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  1. You wake yourself up yelling "That's a balk!" You get into arguments at bars during games and finally say "Look, I know more about the rules of baseball than you do, I'm right"
  2. That's how I interpret that in the summer for sure.
  3. So jealous of states that can choose other colors.
  4. Anyone saying NB still, just has never had the pleasure of the Diamond. Since I switched, I've never felt one shot at all. Foul balls straight off the bat, you don't even notice.
  5. I wish. Indiana only allows the alternate softball powder blue shirt. I hate that shirt.
  6. We don't wear navy after memorial day.
  7. Did they leave a message?
  8. udbrky

    $500 Fine!

    Peyton Manning's team did this recently too. He had Brandon Stokely filling in and they won 66-0. They only had 5 players on the team. I'm looking for a story on it. Here's the only thing I could find - It was in his ring of fame speech before the game yesterday it looks like.
  9. udbrky


    Yeah, that was BI and he should have probably tossed Cora
  10. Are you talking about when Goldschmidt caught the ball just ahead of the runner? No RLI since he caught the ball. Not sure what you're saying should have happened.
  11. What's the record for # of times a manager has been ejected for arguing the same rule? Davey's on #3 for RLI. Maybe he should spend that time teaching his players to play within the rules of the game.
  12. https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1439425115687620612/pu/vid/1184x664/Qu8_vJmlo6H1IDGw.mp4?tag=12
  13. Turns out, I had a badly infected bug bite that I didn't notice because all I had done all week was sleep and drink pedialyte. So Thursday I ended up at an ER (it's new and thought it was an Urgent Care) at 10PM and got those IVs, antibiotics, ultra sound for blood clots, blood work, all that fun stuff. Still hurts to walk.
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