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  1. Sorry this is an old thread...but I think I have something I can add to the conversation. I have a Force3 mask (v1) and sometimes I get the spring at the bottom (or the spring support structure) impacting my lower chin. I think I may not be wearing the mask low enough on my face. If you look carefully at the padding down near the bottom, it is very thin just below the main chin pad, and it is only that thin part that protects your lower chin if you don't pull the mask down so your chin rests in the thick pad. I know, I think when I get hurt I am not wearing it correctly. But pulling the mask down that far seems to limit my vision through the eye opening (the upper range is my vision is partially blocked by the horizontal bar at the top of the eye opening). Anyone else with Force3 mask notice this?
  2. BU should glance at BR as BR touches 1B.
  3. @BrianC14 then, just for clarification, does that pic show Honigs polywool base pants on top of the polyspandex base pants?
  4. I see this was discussed on Gil's Close Call blog, but I think it needs a separate thread! IMO, this was the best event during what looked like awfully fun game. It's nice to see baseball played like a *game*. There are many articles about the pic event, but here is one from the MLB site: http://m.mlb.com/cutfour/2017/07/11/241792582/nelson-cruz-gets-his-photo-taken-with-joe-west-by-yadier-molina----in-the-all-star-game I also liked what Cruz said Joe West said, "...no, what are you doing, get out of here...". The result was a nice pic.
  5. For a very similar discussion, see http://umpire-empire.com/index.php?/topic/24604-awarding-of-bases/& In that thread the batter is walked, and before BR reaches 1B, the pitcher decides to try picking off R3 and throws the ball OOP. It is concluded in that thread that the BR is awarded 2B since he had not yet reached 1B at the TOT. The logic is well explained in that thread, with authoritative backup. In the OP here, the video seems to show BR has reached 1B at the TOT, but R1 did not reach 2B at TOT. So, since no runner may advance beyond the base to which he is entitled, I think R1 gets 3B and BR gets 2B. (R2 scores, of course.)
  6. Any story here that starts with "9U baseball..." is going to be a doozy! It's not the players, of course! It's the coaches! * But your story @LittleBlue takes the cake. F-bombs in a 9U game!? Say what?! You did fine. You ignored the first chirp. Then, bang, they moved right to the need for ejection without giving you any change for the other steps in the process. Crazy coaches. ___________ * I did a 9U tournament a few weeks back (I know, I know). I had 6 games (I know, I know). Each team had at least 2 games in the day. At some point in the middle of the day when the defensive manager and his catcher are meeting with the pitcher on the mound, I'm left at the plate with a batter. The batter turns to me, and with a big smile says, "I need a nap!" That's my best story from the day, and possibly the best line I've ever heard in a baseball game! I laughed out loud! Later that day I told this story to one of the coaches. His response, "I need a nap too." Some of the coaches are ok.
  7. Ok, now we are veering off the original track. So, I can submit this joke I just hear on the radio --- driving home from doing a game (see, that's the umpiring connection): A photon checks into a hotel and gets asked if he needs any help with his luggage. He answers, "No, I'm traveling light."
  8. Speaking of fun, what's wrong with closing your eyes? My "setup" is to close my eyes at the time of the pitch, then listen for the ball to hit the catcher's glove. Then I open them, and call the glove. I get lots of comments on how I never flinch, I'm rock solid, I have great timing, and I am very consistent! I'm never distracted by anything prior to the ball arriving at the plate. I let my partner call balks; if he does call one I open my eyes, point, and echo his "balk." If anyone notices I have my eyes closed and asks about it, I just put on sunglasses. Result: no more annoying questions. Having your eyes open is overrated!
  9. Or, which game is/was this @udbrky? It may be possible to find a video in postgame highlights at mlb.com.
  10. Yeah, that's certainly a reasonable response for #1 @grayhawk. Probably better than my response. I just don't like getting into discussions at all once the last out is recorded.
  11. 1) Shrug. No words. Leave. 2) Relaxed ejection mechanic. (In regards to #2, that was almost exactly the statement I got at a "card signing" a few weeks back. And that was my response. "Personal" sealed the deal for the coach. Just because we have to get that card signed, we should not have to serve as last-moment "punching bags" for coaches.)
  12. Hmmm....this is brilliant! I'm going to start alternating "safe" and "out" on all plays on the bases. And "strike" and "ball" for all the pitches not swung at! This should make calling games way less stressful!
  13. Probably, there are new members here wondering... Is the batter out for throwing his bat and hitting the catcher?
  14. Make sure I've got the key to my car door. Make sure I've got the key to my car door. Make sure I've got the key to my car door.
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