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  1. The shirt you posted is the accepted alternative for IHSAA. They went with that, to allow softball umpires to more cheaply transition over. 3 years ago, they had initially accepted the MLB #2 (thin black stripe down the side). Then, changed their minds back and forth before finally saying that the softball one was the accepted alternate to Navy. It was ridiculous and rivaled Billy Martin's yo-yo tenure as Yankees manager.
  2. hahah, I meant as an umpire. He'd talk about it all the time. "Nah, I wear a cup all the time, can't be endangering my future job" He was dead serious.
  3. When I was in college/just graduated, I worked with a guy who aspired to be a porn star
  4. Here's one my friends and I tossed around tonight without a real consensus answer: R2 stealing on a passed ball for ball 4 Batter-runner throws bat to go to first and hits the ball with the bat he threw as he's running to first. R2 scored.
  5. I love bat flips, as long as he's not showing up the other team, I wouldn't hate it.
  6. I was really hoping that you worked this game:
  7. Good catch, edited
  8. I called OBS. Placed BR on 1st and kept R3 there. He was still standing on the base, so he wasn't attempting to advance. Coach comes out and I explained I can only protect one fielder. He said "what about the one that got trucked!" I said "he wasn't near the ball!" He didn't like it. But oh well. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm awful from past games as well.
  9. Great start to the season! Scrimmage in 45 degree, constant wind, with 45mph gusts! R3, popup hit down 1B line, near the RLI marker (turf field, so all lines perfect) F1 and F3 converging, BR running, i'm on bases getting my popcorn ready for this show. F3 is a few feet behind the RLI line when F1 and BR collide a couple feet in front of the RLI marker F3 drops the ball in fair territory. WUG?
  10. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077D3G25G They're sold out right now. I hope I can find mine in the next 6 weeks. These are pretty great. One charge will last the game. If you have a DH, use one at a time.
  11. My friends and I swear this is a dude we know from around here.
  12. I don't hate it at all. Make baseball fun again
  13. Wear thicker/layer socks. We're not too far from each other, and I have done a few games in that temp range, and thicker socks saved my feet.
  14. I seent it. If he'd been running in the runner's lane, he wouldn't have twisted his ankle. I didn't think he was trying to hurt Muncy though, just bad route.
  15. It's not just a nice chair for after game drinking, you don't have to clean the whole mess if a bottle leaks!
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