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  1. I'm looking for someone that may be unhappy with their (Version 3 (I think that's the newest one)) Force3 CP and quite possibly be up to trade it for a WV Platinum (with Team Wendy Retrofit padding) & system 7 harness. I removed the big "cushion" pad at the throat area as there was no need for it. Please PM if interested. I had SWMBO take these pictures this morning, so what you see is what you get! I will be traveling, so there will be a delay in my response.
  2. Absolutely @yawetag! As stated, just providing some clarity. Kind of makes me wonder how many on here haven't figured out your moniker.... . After all, they ARE umpires! I take no offense on this site, as I am posting stuff 90% of the time!! ..........unlike someone else who I apparently offended when referring to the extensive knowledge and database research abilities that they possess........ Life is too short to get your panties in a wad over something that someone posts on a website. Even if it is one HELLUVA website!
  3. My District UIC and I were working a game, and we were wearing the cream color shirt. One of the female Jr Umpires that had gone through the clinic was at the game, when all of a sudden we hear "HEY CREAM PUFF! NICE CALL"
  4. @Gil I posted this last year during the East Regional Tournament. It was a privilege to sit with Matthew and spend most of the afternoon with him. Here is what I had sent to his league officials. Dear Coventry, RI League Officials, With what I am about to share, please feel free to share this with you league. In hopes that this finds its way to your District Administrator, I have also blind copied the East Region Director. Let’s just clear the air and start out by recognizing that umpires in general, don’t have many fans. We aren’t there for the fame or glory, and sometimes, are thought to be “the bad guy” on the field. As a 25+ year LL umpire, I like to think that I recognize something good when I see it. What I am about to describe next……….is GREAT! During Coventry’s 1st game at the Eastern Region on Aug 5th, 2018, I was fortunate enough to meet a very special young man from your area. As a fellow umpire, I noticed that he was very well mannered, in uniform, and for a lack of better words, was SPOT ON in his execution. When the plate umpire made a call, Matthew made the same call, (with the proper umpire mechanics) and then gave the correct count (usually before the umpire on the field, or even before the scoreboard was updated). He only looked at his indicator when he reset it. When the plate umpire cleaned the plate, Matthew pulled out his plate brush, and cleaned the area in the bleachers, between his feet. With plate brush away, mask back on, he points to the pitcher and yells “PLAY!” Even though he was umpiring from the stands right next to me, I sent a text to an umpire friend of mine who was working in the replay booth and told him “You have GOT to see this”. I’m not exactly sure how (or if) he communicated with the ESPN team, but I soon received a text back from him. “You guys are getting a LOT of air time”. After the game, I introduced Matthew Colardo (who I later found out also plays in the LL Baseball Challenger division) to Coach Dave Belisle from RI. They hit it off tremendously. We ran into Dave LaRocque (ER tournament umpire from Warwick, RI) who presented Matthew with a baseball signed by all of the umpires from this tournament. We stood at the gate so he could “high five” the umpires coming off of the field, and then later, at the gate near the umpire room, so he could high five the crew for the next game. He was especially excited to meet Chris Wasileuski, who was the Plate Umpire for the next game. Chris even took a moment to stop and take a picture with Matthew. Well, a little time passes, and my phone rings. My wife is asking where I am. I told her that Matthew and I were at the gate, waiting for the next umpire crew to come out. Her response was simple, “ok, you boys have fun!” Unfortunately, we left on Wednesday and were unable to share more time with Matthew. However, in checking my twitter on Sunday during Conventry’s championship game, Little League posted another short video (from the booth) of Matthew hard at work…..in the stands. All the post said above the video was, “He’s back!” I’m sure that many of you saw him during the game, but I have attached the link below for those who did not. https://www.littleleague.org/videos/young-umpire-calls-game-from-the-stands/
  5. I don't recall the exact play or situation, just the story...... but Steve Palermo was at a game as umpire supervisor, after he was confined to a wheel chair. There was something that happened on the field, he was summoned to the announcer booth for rule interpretation. Then.....they (announce team) told him that he was wrong. I'm sure that some of you with a better memory can provide more details. I would mention the site historian that maintains a plethora of knowledge, but refuse to call him out by name for fear of being publicly chastised again for providing accolades.
  6. Anyone heard from @HuskerUmp22 ?? They were in the same class and just wondering how he's doing.
  7. So what are you trying to say ? I'm sure you've heard this before @yawetag, it's not what's on the outside, it's what's on the inside that matters. <yeah, that's what she said> Ok, 1st round is on me should we ever meet. Look, I'm not reaching out for sympathy here, but just to put some things into perspective around my "selection" of the name and to hopefully give some clarity since it was brought up again. I realize that from the recent picture I posted (acrobatic athleticism), some could draw a conclusion that they "expected" me to be older than 52, based on my choice of moniker. After 12 years and several deployments, Uncle Sam's Misguided Children decided that (due to compressed disc's in my lower back (now degenerative disc disease) and a total knee replacement from the joint so badly worn that it was bone on bone (probably from those nice walks we used to take together with our little packs, and then the light jogging on occasion), that they no longer needed my service. Combining a 40% disability rating for my back & a 30% disability rating for my knee from the VA, it actually calculates to 60% disabled, and I get a check from Uncle Sam every month for this (hey, it's enough to cover the house note!). Now, given that I've been chasing everything from a 9 y/o to a 22 y/o around the ball field for over 20 years, I may not get to the 45' line when trailing a BR, but I make my rotations..... yes, I FEEL old as hell! SWMBO has openly stated, that I won't stop umpiring until I'm dead. Now while she'd be better off with the insurance, she went on to say that I'll continue to umpire even when I am confined to a wheel chair. Give me a Tim "the tool man" Taylor hot rod "hover 'round" and get outta my way. TIME!!! That's interference.....ON ME.....for running over the catcher!! P.S. - getting the other knee done on 9/19.
  8. SO if any of you follow the MiLB Umpire Academy on twitter, you know they post different clips of the umpire "walk".......from the locker room to the field. This is done on different fields. Well, the picture below was at point stadium in Johnstown, PA after a torrential downpour. Those "little black rubber pellets" that are in the A-turf fields, washed down the steps of the dugout, down the steps to the hallway, and clogged up the drain..........I sent MiLB Umpire Academy the picture below asking if they have walks like this, and received no response.
  9. I guess I really need to stop calling him that.................. Update on the umpire who WAS one of my LL Jr Umpires, went to HW school, worked last year in the NWL, started this season in the CPL................ Well, one of his final evaluations, he was told that he was going to be a crew chief for the play offs, and to keep his bags packed. He finished the CPL series this past weekend, and was moved up to the Gulf Coast League for the rest of this season. He flew Monday & had a double header on Tuesday.
  10. ............given the time of year................. Was this at the tee-ball or coach pitch world series?
  11. Sorry, but each day when I see this topic posted, I have to remind myself that in this post, the AL is American Legion and NOT Atlantic League...................
  12. well, thanks to some assistance from Uncle Sam, I'm 52 and feel like I'm 82. But thanks.
  13. Yes, yours truly. I was trying to get into the wedge and the catcher dove to his left to make the tag. I had to get off of the tracks at that point.
  14. maybe it was from the Department of Redundancy Department?
  15. I just thought I'd share a couple of pictures from and acrobatic display of athleticism during the tournament last week. .....and yes, he was out.
  16. Aging_Arbiter

