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  1. I live in a larger city surrounded for thirty miles in every direction by a bunch of small towns, so the city is the host to men's rec ball covering players from 3000 square miles. One year the league changed the mercy rule from 10 after five to eight after five. Many players drove an hour or more to play and objected to sometimes getting only two at-bats--those at the bottom of the order sometimes only one. They showed their displeasure by agreeing among themselves that if the losing team was down by eight or nine runs after four at-bats, the winning team would deliberately allow them to scor
  2. It was actually a well-played game, but it was the worst experience. JUCO game from back in the days of the hybrid trip rule--three free trips for the game, but only one to the same pitcher in the same inning. Last game of regular season. Game decides 4th place; winner advances to conference tournament, loser goes home. Bottom of 7th, V up by 2, one out, R1, R2. V manager put his closer in the game to start the inning, and had made his 2nd free trip earlier in the inning with R2, 0 outs to decide to walk the batter (he wanted a R/R matchup and a double play setup). H manager is entering
  3. That wasn't cheating--it was a perfectly legal tax avoidance strategy.
  4. I taught a lot of pitchers how to come to a complete stop with runners on third using that philosophy.
  5. One thing to know: expenses from self-employment are deductible only if you are operating with the intent to make a profit. https://www.irs.gov/instructions/i1040sc Expenses for sporadic or hobby income are generally not deductible. That's something to keep in mind before announcing to the world that "I don't umpire for the money." If you want to deduct your expenses legally, you'd darned well better be doing it for the money.
  6. That's ironic coming from people in a profession dedicated to integrity. All income is reportable (not necessarily taxable, but reportable). If you are honest on your tax returns, there is no reason to care whether you get 1099s. The people you work for have an incentive in order to avoid the paperwork, but the only reason for an individual to want to avoid a 1099 is if (s)he is trying to engage in tax evasion (not avoidance, which is legal, but evasion, which is not). And oh, boy, how I will never forget practically being strung up in the parking lot for making these same comments at an assoc
  7. Not necessarily for everyone, though. One year I got injured the 2nd day of the season and missed the rest of it. Not before, however, I had amassed a ton of expenses in pre-season training, buying uniforms, travel to regional rules conference, etc. I took a Schedule C loss that offset the income from my full-time job.
  8. Ah, memories. Decades ago when I was a bench-warmer in HS, I was the official scorer. One of my teammates made all-state in part because the head coach was always changing my errors to hits. He was a good player, but holy cow, he must have got an additional 10 hits on roughly 100 ABs (we didn't play as many games then as teams do now). That's the difference between .350 and .450. Because he was a left-handed hitter and fast, the HC just assumed on any errant throw or bobble that allowed him to reach base, "he would have beat it anyway." I'd read the line scores in the local paper and see
  9. If you're teaching him to umpire, you're no friend.
  10. I've been self-isolating for years and my family always called me anti-social. Now, everybody's doing it. Continuing to do what's unpopular even in the shadow of unrelenting ridicule and criticism is the sign of a real leader. It's a pity there's so few of us.
  11. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on this. 3.1.4.F (c) and 3.1.4.J (b) are irreconcilable. How they plan to have the DH play a defensive position other than the one he is DHing for and remain the DH for that position is too much for me to comprehend. I think they're being too clever by half based on what I've read here. Who bats where F9 was hitting? It can't be F1; he's locked into the 3 hole where Sanders is hitting.
  12. I was all set to weigh in with a perspective that hasn't been represented in this thread. But then I realized anyone who had to look up "cis-gendered" to find out what it meant is probably so out of touch with today's culture that nobody cares what he thinks about this topic.
  13. I agree with everything else you said, but not with the part I quoted above. I see that happen quite often: R1 only and not stealing, nobody on base, bases loaded.....I see it a lot. What I'm seeing a lot of now that I never saw until about five years ago is catchers stepping not directly toward second base when throwing, but into the batter's box instead. You can tell it's being taught because you're right--they aren't stupid, and they know they will get a BI call nearly every time even if they are the one to initiate the contact.
  14. I don't think he needs to lose his job any more than an umpire who errs needs to lose his job. What he needs to do is stop pontificating about things (like, e.g., RLI) he doesn't understand. I get where a lot of these guys are coming from. I've weighed in at length on how far over the edge I think the NCAA has gone in the interps of BI and FPSR. What I've never (I hope) done is have my disdain for the rule cause me to criticize the guy who properly applies and enforces it. "I hate the rule" is a hundred and ten degrees from "That's a HORRIBLE call. He sucks!"
  15. Good God, the former players are doubling, tripling and quadrupling down on stupid on the post game show.
  16. Can't they train Joe Buck to shut up when he doesn't know what he's talking about? He's like Ken Harrelson, but with manners.
  17. That's not how I think umpires should be evaluated on their plate jobs. When I work, generally 75-80% of pitches in a game can be called correctly by my dead grandmother--swings and misses, foul balls, cock shots, anything out of the zone in any direction by 4" or more. You earn your money on calling about 50 pitches. Miss five and you get a 45/50 or 90%, not 215/220 or 97.8%, from me. That's a B, not an A. In the two ABs that dumbdumb posted the charts for, there are twelve pitches, and seven of them are "dead grandmother" pitches. He was three of five, or 60%, on the others and the two
  18. Ah, memories. I once was umpiring a game at a field next to a golf course and had a lightning delay with no rain, which stayed north. Adult players from both teams were socializing in various ways on the field while I kinda nervously watched lightning flashing away every minute or so from the press box. I told everyone that by rule they had to be in the dugout during weather delays unless they were outside the fence. The league had this among the rules for umpires at site managers for administering weather delays: B. When lightning is observed or thunder is heard and the contest is
  19. 2:56:15 mark will get you the whole story. Perry Costello, coincidentally from...Dewitt, MI He stays with the play to make sure F1 possesses it, calls the out, announces the no-foul, keeps the players apart, asks the B/R if he's OK, and explains why he's going to walk him off. He taught me many years ago at a clinic that in these volatile situations it's good to talk to them to diffuse it and it really doesn't matter a whole lot what you say. If you can get their focus on what you're saying, they aren't thinking (as much) about escalating trouble.
  20. That's precisely the point.
  21. That's what has happened, at least in college baseball. The defense is just initiating contact, trolling for a call they know they will get if there's so much as a touch. The call was correct, but the interference was by law only; that tiny contact didn't alter the play in the least. I like the call, but not the rule. It's easy to administer, but penalizes for things that don't cause any unfair advantage. Others disagree, and that's fine, but you're not alone.
  22. That has never been my experience; I see that happen all the time. It just doesn't get a lot of attention because neither side is looking for a call/no call.
  23. Not saying I would have got it in real time, but it looks like he lifts and drops his heel before stepping off. The only good look is right at the start. Martin steals home
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