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  1. 2:56:15 mark will get you the whole story. Perry Costello, coincidentally from...Dewitt, MI He stays with the play to make sure F1 possesses it, calls the out, announces the no-foul, keeps the players apart, asks the B/R if he's OK, and explains why he's going to walk him off. He taught me many years ago at a clinic that in these volatile situations it's good to talk to them to diffuse it and it really doesn't matter a whole lot what you say. If you can get their focus on what you're saying, they aren't thinking (as much) about escalating trouble.
  2. That's precisely the point.
  3. That's what has happened, at least in college baseball. The defense is just initiating contact, trolling for a call they know they will get if there's so much as a touch. The call was correct, but the interference was by law only; that tiny contact didn't alter the play in the least. I like the call, but not the rule. It's easy to administer, but penalizes for things that don't cause any unfair advantage. Others disagree, and that's fine, but you're not alone.
  4. That has never been my experience; I see that happen all the time. It just doesn't get a lot of attention because neither side is looking for a call/no call.
  5. andydufresne


    Not saying I would have got it in real time, but it looks like he lifts and drops his heel before stepping off. The only good look is right at the start. Martin steals home
  6. How much longer will it take MLB to figure out that if they're going to add U5 and U6 to games they should put them on the fence, where their value added is considerably greater than on the foul lines 100' closer to the fence than U3 and U1? I'd put them in the alleys, but even at the foul poles would be a lot better than the way they waste them now.
  7. That's not my point. The umpire called it correctly. By rule, the runner interfered and has no defense. The rationale for the rule is both safety and interference. The runner didn't do anything to alter the play, and didn't do anything to endanger himself or the defensive player. Despite that, the result of proper enforcement of the rule is the offense was penalized an additional out and had a run taken off the board because the defense butchered the play. It's interference by fiat.To me, that's a bad rule. I get that not everybody agrees.
  8. Correct by rule. Stupid rule, too. If the runner chooses not to slide, the pivot man can easily create an interference call just by moving in the same direction as the runner.
  9. Why is the NCAA content a secret reserved for only registered umpires? Don't they want the public to know what the umpires are being taught?
  10. So long, partner. 1928-2016
  11. Oh, an AL pitcher...I'll just throw a fastball by him for strike one.
  12. Ha ha--that brings back memories of when Rick was on the Tigers broadcast team that replaced Ernie Harwell. Poor bas---rd was actually pretty good, but no way anybody in Detroit was ever going to admit it.
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