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  1. kylejt

    No Call?

    "doing what he is supposed to do." is a very dangerous phrase that we should all avoid using. It's an easy protest trap by a savvy manager.
  2. kylejt

    No Call?

    Two very different things happened, IMO. First you have tangle/untangle, with a batted ball at the plate, and the catcher and batter indeed doing what they're supposed to do. (Yeah, I hate that expression for nearly every play we call, but it actually applies here) Then, after the initial contact, the BR actually stalls, looks back at the catcher, and then leans into him. There's your out.
  3. kylejt


    I'm noticing the brown belts, too. Fugly. But I've still got a stockpile of Elbeco's, as they go with the raft.
  4. Mine has gone real casual over time. I do pivot back with my right foot (on rightys), just to make sure I give the catcher a little more room.
  5. Look, years ago my dad had a '67 Shelby GT 500. Now the modern day GT 500 outperforms that '67 in every aspect. But the '67 is worth well north of $150K. Why? Because they're rare and cool. Combine those two things when you think of a Riddell.
  6. I agree with "All of the Above" Everyone has to be on board for this to work on the big diamond.
  7. That just makes sense, though, as everything is right in front of you. I've never understood why you'd be inside when working 4 man. Maybe just to see balks easier. Or, heading to first or third if U1/U3 goes out. Not much else.
  8. Yeah, no need to two Picasso's out there. Just a nice easy overhand toss, to make sure is manager knows what just happened, then a quiet word with the scorekeeper. Me, I'd have the scorecard in my hand as I flail over my head, just so the skipper knows he's leaving, and needs to modify his linenup, too.
  9. This is the one my daughter uses and recommends. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WSF6ZNT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. R3, fly ball to right. R3 decides to get an advantage, goes up the left field line 20 feet, and starts running toward the plate. He times it perfectly to hit the bag as the ball is caught, propelling him to the dish in a blur. He's safe by three feet as the throw coming in is late. Seeing all this, the defense throws the ball to third, and makes the appeal that R3 got a flying start. U3 makes the proper out call. Question: In the history of organized baseball, has this EVER happened?
  11. I'd get the Robert Kraft autographed model. (sorry, I'll take my bench restriction now.........)
  12. Quick, who it the protected infielder?
  13. The +POS low top oxford plate shoes are considered by many, including myself, to be the best looking shoes ever made. They're real leather, and polish up very nicely. They have a real steel toe, not some plastic nonsense. The soles release mud very well, and they will last a very long time if properly kept. Sounds perfect, no? But newer shoes, take any of the New Balance line, are far superior in performance. NB weigh about half as much, fit far better, and clean up with a wipe of a damp towel. An any newer shoes are far more comfortable that the +POS. It's like the difference between an expensive Italian dress shoe and a nice pair of Nike running shoes. I reserve my old, but great looking +POS shoes for special occasions, and only when working 4-6 man. To me, there's no reason to wear them if I need to run. As for the price, if these are going to be a special occasion shoe for you, AND they fit you, $75 is a great price IMO. They went for well north of a C note, and will last you a lifetime. But don't consider them as your Plan A shoes unless you're one of those umpires that plant themselves behind the plate, never removes your mask, and makes all your calls from the same position.
  14. Were helmets NOCSAE tested and approved with hats? Nope. Just sayin'...……………….
  15. Oh these kids. They never knew how hard we had to work to keep our +POS low tops looking good. Get your Zippo close to these new shoes, and they'll melt.
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