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Found 7 results

  1. http://www.seacoastonline.com/news/20180411/parent-baseball-coaches-talked-of-beaning-daughter DURHAM, NH -- Police said they are looking into allegations made by a parent of a baseball player in the Oyster River Youth Association (ORYA), who claims two coaches conspired on a plan to injure his daughter in an attempt to intimidate her and force her to quit the league. Durham Deputy Police Chief Rene Kelly said the department is aware of the situation, but as of Tuesday had not decided whether to launch an investigation. In an email to ORYA board of directors Chair Ben Genes, Dan
  2. 8U Minor Leagues There is a close play at 1st base. Umpire signals the runner safe. The opposing coach yells "out!" so runner steps off of 1st. The 1st basemen then tags the runner and the umpire changes his call to out. Is this coaches interference? If so, where in the Little League hand book does it address this? Thanks! LC
  3. OBR Rule Set: SITUATION: A coach who was previously suspended for conduct in a prior game, while serving his one game suspension at a new game, uses Face-Time to communicate with his assistant coach and deliver instructions, etc to get an "edge" and help his team. I noted that Rule 4.07 talks about a coach ejected shall take no further part in that game. This does not seem to be covered by the rules as written and probably needs to be addressed in the current by-laws of the league regarding not being able to use an electronic device to communicate with your team at any time while ser
  4. R1, 1st Base Coach loudly speaks out, "That's a balk," before the pitcher delivers. How should this be handled under FED and OBR rulesets? We told the coach to knock it off and let us make that call. There was no balk to be called. Fortunately, we had no more problems in the game with this coach trying to "help us out." I recall reading somewhere that the offender could be ejected if they were warned and continued, but I can't seem to find the correct references. Any reference(s) would be appreciated.
  5. First inning of a JV tourney. I'm PU. Banger comes in at home. Ball beats the runner, and I call him out. VTHC comes out and says he missed the tag. I spoke with my partner who confirmed that the catcher missed the tag. *sigh* - nothing good can come of this, but better to get the call right. This sammich isn't looking very tasty. I overturn myself and call the runner safe at home. Naturally the HTHC comes out now and asks if I want the BU to call balls and strikes for me, too. Things settle down for a couple of innings. Third inning. HT batter steps a foot out of the batters box as the ca
  6. NFHS rules. R1, no outs. The batter hits a towering fly ball to shallow centerfield. R1 stays on 1B. The first-base coach, seeing the full-speed batter-runner might pass R1, reaches out and grabs BR and slows him down. The ball falls uncaught. F8 flips the ball to F6 who steps on the bag for an expected force out. F6 does not tag R1, then R1 slides into 2B. Per 3-3-2, the BR will be out for interference, and there is a delayed dead ball. Any outs made on the play stand, and any runners return to TOI base. So, is the BR's out effective immediately, thereby eliminating the force out at 2B, so
  7. Had a JV game yesterday. I had the Dish. First batter gets a base hit. Second batter comes up. F1 Double Sets. I call a Balk. Coach comes out. Coach: Rolo, what did he do? Me: Bruce, he double set Coach: That's his normal routine. He double sets all the time. Me: I will call it everytime Coach: That's a bunch of crap. If he does it all the time then it is ok. Me: Not with me behind the plate. Coach goes back to dugout.
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