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  1. Actually I think we need to suit up an go out and start calling “out of the 6 foot base path”. While the venues have painted lines for the queues its bumper cars once you get inside. Most people are accommodating but there are some tontos that are unaware and should be ejected. Or hold your breath as they invade your space
  2. The problem is that a new reader to OBR would learn that a runner tagging up would be able to leave on first touch: "5.09(a)(1)CATCH COMMENT: ….. Runners may leave their bases the instant the first fielder touches the ball....." Then that reader would learn that a runner who lead off and was waiting to retouch would have to retouch after the CATCH. (Practically speaking that's what would normally happen). "5.09(b)(5). He fails to retouch his base after a fair or foul ball is legally caught before he, or his base, is tagged by a fielder." Luckily our reader continues thru the whole book and finds in the INFIELD FLY definition the wording that allows runners to retouch and advance when the infield fly is first touched, "the same as on any fly ball"
  3. So SARS and MERS have recided because I don't know why. We want to slow the progression of Covid 19 by isolating until every current or future victim victim is 2 weeks cured or dead. Does that mean the virus has no humans to replicate in and will die on inanimate surfaces after we are successful.
  4. So, if you slow the spread to 1.5 R0 do you prevent 536,870,912 or it comes at a later date and we hope other mitigation efforts might take prior effect. Meanwhile, can you tolerate what happens to the world's economy if you slow the spread although the economy is already affected without much slowing effects. Any economists or epidemiologists or Holiday Inn stayers among our members. I just remember that the plague killed off a bunch of people without society being able to do anything about it and the result was the Renaissance.
  5. I think they are reading that a runner leaving the base on first touch of a bobble must retouch the base when the result of the bobble was a catch. Which is not the case but there is a semantic issue with leaving and retouch in the OBR rules.
  6. On my iPhone using safari and windows computer I have not noticed any ads in threads. Wonder what the difference is?
  7. That would be an uncommon goat rope. Leaving early on a caught infield fly but advancing to the next base as if the ball was dropped and they thought they were forced or maybe thinking there were two outs.
  8. I'm confused. What part of that do you disagree with?
  9. HBTT as far as a runner going by, but the fallacy, misunderstood by offense and defense, is that the runner has the right to the basepath. If the runner caused the charging F6 to slow or pause to avoid getting trucked we might have INT. But I have seen an MLB pitcher pull up on the 1B line to not get trucked. No INT was called. Best to get trucked.
  10. Jimurray


    I think it is. "(11) The pitcher, while touching his plate, accidentally or intentionally has the ball slip or fall out of his hand or glove;"
  11. Jimurray


    Before coming set, a pitcher can turn and look at 1B no matter how fast he snaps. There is a very slight possibility you could judge a feint without a step if some arm motion was involved.
  12. While most of us considered the flying start an appeal play in prior years this is the reason given for amending 5.09(c)(1)Comment: "• Amended Rule 5.09(c)(1) Comment regarding a runner who takes a “flying start” from behind a base when tagging up; namely, such violation is now considered an appeal play." I always thought it was an appeal play in OBR and NCAA but maybe some did not think it was clear.
  13. The batter hasn't interfered if the throw and putout is successful. But the wording of 7-3-5 and 5-1-2a could be better.
  14. I think there is more evidence in the book but this phrase in your cite should suffice. But it is confusing. OBR, NCAA and FED are the same in garden variety BI. Point the infraction and see what happens. “When an attempt to put out a runner at any other base is unsuccessful,” Excerpt From 2020 NFHS Baseball Rules Book NFHS https://books.apple.com/us/book/2020-nfhs-baseball-rules-book/id1485298477 This material may be protected by copyright.
  15. Jimurray

    RefMag Play 1

    Shouldn't be a factor in OBR. NCAA specifies location only when a hidden ball trick is attempted. The 6 foot restriction in FED can be violated unwittingly but no umpire would wittingly call it absent a hidden ball attempt.
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