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  1. That will be the one time that right after donning that other, unacceptable colored shirt to complete the game that someone from the state or your association will walk up, not know what happened and ding you! Just Murphy's Law.
  2. That's not to steep... hopefully the coaches will protest next time.
  3. @lawump, I have to ask... is there a fee for protesting in your area? I know many TB tourneys require the protesting team to deposit a decent sum, and if they are found to be wrong, they do not get their funds back. I wonder if a combination of the 'senior' umpire insisting he is right coupled with a possibly steep penalty fee as well caused the defensive team to balk (no pun) on filing the protest?
  4. I've stopped it before it happened, not so much by being over officious, but just seeing the body language of the player. Just asked... are you the pitcher, and then the player sheepishly said no. Took a moment to explain to the coach the rule (Minor B (8-9 YO players) so that he understood and could educate his players later. However, if he had actually made the pitch, I would have enforced the rule. If you don't, then the other door is open to a protest as this is an actual LL rule issue.
  5. You already explained to EVERYONE what you saw. The coach is fishing for a call. No way, if I have already made this statement am I going for help. If you do, you 100% just destroyed any confidence anyone will have on any other call you make. They will be asking you to get help on everything and you might as well hand your game fee to your partner. He/she will in effect be officiating a one man/gal game from then on.
  6. If the field looks like this, it is time to stop.
  7. Being just up the 405 from you in Orange County, this is pretty much what we have here. In my local LL, all of our fields are on Newport Mesa School Fields, and as such, there is no way until CIF opens it up that the schools can justify allowing youth sports on those same fields. A few friends who are admins in local school districts in the area confirmed that in their opinion, there is little chance, at least how it stands now, that there will be much, if any HS baseball this coming year. Based on the numbers here, I also am seriously doubtful that we will have a 2021 season... I paid my
  8. This ^^^^ You used a mechanic and verbal to indicate what you saw, and why you called it. You used the tools in your box to communicate and keep the coach in the dugout or in his box. If he comes out, I am going to listen to his question, and then assuming it is a request for help, then I am going to politely decline, own my call and tell him that we need to get back to baseball. I 100% agree with @beerguy55 that if you go for help on this, you just opened Pandora's box, especially if you overturn a call you emphatically made. And to answer the OP original question... there is
  9. My favorite so far... Bottom 7, 2 outs, R1... R1 breaks on the pitch. F2 throws a frozen rope. F2 just says "goodbye" while ball is midflight and is already 2 steps to the dugout. Ball caught, tag applied, game over.
  10. Balk rules Force play slide Malicious contact
  11. Mudisfun

    Ejection worthy?

    And I am wrong why? If the coach, who should actually be paying attention is not IMMEDIATELY jumping on this at the bat slam, how long should I be expected to wait? 20 minutes? tomorrow? I guarantee as a youth BOD member, if this happened on my fields and it was not addressed, I would be hearing about it during the game... not tomorrow, not after breakfast, now. Seriously, 12 YO's are LL Majors... If they pull this and the coach is not jumping on this, then my failure to act is just endorsing the coaches mentality that it is ok. Standards and expectations must be different in where you
  12. Mudisfun

    Ejection worthy?

    The time for the 'beat or two' ended after the bat slam and the dumpling stocking towards F1... By then, that coach, if he expects me to wait a beat or two better be on his horse dealing with this. The window between allowing the coach to deal with this and not dealing with it is extremely small. Now if he is verbally into the kid as he is coming to get him, great, he is dealing with it. However if he is just sitting there like a bump on a log like this is normal, then his opportunity to deliver that coach/player life lesson is over and whatever happens next is outside his ability to intervene
  13. Mudisfun

    Ejection worthy?

    Wow. Maverick to Goose... Eject! Eject, eject, eject!
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