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  1. From watching a lot of Minor League baseball two man, it became clear to me that the safe signal was for when the ball was dropped and the catcher did not apply the tag within the area of home plate as the Batter Runner ran to first base. As a HS umpire it was being applied as soon as the ball was dropped by the catcher, so I was seeing and myself included mask off, safe signal to then be turned into an out. This is not a sport of immediate calls. HS baseball is a different beast in every part of the country. I will continue to verbalize strike 3. I will use my regular hand signal. I am n
  2. Coach comes out to question a call, I take them off, put them on the top of my hat, a mortal sin HS baseball in NJ, coach leaves his on, I will never take my sunglasses again for a coach wearing sunglasses. It is that simple. Take the mask off. Yes I know it is easier, but personally I would be embarrassed if I was on the cover of this book with my mask on doing that.
  3. Here you go. I honestly think I could take it my shoe repair man he could sew it back for me. It was rather funny that my partner was telling me that he was getting hit in these specific areas and literally stuck his finger and broke the stitching.
  4. Working a game, shoulder pad seem on my West Vest gold came undone. I could not believe it. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Suggestions?
  5. This seems like a great product. They made a insert for just the front of your head. Seems like the umpire foul ball protection. I would consider buying it. Force 3 is really leading the way with protection.
  6. Team Wendy pads are always a great pick up. Nothing really jumping out at me on the Black Friday Sale on ump attire.
  7. I am interested if anyone umpires in Iowa and knows how the Iowa umpires feel about this situation? Info on the teams and if the umpire crew has been disciplined for actions or inaction by association or State athletic association?
  8. The regular davis charcoal pants. I have plate and base.
  9. Do we Davis pants shrink after washing?
  10. Looks like force 3 put out a new chest protector. Looks exactly the same as the old ones, but says it is better. Has anyone tried it? Pic is on umpattire
  11. I went to the state interpretations meeting at Becton on Monday. They said with runners on a ball hit down the right field line the plate umpire take the ball fair, foul, catch, no catch...no problem with that. Then depending on how far down the line the plate ump goes the base umpire might have to take the play at the plate. Who is the plate umpire? An Olympic track and field athlete?
  12. @Scott Kennedy What equipment will be on special for Black Friday?
  13. At what point is the school responsible for providing a safe field that meets the rule requirements set forth by the fed. I can understand a rare situation, but when it is expected to happen that becomes a problem. The school has a responsibility to provide a safe field for the student athletes. We are required to enforce fed rules. If I just decided to change a rule that would be unacceptable. I see it as the same thing.
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