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  6. I know but I can’t resist an opportunity to give you a hard time.
  7. We do hope to be carrying a skull cap in the future. There is this. Has anyone tried this? https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Supplemental-Protection/UE-UNCAP_Unequal-Uncap-Protective-FlexShell
  8. I love how you guys overthink things. What’s going on is in the email. We don’t skirt the truth, play games or gaslight customers. Our marketing is generally pretty straightforward and boring these days. All-Star is still in the umpire game. We still have a relationship. Just a new line coming out, one we provided input on last summer when the Jurgas came to visit...except there was already a mask update. And, yes, the FM4000-MAG is a recent update (when you look at typical umpire protective gear life cycles and especially since you can’t count this year...lost year:) I can only speculate that All-Star has not updated their site. Most everyone is short staffed right now and in catch up mode. I believe most of All Star’s inventory is now in our possession or will be soon. So, no need to go there anyway. You guys can stop thinking now. Sorry, there is no intrigue or mystery. Rest your heads. That is unless you want to speculate on the new items. That, I am not at liberty to share details. Carry on.
  9. Official 2-Minute Review: Schutt XV HDX Umpire Chest Protector View the full article
  10. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and having @Thunderheads’s back. His Jedi Knight status has been restored. That feature has been added to each plate shoe page. That feature is an Easter egg no more.
  11. You’re off the hook @Thunderheads. Would have bet the house it was on there: I wonder if Ty deleted it just so he could make a video?
  12. Oh man, @Kevin_K just called us out for not having this listed! BUSTED!! Good eyes. Knew I couldn’t get anything over on you umpires.
  13. Most advanced guys do. Recent new makes of other brands have this easily removable with Velcro.
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