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  1. Exactly. ‘The only thing umpires must remember is that the force is off and any advancing runner must be tagged.
  2. Just because a runner can be put out by just stepping on a base does not necessarily make it a force play. An appeal of a missed base or runner leaving early is the prime examples.
  3. Yes—fly ball you wait. ‘But even if foul the runner is out and batter returns to the plate as any other foul ball. ‘Even if caught. ‘Which made me wonder if the same applied to a slow rolling ground ball up the baseline.
  4. OBR and FED. ‘Saw this on a FB page. ‘R2 gets tangled with F 5 who is trying to field a batted ground ball down the 3rd base line. ‘In the judgement of the umpire the ball never would have had a chance to be fair. Do we enforce the interference? Suppose it was a fly ball which never had a chance of being fair?
  5. MT73


    True. ‘in USA softball the runner would be placed on 3rd—the base they were obstructed going to.
  6. Wouldn’t this come under batters interference in OBR?
  7. In OBR ( and I assume other codes) an appeal must be obvious. ‘And, in OBR, the ball must be alive and the appeal non verbal. Throwing to a base to double off a runner who is scrambling back is obvious. in your situation 9 times out of 10 the defensive coach will be screaming, “ Throw to 3rd!” But even if they don’t I would consider this a continuous play appeal and honor it.
  8. Did FED at one time state that interference with a thrown bat have to be intentional?
  9. MT73

    Another oldie

    No. ‘It was not taught as an appeal but as going for help. ‘Poor wording on my part.
  10. MT73

    Another oldie

    Yes—whether or not to fix it in this situation was my main question. I know we can—but should we.
  11. MT73

    Another oldie

    Thanks. So if not 100% sure is it better to call him safe rather than out since it is much less of an issue to change safe to out.
  12. MT73

    Another oldie

    No—I don’t. And by appeal I meant going for help. I misspoke. ‘Happens a lot at age 68
  13. MT73

    Another oldie

    I joined and trained a 14 week course with a highl level association in Long Island in 2008. ‘All of the clinicians were college or minor league umpires and former MLB umpire Justin Klemm was a guest instructor. ‘We were taught the “ask first” mechanic and it worked very well with our people. ‘I also used it at CDP with good effect. In this game I was working in a different association who’s training was not very extensive. And my partner, bar none, was the worst that I ever had. ‘Every call he made, nearly every pitch, turned into an argument. Anyway,I wro
  14. MT73


    I am having trouble finding those 3. ‘Most here disagree with you here. ‘Ditto on the other forum. ‘Not for nothing but if those LL umpires did not call interference on the video that was posted here then I do not see how it can be called in my situation. But whatever—-u have a nice day.
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