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  1. Depending on the configuration, R1/R3, R2, R3, R2/R3, R1/R2/R3 will determine if you are in B or C. From there, pre-pitch scenarios... if the ball is hit to the out field, where is the likely play? Ball hit to short with no force, will they just look them back and throw to 1st for the put out or will they just try and hold or back pick the runner at 3rd? Just have the likely scenarios at the front of your mind, but really, chest to ball and let the throw take you to the play. Once the fielder is committed, MOVE as much as the play will allow and strive for the best angle you can. 2 man requires you keep your head on a swivel and that you react to what the players do. You do not have the luxury of a 3 or 4 man crew where there is normally someone ahead of the runner(s) and in a better position than you are to officiate a play way over on the other side of the diamond.
  2. Travel game, 12 or 13 year old's, field with no fence. Batter crushes one to right field which of course gets past F9. B/R is rounding 1st when F3 obstructs him (in the way, makes the runner veer around... you know the kind) so I point/call the OBS. Since EVRYONE is watching F9 run after the ball, I kept pointing to the infraction well until the B/R was almost to 3rd. He rounds and is going for home when a great throw and a relay get the ball to F2 for an absolute banger of a play. Partner does his thing and bangs the out. I come up big: TIME TIME TIME. THAT is obstruction, pointing to 1st base. Partner and I awarded home. Could we have just protected him to 2nd? Of course... but the point of the rule is to remove the act of obstruction, not reward the offense for their infraction.
  3. Depends... on calls to the left side of my body, I am going to indicate and point to the infraction such as OBS with my left... if the event is on the right, then point with the right. The award will be done right hand only (the power hand). 2 man, say you're in B, R1. Ball hit to F4 who for what ever reason just throws to F3. After throwing the ball, he OBS R1.... am I going to turn or go across my body to use my right arm? Awkward. I'm going to point, announce OBS and then rule on the play at 1st. Once the play is complete, then I am going to point again, announce the OBS and award with my right hand. Just how I was taught.
  4. Fed enforces obstruction like type A but officiates it like type B as a delayed dead ball. The award is always 1 base minimum. Since the minimum award is 1 base from the base last legally obtained, we would award in this play 3rd base at a minimum. However, the rule also requires the umpire to remove the act of obstruction and award the runner the base which the umpire feels he would have reached safely had the obstruction not occurred. So, in this case, if you feel without F6 getting in R2's way that he would have scored, award home. If you feel that OBS would only allow him to reach 3rd safely and that R2 tried to stretch and was legally put out due to over reaching, then allow the out to stand. Either way, be ready to discuss your award, or lack of enforcement with one coach or the other. Even in HS with the mandatory award provision, this is a judgement call by the umpire. The way I see this play, F6 obstructed the runner and since this was a close play at home, I would award R2 home and negate the act of obstruction by F6.
  5. As mentioned above, unless this is a local league adoption, then no. This comes up at every Little League rules congress as a proposed amendment to the rules, and historically, it has been voted down each year.
  6. You forgot to mention the coaches complaining that they have burned through all of their pitching by the 3rd inning in this scenario. What I find funny is almost every season, we are told that the coaches want us calling MORE strikes, not less... wish that message would make its way down to the parents 🙂 To answer the original OP question, at least in HS baseball played under FED rules: The use of video for replay purposes is expressly prohibited, no matter if it is a school with top of the line tech and a full replay booth, or just some parent trying to hand you their phone. All of the reasons mentioned above regarding cost, tech needed, who actually owns the fields, video and recording law differences by state, equality between sites and do not forget just down right theft of the equipment, 100% makes video at the LL or other youth levels mostly a no go.
  7. Sorry, I don't... not my video, I just got lucky enough to star in it 🙂
  8. Darn tooting! Figure if the coach in the box has to wear one, then no reason the guy who actually has people throwing balls at them shouldn't have one as well!
