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  1. I'm a Virginia Tech grad, as the username/logo indicates. As such, my favourite coaches are usually whoever's leading a VT team - and right now, I'm pushing for Kenny Brooks of the women's BB team to be given one of Virginia's Senate seats - but I will tell you, that video made me a BIG Frank Martin fan - whether it's at UMass, or wherever he coaches - for life. Not just for having that attitude, but spending time on a mic, in front of cameras, SAYING it.
  2. Both runners and the BR look for, and plow into, the nearest defender they can reach, and are all called out for malicious contact??
  3. Situations like this are going to get me into whatever trouble I get into in this stage of my 'career.' I can already be sarcastic and/or grouchy, and now that I've been retired 18 months from the job that paid for umpiring, it's likely to head towards "problematic." And truth be told, when I read your scenario, and had myself in your position, the very first thing that popped into my head at that initial question from the coach was: "Did I CALL it foul?? <pause> Then it wasn't a foul." That might not go over well.
  4. And all of that is part of why hockey is my Absolute Favourite Sport. I've been a baseball fan since my first O's game in '72 - when they *weren't* a near-perennial laughingstock. And I'm in my 21st calendar year of umpiring, and I'm pretty decent for the ball I do. But hockey is the sport that gets my blood up.
  5. I have other comments on this sitch - haven't been on much lately - but I wanted to first address this when I saw it: As a career-IT person, and someone who's been a little sick of a LOT of people over time: I, for one, welcome our future robotic overlords. Having said *that*: when my baseball and non-baseball friends first pointed me to this clip, I did the whole sharp-intake-of-breath thing, not at the bad 3rd strike call, but when the batter did his histrionics. Because my first thought was this was a "regular" EJ clip. Then it got so much worse. On the other hand, I'd rate the clip highly, simply because I'd never seen an FU call in the wild before, and *boy*, did I.
  6. Wait, if you pulled a Favre, does that also mean you committed welfare fraud in your time away??!? State/federal charges notwithstanding, welcome back!
  7. HokieUmp

    NFHS Test

    Speaking of which ..... this FEELS like a trick. The ball becomes dead when time is taken to: Flag Question A) Make an award when a runner is obstructed by a fielder. B) When an intentional base on balls is to be awarded. C) When baserunning penalties are imposed. D) All of the above. I'm *really* not trying to look for issues, but.... if "time is taken," the ball is ALWAYS $%*!#&^ dead, isn't it?? This isn't one of those "these are not the droids you're looking for" kind of questions, is it?
  8. HokieUmp

    NFHS Test

    Given that I've seen both of the questions in this topic, and I'm pretty sure the answer sets are exactly the same, I'd say it's a national problem. Since the other people mentioning them are not North Carolinians, anyway.
  9. HokieUmp

    NFHS Test

    Given the "logic" of the NFHS test-writers (and yeah, I AM aware of the contradiction in that opening clause), I'm leaning to the "all of the above" as well. I understand @Kevin_K's point, but since you can "get help" on the top-3 scenarios, either immediately or by conferencing, that's what they want for the answer.
  10. I mean, I'll take y'alls opinions under advisement, but I've been told, through my new state and my new personal overlords, that it's a single strip. So that's what it's gonna be. "Here's a towel, son - take that [redacted] off." If they want to put letters/words in that eye-black? Great. Just don't be unsportsmanlike or profane, and go to town. Personally? I'd spend my time getting warmed up or taking some pitches in the cage before the game, rather than [redacted]ing around trying to be an artist.
  11. @834k3rhas the general FED rule. It turns out, North Carolina went a little farther for their guidance, as I found out last week. Here, you're allowed one stripe under each eye - that's it. None of that Ultimate Warrior nonsense.
  12. I've worked in three states in the US part of my career - Virginia, Texas, and now North Carolina - and I've yet to get paid for any scrimmages. I guess my Texas experience is the same as the other Texas guys that posted - where the chapter gets money - but I've never been part of that dealing. I would just get an assignment, and off I'd go. Virginia? No idea. I haven't actually had a scrimmage in North Carolina, but based on context in emails, they'll be unpaid. In all of these places, there'd be 3-7 guys put at a site, and we'd work 2-man, rotating in and out. Not really a long day.
  13. I understand your point - ejecting someone on a theory and/or wing and a prayer, and being wrong, would suck. Respectfully, I would suggest that if you play that event OVER-cautiously, and *don't* eject someone who DID in fact throw their bat .... well, you've lost control of the game there, as well. Perhaps worse, since the players/coaches see that NOTHING can get them run. Chaos ensues.
  14. Arch, I'm not in complete disagreement with you ...... but I disagree. I DO get what you're saying. But I'm either too old and/or too grouchy to make it my mission to teach coaches and managers. We're doing fall ball of similar ages (sanctioning body unknown) here in my new home of North Cackalacky, so I've been happy to have a word with players, especially pitching, since they're all over the place. And new to it. But having to tell a coach or manager how to behave and act on a ballfield? Nah. Not my gig. Those are grown-ass men, so they should already have X years of life to teach them not to act like douchenozzles. So when they argue and carry on, they need to just be dealt with - either shutting them down, or ejecting them. And given the way I'm seeing some of them act, I'm DEFINITELY not inviting them to discuss it between games. It's a cynical take, I realize. But I feel I've earned it.
  15. Imma add my voice to the choir - you shouldn't be solo. Young or old. Given my smart-ass nature, the correct response on that steal play is: "That's a [whatever the pay is]-dollar call, coach." Work hard to get that call, sure, but make the call you have, and don't worry about it. Should you have ejected him? Absolutely. The ejections you regret are the ones you don't make. (Sorry for your concern about being approached after the game; that DOES suck, but it DOES happen. It's an unfortunate rite of passage; you'll know you've been umpiring a while when you HOPE someone's dumb enough to come find you at your car. Short and sweet on the explanations: "coach, that's a quick pitch." Done. When he "nuh-uhs:" "that's a quick pitch." And leave it at that.
  16. I'll go .... I'm still verbalizing "no catch!" while giving a full-on safe signal. I mean, F2 knows there's no catch, since he F*#Ked it up to start with. And the batter should know he's got a chance. So I'm not sure I buy that logic. Don't get me wrong - if I get told otherwise by an assigner and/or evaluator, it's not a hill I'm willing to die on. But for now, that's what I do, and prefer.
  17. Dude, my/our hobby is to go out and get screamed at by idiots. Imma grab the F*#King gusto.
  18. This *feels* like a trap, but ..... with a pen?
  19. This has been an interesting discussion, and maybe I missed it in the conversation, but .... Did you have a partner? If so, what was his feedback and/or why on Earth didn't *he* EJ the kid?
  20. HokieUmp

    Umpire Drills

    Go from a guest account here to a regular, registered one. Edit: .... and ask questions and/or absorb things you read here.
  21. Rich, I ... uhm, I ...... <sigh. Heavy, *heavy* sigh> I'd say you must be a lot of fun at a party, but I'm fairly certain you'd disapprove of them.
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