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  1. I think he got a good look but yes it would be better if he was set. But did replay call it fair because at least half the ball touched fair ground? Did replay employ the rule and interp. I don’t see any record of this on MLB.COM. What actually was the reversal? More than half was over the line or any part was over the line? Was it a rule issue or a judgment issue? Based on some recent judgments From NY I don’t see how NY could have clear evidence that the ball was half over the line. So did they get the rule/interp wrong? Nobody wants to go there in this convoluted rule/interp issue and J
  2. Further reading in MLBUM under "Retouching bases while ball is dead." has several cases where a live action appeal throw goes out of play and a further appeal would be allowed after the break in action.
  3. While I can't find any better cite in my 2013 or 2017 MLBUM I did find this verbiage in a 2012 PBUC: "6.2 APPEAL PLAYS Keep the following points in mind regarding appeal plays: 1..... 2..... 3. If the pitcher or any member of the defensive team throws the ball out of play when making an appeal, such act shall be considered an attempted play. No further appeal will be allowed on any runner at any base. (this refers to an appeal being made after a definite break in action.)" The above #3 seems to imply that if there is no definite break in action, a live action thro
  4. I think the on deck would be considered the same as a scored runner and any assistance by him would be called an out due to coach assist. I know they have called that in the past when a scored runner tried to assist a following runner. Whether that was seen or judged assistance in the heat of the moment I don't know. I think FED also only allows "viable" runners to assist and this would be an out if judged assistance. Edited to add: 2013 SITUATION 11: On a base hit to the outfield, the runner from third base comes home but misses touching home plate. The on-deck batter physically sto
  5. I know any further plays on runners during continuous action do not preclude a formal appeal once action stops. I did believe that an appeal play that went out of play during continuous action also did not preclude a formal appeal once action relaxed but I can’t find any cite. The MLBUM cite that does define an appeal throw going out of play as a “play” might allow us to consider that a play during continuous action and allow another appeal but I’m not sure.
  6. OBR doesn't allow any further appeals after the defense errs by throwing the ball out of play. That is considered a "play" according to PBUC/MLBUM
  7. This engendered the right arm point: ALCS Gm2: A.J. reaches first on dropped third strike - YouTube
  8. Are you really asking for answers to these questions?
  9. That is not an absolute. There are cases in most codes that allow a foul to be reversed but in the normal case of when this happens you would be correct.
  10. Did he have the ball in his grasp while touching 1B?
  11. While PBUC and Evans send the PU near 3B and, as @UMP45says, they have the PU reposition for secondary responsibilities when R1 is out or not going, I don't see any concern at that level for the FPSR because the references I have are pre the OBR change. But NCAA does send the PU out to the 3B side of the mound for FSPR and then lets him cover 3B since he's near 3B if ball and R1 are going there. Otherwise NCAA sends the PU back to where he can help at 1B. But does @noumpereespouse the PU going down the 1B line in FED or NCAA when a FPSR might need to be ruled on. Interestingly my state assoc
  12. PU busts home for that, not BU.
  13. They do have PU move to help with that if R1 is out.
  14. It's standard now in NCAA and PBUC and Evans also send the PU to 3B if R1 is safe and going, absent any 1B foul line responsibility. Since it is the standard mechanic there is no need to communicate that the PU has 3B. But there is a need to communicate that he won't be at 3B if he needs to stay on the 1B line: "I'm on the line."
  15. "I don't do many, but when I do", great place to work on tracking the pitch as PU, looks like a strike, looks like a strike, hits the plate. great place to stay focused as BU, which happens in any unskilled U game when stupid sht can happen, great place to practice game management. BTW stupid sht can happen in MLB: Umpire & Manager argue but are both wrong, a breakdown - YouTube
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