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  1. At least you have done for yourself. Some don't. Last year, we had a new umpire in our HS chapter. NEVER umpired before. Took the test, bought the gear, and jumped in. After his 1st game, a friend of mine was on the bases (and got thrown under the bus repeatedly by Nick the New Guy) and made sure to have a thorough post game with him. Now this friend of mine is one of the calmest and most level headed people I've worked with. I feel comfortable in saying that there was no name calling, raising of voices or anything other than, this is what you need to work on. The next day, a group email was sent out and Nick the New Guy was selling all of his equipment. MOST........cannot just jump right into HS ball. Any and all training that you can get will benefit you greatly, before making that leap.
  2. Personally, I would relate this to something I find that most of the younger generation has troubles with..............Work Ethic.
  3. missed the R1application of this OP. I agree with @Lou B, Batter is out, R1 to 2B
  4. IIRC it is a 3 base award on a batted ball, 2 base award on a thrown ball and 1 base award on a pitched ball. I don't believe that a DK3 plays into this scenario, given that the "catcher who then picks up the ball with her helmet/mask" had committed the infraction, and thus, the award of bases.
  5. Ohhhh , I get it............. 6 + 4 + 3 = 2
  6. Now I'm just thinking out loud typing quickly and spit balling........what WOULD make a statement in my eyes, is if ol' Nomar himself pulled sponsorship...... or refused to let children (of the offending parents) remain in his sponsored program. Granted, that even though he probably has zero interaction/involvement, he has allowed HIS NAME to be used. Now that it is being used in a way that is not conducive to the way games should be played, he (or at least a "member of his marketing team"), should address this issue...............should they wish to continue to play for GPG.
  7. Aging_Arbiter

    Double Play

    ............other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?
  8. hate it enough to be outraged?
  9. I couldn't get to it. After closing the pop ups, it took be back to the main page........... Does anyone have another version of the article? Cut and paste maybe?
  10. Wear it backwards like your hat!! ***Edited for newbies or those that don't know any better - THAT WAS SARCASM! YOU NEVER WEAR YOUR HAT BACKWARDS!
  11. ............UmpGeezer................GeezerBlue.......ImAGeezer..............oh the options.............
  12. as mentioned, my technological skills are quite dated. I was going off of what @BLarson said that:
  13. As much as I dislike OJ Simpson (not based on guilt or innocence, my reasons are different) I think what he said in his interview about Garret had some merit. Now while I won't be able to quote word for word, it was along the lines of how commentators became prosecutors. Talking about criminal charges and all. In baseball, the pitcher can throw a 90mph fastball at the batters head, and it gets reported on almost comically. In Hockey, they fight. (I think we've all heard the one about going to a fight and a hockey game broke out), but in basketball and football, it's criminal. Do I agree with what happened, absolutely not. Was Garret the only one in the wrong, absolutely not. Did he over react? Absolutely. Let the punishment fit the crime....... for ALL parties involved.
  14. Now I'm not a coach, never claimed to be, never wanted to be. So I ask this question not only from sarcasm, but a bit of curiosity sprinkled in. Why is the world, would you NEED access to stats immediately for a batting out of order scenario? IMHO, if you can't provide a timely answer when the umpire asks for both scorekeepers (when trying to determine if BOO exists), I think that a book would be warranted. Now, that could just be my outdated technology opinion, but I still try to employ game management techniques. Some dad who just downloaded the app, that can't answer my question, is not conducive to this situation. Yes, this could be a one and only situation. I get that. Shoot, before you know it, they'll have us calling an electronically generated strike zone.
  15. longevity [lônˈjevədē, länˈjevədē] NOUN long life. "the greater longevity of women compared with men" synonyms: continuance · continuity · continuation · lasting power · durability · permanence · constancy · stability · changelessness · immutability · lastingness · everlastingness long existence or service. "her longevity in office now appeared as a handicap to the party". Also, see @HokieUmp
  16. ............Aren't the Stillers just about out of quarterbacks? ...I hear Kapernick may be available soon............
  17. ...........Maybe........a 30 day (after OP) lockdown? 60 day?
  18. Hey @Lou B, did you get lost in the archives last night?
  19. If you're referring just to little league, if they want a book kept for their team, it must be in the dugout. I've even seen a talented coach keep it in the 1B coaches box. The premise being that Players & Coaches are not to mingle with spectators (that, you'll find in the rule book). Now break it down, .... if you can't talk to anyone OUTSIDE of the dugout, where do they need to be in order for you to check your subs, lineup changes, batting order, etc?
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