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  1. The ABUA fee might be small change but he's also out the "insured" game fees. Besides Klein this Connecticut LLC also shows Jim Evans as a principle. @TOMUIC has his email. No activity on the LLC since 2019 but maybe some CT insurance regulator could be of help. AMATEUR BASEBALL UMPIRES' ASSOCIATION, LLC | Connecticut Business Directory (ctcompanydir.com)
  2. At some point in the past I think the developer of the Force 3 mask, Jason Klein, was involved in the site. Try contacting him.
  3. What happened when you did this, from their FAQs: "To file a claim, log into your ABUA account online and click on the “Insurance Questions” link on the lefthand side. There you will find all instructions for filing a claim."
  4. While i saw that option in a non current RIM I have, @Rich Ives will tell you that it's not in the rulebook and he would be right.
  5. Jimurray

    NCAA training

    There is an unaffiliated option somewhere in the sign up process. I did it but can’t remember exactly how. The charge is slight less than the charge for conference umps.
  6. My HS/ amateur OBR association cohorts vary greatly between no ever play or point to play and point when the ball was not even dead. NCAA and pending OBR might even force that to happen with the pitch timing rule and to start the inning. But I never say play except to start the game and then normally only point with runners on if the ball is dead. BUT we did have a HS coach who would argue the base hit with no one one was a do over because the PU did not put the ball in play. We humored him and pointed all the time. I and MLB umps do not see the value of saying "play" while pointing.
  7. I'm confused. There was no guesswork in the previous HS rule but it was restrictive to the "evolution" of current pitching mechanics. I don't know why you focus on the word "hybrid" as the current NFHS "rationale" mentions it and earlier rulebook POEs, where it was illegal also mention it. I do understand why FED did not fully copy NCAA and MLB/OBR allowing a set foot position pitcher to windup if he declared. A Mussgrove at the HS level would trouble some umpires.
  8. In years past High School has called the illegal position of the free foot in front of the rubber in the windup as a "hybrid" stance. They now will allow that free foot in the windup to be forward of the rubber, the pitcher canted full or partially sideways, as long as the pivot foot is not fully parallel to the rubber. While High School refers to it as "hybrid" I prefer to call it a "not square" or "sideways" pitcher and the rule change is to allow the pitcher to do that. Edit added a source from NFHS for you: "Rationale: In reference to the high school pitching rule, the position of both the pivot and non-pivot foot was the determining factor to deem if a pitcher was pitching from the windup position or the set position. The game has evolved throughout high school baseball for the pitcher to pitch with the pivot foot in a windup description with the non-pivot foot in a set description. This "hybrid" position was previously illegal by NFHS rule. What is important is that umpires, coaches, and players know what position the pitcher is using so they know which part of Rule 6 is in play. Deleting the use of the non-pivot foot does no damage to the existing pitching position rule and having only the pivot foot determine makes it clean and easily discernible for all involved."
  9. Your reaction to a hit might be influenced by how tight your mask is and/or the clearance from it to your hat brim. All my hits have ended up with the mask on the ground, me looking at the pitcher with no ill effects. I'm sure I could be subject to an unlucky geometrically centered hit that might change my stats but short brim and "not tight" straps is what I go with.
  10. There is no "answer". High school is slowly going the way of NCAA and MLB in accommodating sideways windup pitchers. HS will not accommodate the full sideways pitcher if the pivot foot is parallel but now will accommodate the "hybrid" angular pivot foot with a windup to the side. I'll leave it to our coaches, @beerguy55 and @Rich Ives to explain why this sideways tendency is seen more these days.
  11. I don't think that whatever you quote CC as saying "don't do dat" is what the OP describes. The tapping of the hand in the glove, with or without the ball in that hand, during the delivery motion is not a failure to deliver as the delivery is ongoing. It's not a booger, IP or balk. While it is not a balk, when you say it can't be a balk because it's a windup you would be incorrect. There can be balks when pitchers windup with certain runner configs.
  12. Is Dusty happy with Diaz or not? Getting on an open base by taking a HBP does no good and as a PH the guy should be thinking I'm driving those runs in. Was he trying to put the onus on the next batter because he had no gonads or because he thought McCormick had a better stick than himself?
  13. As @MadMax says, context matters. At upper levels if the catcher doesn’t complain he and his F1 know how to deal with this and know I’m going to call that inside corner a strike.
  14. I've never seen that taught at any clinic. It was seen as a bad habit but if the guy had the string we left it alone.
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