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  5. These are now on order in black and in grey. Hope to have them in next week or the following. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. The comment about not being able to get your straps tighter makes me think you want to do that thinking it might do the trick. If you are using the harness that comes with the Gold, it only tightens up so far. You could try a different harness. Umplife’s harness has the longest straps but the Wilson & Force3 harnesses should work as well to allow you to tighten it more. https://www.ump-attire.com/Umpire-Chest-Protector-Replacement-Harnesses/ Some umpires have tried the hair dryer trick for success heating up the shell on new Wilson CPs and maybe that is something to consider as well if the above doesn’t work. Body type and CP choice could possibly also be a factor but hopefully you can make it work. Don’t hesitate to share pics if nothing above works.
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  8. @KenBAZ, that was you then a while back that caused those umpire cap sales to increase! Thank you for sharing this. I support your wanting to wear a layer between your head and helmet for those benefits and not necessarily a cap. I plan to share your insights with the product committee team, and perhaps this is a solution for others as well who wear the HSM. Is there a particular brand of skull cap you like?
  9. None taken. I do know that someone shared somewhere, and I’m paraphrasing, that “if I buy $150 shoes, I shouldn’t have to try so hard to take care of them”. So his comment was an emphasis on the opposite: “you paid that much, so please take care of them.” No. 3 is a great tip. I know this was one cause @Razzer also discussed with me in a phone conversation. I think he ultimately referenced it in a video on his UMPLIFE page. Can you provide more details (maybe a pic or 2) explaining No. 2? I am intrigued.
  10. New Balance Umpire Plate Shoes PSA View the full article
  11. Great post. This is my favorite line and great piece of advice for all to follow. ”I try to figure out if the bill of my hat is going to be a concern by trying to collapse the pads (or springs) and see if the bill is either exposed, or will be touching the frame.” You stayed on the safety theme with the helmet comment. All good. :))
  12. If I had just read that we were discussing the F3, I would have known that. Duh moment. Thanks!
  13. That’s really interesting. I appreciate you bringing that up. The mask/cap interface issue may be a bigger issue, given with a helmet, it’s going to have to be a DIRECT shot on that exposed cap bill. With a mask, however, on a headshot simply in the PROXIMITY of a cap when the frame and cap bill is too close, force can be transferred to a bill when the mask moves inward. Here is the thing: some masks sit closer to the forehead than others. Just because you can fit a 6-stitch (with space) under your Wilson mask with wrap around padding, does not mean you can fit a 6-stitch cap under another mask or with another set of pads. For instance, a 6-stitch will not work with an All-Star Magnesium mask (or Champro Rampage) due to the mask’s design. Do chime in if you experience with the broader issue that @Jimurray brings up as well. What I’d really like is for each of you who read this, go grab your cap and mask (or helmet with cap if you do this) and check this. Then share your thoughts as to whether you think your combo works or is of concern.
  14. Thanks for sharing. I spoke with MiLB medical director Mark Stubblefield last week. He shared that at the minor league level, no umpires who wear helmets were wearing hats underneath...so this is a non-issue at that level.
  15. We recently added this product if it helps solve your issue: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Replacement-Mask-Pads-Straps/JH1_Metal-Shin-Guard-Replacement-J-Hook-Fastener
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