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  1. udbrky's post in Does the run score? was marked as the answer   
    He's forced to run, so it's a force out. It doesn't matter that he tagged him. Run does not score.
  2. udbrky's post in youth league umpire's Dad was marked as the answer   
    If the ball hits the runner in front of a fielder, the ball is dead. The runner is out. Batter gets first, runners return to their base they had acquired last. So they go back to 2nd and 3rd. No runs score.
    Runners only advance if forced. Once the runner is hit and out, the force on the other 2 runners is removed.
    No way to make a play on the batter.
  3. udbrky's post in Force Play and Run was marked as the answer   
    I concur, given the info, which sounds like he got him on the 2nd attempt before he reached 2nd.
    Just because he's tagged, doesn't negate it being a force play.
    This is a force play because he was on 1st, and the BR hit the ball in fair territory, which forced him to vacate 1st and attempt to acquire 2nd.
    Any out on him prior to acquiring 2nd is still a force play, unless the BR is retired 1st.
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