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  1. Still, it sounds like the umpire may be confusing application of the "abandonment", and possibly, rule sets. My guess would be that since this is U11, the umpire was fairly new, and hasn't learned yet that there is a difference between umpiring with the rule book and umpiring by the rule book.
  2. I'd really hate to be the first baseman if TWO players played the bounce (not being sure which was the pitched ball and which came from the other field) and attempted to retire the runner at the same time.
  3. Aging_Arbiter

    Balk or not?

  4. well.............ain't THAT slicker than snot on a door knob?!?
  5. No SH*#? Maybe if someone had eluded to that, instead of stating "the elements" (referring to outdoors), that might have been a valid point. My point was directed (and should have clearly pointed out the references for those who missed it) to sanitizing and disinfecting everything.
  6. If "normal is gone", then accept your demise and begin planning for the end. Exposure to the elements is what strengthens and maintains your immune system. I will leave that as it is, and not impose my political views of "trail socialism" on anyone here. Have a wonderful day............for now
  7. Sorry folks, If you have to work harder to GET your equipment from a vendor, than they do at processing and shipping................. that's not my kind of vendor. Now if dealing with @JimKirk's team was as difficult as dealing with the aforementioned vendor, he & his group probably wouldn't be as successful as they are. **I am not a paid spokesman. These opinions are mine and not pre-recorded.
  8. a face covering mask (N95, etc) does not do it's job if not worn properly. Therefore, wearing it on the outside of the mask is useless.
  9. Given my current physical limitations (still have swelling after knee replacement), I have relegated this season to volunteering to work with 5 new JR umpires and 1 first year adult umpire. That said, my theory started years ago that for the first year, they just work the plate so their focus is contained. I (and other adult umpires) work the bases and cover everything not at HP. In reference to the above, anytime that I DO NOT call time, that's one less (possibly missed) chance for the new guy to NOT put the ball into play.
  10. @mac266, just had a game Saturday night. Little fellas. R1 steals and slides into 2B. I hear 1B coach yelling.....call time JImmy!. Jimmy asked for time. I asked Jimmy if he was hurt. When her replied no, then I told him "no".
  11. if @beerguy55 is involved, he better be bringing that Canadian Molson.
  12. I agree 100% wait, I'm not sure............
  13. Given that if she were still alive today, she would be 87. BUT I'M NOT JUDGING YOU @The Man in Blue
  14. "Hernández’s lawyer, Kevin Murphy, claims that the allegation is retaliation by MLB". I wonder if his lawyer has a brother named Kent, that coaches.
  15. and I have found it a good practice to toss the flag towards the base left early. Removes any doubt when continuing action (that requires attention) happens. The coach sees the flag closer to the base, it reinforces that you were watching.
  16. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere about making a travesty of the game................
  17. PIAA has been out in left field from the beginning of this fiasco. Akin to our comrade governor, PIAA issues statements, false ones at that, then recants on "what they meant". This has solidified my ceasing involvement with their organization.
  18. ...............all I know for sure is this. SWMBO is ready for me to stop working from home...............
  19. I don't think I would be able to wear that. Call it a glandular condition if you like, but in the summer............... I sweat worse than **(insert choice here). **here are a couple of suggestions for you to use.........."a crooked politician on election day"......."a W#ore in church".......etc.
  20. I remember when I used to have a 32 in waist...................
  21. When hospitals are classifying any death they can as Covid-19, the number will be high, but I doubt a million. I've heard from nurses that had patients that passed of "insert given cause not related to covid", only to come in the following day to find out that it was classified as covid. Until hospitals stop price gouging (yes, they get more from medicare if it is listed as covid related), the numbers will NEVER be accurate.
  22. This post has me thinking VERY seriously about something. Maybe I should sign in as Guest Troll, just to see what 3rd world 4th dimensional play I can fathom from the deepest and darkest recesses...........no, that was just a fart...................plays that I could come up with, that will NEVER happen. Maybe, a 9 player triple play assist......................hmmmmmmm
  23. all you smart fellas'.......with your fancy degrees.........sheesh. I majored in combat. If your dorm room was a squad bay, then we may be members of the same fraternity!
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