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  1. Lou B

    $500 Fine!

    I'm not sticking up for the guy, based on the article the guy seems to be a win at all cost jerk. That said, a $500 fine for a youth coach (volunteer?) is way out of line, in my opinion. Suspend the guy multiple games, maybe even the rest of the season if this isn't his first offense, but a $500 fine that's crazy. By the way, every youth baseball, soccer, basketball and football league I have been associated with had minimum play requirements, especially in the younger ages. How can players "never play" or only play "the last two minutes"?
  2. Lou B

    $500 Fine!

    My point is the title of the Post, fining a youth football coach, who is almost certainly a volunteer, $500, is in my opinion, ludicrous. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/torrey-smith-youth-football-league-pennsylvania To me, Mr. Smith hit the nail directly on the head. YMMV
  3. Lou B

    $500 Fine!

    A youth football league in Pennsylvania just suspended a coach for two games and fined him $500 because his team won 36-0. Seems the league rules state disciplinary actions are warranted against a coach whose team wins by more than 30 points.
  4. Lou B

    infield fly ruling

    A "Force" Play is when the runner is required to advance to the next base due to the action of the batter. On an IFF the batter is out, the runners are not "forced" to advance to the next base.
  5. Lou B

    End of Game Out

    As the others have said, the run scores. Reason: The out of the runner not tagging up at first is an "appeal" play. Since the run scored before the "appeal" the run counts, game over.
  6. Lou B

    Live ball

    Yup, your right. The point I was trying to make, and messed up making, was it's not a tie if you see and hear both things at the exact same time.
  7. Lou B

    Live ball

    Interesting LL Rules: 6.05, Batter/runner is out when he/she is tagged or first base is tagged before the batter/runner touches first ("tie" goes to the runner) 7.08, Runner is out when he/she fails to reach the next base he/she is forced to before he/she or the base is tagged ( "tie" goes to the fielder).
  8. Lou B

    Live ball

    Have you ever had one? The ball in the glove at the exact one hundred billionth of a second that the runners foot hit the bag, Nope, never going to happen. By the way if your watching the batter/runner's foot hitting the base and listening for the sound of the ball hitting F3's glove and they happen at the "exact same time" it's not a tie, the runner beat the throw, light travels much much faster than sound!
  9. Lou B

    Live ball

    There are no ties in baseball!
  10. Used to travel a lot on business. Lots of time with nothing to do. So, I'd ask the hotel front desk where the closest youth baseball fields were and I'd go down there and walk around and watch the kids play. Didn't have a camera/take pictures and I was never asked who I was or why I was there. Hate to think I was being profiled as a potential child preditor.
  11. Not much you can do if the person has no prior charges/convictions. You do the background checks and weed out the ones you find. After that, you just keep your eyes and ears open as much as you can.
  12. That's what you get for umpiring a 7U game!
  13. Red Sox should have pulled the team off the field and forfeited the game! No #200 strikeout. What about a five hard penalty for Delay of Game!
  14. That's not what was originally said/published about trakman being used in the Atlantic League. If it adjusts that's obviously much better.
  15. The major problem with the computer zone is that it's the same strike zone for all players. Would be the same for Judge as for Altuve! One size does NOT fit all!
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