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  1. Free Audiobooks for the zombie appocolypse https://stories.audible.com/start-listen Stay safe
  2. I run a similar board to this one for the Little League that I mainly service. One of the coaches posted this today
  3. If you cannot find aloe vera, then any after sun lotion (it will have aloe and glycerol, etc.) can be used to mix your sanitizer spritzer formulation i gave above. There were many bottles at Walgreens of banana boat after sun (kind of expensive, but available). This Aloe addition is to keep your hand from drying out, by the way. You really do not need it in the spritzer, if yu ou cannot find Aloe or after sun lotion. Stay safe.
  4. TEXAS STAAR tests and EOC exams are cancelled. Online course work is up and running with zoom meetings. This may be status quo for a while fellows. I made hand sanitizer at home, it worked out well. The CDC says you need at least 60% alcohol to kill the germs, so here are the ratios: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and Aloe Gel, 6:1 and mix well 90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol and Aloe Gel, 2:1 and mix well You can add essential oils for the smell factor. These formulations are for spritzers and are not gels. Do not use the "drinking" alcohol to make this formula as it is "not" high enough in alcohol content to do any good except give your hand an expensive bath. But if you do use them you will need at least 140 proof liquor. Stay safe and be well
  5. Houston, TX area schools, etc. Shutdown until at least April 10th. I take my son's out to the ballfields every other day to practice. Otherwise we are on the garage working out. On a sadder note, a TBall little league in Alvin, TX is infected. I guess they had one too many practices before the shutdown.
  6. You said that the ball was not caught, but was it touched? If the ball is passed 1st or 3rd base, as it touches the ground, in fair territory, then it is fair. If the ball is not "passed" either 1st or 3rd then it depends upon where the ball comes "to rest". However, the above is contingent on the ball not being touched. Wherever the ball is touched makes it fair or foul automatically, regardless. Further be aware the indication of fair or foul depends on the location of the ball (when touched) to the foul line and has nothing to do with the position of the player that touched the ball. Does this make sense? I was at a game where the batter hit a ball that was definitely going foul, it was hit sharply half way up the 1st base line toward the fencing. Everyone had given up on the ball. When the ball hit the ground it had enough English that it spun sharply back to the infield (the ball was untouched). I indicated fair, and it was a chinese drill after that.
  7. Texas Highschool - Shutdown District 14 - LL is shutdown My boy and I crew together and we were looking to working this weekend. Stupid virus!
  8. I was looking for the groups life experience this round.
  9. 4.06 (a) to (d) speaks to being nice and understanding to either side, eh? When I was younger, many moons ago, chanting was a game time ritual. "Baaaaattterr, baaaatteeeerr SWING" from the defense and "3-2 what are you going to do...walk him, walk him" while on offense. So, what do you allow with respect to LL 4.06?
  10. BigVic69

    Balk or NO Balk

    You said, the pitcher was in contact with the pitchers plate, he does not have to do anything special until he comes "set". We also need to know if he is a right or left handed pitcher.
  11. Thank you for theis sage advise.
  12. Thank you for the input. See you on the Diamond
  13. A.play somewhere and the umpire makes a call. The manager wishes to appeal that the umpire making the call was "out of position" and the wrong call was made. A percieved "out of position" is not appealable and since you cannot tell.me what the fielder did to cause the appeal, we role on. Am I correct? What is appealable then: Misapplication of a rule Foot.off the bag Dropped ball ???
  14. Rules, who needs stinken rules. ( a play on blazing saddles) The funny thing is that I have 6.05(j) highlighted in my kindle LL rulebook. Ha ha. Never in Baseball have rules kept a coach from loosing their minds, eh? See you all on the Diamond
  15. Thank you, and funny as ever, I am more concerned with batter-runner creeping onto the "fair" side of the foul line "half way up" the line. Where he should be. It is not my fault if the line was not drawn, right? A police officer once told me, "ignorance of the law is no excuse". Running to 1st base is the only one with the "3 foot, but not on the left side (fair territory) ".
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