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  1. Umpire Shirt Stays | Ump-Attire.com
  2. Could the pitcher(s) have been doing this in an attempt to commit illegal pitches without actually delivering a pitch and running up their pitch count?
  3. Looks like @MadMax was bored this evening...............
  4. I'm sure it will be billed as such, so lets call it what is is, a US Championship.
  5. At this level, I have gone over to the coach between innings and chatted about "froggy". If the coach can't drill it into him WITH your reminders, that's too bad. I hate to see a player get hurt. I really do. But there is a saying I use for adults (that they have to begin learning at some point), stupid SHOULD hurt. Froggy was obviously told by at least 2 different umpires. I'm thinking the coach has probably said something at some point. Maybe it will sink it that "Hey, they were right".
  6. this is ALSO why the armchair umpires go online and bash umpires, lumping us all together.
  7. Guy 1 sounds like a solid platform to build on. Guy 2 , well, you may need to have the tough talk. Look, if you don't want to be here, you don't have to be. But if you are going to be here, participation is required. I am assuming LL or some other youth type rec ball. With that said, they need to understand that this could be the most important play/moment/game in that player has ever had, and we need to make sure we get the call correct.
  8. Runners are still required to touch the bases in order, be it a hit or an award.
  9. I haven't seen Jerry's incident yet. Kerwin looked like he had that helmet with the Shocks, you know, the one with the big ugly yellow W on it? .....and sure looked to me like he got knocked out. These are the guys that are supposed to be "the best". Have the best equipment. Etc. ok, so I'll be the Jerry McGuire. Isn't it time that more safety gets focused on the umpires? Granted, technology has advanced tremendously over the years. But.........is it enough? Masks with shocks or springs, skull caps, mask pads, etc. yeah, that's great. Is there anything else that can be done?
  10. nope...............lumber is too expensive on umpire pay.
  11. agreed...........if you have contact with the ball as described above, there is going to be dugouts, coaches and parents yelling. Not MY fault you didn't hear me call it coach.
  12. I don't know ANYONE in that corner of the state. However, if you find out who your local little league UIC is, he probably has some contacts to the district UIC and/or some travel assignors.
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