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  1. Maybe, just maybe the pitcher should make a better offering that what he did? After all, actions do have consequences. The pitcher made the initial mistake. So, why would it be more incumbent on the batter to avoid the pitch? And why would we want to reward the pitcher for making a terrible pitch?.....
  2. Anthony Prater runs a three and four man camp in Las Vegas. He is a really good guy to learn from. He has a great program lined up. Find him at this website: Baseball Umpire Camp - apwesternstatesumpireclinics.org
  3. I see what you did there....not engaged. Well played Mauer!
  4. Just received my Nike Titanium from @whosyourcaddy. Transaction was smooth and only took a couple days to reach me. I love this mask and the weight is great--very light. Looking forward to start using this! Thanks to Mike Jarboe for offering this deal for us!!!
  5. The crew chief released a statement indicating he warned Gilbert in the second inning for arguing about balls & strikes from center field. In the 5th, he said some more and got tossed. Good use of warning the kid and trying to keep him in the game. Gilbert couldn't control himself and punched his own ticket. Umpire crew chief Billy Van Raaphorst releases statement on Drew Gilbert’s ejection (yahoo.com)
  6. @thelovejoy, I have a question. You said the batter hit the catcher's upper arm while he was hitting an inside pitch. I have a hard time picturing the catcher's upper arm getting hit in LL and still being able to swing and hit the pitch. Did the batter hit the catcher's upper arm on the initial swing, or was it on the backswing?
  7. Watch the action (or in this case inaction) of the first base umpire. He does not ring up an out on the play at first. Is this because he believes the ball was/is foul? Was he on his way to give his partner information when the coach engaged the HP umpire? Maybe before they could get him information, the coach was tossed and they had to play rodeo clown? Maybe his partner at first also got caught with his pants down and was surprised by the play and gave no initial help to the plate guy? However, if the plate guy was initially coming for help, should he have used his left hand pointed at first (similar to help on a checked swing)? Matt, are you saying use the left hand to point fair? Would there ever be another time to point in the direction of a partner to get help, if so, what situations apply? This is definitely a great clip for discussion! Thanks for posting.
  8. Maybe you should call him out for abandonment.....that would be a fun circus to watch too! Or you could just go with what @JonnyCat said.
  9. Mad Mike

    Run or no run

    No, the run would not score. The runner from first was forced to advance. As a result, even though he was tagged, this is considered a force out. No run can score on a force out, at any base, for the third out of the inning.
  10. Can you share any other specifics like: do you get any training, do you travel, work with the same partner all the time, per diem and game fees?
  11. Impressive base running by the Rebel Second Baseman. Enjoy this little clip.
  12. I came across this clip of a pitcher waving bye-bye to the third batter he struck out to end the inning-immaculate inning style-on just 9 total pitches. Should he be ejected for this move? High school pitcher Sam Cozart taunts batter before striking him out (msn.com)
  13. Good discussion...for #5, what is the rule referenced that would make this an illegal set?
  14. Ageed with @Mudisfun. This is OBS. Award him home. Should be the same for OBR. BTW-Positioning by HPU is terrible to make the call.
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