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  1. Just got my Force3 back from being powder coated by Tony @ Mask It. Absolutely awesome work! 10/10 would recommend.
  2. try putting some clothes on. What she doesn't see, she doesn't know.
  3. Will Wheaton? Star Trek - Next Generation?
  4. Unfortunately, I am currently limited to New Balance due to a 4E width, and cannot provide assistance in this area. HOWEVER, if I were to receive messages regarding another shoe (that I am unable to find anywhere) that comes in 4E width, then my post here has been successful.😁
  5. Who cares? he/she/they/them .... pick a pronoun for the candy ass generation.
  6. Jim Beam Red Stag on the rocks. Haven't found anything smoother, and the hint of black cherry is awesome. I'm a cheap & retail kind of guy. image.webp
  7. Well if we start getting random DMs regarding our car warranty that is expiring, we'll all know who to blame........
  8. Calling all gear pimps. Check the bottom of your bags. In search of the actual F3 screws that mount frame to the spring system. Just afraid that if I go to Lowes, that it may void the warranty.
  9. Before you know it, someone will want to re-write several rules of a perfectly wonderful game, and just bastardize it. Oh wait, NFHS already did.........
  10. leave it to @MadMax to turn us into a fashion show........ I think he was in Florida to long.
  11. Sorry @BLWizzRanger, it's to the point know where if I mention SWMBO.........she now asks me "what did you post about me THIS time"?
  12. When you used to give SWMBO directions somewhere, based on HS/LL field locations......... ..........and now she does the same.........
  13. @Richveeit WAS meant to be humorous........with me being from PA and all.....
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