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  1. kylehutson

    End of Game Out

    It's not a sticky. It is, however, THE most frequently asked question here however. Short answer: run scores.
  2. Not exactly what I meant, but that works, too.
  3. @yawetag nailed it on the expenses this year or next year. I usually don't see these (or much of any protective equipment that's not being closed out) go on sale, for what that's worth.
  4. "Nubs, Knees, Nuts, Nips, Nose" That being said, I have made sure I've gone through that checklist, and *then* set down my mask before heading to the field.
  5. The Doubletree on Glenstone? I can see it from my hotel room. I'll PM you.
  6. One thing that will help (note this is "in addition to", not "in place of" the above advice): Save those packs of dessicants you get in electronics (the small bags that say "no not eat"), and throw a couple of those in with your gear. The bigger the better.
  7. You beat me by a few seconds
  8. Not unless there is risk of further injury.
  9. I've talked with the coach in question about it (I knew him before I ever started umpiring). They don't saunder back to the pitcher - it's a brisk jog. I don't think any of these apply. For them it's not wanting to risk a bad throw or catch vs the time it takes. I can't fault his logic (even if it is infuriating, and might only come into play 1 in 1000 times ... or less). If the umpire does grant time, great - they'll throw it in. If not - they get it back as fast as they can without risking a bad transfer.
  10. I was the same way when I went last year. It wasn't the rules knowledge that I got from the instructors. It was the "little" mechanical things that have made a big difference.
  11. That's too bad. ;-) I learned a LOT from the instructors when we were "forced" to be indoors.
  12. We have a team in our area who is coached to ask for time as soon as a hit to the outfield comes back to the infield and play is relaxed. When I wouldn't grant it, the infielder would jog the ball back and hand it to the pitcher. *sigh* So I started granting time, just because it's faster than not, even if it is ridiculous.
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