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    Infield Fly

    The act of a fielder intentionally dropping a fly ball or line drive, AFTER MAKING A CATCH, can occur at any time. Naturally, the application of the rule ( ball dead , batter out , runners return ) is determined by the conditions found in the rule itself. PLAY: Runner on second, one out. Pop up to the second basemen. The ball is caught, then voluntarily and intentionally released (dropped) to the ground ( the runner was several feet off second from the time the pitch was delivered). The runner breaks for third (without retouching second) and is safe at third. if a proper appeal is made ,t

    Infield Fly

    OBR A declared infield fly is caught, then intentionally dropped to the ground. The runner from third, standing several feet off third base from the time the pitch was delivered, sees the ball on the ground, breaks for the plate, (without tagging up) and scores. If the defense appeals, is the runner out?

    Runs Scoring

    PLAY: Loaded bases, 2 out. On a base-hit to the outfield, the runners from second and third score. The runner from first misses second and when he is almost to third base the coach yells to him to go back and touch second. As he is returning to second, the batter-runner is tagged out between 1st and 2nd (for the third out), JUST BEFORE the runner is able to get back to second base. Playing under OBR, can the defense appeal the runner missing second and if so, what happens?
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