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  1. I believe he's referring to: "OutWest brothers agreeing to market UmpLife products as his exclusive supplier in US, then making their own versions of his products to sell at cheaper prices." Absolutely not true at all. I agreed to sell them products with my logo and OW the on it with the condition they could not customize and UL products they purchased. I started getting photos sent to me with custom graphics which I did not do. I was trying to help OW with products and they threw it back in my face. I cut them off and a few weeks later they Knocked off three of my products. UL products are available through me or Ump-Attire.com. UA is my only Distributor World Wide and it is a pleasure working with the staff and President and CEO Jim Kirk. Our deal was never signed on a paper, it was a handshake based on trust. I cannot say that about a small company I tried to help.
  2. Nic buys about 4 pair or more every years as he fears they will stop making them. I also use the Honigs pads on 2 Nike Ti frames. I have the Mag which I like due to the feel and protection of the LUC bottom pad.
  3. Plate Coat is done just two many variables to contend with including the size range It would be like buying pants that fit in the waist but you need to cut 8" off the leg Replacement Pad is done, with Covid and no Baseball for 15 months it was a tough call to order or wait. More on the Pad later Not going to comment as to why people get blocked because this is not the place
  4. Max, this is the best way to wear my shin harnes
  5. Trevor is correct and I personally worked on this monster a few times for 21
  6. I have a Power and Carlucci and it is hard to compare them against each other, both are incredible and protective. I also have a Douglas which compare more like the Gold.
  7. My power was made in 1993 is the same in the photo Same size too
  8. AGREED...It is NIKE that has been used and has lost the Titanium sheen they have when new Welds look to be clean and smooth unlike the Reebok and Adidas H Steel versions Could also be just the way it was photographed
  9. My Cobalt should arrive today I have a fix...maybe 2 fixes but similar We will have to wait until it arrives where I will be able to see it it will work. Stay tuned
  10. This was his first mask and it is a goalie shell Fibre and some kevlar in the head ind chin 100 % Van Veldon Shell...I know because I have a few still, this shell was such a tank many goalies here in Ont still use them Later the company went bust and KOHO bought the molds
  11. One thing sticks out Amazing how the wannabees tried to sabotage a product launch like they had something to do with it Misled everyone but it is clear as day they were never part of this product or the development of it Business 101 is not to lose money on every pre-order They also will not have any stock for a long time Get a refund now Rob Peter to pay Paul is their motto Rip Off Products and have the balls to say they developed it They just took your game fee + knowing hey cannot deliver which will cost you more in the long run because they have no clue what the dealer cost is.
  12. I think a shorter top strap using elastic would have been better also a double rivet would add more strength. Snug for the top and just comfortable for the sides. Using webbing is a not the ideal solutions, it will be too restrictive and not offer the comfort or flex you need.
  13. I am still using a V1 but with Wilson Gold breast plate with the gap protection and T-Hooks which work great. I also changed out the shoulder caps from the Schutt which are very nice
  14. This material is fantastic to work with and it will do a great job for this type of fix. I use it all the time when I am making things and will make a very good back pad combined with HD 80 & LD 45 Plastazote foams Think Sandwich covered in a cool max cover and you have a nice low profile pad...me I am working on a pad replacement program and seriously considering doing a full CP. Lightweight low profile and offering better protection than the sofa cushion Max talks about. Just this week an MLB umpire was asking about making a pad for his Gold but wanted to keep his cover...cannot be done that way because the Gold foam is glued down to both sides of the nylon. Look at he back of any Gold and you will see creases which happen over time and can be created just the way they are shipped from the factory.
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