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  1. That is very impressive! You never know the kind of impact one can have on a ballplayer. Kudos for you being a role model to him.
  2. Mad Mike


    On these type of plays, you may not remember the exact rule(s). However, a good general guide is to look at this situation and try to apply a "fairness" standard. The throw was wild. As a result, it caused the defensive player to be out of position trying to catch the errant throw and there was contact. Ask yourself, why would I penalize the offensive player for a poor throw by the defense? If a coach comes out to argue, you can repeat this question back to him. The question should answer itself.
  3. I wanted to query if anyone from this site is going to attend Black & Blue Umpire Camp in Riverside, CA, October 19-24, 2021? If anyone has attended in the past, please post anything you know about the camp, what to expect, what to bring, and most important....any good places to eat while there.
  4. Daryl- Check out the Pioneer League Rule change: Revised “Check Swing” rule allows a hitter to appeal to the base umpire on a check swing strike decision from the home plate umpire. Previously, only the pitcher or catcher could ask for an appeal. Pioneer League Announces New Rules (milb.com)
  5. This clinic will be close to you in near future. Home • Mid-American Umpire Clinic • Springfield, Missouri (midamericanumpireclinic.com) I have heard a lot of good things about this clinic.
  6. Mad Mike


    @agdz59, I am sharing this with you to help this situation out. I have enjoyed most of your posts...you challenge me to get in the rule book and confirm what I thought was known and in some cases, change what I was doing that wasn't completely in line with the rules. Most of the guys and gals on this website are all about giving their 2 cents and moving on. However, you can agree to disagree (and have plainly done that). But ask yourself this: Is everyone wrong on this and I am right? Or might it just be the reverse. Just two points for you to consider here: 1) For OBR in 2021, Look in the very last paragraph of Rule 5.12 Calling "Time" and Dead Balls. It says the following: "After the ball is dead, play shall be resumed when the pitcher takes his place on the pitcher's plate with a new ball or the same ball in his possession and the plate umpire calls "Play." The plate umpire shall call "Play" as soon as the pitcher takes his place on his plate with the ball in his possession." 2) Case Play 2013-07: Hidden Ball Trick Fails due to Time Out | Close Call Sports & Umpire Ejection Fantasy League Peace Brother.
  7. Very impressed they even have the runners lane painted!
  8. MC. Runner definitely extends his arms out when initiating contact. In addition, like noumpere suggested perhaps there was some earlier chirping taking place in the game that makes this decision easier for the calling umpire.
  9. @Senor Azul Any references what constitute mound visits in OBR?
  10. How about this guy? You wanna work with him?
  11. The truth is out there!
  12. So, while we hear about Lebron James flopping on the court. Have you heard about another Lebron in the Dominican Republic? Apparently, this guy likes to assault umpires with a bat. I hope they ban this guy for life from the game. https://dailycaller.com/2021/05/24/baseball-elvis-lebron-umpire-fight-video-bat/ Accoridng to the website Outkick, MLB Insider Hector Gomez didn’t mince words over what reportedly transpired Sunday on a diamond in the Dominican Republic where a Chicago Cubs prospect named Elvis Lebrón was arguing balls and strikes. “Este señor debe ser expulsado de por vida de toda actividad deportiva y de recreación y, al mismo tiempo, debe ser sometido a la acción de la justicia por intento de homicidio,” Gomez tweeted, which Google translates to “This man must be expelled for life from all sports and recreational activities and, at the same time, must be brought to justice for attempted murder.” As you can see in the video, LeBrón can be seen attacking the umpire with his bat, then returning to fire off his helmet before going back for yet another attack on the umpire. Gomez later tweeted that the Cubs have cut ties with the prospect. “The aggressor, who has a history of violence on the pitch and in society, according to witnesses, was arrested by members of the city’s police. While the [umpire] continued the game, but an hour later he was taken to the San José hospital for evaluation,” Gomez wrote in another translated tweet.
  13. Let's say in one week you are doing high school ball. The top velocity you might see in a high school game is 70 to 80 mph. The following week, you begin to work college and/or minor league. The velocity obviously increases. What tips do you have for dealing with increased speed when calling pitches? Any other pitfalls to watch out for as the speed increases?
  14. @beerguy55 If you were coaching the team that was screwed royally, how would you handle this? Pretty sure you would get ejected, but what else could/should a coach do? Pull his team off the field? Getting popcorn ready to wait for your reply!!!
  15. Who cares what level this is. This is embarrassing. How in the heck did all three geniuses not correct this situation? This is basic. And to those of you who are new umpires, this is why we tell you three things have to happen after a foul ball or time is called: 1) Pitcher must have ball in their possession and on the pitching rubber 2) Batter is in the box and ready 3) Umpire puts the ball back in play, by pointing and announcing "Play" [Do this every time....don't get lazy. The next thing we are going to see is a hidden ball trick pulled off after a foul ball....and the ump calls somebody out when the above is not met.] Absolutely shameful performance.
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