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  1. How was that ever a thing to begin with?
  2. Here's hoping you paid a Champro price. That would be a great deal.
  3. I wonder if it makes a farting sound as the air exits the pads. I'd pay for that. Actually, I find this quite interesting. Am I going to ditch my current rig? I dunno. Maybe.
  4. Man, that's a hard slap. The one and two for the next two years is costly. Message sent, loud and clear.
  5. I always have a pro hem my pants. I get mine a little shorter in the front, than the back. I have them hem up a lot of material as the extra weight on the plate pants tends to pull them down, and keep them from binding up and looking goofy. And yeah, wear your shin guards and plate shoes when getting fitted.
  6. Well damn, I thought that was a good way to punish a team. Okay, how 'bout taking away the liquor license for their stadium for a year. That'll hit the owners where it hurts.
  7. I think the thing that galls me the most is that the rule is optional at the local level. Look, either it's UC or it's not. You can't have a rule that calls for the death penalty (multiple ejections) for just games on your precious TV show, but it's okay to do in April. Someone find me the logic in that.
  8. You're probably asking because an umpire limited you to one batter in between innings, which is the Little League rule.
  9. Here's my take: If this is so awful, as to require the removal of all the offenders and the manager, why is this rule optional for the local league in the regular season? This is only a made for TV rule, because some announcer called it cheating on an ESPN broadcast, and someone is a sportcoat in Williamsport lost their mind. No other reason, folks. Oh, I guess it's okay to steal and relay the bunt sign, right? BTW, the warning only pertains to this lame sign stealing rule (please make them stop, Mr. Coach). You can still dump a player for calling you blind without a warning. Idiots.
  10. It'll probably be draft picks, and the teams will appeal to delay the punishment to the back pages of the sports pages (which no one reads anyways) The average fan has no clue about this, and worse, doesn't really care. We, as a nation, aren't as passionate about our national pass time as we were when we were kids. You want to hamstring a team, remove a roster spot for them for a season. Make the bench a little shorter. That'll send a message.
  11. I do have one of those, and they're sorta okay. The previous, gray model, was my favorite until I was given the All Star. This new +POS is really hard and sharp plastic, with no give. I worked over every edge with a file so they wouldn't tear up my pockets or cut me. The bristles are too stiff, and too long. had to trim them down. The bristles slide in the handle and move around. Gorilla glue solves this. All that said, I still prefer it over anything currently on the market. My local fields have breakaway bases, so having a thin small brush on the bases is handy, and keeps things moving along. The scrapper can move a lot dirt quickly, then finish with the brush.
  12. Well, that's a shame, but to me, quite telling. I wonder if they still have any sort of deal with the MLB guys this year. I mean the Gold and Platinum are still solid go-to's, but the Davishield was a flop. But with the Douglas/Smitty almost getting it right (why no removable, washable padding? So close). Wilson is losing ground every season. I wonder who's waiting in the wings with some "revolutionary" stuff. Now, if Smitty were smart, they'd license TW technology, use their name, put that padding in their current design, but make it removable.
  13. They're close, but heavier, thicker, and no scrapper on one end. Besides that............. But that, and a file, are probably Plan B.
  14. Still looking for one of these.
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