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  1. Lou B

    Infield fly

    He tagged up and scored on an IFF to F6! What did F6 do after he caught the ball?
  2. One thing that can affect the answer is: did F4 have a play on the ball?
  3. Lou B

    Infield fly

    Did R3 properly tag up and score or did R3 take off when the ball was hit?
  4. Most LL Safety Rules are based on injury history. Talk to someone in Williamsport in Risk Management, you'll learn a lot. Lots and lots of sliding injuries, that's why the rule. As for the head-first sliding, in the vast majority of cases a head-first slide while advancing is at full speed, not so on returning. In another move to reduce sliding injuries LL requires disengageable bases.
  5. Lou B

    Joe West

    Joe West ejected the National's General Manager from the upper deck Luxury Box for not wearing a mask!
  6. There is no MC Rule in LL. The runner could be ejected for unsportsmanlike contact but he would not be out and his run would score, as would the subsequent runner. Again, without a video it is difficult to say if an Obstruction call was warranted. In LL, the catcher cannot block the plate without possession of the ball.
  7. "Next inning he is back at F6." I'd call "Time" and ask the manager why an ejected player is back in the game. When he says the TD says it's OK for him to keep playing, I'd call for the TD. I'd tell the TD either the kid plays or I umpire but not both, your choice! In either case, subsequently, a call/report to my Assignor will follow.
  8. No calling time here, let the play continue. The players need to know the situation.
  9. The out counts but the runner can "tag-up" (leave the base) once the first fielder touches the ball (or the ball touches him). Since there were no outs the run scores, if there were two outs it would not.
  10. In MLB there is an Exception to the 15 out/5 inning official game for things like light failures and certain other issues so the ruling was that the "defective tarp" was the reason the game could not be completed. So, the game was suspended.
  11. No problem at all, lightning can easily strike in clear blue skies. Lightning often strikes before the storm arrives and after it passes. The times I have been there and it has gone off in the vast majority of cases we had had lightning. Even when it doesn't lightning it's better to be safe than sorry. We get storms with dark skies that end up with just rain and no lightning, yes, it happens. Had one yesterday at the house. Dark skies, high winds, torrential rain for about 5 minutes then clear skies, no lightning at all. If it was a game I was umpiring I definitely would have cleared the fields when I saw it coming! As for Thor-Guard, whenever time I've been there and it has gone off under blue skies a storm has rolled in within 20-30 minutes, sometimes with lightning, sometimes not. Not disputing your National Weather Service guy but Thor-Guard is marketed and sold as a Lightning Prediction System!
  12. Makes sense He's arguing balls/strikes that you're calling from behind the mound. He deserves to get tossed.
  13. No problem with the ejection. He pretty much ejected himself. One question, how do you know what he said to his pitcher during his visit? Was he yelling or is your hearing that good?
  14. Lou B

    Joe West

    One of my fondest LL umpiring stories. Batter swings and immediately the lights go out! I wake up in a bed in the emergency room with my wife taking next to me. After an X-Ray and some tests I'm OK to go home (with a good size lump in the side of my Head from the thrown bat). Head out and the waiting room is full of coaches, players and parents from both teams. PRICELESS
  15. Don't have that problem around here in Central Florida, everyone knows lightning kills! Most of the fields around here (all of them in my county) have Thor-Guard or something similar. Alarm goes off, everyone to the parking lot. No one back until the All Clear sounds (minimum 30 minutes). I've been at couple of the fields that use a smart phone lightning app. Same principle, everyone to their cars until All Clear announced. I've been at fields with clear blue skies and had Thor-Guard go off. I've also been at fields with dark skies and Thor-Guard never went off.
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