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  1. The Man in Blue asked me this in the runners-out-of-order thread and rather than derail that thread, I decided to create a new one with Jimurray's admonition. I think doing is better than reading at first. Go to a clinic, learn the basic rotations and mechanics, then get out there and embarrass yourself. That will drive you to the book to figure things out. I remember my first encounter with the book - how surprised I was with its organization (lack thereof) and obtuseness. I was expecting first principles and then breaking down the fundementals into organized sub-units. But my god, its all chopped up and a little bit here and more over there and 5-6 level deep in subsections. I personally think the rule books are a mess. But I'm not really sure how to fix it. There are so many nuances to situations that have to be covered, you're going to have a lot of details and exceptions no matter how you present the information. So I really think get out and get your feet wet as soon as you can, then go into the book and learn things as you encounter them. They stick with you that way. And somewhere along the way you'll say to yourself 'Damn, I need to read this thing every day. I'm going to put this thing on the toilet and read 3 pages every BM!' I'm not quite there but I AM reading the delayed-dead ball table in the NFHS manual before every game and reading over the two-man mechanics before every tournament. That's a start.
  2. There are so many of us newbies or close to newbies that are doing our best to learn. If you waited for everyone to read and grok all the rules of baseball - much less the interpretations given the ambiguities therein - you wouldn't have enough umpires for all the games played.
  3. Thanks everyone. Thought I had it right. :-)
  4. Working a 10u tournament this weekend. I'm on the bases in C with R2. The pitcher sets, then raises his leg and pitches with his knee going past his pivot leg before committing to home. I called nothing but between innings the offensive coach asked about it because his runner started back to second. What say you?
  5. agdz59

    How to award bases

    Touches / too soon, they are both appeals I have never seen at the 10u-12u level. Coaches here just aren't doing this and they are missing a lot of outs.
  6. agdz59

    How to award bases

    In my experience, LL coaches are completely oblivious to base touches. Never had an appeal yet during 4 years of games. Holds true for the 10u and 12u tournaments I've done. In fact, I've often thought of pulling aside coaches I like and telling them to assign an assistant or sub to watch the touches. You see them missed all the time.
  7. Are you sure? This is from the 2019 NFHS case book: Sounds like pretty much the same play.
  8. Surprised by the answers here. I'm with the Man In Blue. R2 was clearly not retreating to 1st. And I also am reminded of explanations of the base path that explain the base path is not established until a play is made on the runner. Some explanations state that the runner can run anywhere he pleases before the baseline is established. To me, that means R2 could run out into right field if he wanted to on his way to 3B and it wouldn't be retreating. IMO, unless he is clearly heading toward 1B, he doesn't have to retouch 2nd on his was to 3rd.
  9. Here's one to teach new umpires to wait on the 'foul' call. Cardinals / Giants, bottom of the first. Paul DeJong hits a ball that lands 10 feet foul. Then physics take over... https://www.mlb.com/video/dejong-s-strange-single
  10. Ah - didn't even notice that. Again, he's turning around. Maybe flinching as the ball gets near him. If the ball hit his leg on that exact move, I've got nothing. Catcher, throw more accurately next time - play on.
  11. I see someone raising his arm to help reverse himself and run the other way. Play on.
  12. agdz59


    Reminds me of the Red Green Show's Possum Lodge Men's Prayer: "I'm a man, and I can change. If I have to. I guess."
  13. agdz59

    3rd Man In

    Thankfully, umpires don't have to officiate fights where a sport sometimes breaks out. Fights are too infrequent in baseball to worry about it, IMO.
  14. Is it me or are more MLB players being awarded a HBP while making no attempt to avoid it? In fact, I've wondered if there is an MLB exception to 5.12(b)(2).
  15. I did a tournament this weekend at the 10U level. Coaches (correctly) drilling into their kids that if a tag is being applied and not being released, call time. So, like so much that is new, it was being used all the time. Most of the time I'd just tell the fielder to get it back to the pitcher and play on.
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