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  1. I'm with @JonnyCat, as stated, be comfortable. If you're restricted, too hot, too cold, itchy (whatever), at some point you will lose focus.
  2. Had a Varsity game a couple of years back, F1 throwing BB's. Opposing F1 came to bat in bottom of 3rd. First pitch was the old "right down the middle", as B1 watches it go by. "He drops his head (obviously upset with himself) and drops an audible (but not going beyond earshot of the 3 of us in the vicinity of the plate) F bomb.....steps 1 foot out of the box, looks at the catcher and says "Dave, any chance I can get you to call the same pitch?" A good chuckle was had by all 3 of us. Context.
  3. They didn't specify, but wouldn't be surprised if it is state wide. They dropped the requirement this year to mandatory +4
  4. RELEASE THE KRACKEN ADS!! Now they are worse than before........for me anyway
  5. dang...........you guys are good. I was going to suggest double helpings of meat & potatoes.
  6. I have a buddy at HWUS as we speak. That was the first picture he sent me. They removed the "Hand or glove" verbiage.
  7. I saw cage games already mentioned. I go to the indoor faclity near me and call college pitchers. When HS ball rolls around, I've already worked on timing & tracking.
  8. @mac266 I sent you a DM with contact info
  9. i had to re-read. I thought @maven said pronographic memory
  10. You can also check out the Wounded Warrior Umpire Academy. woundedwarriorua.org In operation since 2014, WWUA helps Recovering, Injured & ill service members use that sense of camaraderie, and provide them an avenue to be able to transition back into their community through umpiring. You can also find the link at the bottom of the UA website.
  11. Let's just hope they can count and Gerry doesn't end up with 4,999........
  12. c'mon @Mudisfun, you need to get the bottom half of the inning in!!
  13. well, I just received an email from PIAA about dues. Since dues were paid last year, and we didn't have a season, it prompted a fairly straight forward email. I emailed them back and asked that since they cannot provide a guarantee, are they going to refund or carry over this coming years dues. I referred to the declining number of officials as well as last years "no refund" and indicated that I refuse to pay them for nothing in return. I have yet to receive a response.
  14. whatever you did, ads are now showing up in my "reply" box.
  15. Sounds good. Just wanted to make sure I got you a contact person, if you didn't have one.
  16. are you already connected with your local little league?
  17. our HS chapter didn't eliminate, but reduced cash/check collection. If you umpire preseason scrimmages, it takes X amount off of your dues. You don't get paid for scrimmage, you get to know some dust off of the gear, and your chapter fees are reduced. The chapter invoices the schools for the scrimmage fees, and keeps that money.
  18. Ejection? well, given safety restraints, at least impact.
  19. YAIAA (York Adams Interscholastic Athletic Association) baseball games start at 4:15pm.
  20. I thought you were going to say.... as @maven is apt to say, "Day game or night game"?
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