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  1. maven

    Obnoxious Coach

    No, it's not in OBR. In fact, there's a pro interp that explicitly allows it. I haven't tallied your exact score, but you seem to be in the range of 30–40% correct answers. I recommend that you do a little homework before answering.
  2. maven

    Obnoxious Coach

    Depends on how sick of the coach you are. If it's garden-variety asshattery, just call time and send the BR back to 1B. If you've had enough but aren't ready to toss, you can do #1 and/or give him a written warning (in FED, this would have included restriction). If he needs to ply his wares elsewhere, you can do #1 and/or eject him for unsporting behavior. Other (non-FED) codes do not include verbal OBS, so I recommend not trying to call that in this kind of situation.
  3. maven


    A "force play" occurs when a runner is loses his right to his TOP base by virtue of the batter becoming a runner. A "force play" ends when (a) a forced runner or his advance base is tagged, or (b) when the forced runner touches his advance base. The force is reinstated when a runner retreats from his advance base, because his doing that "undoes" (b) above. That's not what R2 is doing in your play, so it does not reinstate a force play. Moreover, R2 is forced to advance to 3B, not 2B. So touching 2B cannot retire R2.
  4. maven


    It sounds as if the OP is erroneously trying to squeeze a missed base appeal for R2 in here. But because R2 is either forced to advance (when R1 is not out) or entitled to 2B (when R1 is retired), he cannot be guilty of a missed base, even after "retreating" from 2B.
  5. PA tried and failed to make that case in court. "Close" is irrelevant under the law.
  6. Just on this question: OHSAA will suspend officials who speak to the media; repeat offenders risk losing their permit. And Twitter counts. Social media.
  7. maven

    Is it a balk?

    I'm guessing the reason the move might be suspect is the premise that F1 must disengage to feint to 2B. That premise is false. If there's some other reason you might think this is a balk, let us know.
  8. Did they really say "timing play?" Doesn't that disqualify the witness?
  9. maven


    Dude, volume 2 was done in 1615! Catch up!
  10. maven


    Or this way: There are two different ways to feint "stepping and throwing to a base": Stepping and not throwing at all Stepping and throwing but not directly to a base
  11. maven


    This is the umpiring version of "If a tree falls in the woods..."
  12. Here they all are: https://www.mlb.com/groundrules Knock yourself out!
  13. I dunno, Jeff, we can only try to empathize with him, pitching a shutout, up 9-0...I mean, you gotta have that outside pitch called a strike, right? Poor guy!
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