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  1. He's a third of the way to third, the ball is still in the infield, if it didn't hit him it's on its way to the outfield grass. Doubtful F7 or F8 is anywhere close, heck I could probably score from second on a grounder towards left center!
  2. He probably smacked himself for getting hit by the ball, if he doesn't get hit he scores on the play!
  3. What do you mean by play stops? Did the umps call "Time"? This is a live ball, play on (unless some sort of shift was on where another infielder had a play on the ball).
  4. Saw the play. R3 and ball rolling down the third base line. F5 touched the ball but it bounced off her glove and bounced foot or two away (foul territory). IF the call had been been overturned (foul to fair) I would have placed the batter on first (due to the deflection, F5 could probably not have thrown her out). I would have kept R3 at third (not scoring on a ball half way down the third baseline). It was very close but correctly ruled foul (IMO). The other very close call that was overturned was the play at first in the first inning. Originally ruled as out number three but upon replay the call was changed to safe resulting in R3 scoring the first run of the game.
  5. Lou B

    Intentional walk rule

    I'm not granting the manager's request to IBB four batters. Who knows, maybe the other manager wants to sub in a batter. So, when the first batter steps in the box the defensive manager can request the IBB. Same for the next batter. At that point I would think the offensive manager would catch on to what was going on and ask for "Time" and take a little while to put up a sub for the next batter or talk to the next batter before he walks to the batter's box. By that time "game ovet"! It takes two to Tango. It was 1:44 and still in the bottom of the third inning!!!
  6. 15 seconds left, 6 seconds left: we're you watching a clock or the game?
  7. I know that, that's not what I meant. Why the NOTE about (l) and (m) not applying to majors and minors when (l) and (m) already say they only apply to intermediate, juniors and seniors?
  8. This might be "nit picking" but (l) and (m) both start with the words: "Intermediate (50/70) Division/Junior/Senior League only", so why do you need a NOTE that says they don't apply in Little League (Majors) and Minors? Just askin'
  9. His hands can't be behind him or directly over his head but as long as they are "in front of his body" he's fine.
  10. Set Position: holding the ball in both hands in front of the body and coming to a complete stop.
  11. Lou B

    Stike zone

    Of course, the strike zone does not vary from batter to batter if you are playing in the Atlantic League where the computer is calling strikes!
  12. Lou B


    When it comes to Ejections every umpire has his/her own limits. So, the answer is, it depends! If it were me in a 15-17 game, I'm probably giving a warning.
  13. We drove down this spring to see them play in Fort Myers and they played the one bounce rule. I do think those games used the Knickerbocker Rules but it could even be a different set of rules. They use the Massachusetts Rules for their home games. This week they are in St. Louis, not sure which rule set they will be playing by.
  14. Speaking of rules from the 1850s, my brother in Massachusetts plays on a Vintage Baseball team (Mudville Baseball Club). They travel all over the country to play. They normally play by the Massachusetts Rules of 1858 but also play by other rule sets when travelling. Regarding fly balls, if the ball is hit to the outfield and is caught on one bounce the batter is out! The games are pretty fun to watch. Several of their players were used in filming the scenes in Fenway Park for the movie The Catcher was a Spy.
  15. On a caught foul fly ball the ball remains live, as such, runners may tag up/attempt to advance at their own risk. That's why, in rare cases, it's better to let the ball drop foul than to catch it.
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