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    So NFHS is different than OBR on this. Good to know, thanks. Does this apply at home as well? If so, I've kicked it at home several times as I have not made a call when the runner misses the plate.
  2. So you would throw your partner under the bus for a close judgement call? To a coach?
  3. But he didn't blow it. It was umpire judgement and he judged on it. End of story. I hope you backed him up to that coach.
  4. Or, hey, they can pay their labor what they are worth.
  5. Awesome advice here. Can I extend the conversation to 2-man double plays from B or C? In this situation, it's hard not to think "I gotta make a call before I turn my head to first!" - so I find myself not taking the time I do in A. How do you guys handle that?
  6. I've been doing that as long as I've been umpiring. Loud enough for the catcher to hear. As others have said, it short circuits the inevitable questions. Never had an issue from the catcher. Some batters. But your going to get that either way. Never understood the "Don't do it."
  7. I like what @beerguy55 is saying. As I move up, the vets are telling me not to say as much. Don't verbalize clearly foul balls. Don't verbalize can of corn outs. Things like that. Then I think of situations that could cause confusion. And I don't know what to think.
  8. Good old boy networks can go to hell. There is nothing wrong with discussing the bad with the good no matter where it lies, rookie, grizzled vet, the just starting, and - maybe most importantly - the powerful. Don't hide poor performance or wrong behavior by anyone. Bring it up, fix it, and get on with it. MLB umpiring has come a long way but there are still a lot of people wondering why the likes of CB Bucknor and Angel Hernandez have a job that many young, hungry umpires are doing better.
  9. Can I extend this thread with a related, potential obstruction I had to deal with last night? Adult men's wood bat league playing under FED rules. R1 and R2. Batter hits a hard shot directly to F5 playing maybe 10 feet from 3B. Plenty of time to walk over and touch the bag - except F5 cannot get a handle on the ball until he's bumbled his way to where R2 is sliding into 3B while he is literally straddling the bag on the 2b side with one hand gripping the ball on the ground and his glove on the ground between R2's foot and 3B. He finally grips the ball and touches 3B while R2's sliding foot reaches his glove in front of the base. I had an out. But what if he never gripped the ball until after R2 is tangled in F5's glove and arms? Does it count as he's still in the act of making a play while the runner is in the act of reaching the base? I think I would have called obstruction if it had gotten that far but, in my judgement he touched the bag before the runner's slide engaged with his person. Should that still have been obstruction? I didn't see any hesitation on R2's part before sliding.
  10. Not a bad idea. Maybe it will put a kabosh on broadcaster speculations that are almost always incorrect.
  11. Call some place paradise - kiss it goodbye. - The Last Resort
  12. I can tell you there is no fee to sit on that hillside. Back about 1997 my moms car broke down while on vacation driving up the hill to Williamsport. We and our three kids were behind her. While we got a part I can't even remember replaced, the boys and mom sat on the hill and watched some of the LLWS. awesome coincidence. But maybe that's changed in the intervening 25 years.
  13. Agreed Dawg. Which means kids who don't have the means are locked out of the best baseball opportunities.
  14. In our association it is standard practice that whoever has the plate notifies their partner 24 to 12 hours ahead of time to check in, see about shirt color, where and when to meet, etc. I am working the bases tonight with a partner who a couple of weeks ago asked me to take a plate for them because their knees were barking. I said yes. Today he gets in touch 6 hours before game time after I reached out to him asking me to take the plate because his back is hurting. I did a plate last night as a replacement for a guy that was injured. All handled through our assignor. I was really looking forward to the bases tonight anyway because I've been doing a ton of plates the last few weeks. Should I 1) be the nice guy and say 'sure!', 2) tell him to handle it through our assignor, 3) tell him no thank you, 4) something else.... TIA.
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