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  1. My only criticism is granting time while the play was still in progress. You said the runner on third started back towards second when the defensive coach asked for time and you granted it. Probably should have held up the hand (stop sign) and waited till the runner got back to second, returned to third, was tagged out, whatever. Once the play was over you grant the coach time. I agree that it you were 100% sure of your call then don't ask for help.
  2. Runner on first, pitcher throws a Wild Pitch, runner advances to second. Is it a Stolen Base - No. Batter at the plate. Pitcher throws a Wild Pitch, batter runs to first. Why is it a Stolen Base? They changed the rule but didn't think about the ramifications of how to score it! Hopefully they will issue guidance on how all of this should be scored.
  3. Lou B


    Score the run. Punish Stupidity.
  4. How can it be a fielder's choice? Did the new rule specify that it how it is scored because it certainly doesn't meet the definition of a fielder's choice. Then again, if you're changing the rules who cares about definitions! Again, to me he got to first on a WP or PB not a FC.
  5. Lou B

    Dropped 3rd ump error

    I'm not going to try to figure out some scenario that makes the umps call correct. The batter started to run to first and also told the ump the ball hit the ground. The plate ump missed the call (it happens) and then the umps blew the fix (sorry no do-over).
  6. Do you actually think he would admit he did it on purpose? Sorry, no normal runner takes that path on that play!
  7. Lou B

    Dropped 3rd ump error

    Probably stopped due to the confusion on the strike three call. Point is, why would he start to run to first if he fouled off the pitch?
  8. Lou B

    Dropped 3rd ump error

    If the batter fouled off the pitch why would he run to first base?
  9. Lou B

    Dropped 3rd ump error

    Nothing in the original post indicated the batter fouled off the pitch. Sounds to me like the ump made a mistake on the call and after conferring he (they) decided the way to fix it was a do-over. Of course, anything is possible!
  10. In The Tournament only the Charter Committee can declare a Forfiet. In a Single or Double Elimination Bracket the Forfeit is treated the same as any Loss. In Pool Play, the Charter Committee will decide how the game is scored/handled. That is, if the Charter Committee believes the game was intentionally Forfeited to affect the Run Ratio Tie-Breaker the Committee can take whatever action needed to negate the affect, up to and including removal of the Forfeiting Team from The Tournament.
  11. Lou B

    Dropped 3rd ump error

    There are no "do-overs" in this situation. The umpire made a mistake so the umpire fixes it. In this case, I agree with the post above, it's more than likely the batter/runner would have been thrown out at first, he's out, play on.
  12. Treat it like reaching base on an error, after all it's probably either a passed ball or a wild pitch.
  13. Forget about the Curve Ricky, throw him the Heater!
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