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  1. The only time I get together between innings, is a teaching moment when training JR umpires. This 14/15/16 y/o may not recall......"In the bottom of the 2nd inning, XXXXX happened. Why did you/ did you not call this"? For more senior umpires, the situation may stick in your mind easier, as opposed to a youngster that may be having inferiority (for lack of better terms) issues with their performance in the first few games of what hopefully turns out to be a lifelong avocation.
  2. Aging_Arbiter


    LOL..................ANYTHING that results in the answer to the question "Does the run scrore"......being "that is a time play".
  3. mention vs. warn..........verbiage explains a lot between perceived intent, and just a conversation.
  4. You sure you're not doing to much warning, before it's actually warranted?
  5. IF I look up to find it, mask comes off and I then look at the catcher.......I'm not going to get trucked by anyone going for the out. It will either be foul.......or he will take you to the ball.
  6. Thanks. Only reason I asked about DM, was to not get this off on a tangent.
  7. I'm not much of a "go research" kind of guy, So without much sarcasm laced in responses, if anyone wants to drop me a DM and give me an idea of why MAGs are so highly coveted by some, I would appreciate it. 2-3 word responses accepted (HINT @MadMax please no lengthy dissertation)
  8. Don't take it personal @mac266, i'm just anti W. Like I said about the jacket...........very nice.
  9. Very nice...........................all except for that big ugly yellow W
  10. Clear your mind. Get into position and set. The next pitch/play is coming. No time to dwell on the past, or you will miss the present.
  11. Welcome back..........and it's pronounced y'all
  12. I am on again, off again with my throat protector. Sounding like @Mr Ump above, I am built like a ....... well..........a fire hydrant.......with ball bags..... Depending on the time of year and which CP I am using, dictates if I use one or not.
  13. I've had a "light hearted" conversation with THAT coach and his manager before. I turned to the Manager and said,....."Since your base coach wants to continue to do my job of calling runners safe, I assume that you will be ok during a tense game situation, if I make a pitching change for you". Manager looks at his coach and says "Knock it off." and they all lived happily ever after......
  14. As you see, signals (from training or not) can be different depending on your organization. A good pre-game meeting with your partner should alleviate issues. I will add just one more thing from the OP. One man.....is not a crew. He is a target of opportunity.
  15. CHEAT! Yeah, all of the manuals say A position with no runners on. So? You're at a physical disadvantage. Don't let that keep you from the field! I'd bet a dollar to a donut that you can still call that play at 1B from B or C. You do when there are other runners on, right? Pregame that your partner at the plate has fair foul all the way. and before everyone else chimes in about the integrity of the game, I get it. I do. My bet is would be doing it MORE of an injustice, trying to start in "A" position just to conform........and we have a chance to keep him on the field.
  16. No, but the Parent/Volunteer pledge does..... I will teach all children to play fair, and do their best I will positively support all mangers, coaches and players I will respect the decisions of the umpires I will praise a good effort, despite the outcome of the game.
  17. GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!...............oh..........wrong season.
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