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  1. just the mechanics, only if it is infecting the bench or fence. Verbalizing it? I'm stopping that with a warning and then restriction if it continues. That can confuse the defense (and offense for that matter)
  2. agdz59


    Yeah, "make a play" I would interpret to include when a defender with the ball pursues the runner as well. And, if that is correct, it would prevent the runner from hightailing it into the outfield.
  3. Given those interpretations and the play from last night. The on-deck batter clearly could not help, but a following runner could have before a member of the defense tagged the groggy runner. What would make it interesting is watching the following runner pushing / dragging the preceding runner without passing him!
  4. I bought two for this year as well and really like them for all those reasons you state.
  5. - You weren't there. - MANY other umpires in our association will not work with this guy. - The TD was OK with how I handled things. - I'm going to be asked back, he will not. - Coaches thanked me a week later for the way I handled things. - My association assignor has told me "I wish I had 100 guys like you." at the tail end of this season. - I am not going to apologize as I have nothing to apologize for.
  6. In my short time doing this, I've been exposed to three different mechanics. Right hand fist while holding your right arm extended toward ground. Right hand pointing to the ground, verbalize "strike" while giving the safe sign. Current association wants the later but I'll be damned it's hard to change from what I first learned (#1)
  7. Sounds like I'm right there with Scotty - doing the best I can. Thanks all.
  8. I'm looking for help on the best way to watch a bunt so you 1. see the attempt, 2. follow the ball for fair foul, 3. watch the feet for being out of the box / on the plate. I got a clear on-the-plate out earlier this year but the kid was 1. crowding the plate to the extent his toes were outside the box and 2. he had several failed bunt attempts already where he squared so that his right foot was on the plate. This weekend I had a kid bunt successfully the first attempt. The ball bounces down and up and hits him as his torso is between the batters boxes. My attention was on the ball
  9. agdz59

    tag up from third

    This has been a great discussion and clarified how to think about leaving-too-soon. To make sure I'm understanding FED let me offer this: R1. fly to F9 that is caught. I see R1 leave early. R1 almost gets to 2B but by then he's heard defensive coaches screaming "He left early!" "Throw it to first!", and returns without touching 2nd. The verbalization is not considered an appeal because the ball is still alive. Now, before R1 touches 1B, F9 has thrown the ball out of play. I call time and award R1 3B. I believe there are 3 possible scenarios now: R1 touches 2B
  10. agdz59

    tag up from third

    The way I read FED 8-3-6(c), the defense does get a chance to appeal on a ball thrown out of play. Let me know if I am interpreting it wrong: Dead Ball. The dead-ball appeal may be made: 1) Once all runners have completed their advancement and time has been called, a coach or any defensive player, with or without the ball, may make a verbal appeal on a runner missing a base or leaving a base too soon on a caught fly ball. The administering umpire should then make a decision on the play. 2) If the ball has gone out of play, runners must be given the opportunity to complete thei
  11. agdz59

    Check swing appeal

    I had never considered this. Baseball is such a beautiful, nuanced, infinitely complex game.
  12. Thank you TMIB, that is exactly what I meant.
  13. agdz59


    I stand corrected.
  14. How about the head coaches spin with their foreheads on a bat and then see which one makes it the farthest to first base before falling down?
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