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  1. Having failed at painting a Platinum, I can also vote for a wrap. Get a cool looking carbon fiber wrap.
  2. That's a re-logoed Diamond. Lots of reviews of it on Ump-Attire. Seems like a winner. I'd consider it IF it had removable padding for cleaning. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Chest-Protectors/DCP-PRO_Diamond-Pro-Umpire-Chest-Protector
  3. They've now got a live chat option on their website, so I'd start there. Tell them you need a certain item by a certain date, and ask if they can do it.
  4. Are they going to make the carbon fiber chest protector we were banging around several years ago? That would be cool.
  5. An updated harness will make it feel like a completely different rig. You will not believe the difference it makes. Oh, and my old Platinum took a season to conform to me. Wear it in a sauna, if you have one nearby.
  6. Why, oh why is anyone bothering with any sort of post season at this point? They should just play games for the other 90% of the league, not just the All Star kids, IMO. If they're going to just play a 6-7 week regular season, I'd expect a lot of players/parents to not bother with it. If we do a post season, it will be a city tournament, with all teams playing.
  7. The ability to remove and wash the padding is a BIG part of why this rig continues to be the best for the money. And like Jeff states, swap out the harness, and you've got protection that's about as good as it gets.
  8. kylejt

    Ruling on this play

    HA! This is just a Seinfeld episode. A show about nothing. I'm here just for the comedy.
  9. That doesn't look like it's ever been worn. What's the story?
  10. kylejt

    Mask hand

    Opps! Yeah, LEFT hand.
  11. kylejt

    Mask hand

    Removing the mask, as you hold your indicator in the right hand, isn't an easy thing to master. Getting the thumb and ring finger placed just right in the frame takes some practice. Up and out to start with, then just a flip to the left when you get that down. Loose harness, snug hat is a must for that one.
  12. Mating the plate shoes and the shin guards is such an important, yet overlooked, detail in total performance. They might work great on their own, but the really need to fit properly to work together. I'm in the low cut group, too, because they work well with my platinum shins. But that's me. That won't work for everyone, as my leg length is probably different than yours. Trial and error, I'm afraid. And that makes UA's return policy that much better.
  13. kylejt

    No Call?

    "doing what he is supposed to do." is a very dangerous phrase that we should all avoid using. It's an easy protest trap by a savvy manager.
  14. kylejt

    No Call?

    Two very different things happened, IMO. First you have tangle/untangle, with a batted ball at the plate, and the catcher and batter indeed doing what they're supposed to do. (Yeah, I hate that expression for nearly every play we call, but it actually applies here) Then, after the initial contact, the BR actually stalls, looks back at the catcher, and then leans into him. There's your out.
  15. kylejt


    I'm noticing the brown belts, too. Fugly. But I've still got a stockpile of Elbeco's, as they go with the raft.
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