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  1. R2 and R3, no outs. R2 interferes with a fielder who is in the act of fielding a batted ball. The ball is dead, the runner is out, and the batter-runner is awarded first base. If R3 scored before the interference, does the run score or is he returned to his time-of-pitch base? a) OBR? b) Little League?
  2. How would you handle this? NFHS Bases Loaded, 2 outs, high pop fly to short-stop. Runners going on contact. R2 clips shortstop. Umpire rules interference; however, R3 had crossed plate before interference was called. I have a group that is giving different answers: Timing Play (score the run), R2 forced to advance and interferes (thus treat as force out on the interfering runner) no run scores, or no run can score on interference-ball is dead--call interfering runner out, inning over with no runs scoring. If there were less than 2 out, return all runners TOP--call interfering runner out, BR goes to first. What is the best rule reference for this situation?
  3. Hi all, the end result of this play was called Interference. Is that the correct call? With the bases loaded and one out, the batter hit a grounder to 3B. The runner from 3B scored. The third basemen fielded the ball and tug 3B for the force out on the runner from 2B (for the 2nd out) and threw the ball to 1B hoping for a double play. However, the throw to 1B was errant and the batter was safe. The runner from 1B went all the way to 3B during this time. Here is where it gets crazy. The runner who was forced out at 3B thought he was safe and ran towards home on the errant throw. The defensive team threw home and the runner was called out (again) for the final out of the inning. The defense left the field. The offensive team realized what happened and argued that the runner couldn't be called out twice. Their stance was that the play should be ruled dead and the batter, who had gone to 2B when the defense threw home, should be returned to 1B and there should still be 2 outs. After a long discussion, the umpires ruled that the runner wasn't out because he was tagged out at home (the second time he'd been called out) but he was out because of interference. That was the final out and end of the inning. Was that the correct call? I had never seen anything like it before. Thank you, Mike
  4. R2 (stealing), R3 (not stealing) Batter squares to bunt and hits the catcher's mitt while trying to bunt the pitch. The plate umpire correctly calls interference on the catcher. The pitch is fouled off out of play. The umpire begins to enforce the penalty. Without wondering why R3 isn't stealing, but R2 is stealing state the proper enforcement below. Feel free to cite any applicable case plays, rule citations, etc...
  5. Little League Major Softball tournament. Ball is dead. Defense wishes to appeal a runner missed home. Coaches are yelling instructions regarding the appeal process across the field. Offensive coach tells his batter to swing if it's a strike. Pitcher toes the rubber. Home plate umpire puts the ball in play. Pitcher steps off and then moves about 3' to her left of the rubber and throws the ball overhand toward home. (None of the players speak during the play.) The catcher moves forward toward the pitcher. The ball comes in near the outside corner of the plate. The batter swings at the ball and hits the catcher's mitt and hand. The catcher is unable to catch the ball. No runners attempt to advance. Home plate umpire calls time for injured catcher. What's your ruling?
  6. Stumbled across this video that was posted 11 years ago (YouTube is that old??).... My initial thought was that F1 is no longer protected after the ball hit him and bounced away by more than "a step and a reach", thus this would be obstruction on F1, so BR gets 1st. Thoughts?
  7. Is this a case where the BR has to disappear to avoid INT? http://m.mlb.com/video/v32120611
  8. R3, less than two outs. Ground ball to F4, but the batter's follow through hits the catcher. We have a 4-3 put out at first and run comes in to score. A) call batter out for interference, return R3 B) this is nothing - play stands C) call interference, return batter to plate and return R3 D) let the defense choose from B or C above? E) something else?
  9. I thought I had a good handle on this type play, now I'm wondering.... With R2 on second moving on the pitch, B1 hits a grounder in the hole at short. F5 comes over to field the ball, but it passes through his legs. As F6 is about to make the play, R2 inadvertently brushes into him.When the play ends, R2 is on third and B1 is on first. a. the play stands b. B1 is out c. R2 is out d. R2 must return to secon answer C. regardless of the ball passing F5, even if he deflected it as long as F6 has a play on the ball, R2 must avoid him. Interference is the call....all codes. (Different story if the ball hits the runner )
  10. Runner on third, 1 out. Ball is popped up to shallow right field. Runner does not wait for the catch and just runs home. Right fielder does not make the catch but when the runner realizes they should have waited to possibly tag up they have already touched the plate. They turn around and start running back to third thinking the RF made the catch. The RF sees the runner going back to third and throws the ball, overthrowing third. Batter eventually gets to third on the overthrow. There is an exception to the Interference rule that says just continuing to run the bases for a retired runner does not constitute interference. However, was this continuing to run? There is no call for a score so I don't think you can blame the RF for attempting the play unlike when a runner is called out. Interference or no?
