doing some form of college ball, but I doubt it - I'm heading for Down East North Carolina, so I'll be happy just to get ANY games, never mind a lot of higher level opportunities. So unless Nike's bullSH*# filters way down, I can't see it affect me. But yeah, that all-blue nonsense definitely struck me as some art college students - who may or may not ever have watched a game - let loose without adult supervision. As a Nats fan, I'm already sad enough not seeing Max Scherzer in a Nats uni - but seeing him in those pajama-looking things made me even sadder.
  21. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the colour itself. That shade of blue is very striking, and it seems really good in HD when watching the game. But ALL blue? Both top and bottom? No, grrl - don't work that way.
  22. @MadMax: I know we had our disagreement over Navy still being a viable colour for umpires back a few years ago. I'm fine with all my black shirts, but I just didn't, and don't, want to chase fashion solely for the sake of chasing fashion. (And I feel there IS a faction of umpires that *do*, out there in the wild.) But I'd like to reach a hand across the aisle, not least of which because the decision has already been made by umpires in general, but ALSO because I think we have a mutual enemy. I think you and I should be able to get together and agree ..... ..... those all-blue Dodger uniforms suck. And suck hard.
  23. Derailing somewhat: is this A Thing for most associations/groups? What I mean is: the phrase "whoever has the plate" in @agdz59's first sentence immediately was what struck me. In all but one of the groups for whom I've worked - around seven or eight in two states - what Arbiter says doesn't matter, and/or not even using Arbiter in the first place (just getting field/date/time/partner info), and just working it out between the two umpires. And "working it out" is usually done the first time you work with a guy, and then you're set up forever, as you switch each subsequent time you're together. Is MY experience the odd-ball here?
  24. This is probably NOT news to anyone here, but: Bryce Harper is a douchenozzle. After the Caps winning the Stanley Cup, my best sports-fan moment in recent history was the day Harper signed with the Phillies.
  25. Actual footage of South Texas in late August.......
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