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  1. Thanks for asking but Majestic does not have these available for resale.
  2. Basically, the V2 Smitty is the Majestic without the MLB logo. I believe the several V2s we were out of stock of came in Thursday.
  3. I had a conversation with Jason Klein of Force3 in December about this. I discussed the issue that smaller body types have with it fitting just right out of the box. He was adamant that this CP will conform over time. So my advice is to be patient. I hope all goes well.
  4. Slightly off-topic but will be a moot point soon. Under Armour no longer makes this style and is out. What is out there retail/stock-wise is all that is left (we are decently stocked at the moment).
  5. Not heard this as a specific issue to these shoes. Would do visual inspection and feel for anything that might be causing the issue (my guess is you have already done that). Could be a reason not specific to the shoes (e.g. socks, other shoes you wear that have caused rubbing that carry over, working more games. etc). I like @MikeSafari suggestion. If were me, I might try some type of padding on the skin and lubricant. Actually, I would start simply with neosporin and a bandaid for now as that area might need to also heal before you really know if you have a shoe issue. Not sure if that was helpful. Hope something does work out.
  6. That sounds worth trying for sure.
  7. Same. The V2 is what we choose to call what others call the Body Flex.
  8. This is referred to by MLB as their rain jacket. Majestic never made these available to the public.
  9. I like seeing all the discussion on throat guards. I think F3 did a really nice job on incorporating the style of the Defender while keeping it lightweight and functional. One more piece to add to all the throat guard discussion this week, now that @Go Navy Beat Army mentioned it, is that All Star is discontinuing their Magnesium throat guard. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Throat-Guards/TG4000_All-Star-6-Magnesium-Umpire-Throat-Guard We have about a dozen left.
  10. @Thunderheads that may have changed in 2018. Our numbers showed that MiLB umpires were moving to the Force3 V3. It was the 2nd most popular they purchased in 2018. They love the low profile.
  11. Well, I think you touched on something worth talking about. My post above did not advocate sizing up or increasing the width as a general rule...only if you are in between widths....and that with plate shoes that when you do size up that going up a width may be a better strategy than going up a length size. If we said “EVERYONE go up a width” we’d be off in MANY more cases. Talk about retuns then! So please do not misinterpret what I was saying. I was mainly saying for this individual and others who may be in between widths to be ok if they did go up in width. To clarify, most umpires wear D width. But there are more 2E wearers than you’d think (not actually more than D). And that wide widths are a necessary OPTION for umpires, as D alone won’t cover it for the whole community. In other words, I did not mean “wide widths are necessary for ALL in plate shoes”. So I apologize if I was not clear. The bottom line is shoes we offer are about as true to size as they can be. If they didn’t we wouldn’t have them (or have them for long). One issue worth mentioning is that going up a width in any shoe - plate or base - MAY give you any space you might need in the toe box, but then in the heel the extra width MAY be TOO MUCH (your heel in that case would come up a bit when you run). New Balance is good about keeping their sizing the same through generations of shoe models. In that way, once you figure out your size and width, you’ll know for sure what will work. Regardless, thanks @yawetag for pointing out what needed clarification.
  12. The top of his CP is rubbing against his neck is my thinking and that is a maybe a piece of athletic tape. If I were pushing the New Balance Mock Neck Short Sleeve Shirts, I would use this opportunity to mention it now...but I won’t.
  13. This is one issue with plate shoes. Due to the hard composite in the toe box, it will not stretch like a typical shoe. Most of our feedback is that New Balance does run true to size but you may just be in betweeen a D and a 2E (like me...for me it’s in my forefoot where I need the extra room). When this happens on plate shoes, going up a width is the better alternative than going up a size. (Whereas that strategy can work with a turf or running shoe). In your case, I would use the shoe in your possession to see if the length is good. If it is, 11-2E would be my recommendation. If not, your normal 10.5 size but in a 2E should be fine. I will add that some get a little bent out of shape thinking “I don’t have wide feet”. In reality a 2E is only a pinch wider than a D. And a 4E a pinch wider than a 2E. That small difference can make all the difference especially in a plate shoe. If I showed you how many umpires purchase 2E shoes to D, you might be surprised. Wide widths are popular and a necessary option for (some, not all) umpires. You will just be one of the many. Hope that helps!
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