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  1. When you used to give SWMBO directions somewhere, based on HS/LL field locations......... ..........and now she does the same.........
  2. @Richveeit WAS meant to be humorous........with me being from PA and all.....
  3. @MadMaxshouldn't you be in the cages....or in a classroom? 😁 Yes, I spoke with Perry
  4. Aging_Arbiter

    3rd out

    Or a night game?
  5. The only rules I can think of refer to batters becoming runners.......touching bases in order...... As far as a penalty for it........Nope.
  6. IT was a little of both. Don't the pro teams even play in new york?
  7. well, i haven't been on here for quite some time, so just catching up on sarcasm and tongue fu.
  8. I know, but hate the player, not the GAME..............didn't give me an opportunity to enter the SUIT reference.
  9. Congrats! How far do you have to travel?? I mean, they don't really have colleges in NJ, do they?
  10. side tracked.........we all know the depth of detail that @MadMaxwill provide in ANY response. I wonder if he responds to text messages with "K".
  11. ............and a partridge in a pear tree
  12. 2 out, bases loaded........as you indicated.......means that it is still a force play. "No runs can score when the last out of the inning is a force, or made by the batter runner before reaching first base" My verbiage may be off a bit.........but you should get the gist of it.
  13. now I may not have the EXACT wording, as the interpretation received from Jim Evans 10-15 years ago was that you need voluntary and intentional release. UNLESS, control had been established to the point where normal release could be expected.
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