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  1. For those not familiar with implementing rule 7.13, it is, by far, the most entertaining rule to enforce. I mean, pulling runs off the board, and runners out of the dugout, as managers scratch their heads, and scorekeepers throw up their hands. Now, granted, it's a hair complicated, so many either don't bother, or worse, just don't care. That's a shame because they're missing a lot of fun.
  2. I've got a silver All Star Mag mask, and would be happy to swap for your black one. 

    One chip on the inside, per the pic. Understand if that's a deal breaker.



    inside mask.jpg

    1. kylejt




  3. @Thunderhead, lock it down, I've got a solution.
  4. Just an FYI. I'm 6'1", and took the "wings" off my Cobalt, and placed them on the bottom to just cover my last ribs. Worked out great, so didn't need the lower extension.
  5. I have three Majestic Cool base jerseys in great shape. All are XL. I would like to trade them for Large. Maybe even a Medium. So, if COVID made your shirts shrink, I've got your solution. Trade only, not for sale. Holler!
  6. I did the same thing last weekend, and an A and a B bag. Everyday, and backup, with new stuff going in the A bag, some "relegating" to the B, and the rest getting donated to the local league's umpire room.
  7. Can someone please post the rule. I'd love to see that wording, and how they define this.
  8. It seems every brand/model of pants have a different shade of grey. Luckily, those Smitty pants are the new normal.
  9. I still have my System 7, in addition to the Cobalt. I think the S7 is a bit more protective, especially at the collar bone. The Cobalt is a bit slimmer and lighter on me. It's been a game day decision on what I use. I do like having extra pads on the S7, in case I need to do two plates in a day.
  10. I'd never question anyone's choice for more protection. I know umpires that either use the raft, or wear the best on the market, because of heart issues. Others that can't/won't work the plate because of cornea problems. We're all out there at a calculated risk, weighing all the factors, and hopefully making informed decisions. And then there's those that don't bother with a throat protector, so...............................:)
  11. No NOCSAE requirements for any umpire gear. #noonecares
  12. To me, there's a difference with "wear what the pros wear" and "wear pro gear". I've asked a couple of MLB umpires what they wear, and why, and wasn't impressed. "Whatever they send in the box" was one response. I've observed others get injured wearing a bucket, and still wear the same thing. Those forehead shots are no joke. So I'm a proponent of wearing professional grade gear, not just what we see guys on TV doing. We seem to hold them on some sort of pedestal. Some are very thoughtful about their protection. Others, not so much. And remember, MLB guys do a plate only every 4 or 5 days .Most of us are doing 4 or 5 a week, if not more, and don't have a professional catcher in front of us.
  13. There's no good, reasonable reason not wear pro gear. None. Do I need to repeat my story about my heart rhythm being messed up in a 10 year old game while wearing less than pro gear?
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