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  1. When the ball is caught in flight by a defensive player, the player has to "tag up" (i.e., touch the base they were on at the time of the pitch).[1] You typically see this when a ball is hit to an outfielder, and the runner leaves the base believing it to be uncatchable, then having to return to the base. The touch of the base is an appeal that he left the base early. The same holds true in your scenario, it just happens more quickly. [1] OBR Rule reference 7.08(d): "Any runner is out when he fails to retouch his base after a fair or foul ball is legally caught before he, or his base, is tagged by a fielder. [...] This is an appeal play;" Other rulesets have similar language.
  2. Weird. It's like you lost a lot of weight or something.
  3. Track & Field[1] and Volleyball[2] [1] I started doing this because my day-job employer (a D1 Power-5 university) put something out they they needed officials. I was working D1 about 6 weeks later. Positives: You get to see some world-class athletes do their thing. I got to see an NCAA record get set, and it was a thing of beauty Getting certified is really easy. One test, open book, no trick questions, no weird interps to deal with. The work itself is also pretty easy. (e.g.: raise this flag if the bar is still on the standard, raise this other one if it's not) T&F is a bizarre beast in the college world. Everybody roots for everybody else. They want to do better than their competitors, but they want their competitors to do well, also. And in that vein, you might get asked a question, but nobody (well, *very* rarely) pushes the boundaries. They know what they have to do, and they do it. Negatives: Pay is crap. The most I've heard of anybody getting at any level below Olympics is $100/day + travel The outdoor season is at the same time as baseball season [2] I really enjoy volleyball. No rainouts. Fairly predictable schedules. And you only need to know how to count to 3 . This is my 5th year (with my first 2 years being while my daughter was still playing, so I didn't get to work much), and I'm finally feeling like I'm seeing all those little things you should be seeing as a referee. But still, I'd give it up if there was baseball around here during the same time frame.
  4. Several years ago, I was listening to a high school football game on the radio (as I was on my way to said game, running late). Local, inexperienced broadcast crew. I hear "Whoa! Did you see that? That was amazing." No. I didn't see that. This is radio. Was it a sack in the backfield? A TD run? A turnover? Give me a clue here.
  5. I have two pairs of base shoes for this very reason. I have the Smitty base shoes for dirt fields ( https://www.ump-attire.com/Products/SM-FIELD/Smitty-Umpire-Referee-Field-Shoes ), and the NB's for turf fields.
  6. I have a solution for this. I tell the fielder "throw it back to the pitcher", and then I purposely turn away from the ball toward the pitcher. I give it a couple of seconds (usually they've figured out they're not getting an out by this point) and if they haven't thrown it, I turn back to the fielder and say "I SAID throw it back to the pitcher". I have yet to have that fail. ONE time a coach said something to me about it and I said "that's not baseball, that's trying to get a cheap out, and you're slowing down the game. Let's play ball." No further feedback from the coach.
  7. Then it sucks to be him? He still has to avoid interfering with the throw.
  8. 1) Assuming everything you say here is correct, yes, the obstruction should award the runner home. 2) I would have the base coach clarify that he did, in fact, have obstruction at first base, AND that there was a close play later. Then you could protest based on the rule book - he said that the runner was only protected to the next base, and that's clearly not what the rule book says about obstruction.
  9. For undershirts, I actually like the "Athletic Works" brand "DriWorks" style shirts from Wal-Mart. Inexpensive and work well. They don't feel like the typical compression shirt material, but I like them. I liked them enough that I also bought Athletic Works black socks when I needed to buy some this summer. And that's when I remembered that high quality in one line does not equate to all others. But hey, now I have plenty of black socks I can use for volleyball (where I only stand and walk, rather than run).
  10. For what I use it for, absolutely. I have a bulging disc in my back, and on those chilly February days at the start of the season, the jarring motion of running darn near incapacitates me. I use it like you would a back brace for lifting heavy things - just to give me some support so I can move like I should. It does make me look better in my uniform, too, for that matter. But only under the uniform. When I tried it on to begin with, SWMBO told me I shouldn't ever wear it in her presence again if I ever wanted ... anything from her.
  11. Is this the time to mention I legit own one of these? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R4ZHPG4/
  12. I'm OK with that, but I hope *somebody* wins. I'm not going to block schedules on 10 different calendars.
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