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  1. CHEAT! Yeah, all of the manuals say A position with no runners on. So? You're at a physical disadvantage. Don't let that keep you from the field! I'd bet a dollar to a donut that you can still call that play at 1B from B or C. You do when there are other runners on, right? Pregame that your partner at the plate has fair foul all the way. and before everyone else chimes in about the integrity of the game, I get it. I do. My bet is would be doing it MORE of an injustice, trying to start in "A" position just to conform........and we have a chance to keep him on the field.
  2. No, but the Parent/Volunteer pledge does..... I will teach all children to play fair, and do their best I will positively support all mangers, coaches and players I will respect the decisions of the umpires I will praise a good effort, despite the outcome of the game.
  3. GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!...............oh..........wrong season.
  4. As much as I used to enjoy a good slobber knocker, in todays litigious society, stay out of it. Especially HS age and below (if it should occur).
  5. Its with #6 at bat, start watching around -42:01
  6. KoolBlues Umpire Chest Protector Cooling System | Ump-Attire.com
  7. he shouldn't have had a chance to flip you off. Time to go sparky.
  8. I work LL & HS. I enjoy the LL more, because it is fun to watch the kids learn from their own mistakes. Here is the example I usually give when why I prefer the younger levels of baseball. Same question, different answers...... HS - Runner on 1B, 0 outs. Ground ball to SS, where is the play? Primarily 2B, but 1B if Runner from 1st got a good jump. LL Minors (8/9/10)- Runner on 1B, 0 outs. Ground ball to SS, where is the play? WHO KNOWS?!?! Maybe 3B, Maybe to the catcher! Definite stress reliever and good for a chuckle.........
  9. ok, I was holding off in putting anything out there, but I ran across this new site on Facebook. This appears to be a new start up business, and I'm willing to help someone get started. I had asked him to order 2 of the military OD green shirts for me, because SWMBO or I cannot find them anywhere.. ETA was 20 days. I am leaving on vacation for almost 2 weeks, so this wasn't an issue. I apologize for speaking out of turn @umpstu, but, he also placed a call and and was told they would need to be ordered. In trying to be the optimist, I think he is trying to build a base by offering somethi
  10. It's the cycle brother. Without getting to philosophical and hijacking the thread, You're first & last bath, are given to you by someone else.
  11. I'm not a paid spokesman here, just playing Devil's advocate. Is Force3 a small (few employees) company? Could he/they be at the CWS promoting the product and not actually in the office? Just a thought.
  12. I use the shock doctors and have never had an issue.
  13. I too have been a proponent of Gatorade/water 50/50. However, getting older, I'm wondering myself about putting Pedialyte into the mix this year.
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