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  1. Still needs one more to match Breedon on the Hill
  2. I've heard nothing but good things about WWUA ( @Aging_Arbiter knows more about this one than I do ). And several of us here (including me) can attest to the high quality of @MidAmUmp's clinic
  3. Speaking as an IT pro... most likely not. I use a VPN to connect to my workplace(s) - that's perfectly valid and another issue altogether. Using a VPN so you can get to Netflix in another country - perhaps moral (and legal due to their "terms of service") issues, but I'm not going to point fingers at you, if that's what you want to spend your money on. Generic VPN for "privacy"? - probably not. Here's the thing, most communications are already encrypted with SSL (so "secure" - that happens whether or not you're connected to a VPN. What isn't encrypted? The names of the sites you
  4. If by "easily thrown out" you mean that he would have been out even without the obstruction, then he's still out. Obstruction isn't a "get out of jail free" card. If, in the umpire's judgment, he would have gotten to 3rd if he was not obstructed, then he's awarded 3rd. If F4 bumped him a little, and he's "easily thrown out", that's one thing. If F4 had knocked him to the ground, that's a significant amount of time he could have been running.
  5. Well, we do also have a pretty low cost of living. My mortgage is less than $1100/mo on a 3500 sq. ft. house sitting on nearly 1/2 acre.
  6. Our varies by school and league. JV here is $45-50. V is $50-60. Summer (for high school age) is typically $50, but I have gotten $60.
  7. And then you say Two varsity *games* here wouldn't pay as much as your two varsity scrimmages.
  8. Besides, that way it's a tax write-off.
  9. Kansas hasn't made any changes. Of course, they're still arguing about what to do with the winter sports that have already started.
  10. You'd think the drivers would just memorize the song.
  11. So I've got to know (and I'm being honest here, not snarky - I have no idea), what does a NASCAR official do?
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