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  1. Are neoprene harnesses more prone to sticking to your hats?
  2. You might be an umpire if you see some sort of argument going on anywhere (Costco parking lot, Starbucks, etc) then throw up your hands and yell "TIME!" I did that once in a bar, where two patrons were about to throw down. So startingly it was that everyone stopped and revaluated the dumb situation (including myself).
  3. Ugg, "no new inning". This is a conduit for stalling and other nonsense. I know that WP really doesn't care much about anything other than THE TOURNAMENT, but they shoulda thought better about this. But thanks for pointing this out. Lots got lost in the shuffle last year.
  4. Did this make the rulebook for 2021? I musta missed it. If so, did they outline how the game would end? Drop dead, one more inning after, etc?
  5. If you're not using an updated harness (if your current one has a plastic thingy on the back, for example) do that first. I like the slim, small, Mizuno indicators. They're on eBay and Amazon. I went with elastic shoe laces last season. No more looking down to see if my shoes are tied. I'm wearing a RoadID bracelet on the field now. It has all my basic contact info on it is very light, and obvious to health care workers. (if you're knocked out, then what? Think about it). I use them on my bike rides/races, and in my LE volunteer gig. Just makes sense.
  6. Why does my neck hurt now? (and thanks for the great review and pics)
  7. Look, you can eliminate all this nonsense with a simple rule change that I was able to make at our local many years ago. One more inning after x minutes. In our only minors that keeps score (9-10's), it's 90 minutes. Once you hit 90 minutes, you're going to play one more inning. We've used this for over a dozen years, and it really works. It stopped all the stalling, etc. Do understand that in Majors in above there are no time limits (okay, there's a few exceptions) As for 60 between innings, that's all on the coaches. If they're organized (yeah, I know), they can dress a catcher in 10 seconds). But if a dugout has three adults standing around, with a catcher in the dugout struggling to find/install the tools of ignorance, I'm going to, in a very LOUD voice, remind them of their duties. (understand that we've had this conversation in the manager's preseason meeting already).
  8. Jockey makes a "sports" boxer/brief, with lots of little ventilation holes them. My "go to". Top it with the Nutty Buddy, a single layer jock strap (no need for the NB two layer pocket) then tights. For me, it's a perfect solution. https://www.boscovs.com/shop/prod/mens-jockey-2pk-athletic-rapidcool-performance-boxer-briefs/129462.htm I got mine at Target.
  9. That's exactly what I use. None of that "floating" stuff for me. I want to know where my cup is, and not have it wandering around down there.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284558266326?hash=item4240fe8fd6:g:5FoAAOSw0Q1hbgVf
  11. Just an FYI, I'm of Geezer age, but hopefully not of that mentality. I have my kids try to keep me in check on that.
  12. First, the only folks it matters to is a sub-set of other umpires. 98.3% of non-umpires couldn't care less what color we wear, or, if we match. A number of years ago a retired MiLB umpire donated dozens of Honig's navy jerseys to my Jr. umpire program. Another donor bought us at least a dozen navy pull over jackets. So to dump them to go to another color would be silly in my case. Umpires that come to my park (LL, for reference) are free to wear whatever they wish. Now, that all said, it's called a "uniform" for a reason. I do like that we all match out there, and I personally have a full kaleidoscope of colors I travel with. I also have a few of most colors in my dressing room at my park. So our baseline is match if you can. Now, navy shirts have been pretty consistent for around 20 years, with red and white stripes on the collars. Black, on the other hand, several different variants (small white stripes, white down the sides, charcoal side panels, etc). So when you say black, you need to be specific (for those who care).
  13. It's neither. It's called the MLU, and it's a tier level down from the Gold/Platinum models. It's good protection, though. They typically retail for around $100.
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