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  1. As somebody with both of these... The HDX is far superior to the F3 for hot weather usage.
  2. I'm old enough that I was going to go with Erin.
  3. Everywhere I work allows some white. I still buy the all-black. Like @The Man in Blue, I like them better, especially as long as I'm working on fields with any dirt on them whatsoever. I don't have a problem spending money on equipment. My day job (computer nerd) is fairly lucrative and officiating is my "fun money", not anything I need to survive. Heck, I just spent money a couple of weeks ago on some Smitty base shoes specifically to wear on dirt because I don't like cleaning the mesh on my NB's (you can find that in your records @JimKirk). And I do understand that the number of SKUs can get ridiculous. But if you're going to eliminate one or the other, why not eliminate the ones with the white logos?
  4. I always said that. But I admit I ignored seeing a far-off lightning bolt this year when there were two outs and two strikes on the batter and the end of that half-inning would have been enough to call it a complete game if called due to weather. Two pitches later, the side retired, and before the other team could take the field there was a lightning bolt nobody could ignore (still not terribly close, but definitely noticeable).
  5. Actually, now that I think of it, I think they were 13U's. Same principle, though.
  6. Actually, I thought about that. But since I was with 10U's I thought if they could do that, good on them.
  7. We went to mandatory masks in Kansas statewide a couple of weeks ago with an exception for outdoors when social distance cannot be maintained. Nobody even suggested for us to wear a mask. Which is good - I say I'll wear one when all the players do. I've now completed my summer season (as far as I know - it's still possible there could be a weekend tourney I don't know about that I'll get called for), and didn't have to wear a mask or call pitches from behind the mound. I did have one tourney where umpires were not to touch balls - they were to be thrown to the pitcher by a defensive coach.
  8. I do something very similar. Pre-pitch, as the pitcher is getting signs, etc., I get my feet to the proper position and stand up straight. When a pitch seems imminent (comes set, or seems to begin his windup), I take a breath and hold it. When the pitching motion starts, I squat into my stance, exhale my breath, and look at a spot a few feet in front of the mound. As the pitch is delivered, I keep my breath held out, look up with my eyes, and track the pitch in. If it's far enough outside I have to move my head to track it, it's too far out, and a ball. I make a decision on the pitch, and *then* breathe in and make my call.
  9. I wish you weren't correct about this, but you are. I even had an assigner try to tell me this.
  10. 1) @maven is right about timing. It took me several years before felt like I didn't miss any because of my timing. 2) Yes, do that. Nobody like a postage-stamp zone. The first batter or two that gets one called might grumble. And then what will happen? They'll start swinging. And swinging bats = better baseball game. 3) Agreed 100%. I joined this site when I first started working high school JV ball, and I'm now working JuCo and NAIA ball - I think that was 7 years ago? I credit a lot of that to this site and the learning that happens here. The other piece of that is good clinics. I'm not sure where you are physically located, but if you can make it http://midamericanumpireclinic.com/ in Springfield MO is excellent and is still planned to be held the 2nd weekend in September.
  11. Change that to "one way" and you're closer to my experience. (But then again, I live in sparsely-populated Kansas.)
  12. For me, this is an automatic ticket to the parking lot. This isn't arguing the call, this is calling you a cheater. And I'm not a redass by any stretch.
  13. Short answer: Fed rules = one foot in fair is fine.
  14. Obviously, it's on the exterior of your CP, so go to the nearest Sherwin-Williams and ask for their best exterior paint.
  15. Same. I use my Purell when I get back in my car, and put on my mask when I go to the store. But on a baseball field? Business as usual, AFAICT.
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