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  1. Agreed. I hope the staff and clinic is better than their web design.
  2. Ever read the LL rulebook with all of the safety infusions? LOL
  3. Aging_Arbiter

    Leaving Early

    @ArchAngel72 Just like ANY missed base. It is "ASSUMED" that the runner touched it, until called out on appeal. Runner crossed the plate. If the defense doesn't appeal, it scores. ....another example, if runner crosses the plate and misses............and the defense doesn't appeal, the run scores.
  4. SWMBO is a "back up" TD for our little league "district only" tournament. Some call it "Best of the rest" for those that didn't make all stars. It just give the kids more baseball to play. ANYWAY........I got back from my game (in another town) last evening, and stopped by to see how she was doing. She was "filling in" for the scorekeeper and knows (or at least I THOUGHT) how to keep a book as far as F8... 6/4/3, etc. I was surprised when asked me how to score a play. More importantly, she asked if using "idk" in the book would be acceptable. I told her to stick to concessions.
  5. I was going off what you had in the OP. if you were out 1 ball on either side, I would call that "extra" based on what you had posted. LOVE IT! I too have joked with coaches on occasion when they asked if we were going" box to box & nose to toes". Nope, not tonight coach..........Coast to Coast & heaven to hell! Have 'em swinging. I've searched, but could not find it. There used to be a document posted about an umpire selling a used strike zone. It was used for many years, pretty beat up, the bottom had fallen out of it, etc......
  6. /\ /\ /\ This! 8-10, if they can reach it, they need to be swinging. Remember, you WANT them swinging. I even drop words of encouragement when getting a drink. Hey guys, like coach says good things happen when you swing the bat! I prefer a 2 hour 8-10 instructional game, to a 3 hour 8-10 walk fest. The game is called baseball not baseONballs. As mentioned, your up/down sounded fine. I go as far to tell my JR umpires that, at that level, if it had air under it when it crossed the plate, it most likely went through the strike zone at some point. Face it, 8-10 aren't throwing BB's. there is a definite arc to their pitch, and it's not from coach calling the old #2 pitch. The best advice I ever received was before going on a championship game that was televised. There was a bit of a pucker factor, I'll admit it. This mentor reminded me to start with an ample zone. You can ALWAYS tighten it up a little, and the coaches never know. If you start with zone too tight and then open it, everyone knows. Zoned stayed the same and went into bottom of 6th with a walk off GS.
  7. Come on guys! This is just like a hot dog race around the bases, or a monkey riding a sheepdog. Those aren't funny either. But It's all for entertainment. I like hot dogs, but I don't plan on suing Oscar Meyer for false advertisement when they tell me there isn't really a 6 foot hot dog on the menu at the ball park. I'm a dog lover, but you won't see me calling the SPCA when they put a saddle on a border collie just so a monkey can look like a cowboy! Step out of your plate shoes, pull the indicator out of your......pocket, and have a sense of humor. I've seen worse things posted on the internet.
  8. TIMING TIMING TIMING!! I need to slow down my timing. I read that so fast the first time, I had (red) "solo cup".........
  9. Curious to see where this is going... (Why)
  10. @Mr_Blue we've all been learning, each and every game. It's been said that 90% of the game is played within 10% of the rules. It's our job to be able to interpret them all in the event of a "not so common" type situation. You've done well. you recognized, you asked for help............now, you need to move on. You're only as good as your next call. Don't dwell on this one @$$clown. We're not all like him. As someone eluded to earlier, we are short officials. Don't let this sour your taste for something you obviously enjoy.
  11. Well.................since we are being transparent.........my first thought was "I've got enough to worry about. I don't give a $#!T how it's scored".
  12. If the batter complains that (or the umpire determines) it is distracting, then they need to go. Otherwise, you could open yourself up for litigation in this wonderful place we live in if YOU have them remove them. At least with LL "safety" concerns, you are covered if they are distracting to the batter. Some could consider the sunglasses as a safety device, and who am I to determine if that "comebacker" could have been seen better if he/she were wearing shades........... as opposed to just flat out making up something to have them remove them, and then taking that ball to the face.
  13. Yesterday afternoon, I used the https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Clothing-Apparel/Cooling-Products-Recovery/6587-uCOOLTWL_McDavid-Ultra-Cooling-Towel-with-Infused-Copper once during the game and wrapped my head and neck with it after. It did a tremendous job in cooling me down during & after the game.. I have not used the https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Clothing-Apparel/Cooling-Products-Recovery/KB-CHEST_KoolBlues-Umpire-Chest-Protector-Cooling-System yet, but have it ready for a tournament I'm doing the first week of August.
  14. If you do anything, you are depriving the defensive team of possibly getting an out from it. Tell Mr. or Mrs. scorekeeper to just make a note. Conversely, It could very well be a legal unannounced substitution.
  15. Aging_Arbiter

    Caught ball?

    I understand the vernacular, but still not sure I'd call it an argument @ArchAngel72...............I'm willing to bet it's a sure thing considering the source. ma·ven NOUN NORTH AMERICAN informal mavens (plural noun) an expert or connoisseur. synonyms: intelligent person · learned person · highbrow · academic · bookworm · bookish person · man of letters · woman of letters · bluestocking · thinker · brain · scholar · sage · [more
  16. ......and here all this time I thought it was fat bottomed girls
  17. So do you "hear" a chainsaw through the ear piece so you know to give that mechanic?
  18. @AngryOsito just out of morbid curiosity, is your name Ted by chance? I ask, only because Angry Osito translates to Angry Teddy Bear. The first thing that comes to mind was Mark Wahlberg's loveable childhood/dope smoking/ womanizing teddy bear who went on an occasional rant.
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