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  1. I remember getting really pissed after getting clocked by a thrown bat a couple of times in a row, Adrenaline is a powerful drug folks.
  2. Y'all do understand that any sort of wireless comms can be hacked, right?
  3. https://www.totalprosports.com/2017/10/11/sure-looks-like-this-cubs-coach-was-caught-using-an-apple-watch-in-the-dugout-video/
  4. Then someone will hack into that signal, and relay it into the tiny speaker in the batter's helmet. "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin' "
  5. This just hilarious. (caution: profane language in the video) If you haven't noticed teams stealing signs and relaying to the batter, you're either new, or not paying attention. Catching on to it is all about timing. It's that 2 second gap between the sign going down, and the pitcher getting set. Listen for something coming from the dugout, R2, or a basecoach. Sometimes it's a name, number, or phrase (spin on it! wait! or really off the wall stuff). In HS, the kids will pick up the signs from the manager in the other dugout, and relay that in. I've heard the kids bang a bat against the dugout floor for off speed stuff. If you're U2, you can see and hear that stuff going on all the time, if you pay attention. And it's all good fun, until someone uses a camera. Hell, you don't even need a camera, just someone in centerfield, and someone in the dugout with a smartwatch (read: CUBS). Next it will be a vibrating device on the batter, just wait.
  6. You need to be careful on how long the bill of your hat or helmet is. I've seen bills go right to edge of the frame, and that's dangerous. So, try to compress your springs/pads, and see if the bill could be contacted by the ball.
  7. Yeah, why the HELL are we still wearing wool hats? I mean, we've ditched the wool pants, right?
  8. I have one of those, but only use it on tough games, where I might need a set of brass knuckles to fight my way off a field. It's really, really heavy. Someone needs to stock the Mizuno, which is really light, crazy thin, and notched.
  9. I saw my old Gerry Davis shoes this afternoon that I donated to my local LL umpire closet. Still shiny, but man they're heavy compared to the latest and greatest. For pure looks, I still like my old +POS low top, with a Parade Gloss shine (reserved only for 4 person umpiring, now). Durability, and function: the old 450's. Bullet proof, and superior design. That all said, I wonder what we're all going to be wearing in five years.
  10. I went from +POS low tops (still the best looking shoe ever made), to the shiny GD's, to the NB450's, and all its relatives. I still long for the 450's, as they were the last of the steel toed, real leather plate shoes. Sad.
  11. No. They have a Hefty plastic garbage bag look.
  12. Oops, wrong forum.........
  13. My low tops are sized as all my other "normal" shoes (10.5). I've experience no heal slip. I do wear thick, cushioned socks. My old 450's worked at 11. And all my NB shoes are DD's.
  14. I thought we were over the patent leather look. I did spot my old ones at the LL field, in the umpire dressing room, this morning. The kids will wear them every once and a while. They were great, when the only other option were the old +POS oxfords. But since then more athletic shoes have taken over. Gerry can wear them because works 4 man, and rarely has to bust out from behind the plate. The rest of us need to move.
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