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  1. Was reading an article this morning where the Mets were going to protest a game due to an interpreter heading to the mound to speak with a pitcher without a coach or manager. This is expressly disallowed in MLB as they are required to bring a coach with them but apparently MLB no longer allowed protests. Not that it matters, but I did not know about this change: OBR 7.04 Protesting Games Protesting a game shall never be permitted, regardless of whether such complaint is based on judgment decisions by the umpire or an allegation that an umpire misapplied these rules or otherwise render
  2. Our Instructional Chair for OCBOA @grayhawkcreated this training video for our association. It does a good job of explaining the rule, details the intent and then has multiple video examples to reinforce the points made in the narrative. All credit to Steve for putting this together.
  3. Several times I verbalized 'no catch' in HS age games and everyone stopped... all they heard was catch and stopped playing. Damned if we do...
  4. I have a couple friends who were slated for regionals in other than the 12u bracket... they are being pushed to next year, at least at this point.
  5. With Juniors: Make sure they know you have their back. I do not let coaches one on one with minors. I am always in ear shot to make sure there is decorum and no attempt to influence or intimidate using voice or body language. Kids respond much better to positives than negatives. Try and give 2-3 positives for every negative. Even mature kids respond well to this Beyond that, keep working with them, especially the first one who is into it. The second one, as already mentioned, he needs to decide if he really wants to be there. If so, then there should be an immediate improve
  6. Mudisfun

    RHP Balk?

    I just see me trying to do this and ending up ass over tea kettle.
  7. Mudisfun

    RHP Balk?

    Typically the 45 degree is for a LHP to determine if they stepped more towards home or first. I am having trouble envisioning a RHP stepping at 45 degrees towards home/first and making an across the body throw to 1st.
  8. This weekend I had both coaches come out to me on field calls. First one, B/R is safe on an overthrow at 1st. He starts toward 2nd and I drop step to move with him. Only then do they realize F2 did his job and was backing up 1st base. F2 and B/R dive back to first, and I have a great view of butts and elbows. From my angle, it looks like B/R got his hand to the base just before the tag, so I come up with an emphatic safe call. DHC asks for time, comes out and asks me about the play. He asked a specific question, I answered it, he said I think we saw it differently and then he went back to the
  9. This ^^^^^^ 12U can be a bunch of differing rule sets. For instance in LL Majors (12U) there are no balks since runners cannot lead off. The pitcher cannot deceive the runner, so nothing can be called other than an illegal pitch, if one so occurs.
  10. I don't see anything in the 2021 rules pertaining to Intermediate or above, only Majors and below: Baseball Only - 6.08(a) – Allows a defensive team to “intentionally walk” a batter at any time during the at-bat in the Minor and Major Divisions of Baseball. 6.08 - The batter becomes a runner and is entitled to first base without liability to be put out (provided said runner advances to and touches first base) when - (a) (1) four “balls” have been called by the umpire; ball is live and base runners may advance; or, (2) Minor/Major Division: Prior to a pitch being thrown, The de
  11. The only difference, if you want to call it such, is the skill level of the players and what you define as 'ordinary' effort. Pee Wee kids? Camped under the ball might be your definition, 15U may be the kid on a jog, tracking the ball while moving. Other than that? The rule is the rule.
  12. The article, at least for me, is behind a pay wall.
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