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  1. PA has started shutting down food & drink establishments in our 5 "mitigation" counties. HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM)– The governor has ordered all restaurants and bars to close their dine-in service in five counties for the next 14 days.
  2. I still find it disheartening to see how soft (SAWFT for my southern brethren in blue) the younger generations have become. I was just talking with a co-worker on Friday about how we grew up in a time where violent cartoons, jungle gym's on playground macadam, and standing up in the front seat of a car as a child. But I digress........
  3. besides, it's to harsh on the skin........
  4. I'm hoping they would open another year of eligibility for those who wish to use it.
  5. just to clarify Coach Darryle, as it DOES appear you are looking up the rules. In the book, when they refer to a "called strike", that is a ball in flight that was NOT swung at, that passed through the strike zone. The umpire CALLED it a STRIKE. Again, Kudos for looking it up! I only WISH more coaches took your initiative.
  6. LL shut down in accordance with school closing. School district shutting down until 3/30 (for now). My 1st game WAS scheduled for 3/20...............so I get it. PIAA to meet this weekend to determine action on spring sports. On the lighter side, my wife sent this to me today.........
  7. agreed. The game is called baseball..........not base on balls.
  8. That's what I would have guessed..............Looks like he was showing him................---> is the way to the dugout
  9. Yes, we had that growing up. No, I don't allow it. 4.06 - No manager, coach or player, shall at any time, whether from the bench or the playing field or elsewhere – (b) use language which will in any manner refer to or reflect upon opposing players, manager, coach, an umpire or spectators;
  10. click on the emoji button......... ...................its in the selection
  11. .............and PA is monopolized by Officially Sports
  12. SWMBO told me that since she didn't qualify for a she shed, she wanted a bitch barn.

  13. @aaluck said crayon SEMPER FI BROTHER!!!
  14. a flying start refers to being off (behind the bag) and running (touching the bag) at the time that you (think you) are legal.....i.e. ball reaching the batter. In Little League, you would drop your red runner violation flag and back runners up (as far as you could) to their starting point or unless forced to advance by the batter becoming a runner. A runner not in touch with the base at the time the pitch reaches the batter doesn't differentiate "in front of or behind" the base.
  15. I stand corrected. I was thinking 1st throw in my comment (as the 2nd)
  16. borderline? 'm grabbing strikes wherever I can!
  17. possibly AT THE TOT, R1 had not reached 2nd......................but did before the ball arrived? Only way I cab see B as an answer
  18. $15 bucks at Wal-Mart
  19. he said private
  20. oh, I thought he meant this https://www.jkdavisofficials.com/
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