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  1. I can't say that I've been to EVERY town in the state, but definitely the majority. And I've never heard of it.
  2. There's a joke waiting here about a pot and a kettle.
  3. IMHO, the problem with navy is the guys that have had the same shirt for 20 years and it has faded so much it no longer matches anything else. Black fades to dark gray, which at least looks good with black. Navy fades to a lighter blue which doesn't match anything.
  4. My prediction is that whatever the umpire did would win a protest. There are no case plays or precedents to be seen on home-grown rules. Sounds like a smart decision by the visiting head coach to give his guys another chance.
  5. kylehutson

    Illegal Glove

    Oh yeah, even at 90 degrees, it's a baseball diamond, not a baseball square. It's 90' to from the back corner of the plate to the outside corners of 1st and 3rd, but 90' from those corners to the *center* of 2nd. Hmm... But if we were at 90.199 degrees, that would separate 1st and 3rd by 3.75", so (...math...) the "diamond" would actually become more "square" - putting the corners of 1st and 2nd (and 2nd and 3rd) at 90'1.90"
  6. kylehutson

    Illegal Glove

    So 12.02" by my calculator. But still, you probably find more variation between different runs of the same brand. Interestingly, if you did make the corner 90.199 degrees, and used that to mark your lines, on a 350' field, that would widen the foul poles by about 14.6 inches.
  7. kylehutson

    Illegal Glove

    ...and if they do that, you'll find that the width of the plate is actually 16.97". I bet that 3/100 inch throws off a lot of batters.
  8. Because 1) It's legal everywhere else 2) They are all wearing them anyway, and largely ignored by umpires anyway 3) It doesn't meet its goal ("player safety") - I've umpired hundreds of games where players are wearing necklaces and have yet to see anybody injured by them 4) It's not my job to be the fashion police. You want to look like a dork, that's your problem, not mine.
  9. FED: Throw away the jewelry rule FED: Adopt the new NCAA intentional HBP rule FED: Live-ball balks ( - I know)
  10. I recruit, train, and schedule umpires for the rec league that I got started with. I even schedule myself for several games every year (to my financial detriment, as there are leagues that pay way better I could be working for on any of those nights). I'm not nearly to the level of @lawump, though.
  11. I also have a bad back (a bulging disc to be precise), and have never had any worse problems on turf than on grass. YMMV, I guess.
  12. Pros: - Can be ready to play about any time - Lines are always well-marked and in the correct place - "Bad hops" almost never happen - Shoes and pants don't get dirty, so don't need to be cleaned as much (sweaty is a different story). Cons: - HOT - Most places have no metal cleats and no sunflower seeds rules On the whole, I like turf fields. Other opinions may differ.
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