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  1. OBR/NCAA: Allow dead ball appeals, save the time from the Kabuki Theater that too often happens (esp at levels below actual professional baseball), ask what you gotta ask, and move on with life Fed: don't listen to any of the above
  2. Is it legal to try? Yes....but if you actually make contact with the ball and your entire foot is outside of the box at time of contact (not just in the air, but actually touching outside all of the line of the box) - or if touching home plate in a HS game - and if it was seen by the PU who admittedly has more important things to watch at that time (namely, the pitch itself), then you would be out.
  3. Welcome, fellow central OH brother. Since COYBL uses Fed as the base rule set, don't be afraid to use the bench restriction - and use it early. Perfect time would have been after the "you know it's where it crosses the plate?" nonsense. It puts them on notice and makes the eventual report - if it gets to that - much easier.
  4. Yea, I'm still salty about getting called out for merely turning left when I was 10, 40 years later....I only got like 3 hits my entire youth career, and this dude took one of them away!
  5. WHAT?!?:!?!?!?!?! That is the most horrendous thing I've ever heard in this area of discussion. What kind of shakedown was this and how long did it go on? Sounds like protection money. Nice little officiating career you've got started there, sure would be shame if anything happened to it.
  6. scrounge

    Leaving Early

    Is there an NFHS case or interpretation that would support that? While I do respect BRD as persuasive, it's not necessarily conclusive. Fed lacks the comment that OBR does for this situation, and nothing in 8-2 seems to limit a runner from retouching home on the way back (unless of course, a following runner has also scored or the ball becomes dead while on or beyond the next base). Totally willing to be convinced that I'm wrong, but seems like an OBR ruling is being used when Fed is actually silent.
  7. scrounge

    Leaving Early

    If the defense doesn't appeal, this is a big bag of nothing. And if they do appeal, they need to appeal properly. The runner properly retouched home on his way back to 3rd. If they don't appeal, he stays there. If they do appeal leaving early at 2B, if done properly and before the next pitch or play initiated by the defense, then he's out. In any case, there's nothing for the umpires to do until there's an appeal. Edited to add: occasionally I forget that I admittedly forget that I come to these discussions from a Fed perspective, since 95%+ of the games in this area are based on that. My answer is only applicable to Fed. Thank you to the downvoter for the subtle reminder of that bias!
  8. I thought it was kind of funny, it's obviously just a skit. I thought much of the outrageously outraged FB reactions were pretty silly. I don't really see it so much as "this is teaching kids to act like idiots" as much as it highlights how ridiculously childish and silly the adults are when they do the same thing.
  9. Hmm, I'm not really sure what to make of this. The original post quite clearly makes it sound like a no-brainer, obvious, even Helen Keller could see kind of call. You did say that everyone in the park knew it was a swing. If it was really that obvious, they may not like the process but they should know it ended up right. But now you say it was close enough to be an argument either way - a totally different context that, yea I could see blowing up into a poopstorm with how it went down. So let's break it down. You know you made a mistake - that's good. Everyone does, some bigger than others. Who ejected the coach, though? Did you tell the coach that "yes, I was late, but I saw a swing"? Did you take the heat and the coach just wouldn't let it go? Or did you let your partner take the brunt of it after you - admittedly - cut his legs out like that? If the latter, well....you compounded your error greatly. I gotta admit, I would have been furious as well. At this point, the best and really only thing that can be done is to learn from this and never, NEVER bounce this call back to your partner no matter where you are. There are some old-timers that will still never ask if their partner is in B/C, but not many. And I would recommend contacting your former partner and offering profuse and unqualified apologies. No excuses, no "yea buts...", etc. Also, were you filling in? I mean no offense, but I'm just surprised someone would get to HS varsity and never have had a check swing appeal when in B/C.
  10. There wasn't some breakout just this year in ADHD drug usage, it's absolutely the ball. Independent tests have shown the drag coefficient of this year's balls are lower - it's objectively slicker. They're using the same balls in AAA this year, and the numbers are strikingly higher down there as well.
  11. I don't think this will be any big deal at all, and is a welcome addition giving flexibility to play players without overly adding complexity.
  12. It would be your judgment if F3 was close enough to make a legitimate play on the runner. Supportable either way, but sounds like nothing.
  13. Never saw anything close to this before. 17U Pastime tournament, not the highest level of ball but not bad, generally players that either are on varsity teams or will be next year. Infield hit to F5, who would have had an easy out but shorthops it. F3 goes down to try to catch it, it bounces over his arm, and he turns to retrieve the ball now heading for the fence. As he turned to pursue, the B/R runs smack dab into him while attempting to go to 2B, an easy OBS call which both I (BU) and my partner have as he was coming up the line (no one on). F9 and F3 are close to the ball as the B/R jogs into 2nd. But, inexplicably, they just stop. The runner kind of dances a bit, unsure, we all kind of look around at each other - and the RF and 1B just stand there. Sensing that, the runner takes off for 3rd as the defensive coaches all yell to the players to pick up the ball. They knew it was a live ball, the catcher knew the whole time it was a live ball and was already yelling. But still they stood there. Now, they're actually arguing - not with us, but with their own coaching staff "But he called obstruction!" "GET IT IN!!" "BUT HE CALLED OBSTRUCTION!". They still hadn't picked up the ball when the runner takes from 3rd. Finally, they throw it in but way too late, to the disgust of the coaches and catcher. They were still bitching about it when they went in for the inning, but the coach set them straight with a few choice words.
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