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  1. agdz59

    Unseen ball flight

    What's the call? Whatever PU says it is. You are King. And it is good to be King. And your partner was no help? They should have been initially tracking the ball and could hopefully provide a clue. If the sun's in your eyes, it shouldn't have been in theirs. Like someone else said, if the defender is telling you it's a home run, I'd take that. If everyone on the field is looking around like you say and all I saw was sunlight down the line (I have many fields like that but haven't yet had this happen), I'm going to call foul ball and live with those consequences rather th
  2. I'll bet someone will have a rule cite here any minute to show how stupid I am but I'd call obstruction. F1's position in the base path of R3 without the ball is textbook. Shouldn't matter that F2 is waiting at home with the ball. He might drop it. It might come loose as he would have applied the tag - nobody knows the future. But we know a fielder without the ball hindered a runner - that's obstruction. See last weeks play from MLB where the pitcher was called for obstruction after soft tossing to F3 from the first base line with the BR behind him. The BR is clearly out but it did
  3. That doesn't sound right. I work travel ball tourneys and LL with a guy who is headed to the LL Western Regional this year. He also travels several hundred miles to do other tournaments. I gotta think the LL district UIC knows what he does since he's around a lot.
  4. Great video. A question about NFHS FPSR: can you call it if the fielder a) has released the ball or b) never attempted a throw before contact is made by the runner? IOW, for purely safety reasons?
  5. This is the one thing I would tell every travel ball coach in the tournaments I do on a regular basis. So many perfectly good outs left on the field. It's a shame really.
  6. agdz59

    RHP Balk?

    Around here, a 'jump-spin' where the RHP gets both feet off the ground while turning to 1st is considered disengagement. Then its a question of where the non-pivot foot comes down and, although I know this is also not in the book, the recommendation is to use the 45 degree rule on whether its a step toward first or home.
  7. agdz59

    RHP Balk?

    NFHS 6-1-4: a. any feinting toward the batter or first base, or any dropping of the ball(even though accidental) and the ball does not cross a foul line (6-1-4);b. failing to step with the non-pivot foot directly toward a base(occupied or unoccupied) when throwing or feinting there in an attempt to put out, or drive back a runner; or throwing or feinting to any unoccupied base when it is not an attempt to put out or drive back a runner; If he disengages his pivot foot as part of the spin, it's not a balk. If he spins while pivoting on his pivot foot, it's a balk.
  8. Immediately call time and declare R3 out for interfering with a thrown ball - 8-4-2g: "Any runner is out when he: Intentionally interferes with a throw or thrown ball."
  9. agdz59

    Does The Run Count

    Got it - thanks for clarifying. That all makes sense.
  10. agdz59

    Does The Run Count

    I just looked up the OBR / NFHS differences on a couple of sites and didn't see this. In fact, NFHS 8-2-6h says a tag up appeal is a time play. What were your circumstances on this play?
  11. I've really been enjoying the association meetings. They have an hour up front for the newbies like me then the rest of the vets show up and they have a "any interesting plays since we last met?" with everyone. I'll bring this up there. Just show them what the pitcher did and ask what they've got. Then after the different opinions, I'll tell them how we handled it and maybe the conversation will turn the right way without me even climbing the hill. Thanks!
  12. Good point. I'll have to think about that...
  13. @Mad Mike @Senor Azul: Exactly what I was looking for - thank you very much. Printed and ready for Sunday. Appreciate it!
  14. Hi all, Looking for some help. Summary - I'm looking for this exact case play: R2 with F1 in set position when R2 attempts a steal of 3rd. F1 steps to third while still engaged and throws to F6 who tags R2 for the out. This is legal and not a balk. I've looked in my copy of the 2020 Case Book and its not there. Searched through topics here and didn't see it in the first several results so am asking. Here's why I want this case if it exists: Tonight I was PU at a JV game (NFHS). First JV game (highest level I've umpired) and my base partner is a 12 year veteran. Both coaches
  15. agdz59

    HS rules fair/foul

    Here's the frustrating thing about learning this gig. You go through post after post of it's got to be this way and quoting chapter and verse. Now here's something where I've done just that but now the chapter and verse doesn't matter? On something as fundamental as stopping play? It's not like bases were empty. There was a runner on base. It's not like it was clearly foul, it was close enough the umpire had to signal fair or foul. I mean really, how can a ball be dead without a verbal indication? Coaches tell their players to play until they hear "time" or, in other sport
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