    Stike zone

    Judged from his/her normal stance. If they duck, the zone doesn't "change"......but they took away my reference points, so the zone may get a little bigger.
  17. Majors and below cannot lead off...........therefore, he isn't "deceiving" any runners.
  18. Aging_Arbiter

    Illegal Glove

    you shouldn't need a measuring tape. Use home plate. The long edge across the front is 17 inches (the grip (or pine tar) may not exceed 18 inches on a bat). the two sides are 8.5 inches and from the break to the point of the plate is 12 inches. I believe the glove rule is 14 inches.....which you could use the break to point for....you can guesstimate 2 inches.
  19. Aging_Arbiter


    I had a HS game this past spring and partner called an out on a banger at first. I heard 'gordo hombre" as he walked away from first. Partner called his number from the back of his jersey, and he turned around. In perfect English this time I hear "Sorry blue, sorry, sorry". Partner patted his belly and gave him a thumbs up. Apparently, acceptance can change a high school players perspective.
  20. @Umpire in Chief I too will add a well deserved thank you! over the years, I've picked up quite a few pointers, and shared a few smart ass remarks. No matter where I go, what clinic/school/meeting or otherwise weekend at the field, I've come to notice that most umpires have a certain twisted (sometimes sick) demented sense of humor.
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    @BT_Blue........you might want to charge your battery soon.........
  22. Aging_Arbiter


    parlez-vousu buh-bye? What do they do in softball???
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