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  1. Base umpire (BU) I am working with takes a steal into second base. BU calls the guys safe. The defensive coach comes out to argue about the play wanting an out. After some back and forth, BU has had it with the coach and says, "Coach, his di** was on the bag when he was tagged." The coach, who was from Madison High School in your neck of the woods, stops arguing and is so stunned by the comment doesn't know what to say. After standing there for 30 seconds, he turns around and marches back to the dugout without another word said. To protect the innocent, this issue happened in the mid 90s. Nobody in the their PC mind would say that anymore and/or get away with it......
  2. Mad Mike


    Cup check anyone? But seriously, I loved how Lawump handled this one...." If I’m wrong, file a protest." I wish more umpires and coaches would use this to resolve disputes. Somebody is going to definitely learn something out of this and know how to handle it next time.
  3. Drug test all the guys who made these "rule changes". The checked swing madness is going to bring on a lot more ejections....and what about the batter to decides to run, what if he thinks better of it and still has one foot in the batters box....is he out? safe? This is inviting madness and seems like a desperate ploy to get more people interested in the game with inviting more controversy. I don't see this as being in the best interests of baseball over the long haul.
  4. Mad Mike


    Kill two birds with one stone: Use Murphy's Orange Oil Spray. Cleans while it shines! Doesn't crack leather like Windex or other "cleaners". Gives off a good shine.
  5. Use the rules to solve a problem, not to create one........
  6. If this occurred only 3-4 feet from the base, shouldn't the runner have slid? While there is no requirement to slide, if there is contact, it has to be legal contact.
  7. NFHS Rule Set Situation: With one out in the inning, the manager wants to bring in the shortstop to pitch and have the starting pitcher move to shortstop. He makes the switch and the relief pitcher begins to toss warm-up pitches. As he finishes his eighth toss, the manger tells the umpire he was just informed (by his assistant) the new relief pitcher can't pitch due to pitch count restrictions. He wants to bring in a different pitcher off the bench. Now, if we look at NFHS 3-1-2, it requires a starting and/or relief pitcher to pitch to the current batter or a pinch hitter, or until the third out is made. In this situation, the umpires obviously don't know who is under pitch count restrictions--so, we don't have the right information to not allow the switch. How would you guys suggest handling this? Does it matter that the coach realizes his mistake before we put the ball in play? How about if it is a simple defensive switch and nobody is initially brought from the bullpen or bench? (Spoiler alert: We allowed the manager to make a second switch because the ball was not formally put in play.)
  8. So, Zoops is on to something. If you dump them both they can take it to the parking lot and discuss things over tea.
  9. Even if you can't call HS ball just yet, I wonder if you could register anyway and attend the meetings, get to know people, and through that networking probably get additional opportunities? If you can't "register" maybe the local Association would let you attend and learn what you can. If you were in our area, we would love to have young guys who were interested and wanted to learn!
  10. Perhaps Senor Azul can enlighten us; however, as Noumpere stated "If the game was played under FED, then the runner cannot legally retouch first and is still subject to being out on appeal." Isn't OBR the same? If the kid was halfway between 2nd and 3rd when the throw went out of play, then he cannot legally re-touch second and then first because he is beyond the base that was not properly tagged. He certainly could go back and physically re-touch 2nd and 1st; however, it won't save him under "last time by" because he can't legally re-touch when he is beyond the next successive base when the ball is dead. So, we go this right, but for the wrong reason(s) or improper procedure? OBR also does not allow dead ball appeals....I realize this was coach pitch, so maybe the rule(s) are more lenient on this though. So, the defensive team would need the umpire to put the ball back in play and then appeal, correct? Great discussion and a play to bring up. What a cluster!!
  11. I loaned my cup out and never got it back. With a follow-up question, "Can I use yours?" Response, "Nah, I'll take plate both games."
  12. Mad Mike

    What's the Call?

    @Senor Azul, What are we going to do when the 2016 version of BRD becomes too old due to all the rule changes?
  13. Mad Mike

    Lodged Ball

    NFHS. Batted ball to the outfield. One hopper and lodges in the fence between a vinyl sign and chain link fence. Umpire crew doesn't get a good look at first sight. Outfielder puts up his hands. Umpire(s) do not kill it and base umpire starts out. Outfielder then pulls on the sign and the ball pops out. By this time batter-runner has arrived at third. Umpires confer and keep the kid at 3rd base. Defensive coach wants a ground rule double. Umpires keep BR at 3rd. I talked to the umpire involved, he noted because they did not kill it, and the kid moved the sign causing the ball to pop out, they were no longer in a position to rule on the initial position of the ball. I looked around and the closest rule I could find was in 8-3-3(c), which is a two base award for a batted ball bouncing over or passing through a fence. Are there any other considerations here? BONUS QUESTION: Any different for OBR level of play/ruleset?
  14. Jonathan, I wish you the best. I appreciated what you said in your post. We have all been there at one time or another. I hope someday you can get back on the field because whether you know it or not, more people appreciate YOU than not. It's not easy to forget A-holes, but this world is coming apart at the seams. Sometimes being on the baseball field can help take us away from all the crap we experience and work, home, you name it. When it no longer stays fun and takes this type of turn, take care of yourself first.... I wish there was something else I could say to keep you on the field. I would be proud to work with a guy like you as I'm sure others here and around the baseball world would too. But in the end, do what is right for you. I'm sure God has great plans for you and other's around you. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. And thank you for making us all realize more than ever we are the THIRD TEAM out there. We need to look out for each other no matter what!
  15. @lawump -- who was #76 on the crew in the game where Sutton was HPU? He looked like Craig Mills, but I wasn't sure....
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