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  1. This material is fantastic to work with and it will do a great job for this type of fix. I use it all the time when I am making things and will make a very good back pad combined with HD 80 & LD 45 Plastazote foams Think Sandwich covered in a cool max cover and you have a nice low profile pad...me I am working on a pad replacement program and seriously considering doing a full CP. Lightweight low profile and offering better protection than the sofa cushion Max talks about. Just this week an MLB umpire was asking about making a pad for his Gold but wanted to keep his cover...cannot be done that way because the Gold foam is glued down to both sides of the nylon. Look at he back of any Gold and you will see creases which happen over time and can be created just the way they are shipped from the factory.
  2. How about integrity...I supplied them with products including adding their logos. CP Harness U-Bag Lineup Folders both sizes. One condition was they could not do any custom graphics...couple of months later I start seeing them all over the internet. Called them and they just said it was an emergency job then I showed him the email thread where his last comments was I will send you the logos. Never happened. Late paying the invoice too but they don't care. I cut them off over a phone call informing them thy broke the agreement. He started getting pissy with me and I told him he was done and no further products would be offered by me to them. 2 months later they knock off 3 products and publicly are saying screw UMPLIFE they do not have a patent and we can do what we want. That shows how they have no integrity or professionalism and completely sabotaged All Stars launch of a new product One thing is fact...they did not meet anyone from All Star and you can see the only credible comments came from Jim Kirk of Ump-Attire.com who has been involved with this project since day 1
  3. He is a grinder for sure and he was more interested in talking about what I was doing. Just shook it off where many umpires would have took the rest of the day off. I read him some of the comments and support he was getting on the UL FB Page and he just laughed and could not believe it. He is is legend and a true pro who thought of his crew and the game before himself. Tough as nails and proud to call him a friend.
  4. I am working on a few things right now and hope to have some testing done in the next month or two Exterior ABS protection with pad for impact displacement Separate additional pad (washable) for comfort and impact Also working on a generic low profile pad replacement idea
  5. be easier to wrap it in vinyl
  6. Hickman was just being Hickman...lol
  7. MLB 22 still uses them Hope you are back on the diamond
  8. 17.5 looks like they are in great shape https://www.ebay.com/itm/Umpire-Douglas-Shin-Guards-17-1-2-Great-Condition/133378238763?hash=item1f0df6692b:g:ayMAAOSwjANedONu
  9. Current bid: US $750.00 [ 13 bids ]
  10. * COVID-19 Update *In the best interest of our country, state, local community, local partners, coaches, umpires and most importantly, our employees, players and their families, whose health and safety we are obligated to protect, Cooperstown Dreams Park has determined it is necessary to cancel the 2020 season.All teams will receive a 100% refund or the option of future participation. Cooperstown Dreams Park employees will remain working at reduced hours and payroll, to the extent permitted by the mandates of Governor Cuomo.In response to calls by many levels of government for help from the private sector, we have notified the New York State Department of Health, Otsego County Emergency Services and Bassett Healthcare that our facilities are available for use, if needed in combating COVID-19 or for caring for those inflicted with the virus. Cooperstown Dreams Park will also establish a local food donation center and food kitchen for those in our community that are in need of basic essentials, as permitted by governmental agencies.Cooperstown Dreams Park was hoping to avoid this outcome, but it is the only responsible course of action. Like the rest of the nation, we have never experienced anything like this. We know our staff will be resilient and steadfast in its preparation for the 2021 season and that once again the joyous sounds of kids playing the game of baseball at Cooperstown Dreams Park will be heard.
  11. I have samples being made right now based on the old Mcdavid design
  12. Dealers had to return all units they had back to Riddell when the suit happened. It is possible they may not have been destroyed along with any inventory Riddell had on hand.
  13. You may find the sofa foam glued to the nylon of the WV Gold I took one apart and it was glued together
  14. Some are solid many are hollow but the Reebok and Adidas are not Titanium. From the photos...this is hollow due to the crimping on the tubes
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