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  1. I don't even try and keep track any more. we have to work 10 or 12 varsity games, and then a "peer rating" (here it comes) groups the crews. 1-4 is Crew #1, 5-8 is crew #2, etc. (Do you see the good ol' boy network working here?)The top crew is usually the one that if moved into states, is the one to go. I've probably had more training and field time than most in my chapter, that based on training/experience should probably land me on crew 2 or 3. Never been higher than crew 4 and 2 or 3 district games. No biggie, not it in for the fame or accolades, so I just move on to the next season.......
  2. Aging_Arbiter

    New Surgery

    Maybe she missed breakfast and was hungry............................HINTING to the boss to buy lunch
  3. So my response to UmpAttire on Twitter wasn't correct? and here I thought it was Liberating Unused Cash
  4. Thanks. Those look pretty sharp. Hasn't seen them before. Still don't know who/what LUC is.
  5. I do too. IT comes from what I was taught whilst a member of Uncle Sams Misguided Children. With the break of 5/8" from front to back, it laid nicer on the shoe without looking LIKE $#!T.
  6. hey Yank, look at it this way, the fewer players swinging a bat (at the same time), the less likely they are to cause an injury or harm another player. Honestly, I wouldn't want to give a banged up, bruised or bloody player back to mom after the game, would you?
  7. https://www.mlb.com/news/astros-sign-stealing-penalty
  8. ok, I thought you were saying NCAA changed too. I don't do college ball, so I didn't know. At plate meeting (with captains in attendance), after getting line up cards, I look at them and usually give something like........NL vs AL today, right guys?.......................once
  9. Apologies. Given that the topic is 2020 DH Rule Change, I naturally assumed the conversation WAS for NFHS. I didn't realize NCAA changed theirs also. Thanks.
  10. You're in our thoughts and prayers brother!
  11. Thanks guys. I'll be happy just to the pain relief and be able to sleep more than 3-4 hours a night. (up at 3:15 this morning)
  12. Aging_Arbiter

    NCAA Test

    I was always under the impression that a sub has entered the game: when the player takes the position on the field on defense, base or box on offense and play resumes.
  13. I guess in using CSFP, the term is on deck batter, not (plural) on deck batterS. To me, that would imply ....... 1.
  14. maybe because Little League won't fine a team ......ten's of or hundred's of thousands of dollar$, thereby generating more revenue for the corporate office?
  15. I had a partner who tried one of the "wiz bang" plastic handle brushes. The problem with plastic style brushes is that when pulling them out of , and putting into your ball bag (or pocket if that's the way you roll), is that they create a static charge. This charge collects dust when cleaning the plate, and deposits it when it rubs against the material when being returned to your ball bag. You'll get a noticeable amount. A wooden plate brush will not generate a static charge.
  16. More like off SEASON! Well, It would appear as though my upcoming HS season has ended before it started. I should be back in time to get some Little League in. This all started 3 days before I had my knee replaced back in September. It got better, and has now flared up again. Can't sleep more than 3 to 4 (medicated) hours a night. I wake up with pain, burning sensation & numbness in my right arm. After PT, Xrays & an MRI, they identified 4 compressions in my neck. Between bone spurs and bulging discs, the MRI looks like a set of knuckles pressing into the spinal cord. Spinal injection did no good, so followed up with saw bones this morning. After discussing and determining that this is eventually going to happen anyway, I set a surgery date of 2/13. A trim here.........a snip there........fusing 2 separate places and one sexy ass neck brace to wear. Just think, shortly after 2/13, I'll be able to spend MORE time on here!!
  17. Got the spurs myself.....I've been a NB fan for quite some time. However, this past year, I stumbled onto the skechers memory foam. For me, it's been the best thing since sliced bread.
  18. #LIFEHACK Get a pair of skechers replacement memory foam insoles......................
  19. well, given that I am at work, and the gloves are in my bag at home, this is the best I can do............ https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Clothing-Apparel/Gloves/MZ-O286M_Manzella-All-Black-Ultra-Max-Gloves
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