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  1. If you do anything, you are depriving the defensive team of possibly getting an out from it. Tell Mr. or Mrs. scorekeeper to just make a note. Conversely, It could very well be a legal unannounced substitution.
  2. Aging_Arbiter

    Caught ball?

    I understand the vernacular, but still not sure I'd call it an argument @ArchAngel72...............I'm willing to bet it's a sure thing considering the source. ma·ven NOUN NORTH AMERICAN informal mavens (plural noun) an expert or connoisseur. synonyms: intelligent person · learned person · highbrow · academic · bookworm · bookish person · man of letters · woman of letters · bluestocking · thinker · brain · scholar · sage · [more
  3. ......and here all this time I thought it was fat bottomed girls
  4. So do you "hear" a chainsaw through the ear piece so you know to give that mechanic?
  5. @AngryOsito just out of morbid curiosity, is your name Ted by chance? I ask, only because Angry Osito translates to Angry Teddy Bear. The first thing that comes to mind was Mark Wahlberg's loveable childhood/dope smoking/ womanizing teddy bear who went on an occasional rant.
  6. so let's take it to the extreme......framing/receiving pitches irrelevant,..... therefore less training for catchers?.........strike zone changes because the multi million dollar paydays aren't enough,...... therefore, loosen up the requirements for enshrinement in Cooperstown?? yes, sarcastic intentions there. I'm not one that "normally" knocks change, especially when it's for the better. In this case, I'll plead that I'm (not really) from Missouri and you'll need to "Show Me" how this is improving the game. Right now, I just don't see it.
  7. ..................or does next years CBA fail........and we have another MASS resignation? I don't know the details, but I caught that in Gil's post as well. It would imply to me that future CBA might be as lucrative (if interpreted a certain way).
  8. Aging_Arbiter

    Safe or out?

    uh.............sorry. Can't see it
  9. Aging_Arbiter

    Safe or out?

    BINGO! Give that man a CIGAR!
  10. Aging_Arbiter

    Safe or out?

    Did @Umpire in Chief turn something off? I don't know if it's my firewall at a different facility or if the Gilfy is dead.............
  11. unless you're using trackman?
  12. it's been stated that (along with the rules) CS & FP dictate that no sudden yelling or getting louder during his delivery is accepted. Maybe during practice, have the pitcher wearing ear buds that are blasting hard core death metal music. should make the other dugout seem pale in comparison. I dunno, I'm spitballing.
  13. Let's ask Buster Posey what he thinks.............
  14. @Scott K Great to have you back! Look forward to many more reviews! P.S. Had the awesome pleasure of meeting Josh at the WWUA in Charlotte. His level of knowledge and representation of @JimKirk and team was beyond reproach!
  15. I'm all for being a pitchers umpire. I prefer NOT to officiate marathon's.
  16. @ArchAngel72 I was watching an 8/9/10 district championship game last night. When Team A changes it's pitcher to a kid throwing harder that the previous one, Team B backs their batters up to the back edge of the box. Consequently, the catcher backs up a little. Remember, ....8/9/10 y/o.......... Catcher now catching the ball about 6 inches off the ground for "called strikes". Team B parents start to come unglued. I find out about this after the fact as I am at the concession stand partaking in the wonderful treats that they have prepared for me that evening. I hear the commotion from there. I get back, and ask SWMBO what I had missed. She explains the (above) situation to me. Now, many of the parents know me from umpiring LL all over the district for years. I had that E.F.Hutton feeling (you young folks can google the E.F. Hutton commercials) for a moment when I retorted to SWMBO that "just because the players move back, doesn't move where the strike zone is located over home plate". SWMBO calmly stated, "that's what I told them". .........I think it's about time to get her a uniform. This father/son umpiring duo has been done before. I'm considering the Husband/Wife duo.
  17. I'll admit it...............when on the dish, with 2 strikes, I'm watching for the deuce myself
  18. PLEASE! No proclamation of adoration. One will be admonished for mocking.
  19. Aging_Arbiter


    This might help.......
  20. Wow! I've never seen a pair of them. I had my Platinum done, but never thought about asking for leg guards.
  21. Aging_Arbiter


    I C what you did there.
  22. Aging_Arbiter

    Fake Tag

    Doesn't he have to supply the beer for next week's game too?
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