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  1. I use the Force3 V3 CP. It is so light and comfortable I hardly notice I'm wearing it. Have taken shots off it from rec level to high school, with no ill effects.
  2. Not at all. And just to make sure the colors don't fade, wash on permanent press cycle, then hang them up overnight using pants hangers(kind that hold the pant legs) to dry.
  3. LA's Totally Awesome, or Simple Green. They both cut right through dirt and grime, and you get a lot for a little because they are in a concentrate.
  4. Maybe, but you said the key word - "consistently". How many times have we as umpires heard the coaches complain about calls not going the same both ways. Once he established his zone, it did not change at all. Hitters and pitchers adapted to him.
  5. I was at a AAA ballgame this past weekend, and saw a very interesting form of timing play mechanics. Obviously there was a timing play at the plate. Run scored, and when the out was called at second, PU signaled two times to the plate, and then turned around and signaled up to the press box level to inform the scorekeeper. When he did, he made it with a very emphatic motion, and it actually looked like he ejected someone. The catcher even thought he had been thrown out of the game and started arguing with the PU, manager right on his heels. Took about 5 seconds, but when the catcher and manager understood what the PU did, they ended up having a laugh about it. Guess the PU was wanting to keep the players on their toes.
  6. Please tell me it was in a "How not to call a game" training?
  7. Nope, just the regular pants.
  8. I've got 2 pairs of Smitty Umpire Pants I need to get rid of. Bought them as backups, but decided to stick with Gerry Davis Slacks. It's one pair Base and one pair plate. 42" for both, unhemmed, tags still on them. Will do $50 w/shipping.
  9. @LRZI consulted with my partner confirm my understanding of the rule only
  10. So I had a situation yesterday I would like some opinions on. Let me lay out the situation for you. PONY Mustang(9-10yr old) end of season playoff game. R1 on 3B, R2 on 2B. Honestly don't remember how the play went down, but here was where I went into my quandary. R1 comes home, but doesn't touch the plate. Before R1 comes back to touch the plate, R2 comes home, and DOES touch the plate. So I know that if the other team saw that R1 missed the plate, I've got an out. Sure as shooting, the coach comes out, but he says he's protesting that R1 missed the plate. I called time, and when to confer with my partner to ensure I had an out. He agreed with me. When I came back to the coach I told him that he needed to perform an appeal play. SO after the coach explained everything step by step to his players, I call R1 out. IMMEDIATELY the 3B coach comes over and starts arguing that I should have not advised the coach on what he should have done. My quandary is this; Should have I said anything to the coach?
  11. I'd give her a 5 out of 10
  12. It was travel ball @Stk004
  13. So I had a 9u game that turned out to be one probably one of the best games I've ever worked. Not because of the level of play-these guys were 9 year olds. But rather because of the attitude of the coaches, parents, and players. First taste of it was at the plate meeting. The HCs were good friends, and you could tell that this was truly a friendly game. As my partner discussed ground rules (I was BU), the coaches first asked him to have a big strike zone to promote the kids swinging the bat. They didn't want a walk-a-thon. Also, they asked us if we saw something in the field, to "coach the kids up". Holy SH*#!!?? coaches that want input from the umpires about their kids' play?? So being the BU, I knew I was going to have a SH*#-ton of balks, but I said if it's not egregious, then I'm not calling it. So as the game went along, both teams were putting in a new pitcher every inning. So each half inning, I would walk over to the dugout, and would talk to the pitcher AND the coach. I made it a point to compliment them on what they did right, then pointed out things they should work on. Only told them 1 or 2 things, and only the obvious ones, not stopping at the set position, glove position in the set, shoulder turns, etc. One kid after I talked to him asked me about how he was supposed to step when he went for a pickoff. Mind-Blown!!!!! Without any hesitation, I found myself explaining to this bright eyed, curious child what a balk meant, but I laid it out for him in a way that he could understand. He listened, and then explained to me what he heard me say, as if to confirm that he had heard the right thing, which he had. After that conversation was over, I went back to the "A" position. Didn't realize that everyone was waiting on me. After the game was over, my partner and I were heading off the field, and the boy who I had a conversation with ran up to me and said "my Mom wants to talk to you". So I waited for her to come over, and when she did, she reached out and began to hug me. Not what I expected. After a short embrace, she thanked me for talking to her son. Apparently he had gone over to her after that inning and had cheerfully, and with so much delight and enthusiasm, relayed the contents of our conversation.
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