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  1. Situation - Bases load, One out, Bottom 7. 14U AAA/Major tournament. Bouncer to F6. Throws to F4 on second base to record out. Transition is slow but makes the throw to F3 and I pivot to watch the throw to first. Batter-Runner beats throw and is safe. When I look back at second, the second baseman is on the ground and coach is coming out. R1, slid hard at 2nd base after the out was recorded and took out F4 after the throw was made. Problem for me is, I didn't see it. I talked to my partner and he was watching the runner coming home. How, in a two man system do I cover this correctly. I believe the coach that the runner slid hard and unnecessarily late, but I followed the ball and didn't see it. Looking for some tips or best practices to see all parts of this play.
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