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  1. I'm in about the same boat as you are, Wolfe. 10 years in high school and two MC ejections. In both cases, the coach came out of the dugout, and I was expecting them to argue something. Instead the conversation was "his sub is number ..."
  2. Exactly. ILEGS Introductions Lineups Equipment (NFHS only: "Are your teams legally and properly equipped?") Ground Rules Sportsmanship That's all. Once sentence each unless absolutely necessary. No rules clinics, no waxing poetic.
  3. Yes, our NAIA schools here are all so flush with cash they all have domes. Aren't yours? I'm at the farthest west school in the conference
  4. Clear the field? If it's bad, I'm sure they'd cancel It's college. When NCAA/NAIA says you can, you do it?
  5. Nope. But I do have quite the array of warm gear. Fortunately the leagues here that play this early in the season have rules that they don't play if the Feels-like temp is below the freezing mark.
  6. T-minus 8 days to my first game. In Kansas.
  7. That's where "preventative umpiring" comes into play. If you can tell they're going to windup, but they meet the technical definition of the set - ask them. Then you can let everybody know and nobody gets upset.
  8. I can get an ad-free experience with web browser extensions. I didn't do it for that. I did it because of the value I get from the site. And I hope others follow suit.
  9. Going from the V1 to the V2 was huge. The V2 has internal plates. The difference in V2 to V3 seems to be pretty minimal. I use the V2 as my "daily driver". Note that if you go to the V2 (or V3), you need to wear it tight against your chest - otherwise you get a "slap" that can feel substantial.
  10. I'm not buying it for the same reason @Velho said. It wasn't even a planned trick play, and the flag was already out well ahead of that.
  11. kylehutson


    Glad to have you with us! What brings you here? Where are you from?
  12. I could get with that if fields were always marked well. The field I ran the box on didn't have any yard markers other than the stripes every 5 yards. And I've seen "yard lines" that varied at least 2 ft from a straight line. One other question (again, legitimately asking) - is there any reason why "offensive offsides" shouldn't be blown dead immediately like a false start, rather than played out? If that was the case here, I'm pretty sure the situation would have been "that sucks...moving on" rather than the frustration we saw.
  13. I've watched this in slo-mo, and I disagree (yes, even as a Chiefs fan, but even more as a proponent of fairness). Miller tried to time the snap and was off by a tiny bit. He does start moving before the snap, but doesn't actually move into the neutral zone (except maybe his hand - is that legal? I dunno) until after the ball is snapped.
  14. Speaking as a Chiefs fan, even through the Matt Cassel years (shudder). I have exactly zero NFL experience aside from sitting in the stands a few times and watching on TV. I only played one year of football in Jr. High. However, I did run "the box" (aka the down marker) for the school where my wife taught for several years, so take this for what that's worth. When running the box, frequently (not every play, but maybe one every 3 downs on average), a player would look at the sideline and say "I'm up" or "I'm back" and the official would either tell him he's good or would say "you're too close", or "you need to move up/back", or something similar. A few times a player would be too close, the official would tell him, and then the player would not move. The official would repeat it a few times, loud enough the player could hear and most of the time they would then move. If they didn't the flag would come out, and I've heard the official tell the coach "I warned him 3 times" (or something similar). I don't know, maybe NFL stadiums are loud enough such communication isn't possible (especially in Arrowhead), but it certainly seems reasonable to me. FWIW, Mahomes is walking back his behavior. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/chiefs/2023/12/12/patrick-mahomes-apologizes-kadarius-toney-penalty-chiefs-josh-allen/71890965007/ - I think it was less about that actual penalty and more about the frustration of this being the second game in a row where a last-minute call was big and the Chiefs lost both.
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