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  1. I was told the computer that calls balls/strikes is female!
  2. MLB just hammered the Astros for their sign stealing in the 2017 WS. Fines and suspensions have lead to major resignations.
  3. There was a televised game last year (I think it was a WS game but it might have been a Regional game) where a player on second was signalling the batter. The plate ump called Time and warned the runner and manager. Under the rule as written there should have been an ejection, but there wasn't. As I recall there were several posts on the umpire not following the rule. This rule change aligns with the actions of the umpire.
  4. Do a search for "computerized strike zone in mlb" and just about every article says the system will be "in use" in the next five years. Why put it in the union contract if they don't plan on implementing it?
  5. Under the just signed labor contract between MLB and the Umpire's Union, the use of computers to call balls/strikes can be implemented at some point in the next five years!
  6. The defense stays on the field and the catcher asks the umpire to throw a ball to the pitcher and put the ball back into play. At that point an Appeal of the missed base can be made.
  7. It's an uncaught third strike with less than two outs and a runner on first, the batter is out. I agree, you don't award first base to a batter that is already out.
  8. As stated above, no run may score on a play when the third out is made by the batter/runner prior to reaching first base safely The batter/runner being put out at first is not a force out. A force out is a put out of a runner who is "forced" to the next base due to the action of the batter. That said, no run may score on a play where the third out is a force play.
  9. OK, I'll bite, how does day game or night matter?
  10. Hate to be picky but it's an "uncaught" third strike and the umpire made the correct call.
  11. The original post doesn't state it but I "assume" there were base runners!
  12. The runner's base path might be a direct line between the bases but it might not! The runner makes his own base path. Once a fielder has the ball and is attempting to make a tag the runner's base path is a direct line from where he is to the base to which he is advancing/retreating. He cannot deviate from that line by more than three feet in an attempt to avoid the tag.
  13. As an Umpire I couldn't care less about what the Game Changer app says. The game has an official scorer keeping the book and pitch count (might be a different person). If there is a question about the score, pitch count, whatever, I'm going to the scorer's shed/table, not to someone in the stands using an app. As a grandparent, I love to follow my grandkids' games on Game Changer since I can't get to many of them, especially the ones in another state!
  14. I'm guessing: "I didn't Read The Whole "Frigging" Thread".
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