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  1. First thing I thought of when I saw that was movie Mr Deeds, when he took Babe to Winchestertonfieldville
  2. I've reached that point in my life where "yes dear" is a frequently used statement.
  3. We've called each other much worse at times.
  4. Now I KNOW we've gotten of topic, but I feel obligated to respond.....................and I am NOT one of those "one up" guys. You know. The (f you have mice in your home, he's got rats!) kind of guy. But just for comparison, I'm on wife #4.
  5. @ArchAngel72 Get your own hobbies! I'M THE AZZHOLE!!! Just ask my SWMBO.
  6. Then why post this at all???..........if you aren't going to post comments?
  7. Honestly, I was thinking "why is the batter looking at F6 and not the pitcher? I dunno, maybe its just me. If a car goes by and honk's it's horn just as the batter is swinging.........or F1is delivering a pitch, ....................... do we close the roads?
  8. I also wanted to add that yesterday, SWMBO and I traveled to Williamsport. I attended the LLWS Umpire Alumni International meeting & brunch. While there, I met one of the umpires when he handed me his pin. I read the pin (that had his name on it) looked at him and stuck out my hand. @RichMSN I presume. He looked at me like I had 3 eyeballs and a runny nose. He replied with a quizzical "yes?". All I said was Aging_Arbiter. This cat got a little smile on his face, we kind of chuckled, and I literally turned to my left and said Rich, please meet SWMBO. It was kind of entertaining. But the potatoes were under cooked.
  9. How about those Cubbies??!?!
  10. She's my bet for HP on the final game.
  11. I think you're right, it was @RichMSN that I was thinking of
  12. tell the league to pony up for 2 umps
  13. I was too..............but I just HAD to be "that guy" The was one amazing thing to see ( not inside the flood museum). I think it's the courthouse, and on the outside at the corner of the building (by the intersection) are high water mark plaques, mounted to the building. Kind of puts things in perspective when standing there, looking UP at them.
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