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  1. Seriously, are we not doing "phrasing" any more??
  2. HokieUmp

    Tag-up questions

    Oh, Dave. I'm so sorry for you. Two things I would suggest: 1) Keep your head down and work hard this season - once that rule "gets passed around," a lot of guys are going to remember "hey, isn't that the thing Guest Dave was talking about?? Well, [redacted] THAT guy!" 2) If there's another association you can join, consider it. Not so much because of #1, but because it sounds like they're ..... not good?
  3. That's so VERY much more polite than what I first thought when I read the bit about the crowd. It's snarky, but still politely worded. Well done.
  4. Big fan of science. Not always good at it, but a fan still. I'm not even arguing that safer equipment lowers risk, or that reducing it is pointless. (If I have conveyed that, it's not my intent. My apologies.) Where I have my issue is the sincerity shown by the various powers that be - this whole "can't play varsity, but it's okay for sub-varsity" is not a good look. It's like saying we don't care about the JVs, middle schoolers, etc. That *might* not be true, but that's what they're saying. Texas is certainly taking that stance - we're "encouraged" to have the right baseballs for the
  5. So I'm guessing investing in a NOCSAE stamp (you KNOW hobby stores can make those) and an ink-pad is out? And yes, that's intended as humor. But it also underscores the point made elsewhere: that this "safety" measure is a large steaming pile. When sub-varsity contests are any form of play - "play regardless," "play and report," whatever - it just undercuts whatever the alleged point of all this is. Jeff, God bless him, tries to use science to keep stupid people from looking stupid, but we all know the sub-varsity kids can still hit, and one lucky/unfortunate rocket up-the-middle chan
  6. I've read this post responding to me, and the other one, addressing this. I know that you are Maven, King Of The Rulebook, and I fear you appropriately. But I still struggle with this response. I get the issue is to "untangle" roles. And allegedly this "improves participation" or whatever. And from the other post, I get what you're saying that the defensive position on the field isn't really the issue. But here's my problem: regardless of defensive position, P or otherwise, Charlie is taken off the field and put back on TWICE as this plays out. And that's ALWAYS been "illegal subst
  7. This seems ..... not right to me. I see what they're trying to say, but I disagree with it. That's two re-entries, to me, making it an illegal substitution. I get having another person pitch, leaving Charlie to hit, but that #5 being called "legal" .... nope. Am I missing something? And - sort of separately - the season starts down here in like 8 days, if you count scrimmages. Why is NHFS issuing ANYTHING applicable to the '20 season? Couldn't they just say "hey, we got asked about X, since there are a lot of you tricksy guys out there looking for angles. Tune in next year and see
  8. Well, I'm not a lawyer, but I can find $40 to be ..... persuasive.
  9. HokieUmp


    You're right - I should have said NFHS doesn't let the contact with the bat in fair ground be THE thing that determines the ball's status. It waits for a further touch/settle. It still doesn't sit well with me. And no, I'm not a college guy. I didn't pursue it as a younger man, and my window has closed on that.
  10. HokieUmp


    I don't know that I've followed the debate there THAT closely - although any reference to The Underpants Gnomes is gonna likely win me to that side - but as the person who started this [redacted]-storm, I'm gonna pop in again. Let me stipulate that I don't read all the casebook situations enough. I'm not getting one this year, and I'm not springing for one, either. (I will also stipulate that that is likely to bite me in the ass, repeatedly, this season, simply because fate hates me.) But what I don't like in that - in this particular case - it seems like the HS powers that be are taki
  11. HokieUmp


    Points taken, and will be digested. My *current* problem, then, would be getting a case book. When I went to my first meeting in my new chapter, I was handed a Rule (I do NOT pluralize that, and none of your fancy lawyer-talk is gonna get me on THAT one) book, and nothing else. I can't remember what my other chapter did last year, try as I might to remember. I've dropped an email to someone on the board, just to see what's up.
  12. HokieUmp


