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  1. Neither true nor, in many cases, possible. Subsequent events can affect the award.
  2. As I say, take all info into account: where the ball goes, what the fielders do with it, how well the BR runs, how good the throw in is. The good news is: the "proper" award is determined by your judgment. Within limits, you can't be wrong!
  3. We'll rule on this with all available info. We call the OBS when it happens and let play unfold. If it's a classic "triple ball" into the RF corner, then I'm likely to award 3B. But if F9 gets to it in a hurry and gets it back in, I might award only 2B (leave him there). Any benefit of the doubt will go to the obstructed runner. The penalty for OBS is to award bases in order to nullify the act of OBS. I don't much care what he was "attempting to reach," which is not really a criterion for the penalty. In some slight cases of OBS, the runner is mostly redirected around a fielder without contact, and he might continue on and try for 3B (or even make it). In others, a huge collision might see the runner tagged out while lying on the ground near 1B. An award of 3B is possible in both cases, depending on the situation.
  4. 'Fairness' is a matter of judging candidates by the same criteria. For high profile, highly paid positions, there will always be too many candidates who meet the criteria. The criteria for working high-level basketball used to be connections: if you were connected to the establishment, you got a job. Then it became connections plus skills, and some folks who only had connections screamed "unfair!" Then it became connections, skills, plus athleticism. Then racial diversity became an additional criterion, then gender diversity. Always the cries of "unfair!" Some push back that diversity (or whatever) is irrelevant to officiating. Even if that were true, surely we could say the same about connections, which have always been a criterion (even, for a long time, the only one). There will always be qualified candidates who don't get a job (any job). Why not spread the dissatisfaction across all groups proportionately? Nobody really thinks they're entitled to these gigs, do they?
  5. maven

    FED DH Rule Change

    That computes for me. The point of allowing the F/DH (more general than the P/DH) is to ensure that a player can stay in the game on offense when he comes out on defense. To keep him on defense and sub for him on offense would be odd: just use a regular DH. So that would kill the role.
  6. maven

    FED DH Rule Change

    Well, I'm not trying to take sides on anything, just trying to answer the OP's question given the incomplete information to date.
  7. maven

    FED DH Rule Change

    I wish I had posted that. Also, note that this is NOT the new rule. It's the press announcement that a new rule is being drafted. The full text of the new rule is (AFAIK) not publicly available yet.
  8. maven

    FED DH Rule Change

    That is not in the current rule. I have not seen the new rule. If your report is correct, then that squares with the stated rationale for the rule change: allow a starter to remain in the game on offense and have a sub take over his defensive role. But if a sub runs or hits for him, then the role of DH is terminated. Smith is a sub in the lineup in that spot, playing defense. He may run for Jones because it's his lineup spot: basically, at that point he takes over the other role of that lineup spot. That would terminate the DH, and Jones is out of the game. If he has re-entry, he should be able to return to that spot in the lineup and play both roles later in the game (and Smith would be done for the day).
  9. maven

    FED DH Rule Change

    AFAIK, the final draft of the rule has not yet been posted. Here's the announcement on NFHS.org: In your example, it sounds as if you're envisioning Jones being P/DH, and then being just DH when Smith comes in to pitch. That sounds as if it would be allowed under the new rule. Your next statement sounds incorrect: a runner for Jones (now just DH) would simply be a sub who was in the game as DH. Jones could re-enter as DH in his next at bat. With one exception, only a sub could legally run for Jones. Such a substitution would NOT terminate the role of the DH. The exception is Smith, who occupies the defensive half of the F/DH spot in the lineup. Yes, he may indeed run for Jones, and THAT would terminate the role of the DH, for the same reason as always: if either half of the pairing does the other half's job (fielder plays offense, or hitter plays defense) then the role of the DH is terminated. And yes, Smith entering on offense puts Jones out of the game, and he may use his reentry. At that point, however Jones would also have to play on defense (though not necessarily pitch, and unless another sub entered or Smith re-entered). These provisions are part of the current rule.
  10. Two points, without speculating on the OP's motives: F1 gets slack if he almost fails to stop. That's the opportunity for preventive officiating. I don't know an umpire instructor who recommends "ignoring the first one" or any such. I'll balk a first offense if it is one. As for an explanation of "a situation where it would be a balk by this part of the rule," I'm afraid that's not terribly satisfying: it's a motion with no stop. This will, of course, be umpire judgment. I try to remind newer umpires repeatedly that coaches will disagree with our judgment calls. That's fine: they're entitled to their opinion. The OP evidently disagrees with the umpire on his game (and most of us) that this F1 stopped. Fine! And if he wants to coach his F1's to stop longer, also fine: they're less likely to be balked that way.
  11. And if his coach is any good, he'll have a chat with the lad about listening to opponents.
  12. The first pitch of the first video is borderline for me: I might send F2 out to tell him to give me a good stop. 'Borderline' here for me means 'legal but I can see how an opposing player/coach/fan might have a problem with it.' The other motions I saw were not borderline, and quite legal.
  13. maven

    Long fly ball

    I wish I had said that.
  14. maven

    Long fly ball

    No: it left the field of play fair and in flight. The ball is dead at that point, no matter what it orbits, and cannot be caught for an out. Good question. Have a puff for me.
  15. Minimizing risk and maximizing safety, yes. Preventing all injuries? No, that's not my job. You really want that liability?
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