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  1. MT73

    Obnoxious Coach

    Happened a few years back but curious if I should have handled it differently. Team A is pounding team B in a 10U summer travel league and clearly has team B out matched in talent and experience. Team A is up by ten runs and is on offense. Their manager is coaching 3B where his runner is safe on a not so close play. Defensive player F6 has the ball and is confused what to do. Meanwhile the B/R is going into second base so the offensive coach tells the kid to throw to 2B—- which has zero chance of making an out. F 6 does so and the coach, with a chuckle, sends his runner in to score. I was unsure if this was a violation of Babe Ruth Rules so I let it slide but am curious if I should have said something to the manager. Any suggestions?
  2. Catcher tags R3 but drops the ball. Runner then misses the plate. Signal safe or no call?
  3. How can an enforced balk not be a no pitch?
  4. For the batter it is a “Do Over”
  5. Not on a balk. Unless all runners, including the B/R, advance one base, the balk penalty is enforced. A coach can decline a Catcher’s Interference penalty and take the result of the play if he should so choose.
  6. Just curious as to how would this be ruled in Federation and OBR?
  7. MT73


  8. MT73


    I can understand going out of play. But does that apply in this situation?
  9. MT73


    This was the situation. R 3 is obstructed by F1 while trying to score while F 6 is throwing the ball home. Umpire points and says,”That’s obstruction” Now the throw comes in to F 2 and R 3 is tagged out but then hits the plate. In OBR is this considered type 1 obstruction? Is the ball dead at the time of the infraction? If so can R 3 still he be allowed to retouch 3rd and then retouch the plate?
  10. MT73


    OBR first Then Federation: R 3 leaves base early on line drive that is caught by F6 R 3 is obstructed by F1 who is trying to back up the throw and is thrown out at the plate. Umpire kills the play and awards R 3 home. Question is that since the ball is dead can R 3 return to retouch 3rd before touching the plate? What about after touching the plate?
  11. MT73


    Sounds to me of an example of over officiating.
  12. MT73

    Error on Out Call

    Thanks guys.
  13. MT73

    NFHS Rules question

    In OBR if the bat hits the ball a second time it is an out and the ball is dead. in Fed it has to be intentional for an out to be called.
  14. What happens if an umpire wrongly calls a player out? Example: Two outs with runners in 1rst and 3rd. Batter strikes out but catcher drops the pitch. Batter starts running to first but P/U ( thinking it was one out) shouts “Batter out! Batter out”” which causes the batter to stop before touching first and heads toward the dugout. Looking for any case book in Fed and OBR.
  15. MT73

    BR misses 1st base

    Are you also looking for the O.B.R interpretation on this? It was recently changed in that the umpire no longer makes a safe call and waits for the appeal. Now the proper mechanic is to make no call.
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