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  1. I sure treat it the same way. Meaning anything I say on here is public and I adhere to the same things I would say on Twitter. I'm not going to post complaining about a team and give specifics. I won't specify a partner. I won't bash a specific coach. If someone can piece together the facts and know who and where I'm talking about, then I feel like I'm in violation of most org's social media policies.
  2. udbrky

    MiLB Shake UP

    Cost saving move I detest Rob Manfred. He just wants to make big changes for the sake of the change.
  3. For hats/mask, or throwing your glove at it, absolutely - that's detached equipment. Fielding bare handed or trying to/successfully kicking it are not illegal.
  4. This is similar - 3:05 mark - https://vimeo.com/114823813 He discusses it at 10:08
  5. Can you give some clues and I'll research the video
  6. Saw this in the Fed Facebook group. Whoof.
  7. Unless you're standing weird, the F3 would take most of that, even if it hits you on the side
  8. That pitch sounds like caught the hollow beneath the knee, especially for fall ball. I highly recommend the F3 shins. They're comfortable, and you won't feel anything that hits you. Another benefit to getting gear now is, you make sure they're the right fit and are adjusted properly before you wear them in a game.
  9. @Senor Azul Yeah, that's why I don't think I'm right in that thought.
  10. Oh yeah, that pure sharing what I just saw. I thought that was implied when I said that F1 was not trying to make a play at all, just standing there. BR had completely regained his composure and was in full control of himself running to 1B. The coach was yelling at the catcher for not just picking up the ball and throwing it to 1B, which would have negated all of this, because that should have happened before this trainwreck occurred. TBH, I'm probably following the ball and picking up the touch of 1B and not seeing any of that happen normally. But, since I have absolutely nothing to do at this point, I do. I called the OBS. BR beat the throw anyways, so I didn't even have to really come close to the **** end of the stick on this one. I think if the catcher comes up and throws around the time that the collisions happen, I'm not calling it. The kid had barely made an attempt to advance at that point, and is 85 feet from 1B. Probably the most interesting play I'd had in a while. I had even gone about a month without having obstruction, and got it twice in that game and again the next day. Gotta love fall ball!
  11. Had a bit of a third world play the other day. I'm in the field. Fall ball Middle School game, coached by Varsity coaches. R3, 2 strikes on batter, swings at pitch in the dirt that got away and goes to the backstop. Batter-runner backs up out of the way. F1 is standing near the cutout in the grass still. Batter-runner starts running to 1B and collides with R3. R3 scores. BR continues going to 1st and runs into F1, who still is no closer to HP than the cutout, is not trying to make a play. What you got?
  12. Wow, around here, Varsity coaches will be mad if you're not calling pretty much chalk to chalk. They don't want that tight of a zone for pitchers that should be able to hit their spots. Especially when it's under 35 and snowing.
  13. This was pretty funny. Most of the time, they really were wrong, but Gardner wasn't the guy!
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