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  1. Lou B

    No Call?

    1997 WS, Reggie Jackson hits 3 consecutive first pitch home runs off three different pitchers. When asked about it after the game Joe Torre said: he was just doing what he's supposed to do!
  2. Lou B

    No Call?

    Most of the time Yes. R2, ball hit between F5 and F6. In the umpire's judgement, F5 is the protected fielder. F6 charging in and running into R2 would be obstruction.
  3. Lou B

    No Call?

    Yes and No. His job is to run the bases but his job is also to not get hit by the ball.
  4. I live in The Villages, ~ 175,000 retirees living "the good life" (STD capital of Florida!). Pretty much everything is closed except for the grocery stores. The only things hard to find are paper goods, disinfectants and eggs! All social activities shut down except for the 50+ golf courses. The wife and I have been playing just about every day, in addition to walking the dogs several times a day. They just opened a drive-up test facility.
  5. So, Trump is pushing getting America back to work, the cure is worse than the problem. He just said things should hopefully be back in "19 days" which is mid-April. If the Feds say "back to work" will sports organizations follow?
  6. maven, I think the word "retouch" is causing confusion. R3, one out, fly ball to the outfield. Ball hits the fielder's glove and pops-up into the air. R3, standing on third, takes off for the plate. The fielder then subsequently "catches" the ball. R3 does NOT have to go back and "retouch" third base after the catch is made.
  7. As previously stated the runner may leave once the ball is touched. The runner does not have to wait till the ball is caught. This prevents the exact situation (juggling the ball) that you describe.
  8. As for travel team coaches trying to continue playing, You Can't Fix Stupid. I would hope the players/parents are smart enough to say NO. That said, I know some travel ball parents who would probably go along with it. Stupid is as Stupid does.
  9. LL just extended their recommended suspension of play from April 6th to May 11th.
  10. The original post says the batter was trying to get out of the way he didn't just stand there and let the bouncing ball hit him. I've got HBP, dead ball, batter to first, runners advance if forced.
  11. Either is fine, tag the base or tag the runner before getting back to the base.
  12. Running Lane Violation! Either that or 15 yards for piling on!
  13. Lou B

    3 Batter Minimum

    One word: Crazy! I understand the intent, they are trying to stop the "one out reliever" in the late innings. Pitcher change after pitcher change is why the last few innings take so long. Not sure this is the correct fix. Maybe they should have tried it out in the Minor Leagues first?
  14. Lou B

    Interference?? Or not?

    Not sure the throw was from F9, the post said the relay throw hit the runner. Maybe it was a deep fly and F9 threw to F4 or F3 who then relayed the throw towards the plate that hit the runner.
  15. Lou B

    Little League Baseball

    The OP says the bases were loaded and the ball was hit to the shortstop who tagged the runner from second as he tried to advance. If you can't figure that out/picture that scenario then "Houston, we have a problem"! The runner from second was tagged as he attempted to advance to third, force out, three outs, the run does not score. I'm done with this one.
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