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  1. You may find the sofa foam glued to the nylon of the WV Gold I took one apart and it was glued together
  2. Some are solid many are hollow but the Reebok and Adidas are not Titanium. From the photos...this is hollow due to the crimping on the tubes
  3. Mine is F3 V1 with Wilson Gold Breast and T Hook Plate with Adams shoulder Caps which I used zip ties 1 ZIP Tie on bottom plate since I used the plastic buckles
  5. I have done lots of work on TW retrofit cp's and I can to the same conclusion that if you take a shot you will feel it and some will hurt. Some of the pro umpires confirmed this.
  6. That is one selling point that it looks traditional...it had to be but I also played around with a true 4 point mask harness that still might work
  7. One difference is comfort and fit and it is made to look traditional unlike the catchers rig you are using..my Mask harness is used in MiLB and MLB because it works and looks traditional Hope this helps Ray
  8. The New Flex CP Harness is a change from my original and offers a true 4 point connection with excellent support and comfort. Already being used by MLB Umpires Adam Hamari, Phil Cuzzi, Todd Tichenor and Tom Hallion with more orders coming in everyday, MiLB umpires have already been ordering the new Flex It will fit any 4 point connection harness on the market today The old harness was really a 3 point connection with the top straps being one point of connection which was worn tight to the neck and snug on the sides. Guys were wearing them too tight all round causing undue stress to the neoprene which sometimes resulted in tearing or breakdown. The New Flex is a true 4 pointer and has contour for the sides which will take the stress off the neoprene when worn correctly. Tight on top, snug on the sides. Available in Black/Grey Trim or Grey/Black Trim
  9. $37.00 Name Only $42.00 Full Custom
  10. Last Sunday I was in Toronto visiting Crew 8 Hallion Cuzzi Tichenor and Hamari who all use my old CP harness The crew are all using my new UL FLEX CP and Mask Harnesses Hallion did not even consider waiting until his next plate job, he asked me to fit it for him and the mask harness. I launched this new product today and have been at it all day doing custom work for umpires all over the US If anyone would like to know more or order just shoot me an email Regards Ray UMPLIFE
  11. They are a very nice option to the Majestic They fit great and have the same look and feel to the Majestic
  12. both materials can be used for protection products, I personally think the ABS works better. Hell you can cut up a mud flap and make that work if you have the right kind of rubber
  13. Holes in the TG are more oval and just to big for the post and IMO too long. Thicker shorter post will work but the Chicago screws are a much safer option
  14. Game Day Can you tell me what the temperature was when this happened. It could be a factor with the material used for this product
  15. I'm a doctor Jim, not a mechanic Yes it would make it safer
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