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  1. Brand new umpire here again. I really greatly appreciate everyone advice. I just received these in the mail today. https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/S394X/Smitty-Performance-Poly-Spandex-Charcoal-Grey-Umpire-Base-Pants-with-Expander-Waistband They seem to be lighter than the traditional Charcoal Grey color because of the Performance Poly. Are more umpires going to the performance poly. I just don't want to show up to the field with a lighter looking color pants.
  2. South Carolina is 65 Varsity and 54 JV/Middle school. Jv Middle school is 2 hour drop dead. Also get .45 cents each way for mileage. There is also a minimum with mileage. Varsity is 74 and JV Middle school is 61. For me I will make around $80 for a middle school/JV game and around $92 for a Varsity.
  3. No there will be two umpires on the field for middle school. I'm 32 and have been a head coach for a Senior American Legion Baseball team for the past 11 years. I'm sure like every other place in American we are so short staffed on umpires that they are willing to train and give everyone the opportunity to learn at the lower levels. Plus base rate and .45 cents a mile is pretty good money.
  4. I am going to start umpiring this Spring as a Middle School/JV umpire on the bases only. I was really looking for Majestic Gear but I can't seem to find it in Large anywhere. (shirts,jacket,pullover) I know that it is discontinued. Does anyone have a links where you could still order that stuff? I just received my Smitty gear in the mail. I love the way the shirt fits but I noticed how wide the collar is on the shirt compared to my Nike Golf collard shirts. Is that something that I will just have to get used to? Or is there a brand that makes a collar not as wide or thick? I really didn't like the new smitty thermal jacket just didn't fit correctly. The New Smitty pull over with the grey pannels that you can zip off the sleeves I really liked how it fit. Also, since Nike took over from Majestic at the MLB level......Has Nike announced any Umpire gear that they will be selling anytime soon? Thanks for all the advice!
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