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    I was surprised that the PU did not call BI tonight. I thought that a throw by F2 was not required for the interference to be called. Am I wrong?
  2. MT73


    Agreed. Sometimes the rules do not seem to follow logic and fairness.
  3. MT73


    Thanks. ‘I edited the post to reflect runner.
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    Today I was watching a 9U game. Shortstop was going after a wild throw when the runner ran into him. Had I been umpiring the game I would have called obstruction but I was wondering if it could be inference?.
  5. MT73


    Having a brain freeze. ‘Can a runner be called out if he makes unintentional contact with a fielder who is in the process of catching a thrown ball? OBR? FED? B/R going for 2B F6 Is covering the bag but before he catches the ball the B/R runs into him. Whats the call?
  6. Ditto in OBR—-the Jackie Robinson rule.
  7. Immediate dead ball. R2 out. B/R gets first base. R 1 gets second base because of the force. ‘Non forced —if any—runners return to base at TOI ‘If you believe the interference was intentional in order to break up a DP you can call B/R out as well.
  8. Bat hits ball a second time in fair territory—-out Ball hits bat a second time—play on.
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    Thanks gentlemen
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    OBR Pitcher on the rubber steps to (occupied) 3rd base but does not throw or fake a throw. Balk? Would it be the same ruling in Federation.
  11. Home team down by 19 runs. ‘Last licks. 2 outs. ‘The worst hitter on the team gets a base hit. He over runs 1B, turns right and is well into foul territory. The throw to F1 is overthrown and the kids runs two feet towards 2B but stops when the ball is returned to F1 and is slowly walking to first base. In my judgement I felt he made an attempt for 2B. ‘Pitcher throws to F3 and tags the kid before he reaches 1B—-I bang him out. Bedlam follows.
  12. MT73


    I was upstate hunting when I got the call. ‘I am the former UIC/Umpire instructor/rules interpreter for this very large baseball complex and I get calls from the league president, current UIC and individual umpires time to time concerning situations. Outside leagues rent our complex for tournaments and we supply the umpires. I encourage our directors to print out rule sheets as well as suggesting to the umpires to download the rules from the TD’s website before a game. ‘Yes—-umpire asked is IFF was in effect. He was told by both coaches no. Yes—ball was not caught and a few runs scored on throwing errors. They asked me can the IFF be called after the fact. No. IMHO Can it be a dead ball do over. No. IMHO Then they asked under what rule authority I was basing my decision on. I said that an umpire can make a decision on anything not covered in the rule book. I also added—after stating that I have no official capacity anymore— this is a MSU rule that they can do whatever they please but I felt that my opinion was based on fairness in an avoidable situation.
  13. MT73


    During the pre game plate meeting umpires ask the coaches if there are any in house rules that they should be aware of—-mercy rules. IFF, extended batting orders, etc.
  14. MT73


    9u OBR—Babe Ruth. At pre game plate meeting both coaches agree there is no IFF. Around the 3rd inning there is a pop up to infield with bases loaded. ‘No IFF called. Defensive coach comes out with tournament rule sheet that shows that IFF is to be called and wants umpire to call it after the fact. I am called by phone for a ruling. I say no IFF because it was agreed upon at pre game. However it will be in effect for the remainder of game and tournament. I tell TD to hand out all in house rules to UIC so he can distribute them to the crews. I also tell UIC that the umpires should have checked the leagues website before the game to familiarize themselves with specific rules for each age group. How would you guys have handled this situation?
  15. MT73

    Line up Question

    Many thanks. ‘Turns out the game was played last Saturday but the coach just asked me today. ‘Umpires did not allow the kid—his #3 hitter—to play. They lost.
  16. Need a ruling in FED and OBR Suspended game resumes Saturday—-picking up where weather halted the game. Can a player who was not in the original game play on Saturday? Thanks in advance.
  17. MT73

    Who’s out?

    Once had a similar situation. ‘R1. Ground ball to F3. He steps on first base and then throws to second to retire R1. ‘The coach is yelling. “You gotta tag him!” F6 plays it as a force and I signal safe. The look on F6’s face was priceless.
  18. Not sure of the situation. ‘if it was 2 outs then he could have tagged the batter to end the game. ‘This is not a force out, BTW.
  19. Nice to read that the defense knew enough to tag him at 2B. ‘Most would have thrown to first base.
  20. Unless they lean into the pitch or make it obvious—or are in the strike zone—I give the batter the benefit
  21. No. ‘The ball went through or by F3 Meaning thru his legs or by his immediate vicinity. If F4 had a play on the ball then R1 would be out but in this case that was not an issue. At least in OBR. Live ball—play on.
  22. MT73

    Flying start

    Thanks. ‘This clears everything up.
  23. MT73

    Infield fly rule

    In OBR an uncalled infield fly that should have been called can be fixed if the defense gains an unfair advantage—such as a double play. In this case it does not appear that the umpires thought it could be caught with ordinary effort. ‘So—R3 out on force at home. R1 out on force. Inning over. If they deem it to be an IFF then the batter is out. Negate the other outs and resume play with bases loaded and now 2 outs.
  24. Ok guys, but I am having a hard time not calling offensive interference on this. Do you at least send the runner back to 2B?
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