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  1. I returned to umpiring this year after many (12) years away from the game, and I have been very pleasantly surprised by how frequently players seek me out as I'm leaving the field after the game to thank me and say "good game."
  2. Thank you for that clarification! The KC one looks like it might be my best bet. Thanks all for the info!
  3. I'm curious about this one in Springfield, IL. Googling isn't finding me much information. Can anyone provide me with more info? Thanks all!
  4. I'm looking for the best bang for my buck in an off season camp. I'm in the Chicago area and am willing to travel (within reason) for a camp that will last anywhere from 2-5 days. My primary goal is to become a better umpire, but if a camp gives tangible opportunities for advancement (assignors in attendance), that certainly doesn't hurt. Currently, I primarily umpire high school and travel ball. Thanks for any ideas!
  5. Just want to thank you all - this is all really helpful stuff. I'll definitely watch those archived livestreams and check out the other resources you all have provided.
  6. I work almost exclusively 2-umpire games, with a handful of solo games thrown in. In a month, I've got my first 3-umpire games, so I want to prepare as much as I can, without being able to go to a clinic or anything. Any suggestions for online resources to learn this? I learn best with videos showing practical application. I'm also reading through the NFHS Umpires Manual which has a full section on 3 umpire mechanics, but again, the video/practical application would be more helpful. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks everyone - this clears things up for me!
  8. This is a hypothetical; I haven't seen it happen. We know that if the pitcher throws waaay high and in, behind the batter's head, and the ball hits the bat and falls to the ground, it's an (unfortunate) foul ball. What if the same pitch nicks the bat (similar to how a pitch nicks the bat on a normal foul tip) and goes directly into the catcher's glove. Is that a foul tip? If there are previously two strikes, is the batter out on strikes despite the pitch being out of the zone and not swinging at the pitch?
  9. You make a very valid point. He must have disengaged on the feint to third. That does make a lot more sense than what I thought I remembered/saw. That's much easier to figure out if it's a balk or not! Thank you.
  10. NFHS Ruleset. R1 and R3. Two outs. RHP F1 pitching from the set position. He steps and feints to third, turns to throw to F3, but he's fooled R1, who has started for 2B. F1 does not release his throw to F3, and instead, disengages, and throws to F4 who is now at 2B. Rundown ensues and R1 is tagged out before R3 crosses home plate. No run. Should this have been a balk? For clarity's sake, his third-to-first move would have been a clean one had he thrown to first base. I'm asking if he balked by not throwing to first, and instead stepped off and threw to second.
  11. Yeah, I don't think the coach was trying to bait me into throwing him under the bus; I just didn't want to do so with my response if I said, "no, I've never heard of that one before."
  12. This is NFHS, in case that matters for the situation, though I don't believe it does. We had an unexpected delay of about 5 minutes before the start of the game. HT Pitcher had already thrown his warmups when the delay started; I (BU) had already taken my position in A. HT manager is chatting with 1B coach, then comes over to me and very casually asks me "He [PU] made him [pitcher] remove his eye black. Is that a thing? Pitchers can't have eye black?" I wasn't sure how to answer, so I just said, "can i say 'no comment'?" then added "my guess is he judged it to be distracting." HT coach gave a "hmm... ok" and walked back to his dugout. That was the end of that. My two questions: 1. IS that a thing? Should I be having pitchers remove their eye black? Was I right that this can fall under umpire judgement about whether or not it's distracting? 2. If I was answering fully honestly, I would have said "that's not a thing. He can wear eye black" (though question 1 above acknowledges that I'm open to being told I'm wrong), but I wasn't about to throw my partner under the bus before the game even started. What's the right way to respond to a coach when they ask an honest question about something your partner ruled on that you disagreed with? (something like this, not something like safe/out, rules interp., etc.)
  13. pl8ump1012

    foul tip

    NFHS Definition 2-16-2 A foul tip is a batted ball that goes directly to the catcher’s hands and is legally caught by the catcher. It shall be called a strike and the ball is in play.
  14. (Chicago area) Right about now I'd be putting my gear on for game 2 of my DH, which would be my first dish game of the year. Instead, that game 2 is now my 6th cancelled game of the spring, compared to only one that I've actually gotten to work (bases). I really hope it warms up and the rain stops soon. I want to call strikes. Rant over.
  15. It's too late for me for this year, but for future reference, where/how do I get to do this? I'm primarily a HS and travel umpire. Do I call local HS head coaches and ask to come to some practices? Something else? How common is that? I thought about doing that this year (my first year after many years away from the game), but figured it wasn't something that other blues really did.
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