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  1. What make 60/90 special in regards to the umpire suddenly having to be in their normal slot position? As for the mask on the mask... I am thinking they want you to secure the breathing mask to the face mask. For the time being, I am not going out on the fields... So Cal is seeing infection numbers raise daily and I have zero faith that teams, once they get competitive, will adhere to the protocols. The rules need to be strictly followed... and then who is responsible to ensure they are enforced? If it is not safe for my kids to go to school, then I am less than secure in my thinking that putting kids in a dugout with coaches, whose priority once the game gets started is going to be winning, is going to end well. Sadly, I was hoping for zombies... this version sucks.
  2. My thought on much of this is easy. If my kids are not allowed to be in school, then there is no way they should be in a dugout which will have even less oversight. Seems pretty easy to me. LL requires an adult in the dugout to keep an eye on the kids, and most the time that adult is not even aware of anything happening 3 feet from them. I can image most youth levels and trying to keep the kids separate, not sharing equipment, etc. HS level, the kids are expected to have a clue, but you know they will be kids and not abide by said rules. I try to stay out of the dugout as much as possible... forcing me to police the social aspects just forces me in, where I do not want to be. Each region is different. I live in sue me California... I'm already seeing ads from attorneys seeking clients to sue their employer for Covid related issues. It is not a far stretch to see some kid get sick, have the infection even remotely associated with a game said kid played in and their Mom and Dad suing everyone involved, including the official. And before you tell me that cannot happen, how many times have you heard about the burglar who got hurt robbing someones house suing for their injury, and winning? Me getting infected is not what my worry is... getting sued, having some jury say I am culpable and losing my house... that is what scares me! I want on the filed, just like everyone else, but want to make sure it is done safely and with the proper protocols put into place. Hope you are all staying safe with all of the country tearing itself apart. Praying for a better tomorrow...
  3. Our assigning fees for HS are $4.00 per assigned slot. The assignor as far as I know is not paid by the schools at all. So in your scenario, assuming 2 umpires = $8.00 per game, or $16.00 for the DH.
  4. I thought it was a drop dead... man. kidding.
  5. I had games hitting over Christmas and New Years... I know he was still making assignments when this all hit, so there were more games out there...
  6. I had one lone hold out game on my schedule from one of the Trinity league schools... they just cancelled. Officially it is over, all hope is lost. Man... this is a lot of red!
  7. OK, watching this makes me sad... that is Amerige Park in Fullerton... I umpire there during the HS season!
  8. I was actually thinking along the same line... at least for our HS units. When I started in our group, we had +/-260 umpires, this season we are down to +/-170, maybe less who were actually working. If jobs are impacted, we may see a decent influx, at least until the economy comes back, at least for the HS units. What I can see happening however is a decrease in game fees. Being in So. Cal, weather is normally not an issue, so we play year round. If there is a sudden influx of people willing to take games, I can see the travel teams and other leagues lowering game fees. You or I may not be willing to pull a 7-9 inning solo game for $45-$50 versus the normal $60-$90, but someone who is hungry will. And I doubt, even if there are more officials, that teams will suddenly be willing to spring for two officials. Now you want to pay me $50 for a 7 inning game with a partner for a travel game? Sure, that I can see doing. $50 for that same game solo? Sorry, not interested.
  9. Many of you may be seeing this on Facebook and around the other social media sites... Just post an umpire related pic, hopefully of you, in happier and more on the field times... something to keep us all entertained. No comment needed about the pic.
  10. I don't look anything like those models, so I am scared to use it.
  11. Just got the email as well. At this rate, fall ball will be postponed next!
  12. I don't recall... I just screen shot it when I couldn't read the thread.
  13. I access from work most often and cannot use browsers and other tools which I would like to use. My issue is not the ads themselves... but that they are displaying over content.
  14. So in my day job, I work for a national ISP. We just announced that if schools close and students need to be shifted to distance/on line learning, we will provide them, assuming they are not already customers, free basic internet for up to 60 days. When the cable industry starts to be proactive, I get worried! Now if Waffle House closes, I know were screwed.
  15. LL in our area is closed until at least 4/6, per the recommendation of LL HQ. HS - My son's district has cancelled all games, but they can practice. Many other districts are cancelling, or they are currently moving to a 'no fans in attendance' policy, although in the next week or so, I bet that changes. As for the hysteria... if our media could stop being a debate channel and get back to actual reporting of facts, and if our leaders could stop bickering and actually lead, much of the hype surrounding these events could be quelled. As it is, the lack of information, conflicting information or just passing of bad/poor information is driving people to react, thus the fun at the local Target or Costco. Stay safe.... wash your hands and wait for the zombie apocalypse.
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