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  1. +1 props to @Beerguy55. This is the better way to handle the situation. Don't grab the shi%$y end of the stick by tossing the coach. He does not have control over the stupid things parents say at games. He would have the ability to ask the spectator to leave so the game isn't suspended or forfeited.
  2. Matt's advice above is the best remedy here. As you know the umpiring community in some locations is rather small and tight knit. Feel free to mention what happened to you about the payments to others who will listen. In the end, the guy will lose a lot more than $100 bucks with a hit to his reputation.
  3. Situation: 3-1 count and ball 4 is thrown by team who is behind in the 9th inning. Coach comes out for mound visit. Delays leaving to have a word with the umpire. As you walk him back towards plate area, he says the magic words and you toss him. Now the fun part, he decides to mess up your well swept and clean plate by kicking dirt on it. Here is some video of the issue: MiLB - Toby Basner Ejects Ranting Rojas Late in Toledo | Close Call Sports & Umpire Ejection Fantasy League The question is: Do you sweep the plate off or make/ask the catcher to clean it off? Other option is to
  4. NFHS & OBR Question came up about pitching substitutions at a meeting. SITUATION: Second Inning, manager comes out to the umpire, states he wants to switch pitcher and first baseman for the batter coming to the plate. The new pitcher strikes out the batter. The manager then comes back out and tells the umpire he wants to change them back. How many times in that 1/2 inning are we going to allow the pitcher to switch with a fielder and then switch back? If anyone has a rule cite for both codes, it would be appreciated.
  5. NFHS & OBR How would you handle the following situation? R1, 2 outs, Outfield is playing a shift to left field. Batter loops a line shot to RF. RF being out of normal position, takes off his glove and throws it at the ball to stop it from going to the wall. RF hits the ball with his glove. He picks up the ball and throws it in on the relay. R1 heads for the plate and is thrown out at home. The penalty is three bases for this in OBR. Are we going to negate the out and allow R1 to score (BR goes to third)?
  6. Use some caseplays on the old farts for NFHS. If they don't like the written word, then use this string of stories: Close Call Sports & Umpire Ejection Fantasy League: Search results for obstruction at first base
  7. I saw this on Wendlestadt's website. I thought they were only doing on-line. They have a basic and advanced one week class listed here. The basic started today though.... Abbreviated Course (umpireschool.com)
  8. How about using objective evidence such as official times published on-line and in newspapers regarding SUNSET? If you add in at the plate meeting that we call it 15 minutes before official sunset then nobody can say you made anything up. So, if official sunset that particular day is 6:15 pm, then we announce at plate meeting, the game will end at 6:00 pm, then you will have less argument(s) from participants. After all, they agreed with this at the plate meeting, right? Also, this is a good standard to keep you from liability in the event somebody gets hurt if you play too long.
  9. I take notes between innings when I am out in RF. This gives me a chance to write down things the crew did well and not so well for our Post Game. In the event we screwed something up, it helps to write it down-so you know it can be covered in the locker room---AND then FLUSH it to keep your focus during the rest of the game.
  10. This little sting is gonna hurt. Innocent until proven guilty, but wow, this seems pretty damn stupid if true: MLB umpire Brian O'Nora, 57, arrested in Ohio sex-sting operation | Fox News
  11. Our Association is looking for some new ways to collect dues besides taking cash or checks. We are looking into trying to find ways to either take credit/debit cards or peer-to-peer apps like Venmo to pay dues. If any of you have any experience with what works well beyond taking cash and checks, please let me know what type of method(s) have worked well (including those that haven't worked so well). We want to find something that will work for the vast majority of officials, including those who are not technically savvy.
  12. If the real intent of the rule requiring the pitcher to take signs while on the rubber is to say prevent a quick pitch from happening, then perhaps you could smooth this over with the player by not simply addressing the rule, but mentioning the spirit of the rule and why/when it is called and when it is ignored. If the pitcher was not quick pitching anyone, then you could simply say you interpret the rule to prohibit quick pitches for safety reasons. Since the intent of the rule was being met, there was/is no infraction.
  13. @Maven, the balk penalty is not mooted unless if the ball is put in play on a balk AND all runners including the batter runner advance at least one base. Then we wave it off and play on. If all runners do not advance one base safely, we wait for action to conclude and then enforce it, correct? While the above being the case, what about if they were playing at Oakland which has a deeper backstop than most fields. R2 could have motored home and scored from second, no? Or do we think the umpire killed it prematurely thinking that BR obviously was not heading to first and R2 would not
  14. Well played Mauer, well played...........
  15. What a great way to doctor the ball without the umpire having the ability to check the balls! Did you notice any extra spin or cut on the pitches that a little pine tar might have been present on the ball?
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