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  1. i've heard the term "a special kind of stupid" before.........I guess this is it.
  2. I had a walk up music HS game a couple weeks back. Other than the volume.......of the speakers...... RIGHT ABOVE ME........EET IS WHAAT EET IS
  3. LL Minors? so......8-10 y/o. A curve ball in Minors? First, I'm inclined to believe it was more gravity, than ball rotation. Second, at that age, if the batter so much as squints his eyes.........in his/her mind, they made an attempt to get out of the way. I have NEVER seen an 8-10 y/o take one for the team.
  4. Aging_Arbiter

    Grand Slam

    Guest Baseball Mom, I could be reaching here but I'm just wondering........... Recently, there was a play that was buzzing on the internet, that may seem a little similar to this. I believe it was a college game, and the runner in question never reached home plate. As mentioned above, once they reach/pass the base, they are assumed to have attained it, and can only be called out on appeal for missing the base. The college (internet) play, the runner never reached or passed home plate. So, within the 360' that @MadMax refers to, didn't happen. A rough guesstimate would be about 10-15
  5. personally, I think the best protection (bang) for your (cheap) buck, is the schutt/adams HDXV (i think that's the name of it)
  6. Well.......Guest Coach Hahn................meet @MadMax
  7. for game fee and a half.......I'll make due.
  8. PA, baseball starting on time.......for now. Only problem is our numbers. Our chapter covers 23 "conference" schools and a non-conference Christian school. We have (I believe) 58 umpires. I have 12 Varsity & 7 JV. Of which, 2 of those JV are solo.
  9. FWIW, I tried the F3 mask mask last Friday for an inter-squad game I called just to see some pitches before the season. Yes, I had a gaiter around my neck for removing my mask, or in between innings talking with the HC. Now, I will admit, it was VERY difficult adjusting to having it on the mask. With the bill of your cap, and the mask on the frame, you get a serious case of tunnel vision (I'll come back to this). MY ONLY real issue with this mask, was not being able to easily locate my catcher, just by looking down (when stepping up into the slot). The first inning I tried to find an
  10. Dinner already getting cold - 0
  11. Are you and Perry on the same crew?
  12. yeah, I'm too old for that $#!T
  13. and if not.....................ventilation?
  14. you know, @maven, based on your first post, I thought you were going to be a little more "stand off(ish)" with this topic. But I am at a point where I can no longer contain my laughter with your input that you provide. LOVE IT!!
  15. i guess you need to update your info then,,,,,,,,,2020 HS 5 | LL 1
  16. Yes, coaches SHOULD know. I won't disagree with that. However, I know several coaches who are the 9th grade science teacher, or the drama teacher, etc.
  17. Mason, Here is what they are talking about.
  18. When did this become a LL thing? Never heard of that being taught. Outs is already covered by the umpire. Runners on base??? That's a coaches job.
  19. Let me preface this by saying, I understand the case plays and rulings, and that is what I do. HOWEVER, here is my "internal" controversy regarding this. If the runner misses 1B, and the defense does what they are supposed to do (assuming a throw to F3, he receives the throw with a foot on the bag)..........Why should the defense need to appeal? They DID what they were supposed to do. The BR failed to do his part, when he missed the bag.
  20. Another point to consider, since they CAN do this, it will catch up to them. In order to be able to pitch the following day, they have to be under the threshold. However, it only helps them that day. No pitcher may pitch 3 consecutive days. I've seen the good news/bad news scenario. If you get games early in the week, you could see this. Conversely, at the end of the week, they could be out of pitching.
  21. @Stk004 did you really say ceramics class?? I had to laugh. A few of us took Home Ec just because the class was full of girls.
  22. lol..................he said scorekeeper-empire
  23. indeed. I had not updated that statement since I made it in December. Great Call Out!
  24. Welcome! As I'm sure you've noticed, when in the gear forum and you see a post by @MadMax, use the bathroom, get a drink, get comfy....................because he's gonna lay it ALL out there.
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