    Well, [poop]. I am, in fact, properly chastened. I didn't get a copy of the case book, Senor, but even if I *had*, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have looked in it whilst taking the test. Partly because I was convinced I was right when I hit "Next," and partly because .... well, I just don't look in the case book all that much. ANY year. Thank you, gentlemen, for the help. Since I learned something, this exact play better happen about 5-10 times this year....
  13. Hopefully, not right before you tried it. By yelling down from the 3B coaches box.
  14. HokieUmp


    Trying to take the test now, and I've come across something yesterday that made me do the dog head-turn thing. (I already got the question marked as wrong, as apparently the TASO software is grading this as you answer it, as opposed to doing all 50 questions and grading at the end. So I'm not asking as a 'cheat.') I don't remember the exact question wording, since I didn't cut/paste. But the gist was: batter bunts or chops or something. The ball hits the bat in fair territory (the question absolves the batter, saying the bat wasn't placed as to make intentional contact, or words to
  15. SO very sorry, and can't comprehend what you're going through. All my best to you and your family.
  16. It's okay, Jeff. People can have all the opinions they want - it's a free country. As long as they're not afraid to be wrong, they can exercise ALL their constitutional rights! (I feel I need to insert a here, since my tone of voice can be mis-read.) [Right here would be a link to Red Barchetta, if I were going to attach a video. That was my favourite Rush track. Although, Mystic Rhythms has been floating in my head a lot over the weekend.] And for anyone that cares, Sirius is playing all-Rush on Deep Tracks (ch 27) for a limited time.
  17. I realize this is really, REALLY Off Topic, considering I'm not even doing the "stick to sports" thing. But even before I got hooked on umpiring, I played the drums. Without turning this into a memoir, I played from 5th grade on in school, concert and marching band both, and marched for five years in my college marching band. The best and oldest friends I have in this world are my drumline mates from those college days - a finer collection of people than I ever dared dream be a part of. And, because I'm "of a certain age," I came along in the prime years of Rush. Neil Peart wa
  18. Post pictures of you with that neck brace, there, Tiger! Rowr! (In whatever seriousness I have when I'm on here - good luck with the procedure. Do what they tell you to get better.)
  19. Oy. Something tells me I'm gonna be doing a LOT of yelling at clouds this season. Or at least screaming into a pillow.
  20. HokieUmp


  21. My only addition to this is: you need to blacklist the [redacted] out of that partner. If your group is on Arbiter, get on there, and mark him off for sure. For me, the EJs and/or the ones you could have gotten are part of the biz - not putting it down, and I LOVE to read other people's stories - but the takeaway for ME is that guy is A Bad Partner, and must be put where all Bad Partners go: into oblivion.
  22. HokieUmp


    Believe me, I don't disagree with principles. But let me tell you the reality - or rather, the reality as I've seen it from two states now. There are NO "younger umpires." Not in the high school chapters, not in the rec leagues. I heard a statistic - no idea of its veracity - that said the average age of an umpire runs about 55 years old. I'm 8 months from that number myself. When I look around, the "young folk" seem to dudes who are in their 40s; I suck at guessing ages, so there may be a lot of guys in they're 30s, but my point is: these young teen umpires to which you refer, lin
  23. It's more terrifying than that..... Skynet is finally becoming sentient.
  24. I figured he'd find that out pretty quick. I was going to mention my own role as comic relief, or other titles, but some of those are already claimed. But I have longevity on the site.
  25. Welcome to the site! There's a lot of good information available here. It's gotten slow as the seasons are ending, but I think people still lurk quite a bit. As a warning, the "love" levels from some people are set more on "tough" than anything else. But there IS a certain amount of thick skin one needs, anyway, so jump in. As long as you're making NEW mistakes, and not repeating OLD ones, that's probably better. Bringing the overall numbers down is another good goal to have. Again, welcome!
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