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  1. to add to the post that I quoted, you have to remember that if this is Little League, there is a mandatory play requirement. If you or the coach "remove" the player, you may impact the result of a game protested for mandatory play. You could force that coach into a loss and/or whatever action the BOD determines from him not meeting mandatory play. As mentioned, and ejection carries an additional game suspension. When issuing a bench warning, it may behoove one to make this clear to the coach, that and ejection MAY be needed, as opposed to him "removing" the player, so as not to put the ma
  2. Haven't had any issues with mine @aaluck
  3. I was going to post this too, but I will refer to @wolfe_man's snip it above. Notice how all of the information is crammed together in the upper left, almost overwriting it?
  4. …………….and what they see on TV
  5. Here is what I was trying to say about the "options" not lit up......as if, they aren't available.
  6. the "Sign in" link wasn't lit. As if to say, signing in isn't an option.....
  7. …………..and he probably assisted the defense by getting hit.
  8. /\ THIS!!! A couple of years back, I was observing a "newer" adult & a junior umpire one night (since I was the UIC). Whatever happened (don't recall specifics at this point), the league president tried to "have a talk with them" after the game. I met the crew at the gate, and told them to follow me. As the president started talking, I told him that I would be back to talk with him shortly. We did post game, and I went back to find the Prez. Before he started, I asked him for a moment to ask 2 questions, and then I would listen. Did you appoint me as the UIC? Do YOU want to do
  9. Those impacts that were enough to "spin the mask" (while ever so slight) when worn tight, did not produce any negative results to my jaw...….pain or otherwise.
  10. @Rock Bottom, I have posted before, but will reiterate my appreciation for the F3 V2. YES! It is a much heavier set up , when compared to almost anything (but having a neck like a fire plug helps mitigate this for me). I have never tried the mag, so this will be one sided. When I can tell you, is that the first foul ball I took to the mask (think benchwarmers movie.....but I ticked it!) sounded like a shotgun going off. Gettysburg HS coach hollers out of the dugout.....BILL!! Are you ok?!? I responded that I was fine. I feel that I need to add that SWMBO was behind the backstop talki
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