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  1. Having said all that, I am encouraged to see that there is a topic discussing supplemental head protection. If you can make a coach’s cap work on YOUR mask, go for it. Just know that just because one person can make it work on say their brand/style specific mask/pads doesn’t mean that another can make it work on their brand/specific mask/pads. CHECK! DOUBLE-CHECK! I did an interactive talk at the Mid American Clinic where campers brought their caps and masks. Now we are talking traditional caps, but nearly 30% of them had concerns with their combination mask and bill. TAKEAWAY: Umpire mask shapes have changed. Don’t assume which cap-stitch worked for you (hard shell or traditional cap) before will work for you now. Again, love seeing the reception for hard shells. Huge! Keep it going.
  2. Guys, just because you can fit a cap under a umpire mask, doesn’t mean you should wear it under a mask. This pic, look closely, the end of the bill...it is too close to the frame. You have to consider the compressing that occurs with a shot. Wrote an article on this (that was a copy of a post I shared here...which makes it true ;-) https://www.ump-attire.com/Umpire-Articles/Jim-Goes-Parental-with-Umpire-Cap-Bill-Length-Warning-on-Umpire-Empire-Post A coach’s skull cap is not meant for umpires. That’s why All-Star designed an umpire skull cap (to be short enough...roughly a 3-stitch to accommodate all masks, especially the more angled Mag frames)
  3. Crew How-To: Adjust Your All-Star Cobalt Umpire Chest Protector View the full article
  4. Official 2-Minute Review: Midland Referee Communication System View the full article
  5. Official 2-Minute Review: UMPLIFE Double-Compartment Executive Sports Officials Bag View the full article
  6. Lots of food for thought for tomorrow. Will keep all that under consideration. For today, I will be celebrating the successful launch of the Cobalt CP. That culminated into all of our first shipments going out the door today!
  7. Official 2-Minute Review: Force3 Umpire Equipment Carry Bags (Redoing, posted in error)
  8. Those half sleeve compression shirts from Champro that you mentioned are really nice. And you guys know I don’t oversell things. We were very fortunate that a manufacturer had multiple colors, for all umpire requests for a reasonable wholesale cost. That’s what led us to these Champro shirts. They are well-priced, which is no indication that they are anything less than high-quality. But, disclaimer, not everyone will like the half-sleeve style. Would love for you or someone to pick them up and share a review.
  9. Official 2-Minute Review: Wilson MLB West Vest Gold Umpire Chest Protector View the full article
  10. The Dish: Wounded Warrior Umpire Academy Summit Preview with Major Greg Wilson View the full article
  11. I may have misspoke. I should have said “might” be one. Will know more next week about the exact timetable. Always something new coming out including these: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/New/
  12. Here is the current schedule: www.ump-attire.com/events There will be another live product launch on 9/30, but not allowed to say what it is just yet.
  13. Very impressive! Thank you @Richvee, I just learned a lot!!
  14. I pass along so much of what you guys share, without you even knowing. My antennas are always out! I am also fortunate that I have a direct line to most of the suppliers heads of development (or one person away), and that they trust me. I would like to add that I have a very good relationship with Jason Klein of Force3. One thing you may not know is that, many of the products they offer undergo slight changes from year to year without you really knowing. That is because they are always listening and willing to improve and make things better. Jason has a very good forward-thinking and umpire-specific mindset. Another super-sharp leader in the industry who truly cares.
  15. Good question. Would assume up. We just developed a new Facebook group for those who are wearing, going to wear or highly interested in cobalt items such as the skullcap and chest protector. That might be a question there you could pose that could be answered by the group better than I at this time. https://www.facebook.com/groups/376616286660443/
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