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  1. udbrky


    I hope it wasn't kept on FTX.
  2. I met some Ohio guys at the Doane Clinic in Grand Rapids MI . I didn't know you could still register. I didn't renew since I was unemployed, and won't have a lot of availability with my new job, but I'll renew so I can stay up to date.
  3. The latter is extremely a well known real thing.
  4. That's not really a thing is it? Isn't it like objecting at the wedding?
  5. It's the Youtube guys. Yonder Alonso and someone else. It's not the Cubs announcers there. The Cubs and White Sox guys do a really good job of accepting rules and trying to understand them. Both teams do a solid job and aren't your standard homers.
  6. What area will you be in? Any pizza place will be good.
  7. Is catching it required to not be interference? That seems to be a key sticking point.
  8. IF this was legal, why don't we see it happening more?
  9. Thank you for telling me where I can and cannot discuss/help others. It's a private group, and I'm sure you can appreciate that his credentials ring out anywhere. I still want to see some rule and interpretation to disagree with him. Here are some more rules related to interference https://baseballrulesacademy.com/official-rule/nfhs/runner-attempts-to-steal-during-pitch-to-batter/
  10. I think he missed it was strike 3 Correct. Rule 6.01(a)(5)
  11. How could you have nothing and no pitch? What's your justification for no pitch? I still don't see how you have nothing on this. So far two pro school grads have both said BI on it.
  12. Here's a reply I got in our local umpire facebook group from an umpire in Arizona Complex League (Rookie ball)
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