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  1. Fortunately for me, There were 2 sports photographers from the local paper at the same game. Both got the same play, from a different angle.
  2. Thanks Jeff. I'm not the type to puff out my chest and tell war stories at the local VFW. My point was, that the folks around town that know me......know me.
  3. The OP calls out "youth players". Before I come back to this, I know how I should react, but I honestly don't know unless the situation presented itself. Now, for the purpose of my post, "youth players".....to the best of my knowledge, 18 is the age of consent for most states and therefore, accepted as the "norm" for being an adult (no longer a "youth"). That said, this would include HS players. I THINK I'd be ok with this one, since they are more aware of the happenings in the world, and start to get closer to that age of consent as well as form their own opinions. However, the next
  4. Probably not what you were expecting when relocating the Texas?
  5. Yes. Assuming this is on the fly , the Ball never touched the ground. When F9 picks the ball up, control has been established and (another assumption) when they threw the ball in, established voluntary and intentional release. HOWEVER, let's take it one step further. Runner(s) are released (tag up) from the first touch of the fly ball.
  6. Maybe it is ME and I am missing something. How would it "swing around"? @SeeingEyeDog stated "So, I've always grabbed my mask by the throat guard. (Not the dangling throat guard, the integrated throat guard bars.)" I added the underline in case something was missed in context, but this was from his post. If you don't have a dangling throat guard, the mask (unless chopped) has a "throat guard" built in. Again, maybe it's just me, be as long as you have a firm grip in the mask when you remove it, I don't understand how it could swing. Just to point out that most if not all realize
  7. Legion shut down last year as the pandemic continued to cascade. However, once we went green for our area, the HS teams all got together and "called it" legion, and played a makeshift season. No definitive word yet, but I would assume (shame on me) that if HS plays, so will Legion.
  8. Did he really just shove all in with $2059?
  9. LOL..........."1 year later..." I used to see stuff like that on the screen when my daughter used to watch Sponge Bob
  10. like mentioned, there is no rule, but if you are going to be "that guy", go officiate tennis. At least they give you a chair that is out of the way.
  11. @Aging_Arbiter <---bigger guy than n @Mudisfun
  12. all things considered (tape measure excluded) outside on a 60' diamond is probably pretty close to the same distance from the plate as being inside on the 90' diamond. just by guesstimations.
  13. On a small diamond, you are outside. If on a bigger diamond and on the inside, I have found that taking a half step or so in either direction (left/right) or even up towards the working area from b/c, often clears their line and doesn't put me out of position. I'm sure we will hear a lot more suggestions from a lot more qualified people on here in the very near future.
  14. good call out @kylehutson................14 hr rjdakin changed the title to Force 3 V3 Chest Protector
  15. Bashing??? I call it a simple resolution to the aforementioned concern. If you have "issues" with the rule set (be it not understanding, remembering, or applying correctly) don't work the games with that rule set. Thereby relieving you of that stressor.
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