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  1. calablue


    I’m sure I wasn’t clear in the OP but my real question here is: does he become bound by the pitching rules as soon as he intentionally steps on the rubber?
  2. calablue


    Ok,so as soon as he steps on the rubber intentionally, which was the case in the OP. Got it. Thanks Maven
  3. calablue


    Actually, no I didn’t. LOLActually, no I didn’t. LOL
  4. calablue


    I don’t really remember what he was doing. The ball was in his right hand maybe rubbing his crotch with his glove , looking up, down, around in general, not taking signs and not making any type movements that indicated he was ready to come to the set position. Not sure how it matters. He wasn’t set, and he wasn’t doing his stretch yet.
  5. I don’t know why I wasn’t seeing it. I guess I better go check the possible side effects on my medications LOL
  6. LMAO!!!!! Thanks! No can you tell me how I could have done that? I actually was able to do it but deleted post because I wanted to “quote” beerguy55 and then post. Wouldn’t work after I used quote button. Thanks
  7. Calling time is a must in this situation so that everyone can bow their heads and say a prayer for the deceased ball. Can’t seem to find a way to insert an emoji,so just picture me hitting myself in the head with a hammer now LOL
  8. calablue


    At what point or what action has to take place for the pitching restrictions to be in effect?
  9. calablue


    I’m not sure I understand. He has stepped onto the rubber intentionally and is standing there fiddling around. What do you mean by “ Before F1 has properly engage the rubber. “. How does the pitcher properly engage the rubber? No sarcasm here, I’m trying to understand at what point this would be a balk and when it would not.
  10. calablue


    Just to clarify, he does this prior to taking the position that most pitchers assume to take their signs, not during the transition from sign taking to set position.
  11. calablue


    Not sure I agree with the wording of your first statement. I don’t think that just stepping on the rubber constitutes the start of the “stretch”. As far as calling a balk, not gonna happen unless I can explain why it is one.
  12. calablue


    But then again, I guess it is a balk because if he intentionally dropped it and caught it before it hit the ground,it would be balk.
  13. calablue


    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing but what bothers me is that it is does not slip or fall...it is tossed back and forth. If he’s come set I’ve got a balk for sure just not positive on this sitch.
  14. calablue


    OBR......R1, RH F1 steps on the rubber, in what is eventually going to be the set position, and is fiddling around then snaps his shoulders toward 1st base, back to fiddling around then repeats shoulder snap. Is it a balk as soon as he snaps shoulders around the first time?
  15. calablue


    OBR.......With a runner on base, is it a balk if the pitcher steps on the rubber and tosses the ball back and forth from hand to glove to hand to glove to hand to glove....repeatedly......before he’s come set? He does this between every pitch.
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