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  1. Bringing this back away from politics and onto baseball... https://www.kwch.com/2024/07/12/longtime-mlb-umpire-holcomb-native-todd-tichenor-sharing-dream-with-son/ I've worked with Kaden. My first comment to him after him introducing himself was "Considering your name and where you're from, I'm guessing you have a hell of a mentor." He's a good kid, and I wish him the best.
  2. Yes - I was referring to balls in my coverage area. For balls in your partner's coverage area, you're absolutely correct.
  3. I was fairly-well experienced in the 3-umpire system when I realized that you don't watch the ball. You read the fielder. It's still not automatic for me (probably ~10% of my games are 3-man), but I'm getting better. (And after this weekend the rest of my schedule is post-season, which means all 3-man)
  4. A few years ago, I was working a HS JV game. Blooper hit to shallow center field. F8 is running up fast to get a one-hop on it, and the ball took a horrible bounce and hit him square in the nether-region. He dropped an f-bomb loud enough I'm sure everyone in the stands could hear. I told his coach "I should probably say something about the language, but I might say something similar if it happened to me." He responded that he wasn't going to say anything about the language, but that he'd tell him to try to keep the volume down.
  5. I ended up doing what I do when I'm on the bases with no indicator. Between pitches, I would touch my thumb to the corresponding finger (index = 1, middle = 2, ring = 3, left hand for balls, right for strikes). I had a scoreboard operator that was pretty accurate, and it was nice having that as a backup. LIke I do normally, if the board was off, I announced the count each pitch both with my fingers and by voice. Typically I give the count each pitch only visually and only verbalize if asked.
  6. I tried this last week....accidentally. I was jawing with my partner before the game, got onto the field and realized I didn't put it in my pocket. I made it through the game without losing the count, but it just added a level of stress to my game that didn't need to be there. Obviously, YMMV
  7. I took it apart, wire-brushed it, AND spray painted it with a black matte spray paint. Most of the black has worn off, but the remnants of the paint along with the wire-brush has made it quite usable in bright lights. One of these days I'm going to follow through on my threat to made a 3D-printable replacement front cover for it. I'm actually on my 2nd one - the internal metal piece on one of the dials broke. I took my old cover and put it on the new indicator to keep the reflections away. Like others have said, even if you don't look at it much, the reflections can sure surprise you if you're careless about it.
  8. *Ahem* - that's indi-clicki-counter
  9. Same. But with the caveat that since my initial purchases when first getting started, my umpiring money goes into a separate account not covered by our normal budgeting. Any purchases need to come from THAT account. (And FWIW, what's left in that account typically goes towards vacations and other niceties that are above and beyond the budget, so she's typically the beneficiary of the extra. It helps remind me WHY I keep doing this.)
  10. Many times I have been tempted to say "Do you want to know what's wrong with youth sports? Find a mirror."
  11. By my calculations, you could drive it for about $200 in gas[1] (granted 11 hours isn't "nothing", but I drove to Cincinnati from about 2 hours west of KC a couple of years ago - it's not SO bad) AND you get to write off $900 for your mileage on your taxes. I used an AirBNB to save more money when I've been to that location. Based on last year's 3-man camp (mostly the same instructors), I wouldn't do that now that they have the hotel closer than some of the parking spaces you could get otherwise. If I was going this year, I'd stay at the camp hotel. You really don't *need* a rental car, either if you're staying at the hotel. Getting to and from the airport to the hotel is the main thing. After that, there will be plenty of guys around that would be happy to give you a ride to any restaurants, etc. Dang, I might have to come up some time during your camp just to meet you face-to-face. [1] based on 25 mpg
  12. I didn't share a room when I went. It was worth the extra money to me. YMMV.
  13. No, I did the opposite. I had a pop fly that I thought "that's clearly going to be over the foul fence" as R3 got in the way of F6. And then F6 came within a few feet of it as it dropped inside the fence.
  14. MadMax has been in my living room. ...And it is 100% like this.
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