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  1. I have listened long enough TomUIC and Senor Azul are definitely correct in their interpretation. The following play illustrates this. Play: Does the run count? R1 and R3, 1 out. Line drive to RF, fielder makes play cleanly on one hop. R1,after touching 2nd heads back toward 1st thinking the ball was caught. By the time the ball is thrown to 1st to retire the BR (who didn’t hustle) R1 has turned around and again advanced past 2nd (while failing to touch the base) and is safe at 3rd, while R3 has long crossed the plate. R1 is now called out on appeal for missing 2nd base for the third out. OBR 5.09(b)(6) CLEARLY STATES THAT IF A FOLLOWING RUNNER IS RETIRED ON A FORCE PLAY THE FORCE IS REMOVED. Hence, when the appeal is sustained, R1 is now called out (not a force out) AND R3 scores a run. NOTE: Had the BR somehow been retired after touching 1st base (WITH R1 ALREADY BEYOND 2nd BASE), THEN THE APPEALED OUT ON R1 WOULD BE A FORCE OUT BECAUSE A FOLLOWING RUNNER WAS “NOT RETIRED ON A FORCE OUT” AND THEREFORE NO RUN WOULD SCORE. THIS IS THE CORRECT APPLICATION OF 5.09(b)(6) and the rule itself (though maybe not intended) actually relieves the umpires of the “burden” of having to know the EXACT LOCATION of each runner when a force out and a separate base-running infraction occur during the same play.
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