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  1. I have brand new Tan Wilson wrap around
  2. Lower shin protection in F3 is very poor. I will not wear them doing college and up.
  3. Thanks but I found a pair back in 2017 and just stayed with my Reebok Zigs
  4. I got one it fits like WV Gold will see how it performs on the field next week.
  5. Maybe because I had emailed them first thinking it was their ball bag then ousafe emailed the picture of the label on the bag he had with the actual person who made them. Could be just a coincidence.
  6. I have been in contact with the lady who makes these Amazon updated their inventory after I spoke to her as they showed they were out I am dealing direct with her instead of Amazon.
  7. About this item polyester for umpiring baseball or softball holds 3 or more softballs or 6 or more baseballs Flat front high quality fabric and lined with MAGNA TUFF water repellent fabric zipper back pocket 3 inside pockets for pencil, Indicators and broom
  8. I believe they are the same ball bags Ump-Attire.com is a different company and stopped carrying them so the owner of Ump-Attire LLC started selling to Amazon.
  9. I have one they are awesome you will like it.
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