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  9. All-Star started their “deerskin” with a particular color - one with an orange or pumpkin tint. You see that here with these pads on this mask of which of writing has only 12 remaining: https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/FM4000MAG-UMP-BK-TN/All-Star-Black-Magnesium-Umpire-Mask-with-Deerskin That color of deerskin could no longer be sourced, and there is a new color. The pads only version is here of the new color, which is certainly different: https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/FM4000MAG-RP-DS/All-Star-FM4000MAG-Umpire-Mask-Replacement-Pads-Deerskin So, you are correc
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  12. Didn’t forget about you. Here is what we clarified with our stock - measuring top of padding to bottom of padding: S/M - 11” M/L - 12” L/XL - 12 1/2” Obviously not the same, but also not drastically different. It definitely validates the biggest differences in sizes of the Wilson Gold CP are more to do with differences in width sizes rather than length ones.
  13. You’re welcome, and thanks for the good words. I had written an article at one point on the subject of getting the right amount of traction for the sport you officiate based on the field and conditions. The gist of it was the right amount of traction - not too little and not too much - was what you needed to perform your job and to avoid injuries. In essence, too much traction could open you up to injuries. I have bad knees as well, so I empathize. However, I wouldn’t make it worse with adding a potential muscle pull or other with cleats for umpiring, not to mention sore fe
  14. 4040s. Extremely narrow D. We used to carry, but too many returns due to sizing led us to stick with the size reliable umpire-specific MU950s. Consider the 4040 only if you have a narrow D. Still, the 3 @MadMaxand I mentioned have more traction than the 4040s IMO.
  15. Good suggestion on Huaraches. Our stock is good. And on sale. Downside is D width only. https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/NIKE-HUARACHE/Nike-Alpha-Huarache-Elite-2-Turf-Shoes Adidas Turf Hogs are discontinued. Very little stock and sizes with anyone. Scanning other retailers, I found the most remaining sizes here: https://officialsports.net/product/newadidas-turf-hog-lx-low-black-white/ Another really good suggestion on grip is Under Armour Turf but these are going fast (another solid new item that ends up discontinued too quickly by manufacturers). We have stock on most
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