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  1. I think I've seen this in some horror movies. Pretty sure you don't want to find the person with the bruise that fits yours.
  2. Red Stag is a hint of cherry? Holy crap, I drank it for a friend before his funeral last fall and it was like eating sugar straight. I like scotch, but not the peat-y side, so stuff more like Glenlivet. Johnny Walker White Walker was really solid for a cheapo, and I was getting it for $20/750, but don't see it much any more. Always good with Jameson. Greenspot is so smooth. Redbreast was too sweet. Bourbons: 4 Roses, Buffalo Trace, Knob's Creek are good cheap go to. Evan Williams Bottled in Bond 100 (White label) is really good for a really cheap bourbon. I want to give these a shot - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0765BGPS1/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_1?smid=A3LXZNI2ILSQKM&th=1 with EW. Last year, I threw some Disaronno in and some ice, and it was a nice refreshing drink. I also tried a cucumber vodka w/ watermelon liquer and some filler last summer. They're not my style, but it was rather good on a hot summer day. Don't know much about mixers, I mix my liquor with more liquor and chase it with bad decisions. Roku gin is pretty nice. I like Martell VSOP cognac. It's also really good to cook with. Vodka, I just go with Smirnoff. I can't drink Cuervo. I'll be a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons after one shot of Cuervo.
  3. Voltaren You'll thank me after you switch to that for pain relief. Also, she needs to toughen up if she wants you to quit over a couple bruises. Take her for a nice dinner with umpire money and change her mind.
  4. In Indiana, our commissioner wants us to keep everyone at a single line, because of the potential for unsportsmanlike things being added. TBH, it's not something I really catch and I've never seen it be an issue. Regarding throwing your partner under the bus. "I didn't see what happened Bob, I was watching my area." "what'd you have on that pickoff/steal?" "I was watching the pitcher to make sure he didn't balk/I was watching for batter interference" Both should be true. Plus, why are you watching your partner's call?
  5. Baseball purists have to realize that they're attracting the likeminded. For the game to grow, you've got to cater to the person who is just learning the game/doesn't care about advanced metrics, and are just at the game to have fun.
  6. The majority of your pants are charcoal gray and you know the difference between that and all other 50 shades of gray.
  7. "Well your judgment sucks!"
  8. This move has become so commonplace these days. I see it at least 2-3x a week, even from bad pitchers. I'm surprised he thought it was a balk.
  9. Gene Steratore on the Pat McAfee show last week said what he'd say to a college coach: "What you're doing right now, it's not good for the game. We're held accountable for that. If you continue to cross it, I'm not really whacking you, you're whacking yourself." Steratore was great on here. Not a big McAfee fan, and he looks like he's about to show you his O face the whole time, but a worthwhile watch.
  10. https://www.milb.com/iowa/fans/unwrittenrules - EPISODE 7 Nothing too in depth, but a short interview about background, the lifestyle, and aspects of coming up in the minors umpiring.
  11. You wake yourself up yelling "That's a balk!" You get into arguments at bars during games and finally say "Look, I know more about the rules of baseball than you do, I'm right"
  12. That's how I interpret that in the summer for sure.
  13. So jealous of states that can choose other colors.
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