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  1. ok.....did I miss an "announcement" in the milestones category? Should we all be congratulating @tpatience for an accomplishment here @umpstu? Don't hold back, the readers want to know! Did we get a promotion?.....and assignment perhaps????
  2. I too am very conscious about what I like/comment or retweet on twitter. THAT is my only social media encounter. SWMBO has her own Insta chat or Face Gram stuff, but no, not this cat!
  3. Signed, The Department of Redundancy Department
  4. First, I'm impressed that you have come across an ambidextrous pitcher! To the best of my knowledge, once the batter enters the box, the pitcher must then declare, and finish that batter from that side, while the batter can change as long as time is out, play is relaxed and/or the pitcher isn't ready to deliver. But I'm sure we'll have a rule cite shortly.
  5. Where can I get about a dozen Coach Jay's???
  6. "Have your team seek shelter" has always been "MY" out. I'm not directing anyone to go anywhere. My luck, as soon as I did, lighting would strike that location and now I'm held liable. Nope , no way!
  7. Aging_Arbiter

    Dead ball

    and by the time you ask.............they probably won't even remember the play/call...........
  8. I heard someone singing.............R_E_T_A_I_N_E_R !!!
  9. There are requirements written, as indicated. The pitchers plate is not a "stop button" and the sooner they learn this, the better off they will be.
  10. ....to me means in the box, facing the pitcher with facemask/helmet/dangling throat guard on. See?? Another difference in translation!
  11. I'm sure that Tom Rawlings is driving towards the aforementioned standardization.
  12. Aging_Arbiter


    I work LL (all levels that require a player to pitch), HS, and a AAABA tournament in Johnstown. Basically from 9y/o to 22 y/o. I've often been asked what age I prefer to work. The answer (along the lines of what @Umpire in Chief eluded to) is two fold. I enjoy both ends of the spectrum. As a general rule the better the ball (higher levels), the game calls itself. However, to be on a 60' diamond with 9 & 10 y/o players watching them learn, can be quite entertaining and exhilarating at times. For example: R1, batter hit ground ball to F6. Now, logically thinking, they flip/toss/throw the ball to F4 covering 2B. A 9/10y/o?? HA! There ain't no tellin' where that ball is going next. Maybe to 3B.....maybe to F2. WHO KNOWS!?!
  13. I'm tellin' ya'..........it was Gremlins!
  14. not counting the pitcher as a fielder, correct?
  15. HO-LY SHEEP $#!T ....Just read the Eric Cooper article. https://www.closecallsports.com/2019/10/eric-cooper-dies-at-52-following-heart.html Here I thought the doctor having me take an aspirin twice a day to help in the "prevention of blood clots" was a little overkill and just a precaution for him to CYA. #RIPCoop
  16. Mentalgents! Gentlemen! It's OFFICIAL!! My physical terrorist released me from PT as of 0900 this morning. Still a little stiff from inflammation and swelling when I over use it, but the new knee is working like a champ! Back to the gym in prep for HS season in 5 months!!
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