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  1. OK. Thanks. I just missed the Casebook ref. I remember our local association making this a POE about 8-10 years ago and I thought it even appeared in the Rules Book. Maven ....our Association would never create a POE on this unless opposing coaches complained often during the prior year.
  2. FED SOFTBALL 2-Man So this is where I’m asking veterans if you have a different way of doing things than what the books and camps teach. 1) R2. No outs. Long fly ball on the LF Foul Line. Explain duties of each ump 2) R1. No outs. Wild pitch goes to backstop. R1 takes 2nd and heads for 3rd without hesitating. Explain duties of each ump
  3. FED Game. Pitcher’s hat falls off his head 5 pitches in a row. What rule and/or casebook reference do we have at our disposal to stop this distraction? If F1 either cannot or does not comply with getting a hat that fits, what options of consequence do we have?
  4. Just found It in the 2018 NFHS Rules Book: 8-4-1 g. 2. The batter-runner is considered outside the running lane lines if either foot is outside either line.
  5. Maven, In FED, (or perhaps it’s consistent in all rule sets), is the only way to get RLI before the 45’ mark when it is deemed intentional that the B/R is blocking a throw? And if that is true, is it even called RLI, or simply INT???
  6. Is this spelled out in the NFHS books? I attended a college camp and we were specifically shown that if the right foot of the runner is even touching the foul line, with his left foot 2-3 feet out of the lane (in fair territory), he’s good. I couldn’t ask the question, “Is that different in FED?”
  7. I concur with Richvee that this is decided State-by-State, because as of Dec 01, 2017, Tennessee voted that Sports officials no longer have to take tests of any kind to be eligible to officiate. YES. THAT IS FACT. AN IDIOTIC ONE. The logic: Too many Officials cannot pass an OPEN BOOK TEST with score of 70, yet they’re pretty good officials who are needed. HOGWASH
  8. Kaepernick was NOT showing bravery ... rather, stupidity. Tom Brady — he could have gotten away with it. Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, and a few more black, healthy, starting QBs could have gotten away with it. Kaepernick had the misfortune of thinking he was more valuable than he is — that he’d raise an army like JACOB and all would follow like CALEB, Well ... first off ... everyone seems to forget that he did NOT start by taking a knee ... he started by sitting on the bench with his arms draped lazily on the bench back, and his protest “style” was pi$$ poor. Secondly, someti
  9. Around here, this would simply result in good or moderately good umpires being replaced by horrible umpires, because, "Man ... those guys we used to work with are WAY too difficult! They have no understanding WHATSOEVER how little control I have over changes in the schedule. Greedy SOBs!"
  10. That was certainly true, as you say, "Many, MANY years ago, but going to the grass to take the pivot man out hasn't been part of the game in my lifetime (1963) and I grew up a die-hard Reds fan with a little known roughneck player named Rose who popped up, Barrell Rolled, reached, kicked, tripped, bowled over, and like during Michael Jordan's day ... it was often said he was given special treatment by the refs, there's no doubt that Rose was given special treatment by the Umps. They really started flirting with INT when guys like Albert Belle were getting away with forearming guys to the grou
  11. VolUmp

    2018 POE

    Rick (see above); I think this is a better reply than, “OK.” And if spoken in the right tone, it says something a bit differently without having too much sarcasm. ”OK” is obviously just a way of saying, “Shut up.” ”How ‘bout that?” IMHO says, “Wow — interesting — you’ve been getting away with unenforced rules ... that’s pretty lucky. Well, Sir, not today.”
  12. VolUmp

    2018 POE

    Truly sorry if that’s the way it is where you work. Not the case here. In fact, our State Director preaches repeatedly, “If you guys go by the RuleBook, we can back you up every time and we won’t even entertain Ccoach complaints. “Vary from the RuleBook and we have a hard time supporting you.” Coaches have been disciplined for trying to vote out (blackball) an official from a postseason District Tourney for being “too black & white by the book ... e.g., delaying the game to put the kids in the dugout ... making cheap INT calls ... calling balks that didn’t deceive anyone ...”
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