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  1. Lou B


    So, what happened when you Protested? When you Protest two good things can happen: 1) if there is more than one ump the umps get together to discuss the call and they hopefully get it right. 2) if the ump(s) get it wrong hopefully the Protest Committee gets it right and the umpire(s) "learn" the correct ruling. Of course, if the umpires were correct then you "learn" something! Nothing wrong with Protesting!
  2. As previously stated, once the pitcher disengages properly he, in essence, becomes an infielder and cannot Balk. He can feint a throw to any base without penalty.
  3. Ok, as described, it appears the batters jumped out of the way to not get hit but then jumped back in the way and got hit. If that is what happened, especially on a pitch rolling on the ground, I've got a dead ball "ball" and the batter is not awarded first. Maybe that's just me but it sounds like the batter intentionally jumped back in to the path of the ball in order to get hit.
  4. Lou B

    Does the run count

    It is not a force out because the runner was not "forced" to advance because of the action of the batter. The appeal for the runner leaving early can be made by tagging the base or tagging the runner before returning to the base.
  5. Lou B

    Does the run count

    Third out, appeal for leaving second too early, is a time play, run scores. Now if R3 also left early and it is properly appealed for the advantageous 4th out, no runs score.
  6. We're in Florida, our leagues/teams had already played for 3-4 weeks (6-8 games) before getting shut down in mid-March. If we add another 6-7 weeks (12-14 games) in June and July and that's an 18-20 game season, even more with some Inter-League Games. That's what we usually play in a Regular Season anyway. Having a shortened All Star Tournament in August isn't depriving the non-All Stars from their normal amount of Regular Season games. By the way, nothing says that the leagues can't just keep playing and skip All Stars if that's what they want to do and I know some are thinking about doing just that. In fact, nothing is making the leagues re-start it they don't want to, and a few are thinking about not re-starting or waiting a few more weeks before re-starting. ========== As for players/parents not bothering to sign-up for only a 6-7 week season, when I lived in upstate NY and in northern Michigan some years we were happy to get in a 6-7 week season!
  7. Florida was given the OK to start, with approval from the local county/city/town. Our LL started practicing two days ago (May 26). Plans are for two weeks of practices and then games from mid-June to the end of July. Possible District, Sectional and State Tournaments in August. Leagues are following the LL Resumption Guide Best Practices. Participation is purely Voluntary but even so, leagues are requiring signed Liability Waivers (similar to Babe Ruth).
  8. It's either: If you build it they will come OR There's a sucker born every minute.
  9. Back to an Umpire Board! With states/counties/cities/towns re-opening, anyone getting back to umpiring? Are the Plate Umps behind the Pitcher? What kind of rotations are being used?
  10. The thread that noumpere mentioned is under UMPIRE MECHANICS. At this point in time it has over 30 responses.
  11. Sorry, I must have messed up, I thought I was logging in to an Umpire Forum!
  12. Since there are no specified two man mechanics with the PU behind the pitcher then I guess you can do whatever you want? Put the second ump about 10 feet behind home plate! He gets the fair/foul calls down the baselines. Once the ball is hit, the ump behind the pitcher rotates/covers what the field ump usually covers and the ump behind the plate rotates/covers what the plate ump usually covers. "sarcasm" - maybe!
  13. Lou B

    Ruling on this play

    I started playing LL when I was 6 and played till I was 12, then played Legion ball (back then 'LL stopped at 12). Started umpiring at my local LL at 16. Umpired through high school and college and also coached while in college. Didn't do much my first 2-3 years of work but got back into umpiring and coaching after that (LL and PONY and later some Dixie and Travel Ball). In my late 20s I got elected to my first BOD and have been active on a local Board or a District Board just about ever year since then. I'm now 69 so, not counting the 2-3 years I wasn't involved, that means I have been involved in youth baseball for about 60 years. As I said before, I have NEVER seen a short stop make a catch on a warning track, not even on a ball anywhere near a warning track. Have You? As always, I could be wrong!
  14. Lou B

    Ruling on this play

    Sorry, no way a LL short stop is "camping under" a ball hit to the warning track! Never seen it, never will. (and Yes, I said never).
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