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  1. Just last night, had a HS batter really [redacted] up his reaction, and ended up turning to FACE the ball as it came in, and it hit him square in the chest. I watched him like a hawk, since I really didn't want the sudden-heart-stoppage scenario to come into play. The pitcher, as the compassionate person he'll grow up to be, wanted to argue the batter offered in that reaction, since he brought the bat around. "You threw that ball in the middle of the box; there's NO way you're getting that call." Dick.
  2. Speaking as usual only for HokieUmp, LLC, and not @maven - yes and no for the first one. My instinctive answer is "no," simply because I've learned they're lying liars that are trying to get over, nearly every time, if not LITERALLY every time. (Also because people are not as precise with details of a scenario as they'd like to believe.) But to be fair, because I've seen some of the partners I've had- especially in the traveling road show games and/or house league guys at places I've been - it's entirely possible an equal scenario was handled utterly differently somewhere else. And do
  3. Nothing stops football season in Texas. NOTHING.
  4. Well, MY interp is the same as yours, since we're both TASO. But I'd like to think I was a part of that email we just got. I was at a tournament in Marion last week, and one of the teams was Davenport. Both F1 AND F2 wore bands, and - near as I could tell - they both got flashed *different* signals, and consulted their wristbands. (As an aside: it seems like an overly complicated system, just to throw a pitch - and I've worked with and around intel people a lot of my life.) My partner and I were okay with it - we talked about it the first time we saw them, and said it was okay. The
  5. Sorry, guys - I must disagree with all of you. Everyone knows The Bird is The Word.
  6. HokieUmp

    Error or hit?

    This feels more like a scorer's question, than an umpire question, since I personally stop caring once I make the call. Having said that, I would say it's E6, especially if the timing of the play was such that the throw would have beaten the runner otherwise. Speaking strictly for myself.
  7. For what it's worth, we started down here in Texas, despite losing a week of scrimmages - and a few paying gigs - to snow and/or cold. Tonight, just finished games eight and nine for the week, thanks to tournament play.
  8. Okay, not only has this thread gotten well away from the OP - I should know, having been the author, and we're not talking about baseballs and NOSCAE any more - but it's also getting a little testy. Soooooo, again, because I brought this thread into the world, which means I can take it out AND because I have moderator abilities (blame Warren for that), I'm locking this up.
  9. I haven't had it happen it yet. That being said, a) I have no idea what my state says about it, because b) I have no personal issue with it, and am a big fan of the First Amendment. I realize that might be an unpopular stance. I'm okay with that.
  10. Like you have NO idea. The last snow in the San Antonio area was in 2018, before we moved here. But it was pretty much nothing, from what I'd heard, and it didn't last long, so I was hoping we'd pass our time here not seeing that bullcrap at all. This nonsense.... the TV channel I follow put together a graphic. For nine straight nights, the overnight low was below 32, and five of those nights set records for lows. And look - I know how weak it sounds. But when a February day is normally like 65/43 most every day, that's .... different. If I live a normal lifespan for a perso
  11. Well, I guess I'm not following what you're quoting from. I'm not a by-law guy, of anything in my baseball career - I've spent over 36 years as a federal employee, so I don't go LOOKING for that kind of stuff when I'm on "Hokieump Time." Is that Article II from that process? I'm just trying to get to the bottom of that. Pardon my ignorance.
  12. Not only did I lose four scrimmages - not sure I'm THAT broke up about that, especially since I had four others - but I lost three *paying* games last week. And we got a total of NINE inches of snow, with two storms Sun/Mon and Thursday. As they say, "it's been a week." My motto of "winter is bulls---" was only strengthened this week.
  13. For others: TASO is a HS organization, so the idea of saying to a TASO member "if you don't like HS rules, don't work Fed games" is ..... problematic. It makes no sense to stay in a Chapter with that philosophy. For @Donny7, though: are you doing these rules/analysis deals as a leader of a *chapter*, or are you on some state-level part of the TASO organization? I ask as a member, but only in my third year of TASO work - with last year being about 3 weeks long, and this year not even at tournament time yet. I'm not that familiar with the Texas-way, and haven't really looked at ANY by-
  14. Interesting. Thing is, I wear readers. Pre-game would be fine, since I'd have them on to go over the lineup cards. But that's about all I can get behind in that reply. For one thing, I don't really track when a new baseball comes in the game - is it REALLY new, or is it one F2 let get away, or a fouled off pitch, or what? And I'm not digging into my ballbag for my readers, so I can then fine-tooth that %$^&# thing. Am I being stubborn? Am I risking myself from a liability standpoint? Yes to both. I'll live with it.
