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  1. The guy is asking a legit question looking to be better. Your snarky answer, although it lines up with my sadistic sense of humor did nothing to expand on his knowledge base... it just came across as you being snarky. As for not knowing all the codes... doing a tournament yesterday that for some reason decided it wanted to play a half combination of American League (OBR) rules and merge it with HS... so 3/1 and fake to 3 is illegal, but HS reentry rules and FPSR are in effect, in addition to some other rules. 2nd inning, F1 fakes to 3rd from the rubber. My partner, a guy who does D1 down has nothing as the OHC is barking for a balk. Walked out to him, asked him if he had F1 disengaging, which he did not. His response was this is HS level, right? He forgot that we were playing some odd rules for this game... Light bulb came on, we awarded appropriately, chatted for a second with the DHC and reminded him we're playing sort of, kind of OBR and moved on. Point being, even the well educated and high level guys mess up once in a while. Point being? Keep asking questions and stay in the rule book. That is the only way to get better and know the rules.
  2. My opinion, the primary responsibility is seeing the touch of home, or if not going to watch that because the ball is heading towards an opening and BDT, assume the touch and rule the runner safe accordingly when they tagged him. I think the PU could have taken a couple steps backwards 3BLE, opening his field of vision and gotten both the touch and the position of the ball, but again, not being there, who knows.
  3. Living in Southern California, lightening where I am is a fairly rare occasion. The few times I have seen it while a game was in progress, I shut the game down. Most the time here, if you see lightening, it is not 'sheet' but bolts, and when I see those cracking across the sky, everyone else is also seeing it crack across the sky. Have never had anyone complain when we called or suspended those few games.
  4. Part of the reason this myth stays around is that in most rule sets in Softball, failure to pull the bat back is a strike. People confuse the two sports/rule sets.
  5. The restrictions when the pitcher take the rubber apply to the pitcher regardless of the actions of the batter.; he/she is obligated to not perform any illegal action which can result in a balk. There is nothing in the rule about the batter being in a ready position to hit. The pitcher with the batter out of the box is easily relived of any potential for a balk by simply stepping off. This is a coaching issue and I bet the pitcher does not repeat this error in the future. As mentioned, the rules are there regardless of the position of the batter, and since F1 in your scenario failed to follow those rules, you have a balk.
  6. This is where as an evil umpire you hope and pray someone properly appeals so that you can call the out, take a run off the board and fulfill your destiny or ruining a kids day!
  7. You have gotten some good advice in this thread, but one I would add, which may have been stated and I missed: Not my job to get teams ready 30-45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Once you said hi to the coach and he gave you push back, let the TD handle the issue. He runs the tournament, so let him be the bad guy as your pre-game interaction set up this team to already be on edge. Not saying you actually did anything wrong, but perception is reality, and the reality to this team is you were pushing them. Had a coach set his catcher way out in a TB game a while back. Pitch went straight to the glove, no movement. Called it a ball, even vocalized the 'that's out' to make sure they got it. Coach whined 'he didn't even move his glove!' My smart ass retort? You're right! I'll call that a strike when you are up to bat, okay? Shocking... not another word about ball calls in the batter box... IAWE - Ignore, Acknowledge, Warn, Eject Ignore - You ignored way too many ball/strike complaints. Miss the first one, but then move on to: Acknowledge - let the coach know you heard him. How you respond is on you. If they are just chirping, I find a "I hear you coach" fixes the issue quite often. Others use the stop sign or that's enough, I don't wat to hear any more. When they move past this: Warn - Coach, we are done arguing balls and strike, or judgement or whatever. This is your warning. If you continue, you will be ejected from the game. Eject - He went past warning, now time to hit the showers. This coach hit the eject button long before you even got to the profanity in the 3rd inning. Nip their arguing early or send them away. You said the next game you had them, they were quiet... I wonder why? I have a short leash in tournament ball, especially when I watch other umpires not handle their business and then I get stuck having these coaches in the next game. End it fast or your day will be ruined.
  8. Hey Kevin, works best for me. Hey umpie or umpy might make me less than agreeable, and I am in no way a red ass on the field. I gave you my name at the plate meeting. I took yours. In fact, I even wrote it on the line up card to make sure I used your name versus 'hey coach'. Flip the script... would you be good with me calling you 'coachy' in front of all of your players and families?
  9. I see it quite often, mostly with guys in our unit who are also working college ball as well. My assumption, and it is only an assumption, is that they are teaching this at the clinics these folks attend. One of my evaluators suggested I try it, to which I declined as I typically am in the Gerry David stance.
  10. Because they were dumb is the only answer I have...
  11. https://youtu.be/GICk5QGzQ3E?t=112
  12. The qualification for IFF is fly ball which can be caught by an infielder using ordinary effort. Nothing in the rule implies that the fielders need to be in their traditional setup. Call the IFF provided the conditions are met.
  13. Mudisfun

    Balk or not

    If he stepped off the rubber and faked, that is nothing. On the rubber, faking a throw to 3rd in OBR is a balk, regardless if R2 was actually stealing or not.
  14. Call on the base is safe, other action is happening and DHC comes onto a live field without asking for permission or time and then due to him being an ass hat another run scores? Sucks to be you dude... I'm not putting them back. Now if play was relaxed and everyone pretty much assumed time was out and then R3 bounced to score, most likely he is going back.
  15. Mudisfun

    10u Strike Zone

    10U... assuming rec league skill sets, I call 'hittable' pitches strikes within the boarder of the knees at the bottom and the armpit at the top and pretty much line to line assuming a 4" box offset. 10U travel or select where they actually can often times pitch? I call a less favorable to the pitcher zone. Rec league, no one came to watch little Johnny walk... as long as the zone is reasonable, the batters will swing, occasionally they will hit the ball, people will cheer, kids will run, fielders will field (or not), things will happen and maybe, just maybe, fun will ensue.
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