  11. 8U Minor Leagues There is a close play at 1st base. Umpire signals the runner safe. The opposing coach yells "out!" so runner steps off of 1st. The 1st basemen then tags the runner and the umpire changes his call to out. Is this coaches interference? If so, where in the Little League hand book does it address this? Thanks! LC
  12. So I had a 11u travel ball game last night. I had one play occur that looking through the rulebook I think I might have kicked, but at the time neither side argued with my call. So I thought I would put it up and get thoughts. Situation, Runners on 1B & 2B, no outs. B/R lays down a bunt which goes right in front of the plate. As the B/R begins to run for 1B, he lets go off the bat in fair territory. It lands on top of the ball. I killed the play immediately, called the B/R out for interference, and sent the runners back to 1B and 2B. Here's my dilemma- OBR describes this situation in when the batter/runner is clearly trying to break up a double play. There was clearly not going to be a double play-runners were moving on the pitch. So I am just curious if I am reading that rule incorrectly (6.01-can't remember the subsection) To clarify, the ball didn't roll into the bat, the bat landed on the ball.
  13. NFHS JV -- R1, R2 1 out. F1 throws a wild pitch. Both runners move up, before the ball stops moving, the on-deck batter picks up and hands the ball to F2. I (BU) call time and get together with my partner. We call R2 (now R3) out and send R1 back to first. Were we right? or OOO?
  14. Re:HS softball- I read NFHS to say that Obstruction (defense) can be either intentional or unintentional- it's still obstruction. However when reading about Interference (offense) they only refer to it being intentional. But I'm thinking if a baserunner collides with a fielder making the initial play on a batted ball because the runner misjudged, it would be both unintentional AND Interference, no? R1 is on 2B and batted ball is deflected by pitcher to right side of IF. Ball is played by F4 wh goes to F3 with it. At the same time, R1 sees the deflection and takes off for 3B and SS (who has no play or effect on the outcome of the play) and R1 collide, would it be Interference or Obstruction?
  15. Randomly stumbled on this clip on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gfg0f13HtbQ Shouldn't this have been ruled a foul ball? Seems like the batter was still in the box when it hit the bat again.
  16. Bases Loaded, 1 out, DT (Red) and OT (White). 16U OBR + CBO mod (not relevant). I am BU, my partner, Mister L, is PU. With bases loaded, I'm in C. Batter chops one to F5, who then slides to his right, to step on 3B. I call and mechanic an "Out!". F5 then throws to F2, who botches the catch and tag application and R3 slides in to HP and scores. Ball dribbles into 1BS foul territory. I'm now in the working area. At this time, R(etired)R2 has been headed to his dugout on the 3BS and is a half-dozen steps from it while his 3BC is (seemingly) yelling at him to come back and to his R1 to advance to 3B on the throw. F6 dashes over to 3B to cover, R1 arrives at 3B well ahead of the throw, F6 catches the throw, turns and plants a tag on RR2, who has dashed back to within three or four feet of 3B (entirely in foul territory), completely confused as to why his coach is yelling at him. Everyone now looks my direction. I point at the tag, and say, "That runner is already out." At this point, the events branch a bit. Time is called by Mister L, who now has DTHC approaching him, at the prompting of his entire parents/fan base (one mom in particular whose voice carries through the entire quad), to ask about what just happened, and if there is interference. I've got the 3BC now clarifying with me that RR2 is, in fact, out based on the touch of 3B for a force out ("I didn't see him (F5) touch it!" The coach didn't see it because he was watching R3 dash for the plate). PU beckons me over while still discussing with DTHC his vantage of the play. We discuss and concur that R1 was on the bag well before the throw, and that RR2 didn't affect (or interfere) with the throw. We now have 2 outs, 1 run scored, and R3 and R2, back to baseball... and that mom still going on and on about interference and "shady baseball". Would anybody find / apply interference in this play?
  17. http://m.mlb.com/video/topic/63817564/v978911183/laakc-mondesi-collects-bunt-single-angels-protest/
  18. Saw this on the baseball subreddit... MLB.com doesn't have a full highlight of this up as of now. But, I believe this was ruled as interference on R1.
  19. I guess the ruling is Headley (f5) would have been able to cut in front of Didi (F6) to make the play so F5 is the protected fielder? http://m.mlb.com/video/v915008483/nyycle-yankees-get-forceout-on-interference-play/?query=+interference
  20. R2, 2 outs. B/R hits a pop up on the right side of the infield. F1, F3, and B/R all converge just a little bit past the 45' mark. B/R continues on his path and continues as the F1 is right next to him. F1 gets a glove on the ball, but it's hits off his glove in foul territory. From where I was sitting, it didn't look like the B/R made any contact (and he was running in the runner's lane), but F1 was definitely affected by the B/R passing. PU at first calls nothing, then discusses with the BU and they rule him out. I know it's partly a HTBT situation, but thought on this?
  21. http://mediadownloads.mlb.com/mlbam/mp4/2016/05/28/745389783/1464407061835/asset_1800K.mp4
  22. A batted ball deflects off the pitcher and hits the base umpire in the B or C position, in front of the middle infielders. Is this umpire interference?
  23. mlslain


    JV high school game: Bases loaded, no outs. Batter hit soft blooper that lands between F1 and F6. Runners hold briefly until clear ball not caught. F6 fields ball, throws to F4 for force. R1 almost to 2B, does not slide, steps on base. Coach of team in field protests, umps confer, call baserunner interference, batter also out (double play) and R2 and R3 back to 2B and 3B. Two questions - (1) Judgement call if F4 had a chance to get runner at first? If not, no interference? (2) Do runners not ruled out really return to bases? Does it depend if they had reached - or nearly reached - the next base (home and 3B)? Does it matter that interference call was not made promptly? Thanks! - Michael
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