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  1. And the video ends with, "that's obstruction!"
  2. Nothing to protest. RLI is a judgement call.
  3. The OP's description sounded like all runners completed their base award. How did they not?
  4. The ball was already dead when it went out of play. Once the runners legally completed their base award it's just like any other time out. Nothing happens. No runners can be passed. No outs can be recorded. For an out, you'd need a base runner error, ball back in play, then a successful appeal. And, why would the umpires call time a second time? Time was out when the ball went out of play.
  5. I saw that live. It was an unexpected play but Tumpane was right there. The announcer even noticed and commented on the rotation!
  6. Larry in TN


    What did the defense contend R1 did which would constitute interference?
  7. Sounds like a two-base error. That is scored as a single error against F5 but accounts for the BR reaching 2B. The additional two bases are scored as fielder's choice.
  8. A base advance "on the throw" is scored as fielder's choice so 1B then advance to 2B on FC.
  9. When you tag the runner the ball must be in the same hand. When you touch a base it does not.
  10. Maybe I'm misreading the post. I'm reading it as only two outs, not three.
  11. Once R3 scored the 5th run, why did you put the other two runners back on? BR is out but you still have your 5 run limit to end the half-inning.
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