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  1. Blue! That call was horrible! Are you on drugs? Looks around Who told?
  2. I said I got that advice. I never said I followed it.
  3. I'm surprised nobody has yet given you the advice I was given before my first game... "Don't suck"
  4. Yes, but if we see bats that are a significant portion of the speed of light, we have a lot more issues to deal with than whether or not that bat is shaved.
  5. I think it would look OK. But take that from a guy whose SWMBO sometimes says "you're not leaving the house in THAT, are you?"
  6. Probably not, to be honest. Those are tough calls in real-time (right up there with tags on the hip while the runner is sliding head-first into a base), but whatever I called I would be able to explain to whichever coach I pissed off. The reason I don't comment on FB. Straight from the MSU rulebook.
  7. I'm with @maven. In my opinion (and if some interp comes out elsewhere that disagrees with me, I reserve the right to change my mind), the runner hasn't passed the base until all of his body has passed the base. If the runner could still put a toe down, he hasn't passed the base yet. If the ball was in the glove at the moment of the photo, I would say "out".
  8. Don't get me wrong, I spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook. For seeing what friends and family are up to, it's great. But for separating signal from noise in something like this, I laugh in your direction. I saw the FB post he's referencing, and I do like seeing what people are talking about there - I see this (and related groups) as "look, but don't touch". This site is 100x better if you really want to learn about umpiring, rather than hearing uninformed opinions.
  9. Local markets have big differences. I typically get $60 for a HS varsity game. But my 3500 sq. ft. house on a quarter of a city block is probably worth $150k (I bought it for $74k, but that was 25 years ago).
  10. And here I am just trying to imagine wearing a plate coat in August. Where I am, I'd pass out before the 2nd inning from the heat.
  11. I take "IPA supplements" after nearly every night umpiring. Have no idea about their potassium, though. It's not always an IPA, though. Sometimes it's a porter or a stout.
  12. I'm just surprised at all the single games being mentioned here. 90%+ of what I do is either doubleheaders or tournaments. So it's not so much "plate or base" as much as "plate first or base first"?
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