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  1. Wow, around here, Varsity coaches will be mad if you're not calling pretty much chalk to chalk. They don't want that tight of a zone for pitchers that should be able to hit their spots. Especially when it's under 35 and snowing.
  2. This was pretty funny. Most of the time, they really were wrong, but Gardner wasn't the guy!
  3. https://video.twimg.com/tweet_video/EA2LeozU4AEfYnY.mp4 WUG? I don't think he would have been out there, but runners could have advanced because of this.
  4. Yes, it's common. Most of the time, it's either super oviis and you say yes he did, or you're not absolutely sure and say no he did not.
  5. Well we're creating a brand new situation here, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. udbrky


    It amazes me that "are your players properly and legally equipped, to the best of your knowledge" is always answered yes! Then, here comes an illegal bat. Then, Catcher takes one to the step children and oh, he's not wearing a cup! Coaches aren't listening at any point
  7. I use the umplife one. It's so much easier to write on, and I don't have to go through the folding and unfolding. @noumpere what do you use as a surface to write?
  8. I would've tossed when they said to get a new profession.
  9. We got it easy - no bras, no makeup, and not to mention, no menstrual cycle.
  10. Don't go cheap on shoes. I wore some Nikes and stepped on something one game and my whole foot was purple. I had a full slate of middle school games and didn't get rest for it until Christmas and developed a little plantar fasciatis. It hurt and I could barely flex my toes. I bought Zigs immediately and they're so much more comfortable. I love the stretch pants. Get the Fox 40 with the rubber guard. Your teeth will thank you. I clean my whistle with that 3-minute denture cleaner. Drop it in water, dissolve, put whistle in. Rinse and I soaked in straight water for a bit to get any smell out.
  11. Here's what I had: Catcher pops up, bat hits him hard in the thigh and he (not on purpose) goes to his left, down almost to his knee in pain. I look down to see how bad he took it. I look up and pitcher is trying to throw home. Catcher jumps up and a few feet back to the plate to try to catch pitcher's throw, but cannot cover the ground in that state. Ball goes to the backstop, I think back through the play. I call "Time! That was interference! Batter is out!" and send the runners back to their bases, declaring "All runners return to the base they held at the time of the pitch" As I explained to the offensive coach, the act of the batter recklessly throwing the bat and hitting the catcher, took the catcher out of the ability to make the play. I think I could have declared R3 out since it would have been an easy 1-2-3 double play. Offensive coach accepted that it was INT, then started fishing with "well usually INT is called immediately." I countered telling him that I needed to make sure they were coming home. If they go to 2nd, I don't have an effect on the play. He complained that F1 hesitated to throw. My response is, because his catcher was down almost on the ground and recovered to try to field his throw.
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