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  1. Jimurray

    balk call

    I have no idea what you mean by the "hands have to..." or what the pivot foot must do if you are referencing the video. Could you reference some rules that refer to what you are talking about?
  2. 6.01(a)(1). pretty easy but the 2013 change is apparently not well known among some MLB umps. While it seems unfair that's the rule. But you gotta wonder why the "suits on park avenue" (Bob Davidson"s expression) can't get all 200 -300 umps together and tell them why they changed that rule and how to call it.
  3. Jimurray

    balk call

    You don't have to step off to throw, with a proper step, to any base. Please describe what your pitcher actually did and what the umpire actually said. As described there is no balk but we need more info to be sure.
  4. I too have RLI but I remember a thread some years back on Umpire.org where I argued for RLI in some sit and another poster referenced a Jim Evans quote/interp/excerpt (not sure where from) where the Batter-Runner is considered in the lane if he is hit with the ball at the moment when one foot is touching the lane and the other is in the air and not touching the ground outside the lane. Maybe that is what Wolf goes by?
  5. I see a ball coming straight up from the wall and possibly getting deflected by the top of the railing. If they had other replay views and determined that didn’t happen I can buy that. I suspect Hudson judged the ball hit the screen after hitting the wall. That’s the only way he has a HR besides a rule kick. If the only replay was what we have seen I don’t think it would be conclusive that didn’t happen. But the replay was a fiasco. While Hudson deserves some grief why did NY rule on the HP touch and not advise Hudson that he had CC review of the HR?
  6. While the replay fiasco is painful I’m not sure that ball didn’t hit the top of the wall, bounce straight up, and then get deflected by the railing a little into the field where the fielder was able to glove it. So it might have been a HR.
  7. I'm not stalking him. He chimed in on another thread that newbies should take the field before groking all the rules. I don't disagree. But I see many newbies never get back into the book. Thus the phone call after that JV game about whatever rule kick they had. He made some valid points about the ambiguity in the rules and interps and that we shouldn't keep a newbie off the field until he grasped everything. In that thread I suggested that thread's OP, @ArchAngel72, get more into reading the book occasionally because aside from the valid question that he had, he kicked a basic passing the runner rule as to who was out. One technique is to advise new umpires finishing clinics to put the book on the toilet tank. I don't know if you have heard that advice but I've heard it and also given it. Would using "throne" rather than BM be less offensive to you?
  8. A BM every day is good.
  9. I am mentoring him. Read 3 pages while having a BM.
  10. You would have known you got it right if you had leafed 3 pages every BM. For anyone confused by this post see:
  11. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2019/09/15/mlb-regret-over-replay-miscommunication-in-white-sox-loss/40153765/ Ball hit the top of the wall and bounced back into play and was gloved by one of the outfielders. MLB says it was not a HR so they must have viewed more video than this to determine that the very very slight possibility that it hit the screen above and slightly behind the wall as it bounced back into the playing field did not happen. I call at a stadium with a similar setup and those slightly set back screens/rails above the wall can be a problem that only video can solve. When in doubt keep it live.
  12. https://www.mlb.com/news/tony-kemp-scores-on-strange-play-by-pirates Wild appeal throw does not appear to go out of play. It appears that Hurdle points to F5 when he retrieves the ball to tell him to go touch 3B and I'm assuming that's what happened. So overthrow is returned to the base and appeal is valid. Why do 4 guys have to get together?
  13. Hey, even newbies have to have a BM. 3 pages at a time.
  14. What I am saying is that many new umpires get trained via PP or some other method to go thru the rulebook and they disregard the advice usually also given when training new umps, that training being only the start of their learning, to put the rulebook/s on the toilet tank and read a few pages, other than scorekeeping, every BM. I don't know if you were given that advice or even if they told you what to do with the scorekeeping pages. Read all of the book, more than once.
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