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  1. Wouldn’t it make sense even in HS for the PU to cover 3B if R1 was safe and advancing to 3B. PU is already in the vicinity (absent any F/F on the line) to observe the slide at 2B.
  2. Jimurray


    I think it was Gerry Lane who hung his hat on that semantic note and balked an MLB pitcher for stopping when the batter asked for time. The next year MLB changed the rule wording to any inadvertent act by the batter.
  3. We should clarify that there is one interference, FPSR, where the rule requires return of runners TOP.
  4. This guy/crew did a good job except for three things I noticed and I wonder if they are related to no clinics ever attended. Jim Evans preached no loose ends on mask straps. Is that still a thing? I abide by it. His mask always came off with right hand and was transferred if necessary for the call. Possibly some left shoulder syndrome so no big deal. Crew get together after U1 safes a tag attempt on the BR back. Crew gets together and PU signals out. I teach calling umpire signals the out. Has this changed? The funny thing is I was half axe watching until the loose ends caught my attention.
  5. While you are at it would you mind letting everyone know that the batter knows he gets 1B on ball 4 and 1B is to your right, no need to point there. I will take that back a little bit. If you are doing 9U and the little guy looks up at you on ball 4 you can point 1B.
  6. You and your UIC might pay attention to any other level, HS, NCAA, Pro ball, where you do not see this. Does your UIC require the BU/s or the PU to do this "briefing"? Cause the mantra is that the PU owns the pitcher. But are you asking why your UIC does not require the BU to jog out to RF and brief the sub when they put a new sub in the middle of the inning. Should base ump go out and brief him, "cut 4" or whatever? If you can't let go of this you and your UIC are a type that wants to be noticed in the game.
  7. Most uncaught third strikes result in outs. Let’s not hinder that.
  8. They can and do also wear it at every practice, or rec, or travel game, not covered by the rules and not prohibited by their parents or coaches at the practice who I guess are accepting the risk. I'm not looking at every player's back of the neck. If something hangs out front I'll tell him to lose it when he get's back to the dugout. They always do.
  9. While this sit is the same in all codes 2021 OBR has added a different umpire "interference" that is not the same in all codes, bolding mine: "6.01 Interference, Obstruction, and Catcher Collisions (a) Batter or Runner Interference It is interference by a batter or a runner when: (1)  After a third strike that is not caught by the catcher, the batter-runner clearly hinders the catcher in his attempt to field the ball. Such batter-runner is out, the ball is dead, and all other runners return to the bases they occupied at the time of the pitch. If a pitch that is not caught remains in the v
  10. Unassisted triple play. R1 was correctly appealed for not retouching and it doesn’t matter if he was standing on 2B.
  11. I picked this up from Jim Evans, either my notes from a Desert Classic or his “Maximizing the 2 Umpire System. It’s how I train and brief and I don’t think I’ve seen it in any other manual. “PU has all touches and tags at 3B except for the BR touch.” BU has that since he’s going to be there and has no other bases to cover anymore. I don’t see a need to get together if you both are aware of the responsibilities.
  12. i think the right arm point is only for an uncaught third strike. Probably adopted from the same MLB mechanic.
  13. Jimurray

    RHP Balk?

    The bolded is not correct. The disengage has to be a separate act and not part of the move. We do give some latitude for a snap throw while stepping off when it happens fast.
  14. 5.09(b)(3) is for a runner, not a retired runner.
  15. "That is the rule". There are different rules and interps in the different codes. It is nothing in FED. Interference with a throw has to be intentional. I lean toward INT in OBR as retired runners are liable for unintentional interference once they are not running the bases. In the OP I picture F3 throwing with a clear path to F1 and the retired runner drifting into the throwing lane. In OBR he is responsible for staying out of the way once of the basepath and returning to the dugout.
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