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  1. Eh... maybe someone gave Jeff an audible signal to say Altuve was going to swing, and he just went with the hint.....
  2. Excellent feedback and you have all helped clarify my thinking. The point about the fact that my partner signaled "that's nothing" taking precedent here is key, and really helped cement the idea that I did the right thing by not making the call myself. Had he not signaled anything that's a different a story, but his indication should take the lead. Thanks, guys.
  3. I know it's a HTBT situation, but I'm less interested in whether the action actually was interference than I am in whether I should have called it as the PU. 2man mechanics R1 and R2, less than 2 outs -- ground ball towards the hole between F5 and F6, R2 heads toward 3rd, F5 moves to his left to try and field it -- F5 sees R2 coming towards him, hesitates and even makes a slightly sideways step -- I am the PU, and immediately think "interference", but I look at BU who is looking at the play and gives the "safe" signal to indicate "that's nothing", so I do not make any call.... I genuinely thought BU was going to call interference, and that it would have been the right call.... I know the adage "if you see interference, you call interference", but in that moment it felt like the BU had a better look, and if he said there was no interference, I ought to leave that to him.... But, again, I thought that it was interference. Thoughts? Have I answered my own question?
  4. Omar was amazing, and the greatest defensive SS in MLB history. We can argue about Ozzie, but that's it. Omar belongs in the Hall of Fame. As for relevance, there was mention of whether the fielder in the OP had control, whether it was on the transfer, etc. The video is a comment on how "loosely" a MLB player may control the ball, yet it is still under his control, and how quickly he may be transferring the ball from glove to hand might make it seem he never had control, yet he did. And also a chance for me to tout one of the greatest players in history, who played for my favorite team.
  5. I'm just gonna put this here..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B0pBkwsLvE
  6. Mine was gonna get me the shirt that reads, "I'd change my call, but then we'd BOTH be wrong."
  7. Pet peeve alert.... it wouldn't be "obstruction" in ANY scenario. It would be interference if a runner did something to hinder the defense.
  8. jms1425

    Play Ball

    C'mon, fellas- that was intended. He's a doctor of infectious disease. His job is to make sure no one catches anything.
  9. I'm working the dish at an independent pro league game. A couple thousand in the seats for "Bring your dog to the Ballpark" night, and the local APL is having an adoption event on the concourse. A voice from behind home plate rises, saying, "Hey, blue! You can get a new seeing eye dog right up here!" The entire crowd starts laughing. One of the coaches is walking by me as this happens, looks at me out of the corner of his eye and goes, "Ooph... Ouch" I told him, "Yeah - that was my wife!"
  10. jms1425

    MiLB Shake UP

    Did anyone else notice the contradiction between "MLB franchises have become cash cows" and "MiLB needs to be reduced for financial reasons". And then again, is it really a contradiction? MLB doesn't financially need to contract MiLB in terms of being able to make money... only to make even more money. It's the same as corporations closing factories not because they aren't profitable, but not profitable enough. Good grief, when the hell is it enough? The answer, of course, is never. Nauseating.
  11. Ha! That's a fair point. I guess at this point I feel like ANY assignment would be sweet! :P
  12. Is anyone watching this on ESPN2? I'm so glad to have current, live baseball that I am. Does anyone know who is umpiring these games, and how they got this sweet assignment?
  13. The fielder never caught the ball, so there never was any tag attempt for the runner to try and avoid. The runner cannot be out of the baseline in an attempt to avoid a tag when no tag could be attempted.
  14. I was reading the Video Review Regulations, and came across that very passage. I came here to see where my thread had gone, and there it is. I guess after 3 pages we have our answer. I'm not crazy about it - I'd prefer to at least get a strike - but if that's how they want it called, so be it..... Thanks, Jimurray.
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