  9. So apparently there is a Umpire Hate page on Instagram and I made their latest highlight reel; yeah me. The entire video is the typical 'safe or out' banger at the plate from an off angle. Since my buddies sent it to me, I checked it out. I still have him out, but whatever, YMMV. The play itself lasted a whole 3-5 seconds. The game was played at the Great Park in Irvine, if I recall sometime during the 1st half of November... I don't remember this play even happening, but I do recall the game in general, more due to one team being from San Diego, the other from the Lancaster (North LA County) area, having a 8:30PM start time on a Friday and commenting with the coaches about the nightmare traffic they both endured to get to the venue. For your viewing pleasure: https://www.instagram.com/p/CYIdLS3heq1/ Happy New Year to all of you. I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity in 2022. See you on the field.
  10. This is why you ship things to your office!
  11. You're the PU and for whatever reason you are not ready and the pitcher starts his motion or actually delivers the pitch: TIME!!!!! Noting matters after that. Don't care if the ball is in flight, the pitch now is nothing. Hit the ball, don't hit the ball, does not matter. I now have rules support as I killed the play. Yes, you may get gruff from a coach, but at least no play can happen.
  12. Worked an inter-quad game a week back at Long Beach State, which was my first taste of anything D1 related. I did not have any serious asperations to work college ball prior, but I am rethinking that position; the game almost called itself with how mechanical the play way. I know D1 is most likely not in my cards having not been to pro school or worked years in the minors, but there is a ton of JC and D2 and 3 baseball where I live. Couple that with much of the college ranks moving to 3 man mechanics for all levels in my area and the need for umpires increases. Maybe... As for mentioning other clinics, I would hope that would not be stifled. Many of us, most likely the majority of us, will never go to pro or the associated schools. Mentioning and discussing locally based clinics should be encouraged. We are losing guys left and right, and if we can find better training which may help retain umpires, that should be priority number 1.
  13. To answer your original question... Pretty much anywhere in So Cal will let you officiate year round, and not only baseball. We have pretty much every sport here, especially with Pay for Play travel teams. Arizona is also a good choice, but when it was a 117 in Arizona this summer, it was 85 here at home in Orange County with a nice breeze coming off the ocean. Guess where I would rather be geared up? Snow? Rain? What are those things?
  14. 2.5 hour no new inning... which still can have a JV solo game be 3 hours! But better than nothing. BUT... on the few occasions I work them, I Jedi mind trick the coaches to at least agree to a mercy rule for JV and below... Hey, if we need it, it's there. If we don't, we don't. If we do not agree now and then this is a blow out, we are all going to be mad... They normally agree at this point and at a minimum, we have a run rule in place to stop an off the rails game.
  15. So Cal official HS rates are set by CIF. Last years rates were $84 varsity (mainly 2 man, occasionally 3 man) and $83 JV and below, which is almost always solo. I think they both go up a buck this year. Other baseball is typically $60-$80 per game, quite often solo. Some tournaments were $65/$70 per umpire so far this year, but many of these were 2 man. I have not heard anything about an umpire receiving 1.5 the rate for being solo... wish is was so! We are so short on officials in So Cal at the moment... my email and phone is buzzing almost daily with assignors, TD's and even other umpires looking for guys to come out. What I find sad with the scarcity of officials is that the game fees have not gone up. The supply/demand cycle we are seeing in almost every other industry with prices skyrocketing is not making its way to what we do, but until as a group we say we want to be compensated better, the prices will stay where they are. Perspective: Water Polo refs in my area make on average $50/game with typically 2 officials. Games are 4 quarters and run roughly 45-60 minutes. Most often the officials work a minimum of 2 games, sometimes 3, (Varsity, JV and then Frosh Soph.) In 2 hours, the H2O Polo guys earn $100 or $150 in 3 hours for 3 games... walking next to a pool. Compare that to a HS BB game where we earn $84 with an indefinite end time. Maybe your game will be 1:45, or like what happened several times to me last season, over 3 hours long. Bottom line? Our collective rates are way too low.
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