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  1. A lot of us wore all sorts of non-umpire plate shoes in the olden daze. That was until the NB450 came out, and revolutionized what we wore, and expected from athletic shoes.
  2. First, would a good cobbler be able to extend the life of your Reeboks? In my experience, some of those folks are magicians. My latest version of the NB's run true to my 10.5 size, unlike past versions of NB's (especially the old 450's)
  3. Champion tights from Walmart. Thin, with a great waistband. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Champion-Men-s-PowerFlex-Tights-P0880-407Z98/327485559 Me, I want that protection from ankle to the top strap of my shinguards. I even wear them as on the bases in the heat, as they seem to keep my legs cooler. The down side is the shinguards will rotate around a bit more on the slippery material. I did the long soccer socks thing, but found them too sweaty.
  4. Well, they sell last years Chevy's at a dicounted price when the new ones hit the showroom floor, right?
  5. If they were coming out with a newer version, logic would say they'd be lowering the price to empty stock on hand of the current model.
  6. Living in San Diego, most dry cleaners know this, but my uniform shop, where my LEO gear comes from, does a great job on proper pants hems.
  7. I like to call time when it actually speeds the game up, but doesn't take opportunities away from either team.
  8. Mine's coming next week. I have a CPU4000, a baseball Gorilla glued to the end of a golf club shaft, and a 6'4" son who hit a drive 320yds last week. Stand by.
  9. How well does that hat-helmet stay on when pulling off your mask, and busting down to third? That would be my chief concern. I just saw some recent "film" of the whole contraption coming off of an MLB umpire, as he was making a call at home.
  10. That's interesting. I've got TW's in my Rampage, and that setup fits my face just perfectly. But as my TW's age, I'd certainly entertain the WindPact's.
  11. I wish, but we're just not that big of a market, so we get catcher's hand-me-downs for the most part.
  12. What I find interesting is the MLB logo on the side of the mask. It also shows up on their website.
  13. As I await my Cobalt chest protector, this is still atop my All Star wish list. I got mine from a retiring MiLB umpire years ago, and haven't seen any evidence if this actually being in the market place. By far, this is the best plate brush I've ever used. Thin, perfect sized bristles, very well build, and non-brittle plastic. Good scraper, and great for plate cleaning. (and no, the old or new +POS aren't even close) Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the All Star PB-2. Jim, could you put a bug in the ear of the AS folks re this one?
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