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  1. Shoe goo and some type of clamping method will do the trick on those shoes for a while. After that I went with the Smitty knock off of the NB original version but with a different sole. Not as flexible and needs a good insole insert. I like high ankle support and the new NB shoes are way low in the heel area.
  2. Jimurray

    stealing home

    “Has the ball and tries to deceive a runner by using a motion obviously associated with a pitch or pitching position.” That’s what I’m using in the rare bush league settings where it might happen. It just saves time.
  3. I hear Zoom is not secure. We have been happy with Cisco Webex. ButI don't know what it costs.
  4. Jimurray

    stealing home

    So the bumpkin tries the trick his coach suggests to straddle the rubber and come set to see if the runner will fall for it and take a lead while the pitcher can then throw without the balk retrictions. I usually call the balk as he straightens up and puts hands together but I will now wait because the next thing that usually happens is the pitcher separates his hands to throw or feint at the runner. Now we actually have a motion that is associated with his pitch while off the rubber.
  5. If that is the case then Ingles was listed correctly as the DH in the 9 spot and best practice would list Lawrence in the non batting 10 spot as F3. But you say that the visiters wanted to bat 10 with Lawrence in the 9 spot and Ingles in the 10 spot DHing for no one. That doesn't seem to be what the tournament rules would allow.
  6. Jimurray

    stealing home

    There is no penalty in the rule for violating this provision of 5.07(a)(2): "Preparatory to coming to a set position, the pitcher shall have one hand on his side; from this position he shall go to his set position as defined in Rule 5.07(a)(2) without interruption and in one continuous motion." But it is balked as cited in an Evans Interp as "common practice." I would also say that you could use a feint without a step to balk it. MLB seems to be very strict in balking it and if the pitcher steps off while coming set MLB umps perceive stepping off while coming set a stop of coming set and
  7. That’s not a legal FED lineup. If the tournament allowed 10 batters, which FED does not, it should say EH not DH.
  8. No matter who was at F3 in the first inning it looks like Ingles was subbed for in the 9 spot on offense and re-entered illegally in the 1 spot. He would be declared out and restricted.
  9. The leadoff batter is listed as the second baseman. It's first base that isn't listed. Like you said, "Who was at 1B." No need to continue this thread. RTFLINEUPCARD.
  10. When #23 Lawrence batted for Ingles they lost the DH and Lawrence is in the game as F3. Replace Ingles with Able with a 1-1 count. Ingles can re enter once. I think
  11. You can bat 9 with a DH for any position player. You can bat 9 with the DH being his own defensive player.
  12. Wouldn’t 1 be the pitcher. What wasn’t listed was 3. Who could be DH’d for or actually be his own DH this year in FED
  13. @noumpere should have used “should” rather than “required” but sometimes us old folks shoot from the hip trying to give a quick solution. The result would be the same however, no penalty.
  14. PU should have verified that #9 batter was a F3/DH or just a DH batting for the 10 spot which should have been listed.
  15. I can't post them but the casebook makes it clear that there is no penalty and unlisted subs can participate in the game. Do you see a penalty in the rulebook? Where do you see the word "required"?
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