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  1. Mac, did you ever upgrade the harness on your Gold? That makes a HUGE difference.
  2. I would not consider the Cobalt low profile. The padding might be just a tad thinner than the Gold, but not by much. (that said, I love it, and it's my #1 right now) I'd consider the Champion P2xx low profile, and some TW retrofits with a proper harness. Also the worthless Davishield. What I really like about the Cobalt is the ability to move the pads around to configure it to your body. Plus I think it's second to only to the System 7 in overall protection. And second only by a hair.
  3. Better off banning plastic trash cans.
  4. Cue the penguin joke...............................
  5. Gotta love Fall ball. As new catcher approaches the dish...... "Coach, I'm not wearing my glasses!" "Oh, don't worry about it" Me: (*#$#%!) Pictured: My newest Jr umpire on the dish. 11 year old Doug Harvey's great grandson. .
  6. Once you keep score and standing, you need umpires. It's really that simple. Now, when you start keeping score and standings is always going to be a question.
  7. Reminds me of.....................
  8. I would think that the MLB guys would not want to go backwards on quality, as the Majestic's were well built.
  9. Mark, we see your confusion. So simply touching the line, without going over, is a legal start position. Perhaps you were instructed wrong at some point. Well, now you know better, so that's a good thing.
  10. Here's my observation, going back 20 years. When I first started umpiring, I'd watch these televised games and wondered how the umpires were selected. Again, in my observation back then, it looked like most guys were getting a retirement gold watch for their many years of service. And that's fine. But they seemed much older, and less mobile than what you see now. I go back to the 2001 games, where U2 missed a missed base because he was so focused on getting inside. (it went against our local team, so that's why it sticks in my head). It seems after that the umpires got more nimble (read: younger). Also, I observed that going back to hands on knees after a call was the norm. Also, staring at first base after and out/safe call was an odd mechanic in noticed. Now I rarely see that. So, we, as a group, have evolved over time. Another evolutionary move was bringing in the selected umpires to WP months before the tournament for sort of an evaluation. Again, IMO, this was more to take the surprise element out of it, and maybe make some corrections/suggestions. In the past there have been some "interesting" mechanics, especially from umpires that come from across the pond.
  11. Oh, and I do have a red on red mask somewhere. My son or I would wear it when dealing with real a-hole managers, especially to draw attention to ourselves. We called it "El Diabo". It would make an appearance every three or fours, for "special occasions only".
  12. Personally, I think glossy belts bring far more attention, so what do I know? Oh, we polish our shoes to a high gloss, but no one pays attention to that, right? (honestly, what non-umpires would think of these conversations would be hilarious. My daughter said this sounds like locker room talk. In the girl's junior high locker room, that is) We are all but slaves to fashion .......
  13. 5-6 inches behind the box and touching the plate? I think I've seen most games, and would have noticed that. So would the guys I know working there.
  14. Soooooooooo, back to the original questions about robotic mechanics. These guys are not only pretty decent umpires, but most are Regional instructors. So they're actually trying to model what they teach. Oh, and most to them also do other "flavors" of ball, too. Adult league, tournament stuff, HS, etc. It's pretty rare to encounter LL umpires who strictly do LL. Some do. Now we know what umpire school is like. Repetitive, robotic moves, that drill them into your head. And then you after a while you get your own "style" if you will. These guys you're watching now are all World Series veterans, called back because of COVID. And actually, they're really less "robotic" as they have nothing to prove.
  15. "The coach had been yelling throughout the game at the plate umpire regarding balls and strikes, who had warned him several times, "We're not going to argue balls and strikes." I think by now you see the actual problem. Now I work with a lot of Junior umpires, and I do my best to let them handle their own business as PU's. But as a BU you do have options. You can quietly tell the first base coach "This $#!+ needs to end now", and have him take that message back to the dugout with him. Or wander over to the dugout on a change over. "Skipper, I have no idea who's barking from in here, but it ends now" and walk away.
  16. I've worked 60' base paths (little field) with 6 umpires. Some crews would have U3 slide inside to second, if U2 went out, and UL would take third. For televised games they didn't want that done, for fear of F ups. And it doesn't work on the 90' field, as UL is too far away.
  17. Trade done, admins please lock this up.
  18. Out of the base path? Maybe, but that's a geometry question. I can see it either way. As for the head first, was it a slide? I think the whole questions there, as LL brain trusts I've heard from, was there a slide involved? Some say there was no skidding along the ground, thus no slide. Others don't take that into account, and just see the head leading the advance.
  19. Oh, I'm sure they'll be right on it if they thought the call was wrong. Not.
  20. But was there actually a slide along the ground? I think that's what the Q is for many. Either way you see it, it's close, and interesting.
  21. It's head first, for sure. But the questions is, was it actually a slide? Was there skidding along the dirt involved? I think that's been a criteria for this ruling for some LL "experts". I'm not so sure the runner actually, fully passed the plate, for determining "going back" to the base. Didn't look like it to me.
  22. Trade I have a near new F3 helmet, that just doesn't fit my noggin. UA bag and extra straps included. Size 7 1/8"-7 1/2". I'd like either a v2 three spring mask, or 16.5/17" F3 shin guards.
  23. To me, that sudden stop and silence is far more effective in distracting a pitcher than the even volume cheers. To me, if they increase it during the delivery, then I'll have a word with the skipper. Aside from that, I won't kick that hornet's nest, and let the kids have fun. And yeah, go watch a softball game you baseball guys. In the end, it's a judgement on if it's intended to cause a balk/IP.
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