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  1. I pulled up to a (local LL) game several years back. Both coaches knew me, and came out to my truck. I get the "Hey Bill, do you think we can get the game in today?". I explain to them that up until the plate meeting, it is completely up to them. They ask me to walk down to the field with them and give them my opinion. Knowing the general condition this field is in after a rain, I see that they had put significant effort into preparing the game site. I walked down to the plate area, stepped around in (what is usually a) dirt area, and just kind of looked up at them. I said, fellas, lets keep something in mind before I go back to my truck and get my gear on. If I DO go get dressed, and we DO have a plate meeting, I'll be calling this game as soon as we shake hands. They kind of looked at each other a little stunned. Both look at me and said........."Can you umpire a make up game on Saturday"?
  2. Maybe FTX stopped paying for them
  3. I know for certain that this was corrected in one game (international). I was U2 and closer to center field between innings. Team came out from commercial break and one of my partners signaled to the plate guy. They took him to the dugout and shortened the strings.
  4. I just wish someone besides NB would come out with WIDE widths so I had mor options. NB is the only one I can find that comes in 4E width.
  5. I know, I know......off topic. BUT, part of the draw for the facility that I assign for, is an air conditioned umpire locker room. The umpires call me upon arrival, I pick them (and their gear for the day) up with a cart and deliver them to the locker room. Our guys LOVE IT. When there is softball events held there, those guys always, set up a chair next to their truck/truck bed and make ZERO use of it. THESE are the complaints about half naked umpires that we receive.
  6. I use the Smitty pleated poly-spandex with waist expander. If you didn't have an opportunity to view the big kid behind the plate recently, I'm NOT a skinny build. Being 5'10" and 265, my legs are a little more robust. All of the weight room time while in the service now haunts me when I try to put leg guards under combo pants. As a side note for you "more slender" types, keep your eyes open for GD to release some new pants (word has it) this fall/winter. VERY comparable to the Smitty...The ones that we were sent for the LLWS are charcoal, poly spandex, flat front with NO waist expander, and legs are tapered. Well, the pant legs are tapered........not mine.
  7. So we should take out the entire grid square?? Copy!
  8. At little league minors and majors (60'), runners are "required to be in contact" with the base until the ball reaches the batter. With no lead off, there isn't any distraction of/for pitcher restrictions so to speak. They can wind up from the stretch...........they don't have to stop, etc.
  9. We will obviously be expecting a review of the new purchase.
  10. If you look at the actual address on the building (via Google), the window/door shows 3221. That address goes up until the last unit, I think it was 3229. Then an intersection. The NEXT building is 3301. I couldn't find 3241 as it lists on their website. CAVEAT EMPTOR!
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