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  1. I did one game, it felt awkward. We used a modified 3-man, I'd take the lead runner, and if there was only one, partner rotated home. He stayed in A the whole time. Thankfully, we didn't have anything down the 3b line
  2. The MAC doesn't think we'll make it past then
  3. This was a hit with my core partners, mostly with the cooler full of beer part
  4. I made a bit of a parody of the Wedding Singer song - I wanna Grow Old with you I got a cooler full of beer for after the game I'll take the plate if you're feeling lame Oh I wanna ump games with you I've got medicines if your body aches I'll loan you equipment if yours breaks That's all I came up with the other morning drifting in and out of sleep
  5. Not sure on that type of rule. He said that according to 2019 rules, it's a foul ball once it hits the chest.
  6. In the one with Ted Barrett, he said that this year, the foul/foul tip rule is changed, so that if the ball comes off the bat and contacts any part of the catcher, and he catches/traps it against his body, that it is a live ball foul tip. He says it's starting when they start up play again. Has anyone heard anything on this? I cannot find anything anywhere.
  7. My dog says you're welcome.
  8. I first had high tops and F3 and they wore a hole in each other where they met. I switched to lows.
  9. udbrky

    Illegal Pitch?

    Is it much different from the player who takes his hands apart mid-delivery? You can say the batter can't see the ball in his hand. But what if the pitcher keeps his hands together until the last possible second, can't pick it up there. I don't see how he can really get a good grip, and I don't think this is beneficial for the F1 long term.
  10. udbrky


    One day, I stopped by the mailboxes and this guy asked me if all the mail was in. I said yeah, I think so. Thought "wtf is he asking me?" Then I looked at my umpire uniform.
  11. Excessive, yes. Just keep it simple.
  12. That looks like the red light camera I got a couple months ago in Illinois.
  13. I'm standing on our corner in full field uniform, calling balks on the cars that blow through the 4-way stop at an average of 12mph.
  14. Since we're all on house arrest and probably bored, looking for something to do, I recommend watching Letterkenny. It's hilarious. There's lots of language in it, so don't watch if that bothers you. You'll add a lot of phrases to your vocabulary that work in game management. "Cmon that's two calls you've missed blue!" "Coach, take about 80% off there bud" "That pitch was outside blue!" "Give your balls a tug!" and many chirps about people's moms that are probably too inappropriate to put here. You'll have a good time laughing away the corona virus!
  15. No ****. I spent $500 on some upgrades, new warm weather stuff and sunglasses and after some cage work, I'm ready to go
  16. Wheel Snipe Celly Boys! I hope she chirped them hard
  17. Watching people deny all of this reminds me of trying to argue with people who don't know the rules/mechanics like we do, that they're wrong. But hey, they've played baseball or watched it all their lives, so they're experts. I tune out most media stuff and just try to look at the sources, like that British study (no, I didn't understand most of it), The WHO, CDC, etc. Everyone saying it's overblown, I assume they have at least made it halfway through medical school?
  18. One of the schools here emailed saying schools closed until April 13, they have to then get 10 practices in for players to be eligible to play in a game.
  19. I Read that they're doing so.
  20. If it's true that the coach spit on him, that started it
  21. That's the NCAA definition, but I'm looking for NFHS.
  22. The presenter was a friend of the umpire who called him immediately after the game and he said it was ruled an illegal slide.
  23. Well when I said straight line, I meant not veering at the fielder. The play we were discussing i can't find. It was Kent State @ Indiana and PU ruled it an illegal slide. He took off F2's glove and at the point of contact, his knee maybe was just starting to tough the ground.
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