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  1. You've confused a rule interpretation with a judgment call. By interpretation, "to avoid being tagged" requires a tag attempt. No judgment required. A judgment call is ball/strike, catch/no catch, safe/out. These all presuppose settled rules and interpretations defining them. Whether the fielder was attempting a tag IS a judgment call. But we can't apply the "out of the baseline" provision because we "judge" that there doesn't need to be a tag attempt.
  2. maven

    Missed Base

    If you mean reverse order, then I agree. Correct: that explains why he would be open to a missed base appeal had the play ended with him on 1B. That's not a thing. I don't know LL, but I sincerely doubt that this provision is in the rules. A baserunner who touches a base on his last time by negates any previous infraction at that base.
  3. Only A is legal by rule. I'm probably balking the others, although if B overlaps with A at all I'd probably allow it.
  4. maven

    Caught ball?

    Yes and no. The guideline I was taught is to signal and verbalize when the ball is caught below the fielder's waist or while he's running. So, yes, we should signal and verbalize on a shoestring catch. But there's no mechanic manual that has us verbalize "ground." The mechanic is "No catch!" and signal safe. Sell it on a trapped ball. When in doubt, signal and verbalize. We're in the communication business, so why keep our rulings secret?
  5. And the mechanic is: [signal safe & hold it] That's nothing!
  6. maven

    Safe or out?

    Is this a baseball question or sex?
  7. maven

    National Anthem

    Looks like the umps were doing the standoff.
  8. I found a couple pages that explain how to do that. How to Stop GIFs From Auto-Playing in Your Browser Disable GIF Auto-Play
  9. It's easier than that. Just ask. 1. Fielder tags runner. 2. Me: why are you tagging him? 3. Fielder: he didn't tag up. 4. Me: He's out! And the conversation does not have to take place with the fielder: in some situations, I might ask the "defense." And if play is continuing, the conversation can take place during the next dead ball (the appeal is the tag, not the conversation, and the tag occurred during a live ball).
  10. maven

    Fake Tag

    Who knows? What code do they play under?
  11. Not as described (assuming that by 180* you mean 180°). If he goes through a full 540°, I'm probably calling that a tag attempt. (Side note: if you're going to communicate with the kids, you can't write, "because this is LL"; you have to say, "because LL." You're welcome.)
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