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    foul ball?

    It is just a strike, the batter is not out, and the ball is live (ie. stealing runners can continue, can be safe or out...and don't have to tag up)...provided it was caught....not caught, it's just a foul ball. fixed...... for @Thunderheads
  2. What? How do you wear a winter truck tire to protect your face or chest?
  3. Good call. HOWEVER, when I went down stairs, she was on a different program. I don't recall if it was my big fat greek wedding, or my 600 pound life. Neither of which particularly peak my interest. She was apparently channel surfing during commercials. I think I mentioned before, this is the woman who I caught taking an online rules quiz around 1030pm one night.........in the winter.......
  4. SWMBO (a nurse) has been known for making the statement below on several occasions: You can't fix stupid.........but I can medicate the hell out of it! Now she runs the roost upstairs, and I watch TV down in the man cave. After the RLI call, I had come upstairs during a commercial break to get a snack. I walked into the living room, and she was just shaking her head. I asked her what was wrong. (Now, she's been around umpires since we met in 2006, so she's picked up a thing or two) She looked at me with a straight face and said "I cannot believe how stupid these announcers are. You would think that there would be some requirement to know the rules, before spouting off when they are clueless. I chuckled a bit, gave her a hug, kissed her on the cheek, got my snack and retreated to the man cave.
  5. I think they ought to vote on impeachment proceedings for Rob Manfred........ too soon?
  6. Take it as an indication. Kind of like if you were to go in to work, your door card and system access passwords no longer worked......but HR left a post it on your door that they would like to talk to you......
  7. .....................all because @noumpere missed by ONE KEY on the keyboard............
  8. I saw that. But I Did NOT read enough to catch the "Games Three through Seven", as I just jumped down to read the line up. Much appreciated.
  9. Aging_Arbiter

    Long fly ball

    ..............roll the window down Gus!..........MINE! MINE!! MINE!!!BALL! BALL!! BALL!!!
  10. I can't recall, did Alan Porter have more than 1 game? I know he opened the series on the plate (and had the best overall rating IIRC), but I think the last couple of games, I noticed that he was in replay. If anyone has info, it would be appreciated, as I didn't get to see every game from start to finish. I just figured that the all-knowing and Omni-present @Gil might be able to provide some insight.
  11. plus, it wouldn't be aesthetically appealing to the eye. Someone may mistake if for a discarded Astros jersey............
  12. Aging_Arbiter

    Long fly ball

    .......as the aliens begin to chant in their own language (or communicate via ESP)...............Throw it back! Throw it back! Throw it back!
  13. Aging_Arbiter

    Long fly ball

    ..............and it's the end of days
  14. @ArchAngel72, I'm confused. If you "get that", then why are you still trying to rationalize? While a "devil's advocate" approaching the gray area to things can sometimes be healthy, this is in black and white, explained 3 ways from Sunday and approved by 4 Congressmen & a Pope. My point being, it is a rule. As an Umpire, why are you on the field? To enforce the rule! Yes, had he been in the lane, the call would most likely had been different as he would have been doing what he was supposed to do. By not running in his lane, he is out.
  15. Coach Bill, First off, let me thank you for your posts and questions/theories. Not many coaches would even bother to ask. Next, PLEASE do not take the following comments the wrong way, as I may be a bit out of line in my personal views. Umpires receive training on the rule, interpretation of the rule, mechanics and execution of the rules. The average "layperson/fan" for the most part, has no idea about most of the rules and some of the intricacies. By you asking, and some explanations provided, I (for one) appreciate that you "get that". Now if every "easily improved rule" thought was provided and acted upon by every fan of the game (I being one), I think the rulebook would be more convoluted as a whole. Again, I thank you for your candor and willingness to discuss.
  16. ....and here I thought Strasburg had HIS curve ball working....... Parting thought. Since an ejection (at the unshaven levels) generally requires them to miss their next physically played game, does 14 have to sit his 1st game in the spring?
  17. Let me see if I can simplify an explanation for you. Your statement above is 100% correct. Had Turner run "the last half of the distance between home and first base" (which I believe is a pretty close quote to the rulebook explanation of the runners lane requirement), the call IMHO would probably stood with "safe" as initially indicated, and no RLI. edit: Looks like @Biscuit slid his explanation in (in much greater detail) right before I hit enter.
  18. I'd say that 5.09 (a) (11) is pretty clear and self explanatory.
  19. @scrounge I concur. However, the OP didn't refer to that............observation?
  20. Our local youth league just approved a game & half fee for solo work. For a few years we have had a $6 per inning** rate for incomplete games. The next time the two "game suspended teams" play, they finish the first game**...and then play the 2nd (scheduled) game.
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