  15. Well, to be fair, it seems that the last few years have seen a change in what markings makes a baseball legal for HS play, along with a gradual phase-in. And government entities - and MAN, am I familiar with this! - sometimes have Byzantine procurement methods/rules. (Yes, I'd LIKE to think that for these kinds of purchases, there's a "petty cash" category, and they can send an intern, or the youngest teacher, or the guy they don't like, down to Academy Sports or Dick's with cash or the debit card, and get a supply of baseballs. But again - government rules/regs.) And this year, I woul
  16. I *did* see that. I'm just thrilled, I must say. Can't WAIT to have to restrict a coach, or walk away from a game, because there aren't the sanctioned baseballs. Especially if it's a game that I'm hauling a long distance for - I'm sure there are other chapters in Texas that have long hauls, but I'm actually telling my scheduler I'm interested in seeing some of the far away parts we cover. I just hope those dudes hit the Academy website, or wherever they get the baseballs from. I'm not sure they needed to be as hard-ass on the scrimmage part. I know it's an alleged safety issue, so AN
  17. (This isn't a LL story - sorry - but it's right at the end of the age range, and is something I won't forget.) When I was still in Virginia, in November '17, I had a pair of 13U games between a team from Richmond and a local team. I worked the plate in the second game, as I prefer. Top-3, the leadoff hitter came to the plate. He suddenly got kind of a thousand-yard stare, and started taking these little steps, like the beginning of tipping over. I gave the coaches the get-the-hell-out-here wave, and then got him in my arms and helped him to the ground. At that point, he started to ha
  18. .....and they won't be. We all know this. I don't suppose that ruling will be something like "get the %$^# out of here with these penny-ante #$!& rule enforcements, and just play with round, white(-ish) objects??" A dude can dream....
  19. I'm not gonna dig in the rulebook, and quote chapter/verse, and just answer. It doesn't matter if the ball is fair/foul - the batter put the ball into play, and the third out was made on that play. He completed his AB. The guy AFTER him leads off the next inning.
  20. I was at a camp at the end of October, and that was the biggest thing I was sent home with. (I had other pointers here and there - I certainly wasn't perfect - but this was the thing I was told to work on.) And I was specifically told, by really getting in on the catcher, I'll be able to get the low strike more consistently and accurately. So that's what I've worked on, in the few games I've had since. (For background, this was a camp run by a college assigner in northern Texas (probably other places, too). His camp "staff" was loaded with guys with D1 and pro experience, so *I'm* gon
  21. This one was REALLY irritating to me, because the wording in the rule book makes it read as if: if you don't have the approved baseballs, you don't play. And there were none of those "PENALTY" or other sections after the rule that add or clarify. And I know people point out the case book is where you get the details. But we're not a casebook-every-year place like my previous gig, so it's awkward. I DO have it now, thanks to the app access we were given, I guess by TASO. But maybe I mostly feel like being a whiny %$%^@ about it.
  22. Took the test two days ago, and did just fine. I got more wrong than last year, but I'm okay with it, as one was that %^#^& new DH rule, and at least one other was not reading the question properly and/or just not paying close enough attention. But one I'm "protesting" is one of those Section 1 questions, where we get down in the weeds with a lot of things that either we don't care about**, or aren't as enforced as the rule book - or test writers - would have you believe. I don't have all the options or even the full question, since it's done and graded, but I will summarize the bes
  23. Hey @NorthTexasUmp, I finally opened the TASO email that drove you to post this in the first place. "Self," I says, "I GOT this one! We just spent a few days talking about this on U-E!" Not realizing it was a fellow Texan that had posted it here. And then I got it wrong, per what Kyle wrote. Put it this way: if I'm unfortunate enough to have this happen, and for a SECOND time in Texas, have to invoke the "purposes of a confrontation" clause - and fighting, from this example - I guess I'm gonna get overturned by either TASO or the UIL on the inevitable protest. Because I'm Te
  24. FWIW, I actually did a "Moderator" thing - not bad, one time in roughly 13 (or whatever) years - and got rid of your extras.
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