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  1. You're going to get a lot of "the best is.........". Fit is often overlooked, and shouldn't be. What fits me like a glove, may fit you like a shoe one size too small. Hence, it's best to try them on before you buy. Me, I like the following: All Star System 7. IMO, the best protection on the market. It has removable, washable pads, that you can get a spare set for, and switch out easily. It's always nasty to put on a sweaty chest protector on your second plate of the day. Great harness, and it dips down to cover my lower ribs on both side. The Champion P2xx is the best for the money. Three different sizes. Swap in a newer harness, and you have solid protection. If you can get the model with a velcro pad set, instead of riveted in ones, that's a bonus. The Douglas, WV Gold and Platinum are great choices. Again, update those harnesses, unless you get the latest Wilson. There's a new Diamond that looks promising.
  2. My '65 Mustang had a padded dash as a boastful safety feature. I think my Lexus has more airbags than a House full of Representatives. Thank you progress.
  3. I took one ball to the ribs, then tried to send it back. They wouldn't take it. No bueno.
  4. I really like my Champro magnesium frame. I did ditch the worthless pads and dopey harness.
  5. Protection, a some point, is a trade off. The ill fated Davishield was a very low profile c/p. Trouble is that it couldn't protect you against a baseball. My AllStar System 7, IMO, the best protection you can buy ( if it fits your body). And yeah, it's a bit bulky. I've got what might be the "Holy Grail" of protectors. Low profile, and "cool". But trust me, it doesn't protect as well as my AllStar. In the end, you need to cover all your boney parts with protection against the velocity of the balls attacking you at the level you're working at.
  6. kylejt

    Rubbing Mud

    It does take some time, especially if you're new to it. Getting the right amount of mud and water, on a consistent basis, takes time to get right. Do a lot, once you get the hang of it. One my former Junior umpires, who recently "retired" from AA ball, gave me a couple of jars, and some good instructions. It's an art to get it just right, but pretty cool.
  7. kylejt

    Rubbing Mud

    http://www.baseballrubbingmud.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Session_ID=eee7d39735352ef6468f8c4bc7797d59&Screen=PROD&Store_Code=BRM&Product_Code=LBRM-Sm&Category_Code=Baseball_Rubbing_Mud This is the real deal. Will last a long time, if you use it properly.
  8. Interesting, I wonder why he didn't do both.
  9. I live my Champro magnesium frame. But the pads are less then worthless. TW's go in all my frames, as I like the science that went into them, AND I live in San Diego, so the weather is rarely a concern.
  10. And All Star looks like you're wearing a sports bra on your head.
  11. If that's the case, perhaps the bill is shorter. So perhaps the "one size fits most" may not work for us.
  12. I need to replace my old stand by, and nobody seems to even have heard of this one. PB-2. It's like the old +POS brush, with a scraper end, but really high quality.
  13. What pads are you using?
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